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May 21, 1976     The Glenville Democrat
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May 21, 1976

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8 The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder May 20, 1976 Definition Change May Eliminate Many State Farms Do you live on a farm? You might think so, but the U.S. Government may disagree, A change in the definition of what constitutes a farm will eliminate 45.50/o of West Virginia's farms from the next Census of Agriculture, making West Virginia the hardest hit of all fifty states by a recent policy decision within the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Bureau of the Census. Nationwide, some 570,000 small farms, constituting 20.9% of all American farms, will be dropped from the agricultural statistics compiled for the USDA by the Census Bureau. Included will be about 10,500 West Virginia farms and nearly half of all black owned farms in the nation. Under the new definition, a fdrm must market a minimum of one thousand dollars worth of agricultural goods per year to be considered a real farm. Previously, a farm was defined as having ten or more acres of land and producing fifty dollars of agricultural products per year for sale or, if less than ten acres, producing two hundred fifty dollars in farm goods per year for sale. iflmlmflllllMIM Proponents of the change claim that it will clarify and improve the accuracy of agricultural statistics by eliminating economically unproductive farms from farm data. ()ppnnents of the measure. however, charge that the redefinition is further evidence that the small farmer is being abandoned by the U,S. government. Because the decision was made within the Executive branch bureaucracy, not by Congress, and because it will statistically improve the average farm income by about two thousand dollars a year without actually putting any more money into the hands of farmers, angry charges have been made that the redefinition is politically motivated. Hearings will soon be resumed in the House of Representatives to review the change. Representative Charles Rose of North Carolina, Chairman of the House Subcommittee of Family Farms and Rural Development which is investi- gating the redefinition, stated, "I think this is a ludicrous action on the part of USDA and the Census. I cannot for the life of me see how they could justify attempting a stunt like this unless they have a bunch of bureaucrats sitting at USDA and Census with nothing else to do but think up ways of improving the average income of the American farmer by playing with statistics." Itlllllllltlltlmttllllllttllllll There is also fear that statistically lower farm populations will lead to cutbacks in agricultural programs, particularly in the South where the ESTATE SALE IN WEST VIRGINIA HEARTLAND SAT. MAY 22, 1976 I0 A.M. From State Rt. 5 at Stouts Mill follow Auction Arrows 5 miles to 270 acres and home of the late Art and Estella Post. Personal Property will sell I0 A.M. to 1 P.M. Real Estate I P.M. Surface only, will be offered in separate tracts of 108 acres, 108 with home and other buildings, and 54 acres, [all Join], and then as one unit of 270 acres. Property affords privacy. Good hunting, recreational possibilities and perfect hideaway for sub division. It is reasonably close to some of W. V. finest recreational areas and institutions of higher learning. TERMS: Cash EXECT: Cathryn Post Ratlfff Phone Day: 364-5238 Night: 853.2978 After May 14 Phone: 462-8140 AUCTIONEER - ROBERT J. BUTCHER 462-7409 change in farm numbers will be greatest. Representative Andrew Young of Georgia explained, "My experience in Congress. particularly at appropriations time. leads me to conclude that if we have 570.000 fewer farms to be served, USDA will suffer a corresponding reduction in their appropriations." Hatch Act funds and Smith-Lever funds, which support agricultural research at land grant colleges as well as various state agricultural extension programs, are appropriated on the basis of farm populations. In addition, some farm loan programs, farm emergency relief programs, and crop loss compensation monies are distributed or administered to farms on the basis of Agriculture Census statistics and definitions. Commenting on the effect of the redefinition on America's small farmers, Rep. Rose said, "Number one effect it will have on you is that you will suddenly find yourself living in a state that has less agricultural extension programs and less agricul- tural research programs today than it did yesterday, You will suddenly find yourself ineligible for some programs within the USDA, and we are getting a list of those programs and the dollar amounts of those programs submitted for our record now. You will also have a little stamp put on your forehead when you walk into an agricultural office, you will have a little sticker on your forehead saying 'nonfarmer'. Whether you consider yourself a farmer or not, you are literally perhaps not *even going to be allowed to sit in the same bus as farmers. I started to say you will have to sit in the back of the bus. You may not even get into the bus." Census officials claim that the impact of the redefinition on existing farm programs will be very minimal and that no effect will be felt before 1982. They emphasize that the change in farm numbers is statistical only, not actual. Some states, they say, will receive even greater agricultural appropriations under the revised regulations, although West Virginia is not one of these. Many critics remain unconvinced by this reasoning, warning of future cutbacks in existing programs and abandonment of potential, but as yet unrealized, programs for small farmers. Says ]ames G. Patton, Member of the Board of Rural America, Inc., "Assurances School and Office Supplies? See Us First! (}timer Graphics, Inc., 109 E. Main St., Glenvflle. HONDA Clearance le! New 1975 Models On Sale CL-3 s979oo c.o, f MT'250 :79500 OFFER GOOD WHILE SUPPLY LASTS OR UNTIL JUNE 30, 1976 SHIPMENT IN TRANSIT PLACE ORDERS NOW! Mid-State Marina Route 19 North - Sutton - Phone 765-7325 that a reduced number of farmers will not at some point result in a corresponding reduction in monies to Land Grant Colleges for extension services or experimental stations do not assure me for minute. It is the height of intellectual dishonesty or political naivete to suggest that the Congress appropriate similar amounts of money for a reduced population. It is patently absurd to suggest otherwise. I am convinced that we are embarking on a dangerous road. It would be a perversion of all wisdom to allow USDA to define away the problems of small farmers whi:h C4mgress has again and again mandated IJSDA to solve. Once the data base is lost it will become impossible for the Congress even to make the argument that small farms are important and should be preserved." Concerned West Virginians are encouraged to communicate their views on this matter to their Congressional representatives so that their opinions may be fully represented at the June hearings. Samantha READS YOUR STARS If you were born this week: Your fantastic mind usually goes skittering off in twenty directions at once. You tend to take on far more projects than you can effectively do. Be more selective ! You can be a social butterfly as we//; and your love of change earns you the reputation of a flirt. ARIES (3121-4119): Take extra care in signing papers for the next two weeks, especially papers with financial im- plications, Use magnifying glass on fine print! 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I met a lot of new friends, and renewed a lot of old. I have no regrets for having been a candidate I wish the winners a lot of continued success. JOHN MORAN Burnsville, W. Va. ii o NOTICE The Annual Stockholders Meeting of Kanawha Union Bank will be held on June !, 1976. .............................. Ill------Illl ................ GLENVILLE PHONE 462-5272 Old Fashioned Banana Splits and Sundaes Made With Real Ice Cream Daily Businessmen Lunches Monday thru Friday $1.95 We feature a Summer Salad Plate Friday and Saturday Night Close at 11 P.M. ! 100 Motorists $100 million summer unles si to proper Industry of Commerce ted by four have tread percent. The estimated tire billion a year tires. "Even excess tire users Malcolm R. Tire Industry out. This would be lost But, turnpike passenger car triples compared line, too, energy," Level] that more than at least one tire. Correct tires can be manual or on e door or glove inflation sidewall of the'. Pressure checked before are "cold." 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