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May 20, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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May 20, 2004

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m _! i( Corcoran Column continued ... Continued from page 3 ) Zi The other candidates placed as Daugherty, the Earl of Elkview who,Supreme Court Justice ifollows: Phyllis Starkey (City Dis- for decades, has traveled the state en- For the Democratic nomination for ~trict) -- 480, Phillip Hale tertaining the public with his "West Supreme Court judge, incumbent :Cunningham (City District)-- 599, Virginia Pride" program. He got only Warren R. McGraw won out over *.Martin Dale Hess (Glenville Dis- 31 votes in this county, themajorattacksofthestate'sCham- "trict) -- 347, and Paul Hartmann Also, Roger Pritt, the brother of ber of Commerce, coal companies, ~(Glenville District)--373 former Democratic gubernatorial can- insurance and drug companies by Age vs. beauty races didate, Charlotte, faltered here with soundly whipping opponent and Big In one of this election's battles of only 166 votes and statewide as well. Business darling, Greenbrier County ifige and experience vs. youth and ToroundouttheticketfortheDemo- Judge Jim Rowe, both statewide and energy, veteran incumbent State crats, Gilmer County gave Donna J. in Gilmer County, 1,036 votes-to- Senator Bill Sharpe thrashed new- Accord, 45 votes; Mike Oliverio, 324; 581. Judge McGraw's victory by a comer Bill Adler, also a Weston and Lame Bailey, 302. wide margin re-instilled my faith in Democrat, by a 1,300-to-398margin Governor of State the American democratic system of in this county alone. Appears that the In the race for governor, Joeelections. yoters want another 40 years out of Manchia, III's popularity couldn't be Other races (unopposed) 5rate Senator Sharpe! matchedbyformerStateSenatorLioyd The incumbent Circuit Clerk Lane The Democratic Secretary of Jackson, as Mr. Manchin, our current Smith, a Democrat, is the nominee State's race pitted more candidates Secretary of State, won easily in the once again, with 1,479; Prosecuting who claimed either age or beauty as state and in this county, 999-to-532. Attorney Gerry Hough, a Democrat, the chief asset. Political old-timer, During his four-year tenure, Joe, per- garnered 1,479; and current Magis- Ken Heehler, at 89, with 436 votes sonaily, came to several Gilmer gates, IL W. Miaigh, Democrat, with locally also couldn't be beaten state- County High School events, charm- 1,162 and Carol Reed Wolfe, Demo- wide either, narrowly edging out ing the new voters with his oratory, crat with 1,211 politicalnewcomer, NatalieTennant, not to mention the local senior citi- Also, the County Surveyor, Charles with 388. Moreover, political pun- zens. At the same time, Lloyd will "Rick" Sypoit, a Democrat, with dits in the state predict that Mr. return, being young and intelligent 1,414 votes is expected towin hand- Hechler's campaign in the Novem- enough not to give up on statewide ily in the fall, along with both of ber General Election against another politics. Gilmer County's House of Delegates woman, Republican businesswoman In Gilmer, the other gubernatorial candidates, Democratic incumbents, Betty Ireland, will draw national at- candidates finished as follows: Phillip "William F. "Bill" Stemple, for the tention. If he wins, he may become "Icky"Frye(thehusbandofGovernor 33rdDelegateDistrict, with 714 votes one of the nation's oldest elected Bob Wise's one-time girl friend), 21; and Brent Boggs, for the 34th Del- officials, next to South Carolina's Jim Lees, 174; Louis Davis, 12; Jerry egate District, also with 714. bate U.S. Senator, Strom Thurmond, Baker, 19; James A. Baughman, 16; Postscript ,f course, andlast, butnot theleast, Lacy Wright, Right now ali's quiet after the Pri- What surprised me in this race was Jr. (from my old town of Welch in mary Election. But, watch out for the the lack of voter appeal of George McDowell County), 20. noise when the General Election warms up this November! Continued from page 3 think it is useless for homosexual than a moral disagreement with the couple to press the issue of church love of these people that has activists evant" and "weakened" by the very marriage in churches where it isn't calling for a Constitutional Amend- people who can legally undertake it. accepted, ment banning gay marriage. It's not unusual to read reports of One can always cite the Bible or Ifweneverreconsideredlawsbased couples whose mamages end when throw out "historical facts" concern- on deeply "moral" disagreements be- one of them kills the other. Yet, no- ing the fall of civilizations due to the tween factions of people in this court- body has ever called for an end to acceptance of homosexuality. How- try, we might as well turn back the mamage between one man and one woman because of this. ever, what the gay "marriage" issue clock to live during the days when comes down to at its basest level is a slavery flourished, when women It's not a simple disagreement, nor disagreement about the validity and couldn't vote and when it was okay is it one that will ever find resolution. quality of other people's love. How formen to beat their wives so long as As surely as there always has been the instruments used were no thicker can rational people believe you can and always will be women falling in legislate such a thing? What on Earth than their thumbs. love with other women, men falling makes anyone think that a court has It would still be disturbing that in love with other men, there will always and forever be people who any right to approve or disapprove of there are individuals who cast judg- the person one wants to spend the rest ment upon the love and commitment think that their notion and practice of of his or her life with? of other people even if there were love is the only defensible path. Of course, people can spend the more than enough love to go around I respect the right of any church to rest of their lives together and not be in the word. not recognize homosexuals as candi- legally married. But it's nothing more But take it from me: there ain't. dates for marriage ceremonies, and I mJm Dear Editor, defends worth of all fanciful literature It is hard to believe that there are those kill-joys who do not give chil- dren credit for having the intelligence to see the Harry Pouer books, not as "real," but as wonderful fun and games. Children for centuries have flourished with fairy tales and stories of romance and high adventure. Cre- ative imagination is stirred and their early exposure to the color of words IS the foundation for later apprecia- tion of the miracle of language. Even in the treasury ofShakespere, A M/d- summer-Night's Dream, for example, our everyday world. is a glistening example of imagina- Harry Potter and his fellow adven- tion at work, creating a fanciful world turers are not hourly confronted by of truth and beauty, the presence of a vengeful, jealous Children can frolic with Puck and God, or the horror of a religion-ridden Peaseblossom, and participate in the world, but his readers adventure vi- pageantry of the fanciful world of cariously in a world of imagination- Titania and Oberon. stretching adventure and triumph over But what child has ever been hurt evil. It is not surprising that even the by early exposure to the never-never adults of our sorry society whole- iandsoftheBrothersGrimm, orHans heartedly join in the excitement of Christian Andersen, or Charles MiddleEaxth and see in Harry Potter Perrault? Here are colorful, imagina- the lucky fellow they never were. tion-stimng scenes of high romance Carl Kerr unimpeded by the gloom and doom of GlenvUle MONICA L. HUFF Local young woman, Monica Huff, graduates : from Naval h Airman Monica L. Huff graduated ~ecith the 181 st Divi~on from the Navy ruit Training Command located lia Great Lakes, Illinois, on May 14, 2004. The ceremony took place at the U.S. Cellular Arena in Milwaukee. ~Visconsin, during a special Armed orces Week. Family members in at- ~ndance were Kline and Marie ~rymier, and Peggy Bancroft. Monica ~eritoriously earned a third stri~ in .tier chosen field of Aviation, giving taer the rank of Airman. She will next g0~/tg to Pensacola, Florida, to I~omplete the schooling for her cho- l~en occupation, and will then receive taer assignment in the field. -" We congratulate Airman Huff and ~ncourage her in her efforts as she ~erves to protect and preserve the ~reedom of our great nation, the United tates of America. ~'a feet are his destiny: they ~ead him to where he is wanted. --Hama Propaganda as a terrorist weapon Dear F.~itor, I am flabbergasted! How could a pornography and sexual aberrations so-called "enlightened" and "knowl- in this country that are destroying our edgeable" news media lend itself to nation today? Strangely and omi- be used by the World Terrorist Orga- nously silent! It is a historical fact that nization? They use other weapons empires and nations, no matter how besides explosives. Propaganda is one strong, have disintegrated and disap- of these, peared within three generations of These prison pictures are about turning to these sexual aberrations as incidents that happened six months they grow progressively worse. ago. They weren't done on a whim. It This goes back in history even past becomes more and more apparent Sodom and Gomorrah. It goes all the there is a mastermind behind it. I way back to Ham, Noab's middle son, hope they find him. This all hap- and his seeming homosexual tenden- pened six months ago and was dealt cies toward his own father with the with promptly by the military in its result Ham's oldest son, Cainaan and own proficient, concise way and is his descends are accursed forever. So continuing today, now we have an enthusiastic and oblig- Yet, the news media is presenting ing Elite News Media beatin~ the these pictures, mostly homosexual drums for the death march of a nation pornography, as if they are taking as they are led by activist Federal place now. They have completely, Judgesandcivilrightsadvocates, who uncaring and unpatriotically ignored think they are the only ones who have what these pictures will do to inflame any rights at all, as they are leading us the Arab countries. It will hot only put down the slippery slopes to destruc- our military and social workers at tion. greater risk; it badly damages our "The mills ofthe gods grind slowly, hopes of establishing a free and open but they do grind exceeding fine." I nation in Iraq. Not only that, it has can't remember who said it, buthehas given dissidents all over the world a been proven right many times. stick to beat us with. Ruby Lamb Pritt, Where was and is the outcry over Gienville Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right. --Henry Ford I GENERAL STORE 135 Main Street Weston, WV GRAND OPENING THE LAST RUN Saturday, May 22 Door Prizes & more. Will be preforming from 2-6 pm. Starting at 2:00 pm ( 5 member Contempary Blue Grass Band) Come enjoy our store & visit Downtown Weston SHOP IN AN OLD TIME ATMOSPHERE Hours: Tues. thru Fri. 10 am - 5 pm and Sat. 10 am - 4 pm Closed: Sunday and Monday Thursday, May 20, 2004 -- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder --- Page 5 A talented and successful couple, ing sites in the Pacific, especially in withdeep Gilmer County roots, will the Caroline Islands and in address the 20th Annual Old Tanner Mircronesia. Both also enjoy sailing in the Chesapeake Bay and off the southwest coast of Florida. Following graduation from West Virginia University in 1962 with a Bahelor of Science degree, Mr. Kemper taught high school English in High School Alumni Association at its noon luncheon and reunion on Sat., May 29 at the Senior Center. Ronald Kemper and his wife, Lynne, met while students at West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia, and married in 1959. They have two children, Demorah Kemper Forney and Curtis Ray Kemper, and five grandchildren. Since retirement from the National Security Agency (NSA), Ron and Lynne have made their home in Cape Coral, Florida, but for several years have returned to West Virginia every spring and fall to participate in the West Virginia Folk Festival in Glen- ville and the Stonewall Jackson Heri- tage Arts and Crafts Jubilee where, prior to his death, they assisted Ron's father, Claude Kemper, with his Birds of My Hollow displays. Ron and Lynne are both avid scuba divers and underwater photographers. Their travels take them to remote div- Balttjnore County secondary schools for three years. He began employ- RONALD KEMPER To The People of Gilmer County I would like to take this opportunity to meat at NSA in 1965 where he served in several technical through execu- tive level assignments, which included several assignments in the Far East. He continued his education through graduate studies in computer science at American University and the In- dustrial College of the Armed Forces. He completed the Senior Leadership program at the Federal Executive In- stitute and is a graduate of the Senior Cryptol0gic Executive Development Program. During his employment at the NSA from 1965 to 1994, he received two Presidential Rank Awards: in 1990 (President Bush) and in 1995 (Presi- dent Clinton). He also received NSA's highest civilian service award in 1993, was elected president of the Agency's learned organization for computer science in 1988, and was promoted to the Senior Executive Service in 1986. His organizations received National Intelligence Meritorious Unit Cita- tions in 1996, 1997, and 1998. He received the Director's Distinguished Service Award from the Director of NSA in 1999. Currently, he is a con- sultant at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory and pro- rides consultative support to govern- ment and industry. Lynne Kemper was graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from West Virginia University in 1960. She com- pleted a Master's Equivalent Educa- tion at Towson University, Maryland, and the Baltimore University of Art. thank the people of Gilmer County for all their support during the election. I do promise to work hard and do the 15est I can do with the children's interest at heart. Thank You Paid for by the Candidate Kelley Radcliff She began her teaching career in Monongalia County, West Virginia, where she taught art to grades 7 through 12, and adult art classes for the Morgantown Art Association. Fol- lowing the family's move to Mary- land, she taught English and art in several secondary schools..When her teaching career was interrupted to accompany Ron on his overseas as- signments, she taught private art classes and produced commissioned works. In 1983, she began her employ- ment at the NSA where she worked as a research analyst, supervisor, and adjunct faculty member. Following retirement in 1998, she has spent her time working as an artist and travel- ing with Ron. For several years, she studied bird carving under her father- in-law's wing and hopes to continue his legacy with carvings of her own. On May 29, Tanner High School Alumni can start socializing at I 1 a.m. when the doors open. For further information, call Rosa Belle Gainer at 304-462-5767. LYNNE KEMPER Serving Gilmer & Surrounding Counties Since 1953 For your home, auto, life, health and long-term care motorcycle, flood, business insurance, & bonds. Jim Collins, Agent Travis Woodford, Agent 216 E. Main St. Glenvine, WV Phone 462-7951 Fax 462-4600 ptf01102 0 CLOSED SATURDAYS Straight Talk from GlenviUe State College New Faculty Joining GSC Dr. Arthur E. DeMattao, who has accepted a history position. DeMatteo is currently teaching at Cleveland State Many new faces will soon be joining the faculty at Glenville University in Cleveland, Ohio and Lakeland Community State College. With the retirement of many of our beloved College in Kirtland, Ohio. He received his PhD. in History faculty, combined with our goal of adding new faculty with from the University of Akron, a MA. in history from terminal degrees, we are proud to announce that 11 new Cleveland State University and a B.A. in history from faculty members have already accepted positions for this Cleveland State University. Previously, he taught at the fall. Many of these new faculty members will be relocating University of V~sconsin-Fox Valley, the State University of to Gilmer County over the next few months and we hope New York at Plattsburgh, the Alabama School of that each of them has a warm and welcome feeling when Mathematics and Science, Wilmington College and Ferris they arrive. The new faculty members that have already State University. accepted positions at GSC include: Dr. Bruce Edinger,:'.who has accepted a position in Dr. James W. Bartholomew, Jr., who has accepted a environmental sciencel Edinger holds a Ph.D. ecology and science education position. Bartholomew currently teaches a M.S. in ecology, both from the University of Minnesota, as in the Center for Science Education at the University of well as an A.B. in biology from Comell University. Currently South Carolina. He received his Ph.D. in geoscience teaching biology and environmental science at Salem education and a M.A. in physics, both from the University International University, Edinger previously taught at of South Carolina. He also received a B.S. in secondary Valparaiso University, the University of Wisconsin, Madison education from Lock Haven University. and Beioit College. Dr. Winter EIIiott, who has accepted a position in English. Peggy Bennett, who has accepted a position in special Elliott holds a Ph.D. in English, a M.A. in English, a B A in education. Bennett served as an adjunct instructor in English and a B.A. in Spanish, all from the University of special education at West Virginia University .wh. ile wo~ing Georgia. While cumpleting her doctoral work, she served on her Ph.D. She received her MA. in Counse|ing ano u.~. as a graduate teaching assistant in the English department in Elementary Education from' Califomia University of at the University of Georgia. She previously held a teach- Pennsylvania. She also completed certifications mr mentally & physically handicapped and as a learning ing apprenticeship in the English Department there as well. disability therapist She will continue working toward her Sarah $. Gower, who has accepted a music position. Ph.D. this year while teaching at GSC Completing her Masters of Music Education this year from West Virginia University, Gower has applied to begin her Dr. Michael Boerger, who has accepted a position in work on a Ph.D. in Music Education at WVU. She psychology. Boerger has a Ph.D. in expenmental completed her B.A. in Education from GSC in 2001. psychology from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, ~ Currently a graduate assistant in the music department at well as a B.A. in psychology and a B.A. in photography WVU, she previously served as an intern in Alumni cinema, both from Ohio State University. Beorger currenuy Relations and Special Assistant to the President at GSC. teaches a Hiwassee College in Madisonville, Tenn. Gower is a member of the James Atkins Ensemble that Dr. Jack W. Brown, who has accepted a position in performed at the Dr. Freeman's Inauguration in March. criminal justice. Brown holds a Ph.D. in Administration of Dr. Frederick S. Walbom, who has accepted a Justice, a M.S in Criminal Justice and a B.S. in criminal psychology position. Currently a clinical psychologist, Justice, all from the University of Southern Mississippi. He Walbom taught at several institutions in the past. He was employed for over 15 years in the field of Loss received his Ph.D. and M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Prevention Management for J.C Penney Co, Inc. in Alliant International University, his M.S. in general Cindnnati, Ohio and Mercantile Stores Co., Inc. in Baton psychology from Western Illinois University and his B,S. in Rouge, La. While completing his Ph.D. at the University of cost accounting from the University of Illinois. His teaching Southem Mississippi, Brown also served in doctoral experiences have included time at Murray State University, research and as a teaching assistant. A native of Spalding University, Inoiana University Southeast and Huntington, W.Va., this opportunity provides him with an Jefferson College. ,, opportunity to return to West Virginia. Dr. Clyde Edward Wood III, who has accepted a history Dr. Donald Deckard, who has accepted a position in position. Wood received his Ph.D. with a major in Modem forestry. Deckard has a Ph.D in Natural Resource Europe and a minor in world history, as well as a M.A. Management, with a minor in forest economice, a M.B.A. in in history from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He also business administration a B.S. in forest management and received a B.A. in history from the University of an A.A.S Jn forest technology, all from Southern Illinois Iowa. Wood, who is also finishing a M.A. in Geography University. Cuffently Assistant Professor of Forestry at from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, taught at Peru Louisiana Tech University School of Forestry, he State College, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and at Southern Illinois Concordia College. ' I/