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May 16, 1975     The Glenville Democrat
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May 16, 1975

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May 15, 1975 Page 12 The the county ..... III I Official promises plentiful canninE su According to Nancy Harvey The question now is, will the Based ~glaiau'~. Steorts, Special Assistant to the estimated production lake care of the the seed ~o~ Secretary of Agriculture for Consumer estimated demand? approxima~tL" Affairs, it looks as though the The estimated total production of 25 percent~ nationwide shortage of home cannin~caps and lids is estimated at gardeners ~'~ equipment exoerienced last year willapproximately two billion of both gardeners~ not be repeated this year. regular and wide mouth sizes, preservati~ The reasons for last year's There are an estimated :5 million thtm pre shortage was due to shortages in raw home canners who use an average ofra her than ~,~,. ..... ~,~. less is needed in the automotive, How manycompletehomecannin around Z00 ~ g --. ~ appliance, and housing industries, units (jars and lids sold together) will total estima~ ~r~" The soda ash industry plans to - ' "~' ".. , increase its production by three million be needed? units is in t~ tons in the 1975 to 1977 period with Y more than half scheduled for the the] ~, ~ . current years. I "~ ~ So, according to the home canning ".I supply industry there are sufficient supplies of raw materials to take care Ii~ ! Senior citizens enjoying sun ~ mini-park adjacent to Senior Citizens Center. Ofproduction.their estimated production. , Frog owners prep for jubilee MOUNTAIN TALK ; ~.~ ?kie Re.d:shopping/nfromTuls, a. spectators. A20-footsquaremat rests i Lne r~ugge, l.r,o,m ~.La.s. win oe on a stage; toward the back. a circle I Appalac~dfi ~alect or mountain talk as many people may speak g mere. be wm Kalszn ~,aen ana the size of a dinner plate marks the Ex Wart I of words or expra~ons of the people of this region dates back many I ".0~ ....... spot where each frog begins his jump. years. We continue to hear many words of expressions in this area U lne 1975 "!umpmg frog jum|ee" zs A frog is permitted three jumps, which outsider's ivould consider "unheard of'', "ridiculous," or I expected to draw 3,000 contestants and the distance is measured in a "ignorant," but to people of West VirRinia these words or expressions I from the 50 states and 9 foreign straight linefromthestartingpointto DavidGillesp]e, Mayor countries to Angels Camp, California, the spot where he lands on the third are a part of our heritage, a May 15-18. consecutive jump. See how many you know. a a 1. An Air-rite ,is a {A) trapeze store-bought c0ffin {D} jar lid. costume 03) rubber overshoe {.C) 2. A blur tick is'{A} an insect {B} a food stamp (C} a hound dog 03) an i nRA sticker. ,' 3. Before it is fit to drink moonshine must be [A) aged three months [B) I aged three Wffeks (C) aged three days 03} cool. | 4. The most successful method for catching catfish is (A) Rigging fB) U setting a trot line (C) dynamiting 03) creating electric shock with two pokers and a car battery. n B 5. A gee-haw-whinny-diddle is a (A) good time (B) harness for a work horse (C) toy 03) type of persimmon. I 6, Before cooking a three-year-old groundhog, it is first necessary to (A~remove his armpit kernels (B) soak him for 24 hours changing the : water.t~ times ~) lay him out on a~pine p]a~d~ {D) prepare a mess .-,of sweet-breads. ~ I Many of the contestants make their ia entrance with a flair. Frogs have a arrived by parachute, stagecoach, and a on horseback. Alaska's entry showed a up one year on a dogsled. U a Inspired by Twain m a Mark Twain started it all back in au 1865 when he lived for a few months in .a the rough-and-tumble gold mining i region, the National Geographic Ul Society says. He heard a tall tale in the a barroom of the Angels Hotel and jotted a P 3wn in his notebook: a "Coleman with his jumping U frog-bet a stranger $50-Stranger had ia no frog and C. got him one:-In the I ~antime stranger filled C's frog full of a and he couldn't jump. The a stranger's frog won." U Twin turned his notes into a short I story that made him famous-"The i Celebrated Jumping Free , Calaveras a County." a Oldtimers remembered the tale, Ui and in 1928 Angels Camp staged its U first Jumping Frog Jubilee-to celebrate a the paving of the streets, Today a a four-day festival includes the frog ii contest, the county fair, a horse show. a rodeo, fireworks, band concerts, and a a beauty contest. i The main event takes place at the I fairgrounds in a natural amphitheater, a with bleachers and grassy slope for i 7. A Kiwer is {A} a type of wood shingle {13) a vital part of a flintlock I .(C) a cover for a bed {D} an important man in the KKK. aa 8. Gander means {A} To act a f0ol {B} to lure or lead {C} to look at. a a 9. Tole is (A) a type of ancient painting [B} to lure or lead {C} money paid for use of a neighbor's machinery. 10. A poke is {A} a paper bag (B} a punch in the nose {C} a store that sells got. whiskey 11. Slue is (A} a whole lot of (B} a vent for a coal stove (C} a mountain dance. 12. Poke is in a class with {A) ramps yellow root {C) sassafras 03} watercress 13. An asafetida bag is a {A} style of asafetida (B} nostrum for colds (C) strainer for blinky milk {D) stocking cap. 14. Never put new wood shingles on a roof {A} by moonlight {B} in April {C} if you can help it 03} at all. 15. A pig-twist auger is (A}a Joy cutting machine 03} chewing tobacco (C} a bit supported by the chest {D} a bad sign. ANSWERS: l-D, Z-C, 3-0, 4~, 3-C, 6-A, 7-C, @-C, 9-B, tO-A, It-A, 12-D, 13-B, 14-A, 15-C. O Saturday, May 17, 1975 10:00 u.m. 1~ miles offRoutes U.S. 119& 33 Top o L.)ert Hm Near Ar d lzm'S ROCKING CHAI~S, SIDE SADDLE, ICE BOX, ROUND ~AI, OAK TABLES, LIBRARY TABLE & STAND, OLD TELEPHONES, BROAD AXE, !RaN ~ & IN)TS, TBAKEYII~S, WOOD, ffrONE & DAISY CHURNS, OLD BOTTIJ~, STONE IUGS, DONAGHO & ~ STONE )UGS & JARS, HAND GRIST ANVIL & VISg. CELLULOID HAINESS TRIM, SCALSS, LOT OF OLD TOOLS. LEATH VISE, OLD CLOCKS, BUTT MOLDS, OX YOK SMALL SECRETARY DESK, CIDE PRESS, ROAD WAGON, WOODEN BAYJHgLS, OLD MCTLm-ES, OLD AMBER JARS, OLD D HES, VASES & WHAT NOTS, OLD ALADDIN & OIL LAMPS, MUZZLE LOAD/NG SHOTGUN, .FLOW] STAND, BRASS & IRON BEDS, CHEST OF DRAWERS, G ffN CRADLE, CAM] BACK T UNIC a a i m a a a i a a a a a m a u a u a a U a U On Pins and Needles True to Twain tradition, frog "jockeys" occasionally try a bit of skulduggery to give their charges a fast, flying start. Some have hidden pins or needles on the toes of their shoes. Others have given their entries a surreptitious turpentine rub just before starting time. One even sparked his frog with an electric shock. Size as well as dirty tricks can disqualify a crocker. A frog must measure at least four inches long. The rule was put on the books a few years ago when a tiny South African tree frog soared 32 feel only a second after it had been disqualified for taking too much time on the launch pad. In contrast, E. Dynamite Denny, last years champ, took the Jubilee crown with leaps totaling 18 feet, 4-~ inches. The record is still held by Ripple who hopped 19 feel 3-1/8 inches in 1966. Calaveras veterans, however, still remember the pygmy from Africa. "'That frog was pure dynamite", reminisces an awed iockey. "The darn thing took off and landed clear out on the fairgrounds race track." Send in your subscription revewals promptly. eSpeed Q. Gibson Zenith Washm Refrigerators Televisi0.s See the Zenith C0k Sets on display. We install and semce all sale RHOADES PLUMBING FURNITURE 15 Powell St. Glenville Phone 462-7355 - WE SERVICE ONLY WHAT WE SELL O O O Oo o O O O Delbert L Davidson For Mayor QUALIFICATIONS: Age 37. married for over 19 yews with a 13 yeir old daughter. Native of Gilmor County since 1937.4 yam military sauce, working in Administrative and Financial Departments. Was department head 2 yews. Experienced in city's problems as I have 3 years experience working on Glenville's streets, sid~ks, w~ter b s~v~r ~ (12 years ago). I worked on an engineering crew of a Multi-million Dollar Conwerw (v~s 2nd in command) foe almost 4 years. I have awned and succoufully managed, 3 different businesses in GlorwiHe over the pest 15 years. I o~n one busino~ now. I have had lots of experience in solving ~ and have the proper q)edence that is nocassarV to be a good mayor. The next 2 years are going to be trying times for whoever is elected as mayor. It is 9olng to take an extra good manager, due to the lack of funds avldlable with which to work. if i'm etected~ you will a~ be tldo to reach mo by phone, wthor at home or the Mayor's Office. You will get quick action on you~ ~'o~n~. I have the proper time to devote to the job as I am semi-retired. This city is about ~,Bh0~X)0.00 in debt because of expendtturas over the pest ~yem~. That is a lot of mm~y. I will hold un~ apendlng infirm. I am co~e. vative by nature, very conxrvat~ It you don't elect a consorve~e mayor, ~lhois a good merman, kasp your cheddx)ok Mndy. I am not againat doing things that need to be done. TNs is a small city pml we can only 9row so fast. I am for oroqrus at the pace M can affordL I will talk to the city's residents and do the things the mqoriW wishes. I ~AII wink to locate additimmi perkir The city is still receiving some Revent~ Sharing Money but this yesr's amount has cut by 42%. The city reoave ,23 00.00. The Fed ai Government is talking about renewing Federal Revenue Sharing Money for anothor 6 yeors. If this happens and is IXOPedY sPe~t, it will do a lot for the City of Gle~vill~ I hava heord of untJ'uo rurnors being cim~latod about me by e few peold~ If you bolieve them. I hope you never run for any dented offl~ / people will probably give you the same treatment, I hive owned and i~ly manigtd a fair-lize bIiI in Gienvillo for over 15 m. I own Bungalow Village which I d~igned and built. I will be l life4ong rmidmt. Your support and vote, June 3rd wPJ be very much app eolated. Paid Political O O O O O O . O O O O O O 7 South Lewis Street, 10% OFF to a, -On All Tbroqh June i New Line of Men's Shoes and f ulous Li sexy for / Illl Up ....... 8 MA, oTm rrlgvls NOT igSPONS LE FO| AC DENTS FOOD AND DRINK AVAILABLE I I Lee Hb, Auctioneer Sm Nklmlsoa, Owner