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May 29, 2003     The Glenville Democrat
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May 29, 2003

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w Continued from page 3 ) Clarification of Commissioners' Situtation please show me IowingwhichtheyclaimintheirCom- seven miles long by 2.5 miles at the r,d when I stated mission Corner article: widest pan.) By the WV Code the me to speak at I. Malicious comments of attack commission has in theirpower to"fix" based on false evidence this. If they are so interested in my is about my 2. Untruths and (in their strange being able to run for that position then Commissioners wording) "just short of lies" they can redistrict accordingly thereby we, hostile open 3. Personal propaganda in which making me eligible. Commissioners, factthat theeditorsupposedlyknewtheinfor- since you advised me to run will you r wrotea letter(on mation to be false, do your pan and redistrict so I can accepting a Also in this paragraph was the fol- run? s the lowing statement: "However, even The rest of the fifth paragraph is a what their you, David (Corcoran) must question big smoke screen serving noreal par- total overhead the fairness of allowing Jim James, no pose. Questions for the commission- It also states that fan of ours at all, to publicly report, ers: I ) Why didn't you comment on ns a via our only county paper our county the Economic Development it war- governmental proceedings." This Association's funds that have been ~Y and benefits, statement alone tells you why they received from governmental b~xlies Commis- refuse to tape record their meetings, and not being independently audited? larly sched- They do not want to be held account- 2) Why didn't you address an apology Their ableforwhattheydoandsay, ltismy to Mrs. Judy Stalnaker? 3) Would t"have aclue" as understanding that the open-meeting you please answer these questions? r com- lawcoversgovernmental proceedings If anyone would like to have a no I can read and and citizens have the right and free- cost copy of my letters so you can est dora to attend and comment on such compare them to the "Commission the respon- meetings. It appears that our corn- Corner" response, please contact me (see my mission would prefer we not exercise at 462 53(X). that right if we donit agree with what In conclusion 1 believe we would refer to me as they do and say. Mr. Corcoran, if not have a free press if it were left up I they had been recording the meeting to this county commission. This is and I was they would have known what your very evident from their article. In forty hours response was to their question at the their article they failed to really ad- May 15, 2003 meeting, dress or respond to my letters. Fur- :. As to Their fifth paragraph starts by ad- ther in their article they made many stated that I re- vising me to run for the county corn- unjust, undeserved and snide remarks mission position in 2004. They know about the Editor for printing my let- t retire- I cannot legally do this because they ters. My letters were factual and can one? have gerrymandered the city magis- be proven so. Their article, titled the of the teriai district before the last election Commission Corner, furthers my be- what they so that Mrs. Kight remains in the city lief they should resign. district and Mr. Chapman in Gienville Sincerely, is about my District. It was ludicrous to run City Jim James the commis- District limits all the way to Dusk of the fol- Camp Road (a strip approximately 2003 West Vir- .LN tJP ; Launches Website ginia State Folk Festival update unveiled mark legislation." Mr. Ray Golden, the master Lewis Left Behind The Board of Education and the County horseshoe pitcher, willbeback ~ implementa- at this year's West Virginia State Department of Education will travel Folk est Virginia to schools across the state to promote Festival, according to an announce- "West Virginia Achieves." ment from Festival President Ginny ay The No Child Left Behind Act Hawker. child in the changes the culture of American "He is currently looking for aplace -- an schools by closing the achievement to hold the tournament and it will take a sac- gap, offering more flexibility, giving place on Saturday evening," she says. parents more options and teaching can visit students based on what works. Fore- learn more most among the four key principles is the insistence of stronger account- sure kids and ability for results. expected of West Virginia was the ninth state to ao Child Left receive federal approval of its ac- Su- countability plan. States are expected "Schools to develop strong accountability sys- tems, establish high standards and in the hold all children to the same stan-" Cone to an- dards. They must also provide highly tis land- qualified teachers. Thursday, May 29, 2003 --- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder --- Page 5 In our May 22, 2003 page 1 story last week entitled, "Aundreasha Bayless's family is very proud of this GSC graduate," we goofed by rel- egating her uncle, James Hinkle, to the grave. We editors are always pleased to report that we were wrong in these obituary cases, as Mr. Hinkle is really alive and well. In the fast-paced note taking on GSC graduation morning, I thought that Aundreasha's family had said that he was dead. It was my mistake and "Long live James Hinkle?" DHC, Sr. by Raymond J. Keating Why have so many state and local governments across the nation been staring at large budget deficits re- cently? Late last month, the National Con- ference of State Legislatures (NCSL) reported that state governments must still close a $21.5 billion budget gap for fiscal year 2003. The organiza- tion noted: "Entering their third straight year of budget short falls, state lawmakers have had to close a cumu- lative $200 billion budget gap." Look- ing ahead to fiscal year 2004, NCSL estimates that "41 states face a cumu- lative budget gap of $78.4 billion." Those are some pretty big num- bers. Many elected officials would like to blame such budget troubles on the rough seas the U.S. economy hit in the middle of 2t~JO, and more or less has been caught in ever since. Surely, a stagnant economy has played a part. Recession and a sub-standard economic recovery have restrained revenue growth for gov- ernment. Likewi~, a multi-year abys- mal performance in the stock market has resulted in fewer capital gains tax revenues, especially compared to the dramatic rise in stock prices in the late 1990s. In addition, there was real economic damage done and uncer- tainty created by the terrorist attacks of Septemher II, 2001. Uncertainty persisted through the wars in Afghani- stan and Iraq. However. it is important to under- stand that these factors, while clear contributors, are not the main causes. As illustrated in a new report on state spending ("Big Spending in the States") that I wrote for the Small Business Survival Committee, the main problem has been excessive government spending. After adjusting for inflation and population, spending at the state level increased by significant amounts in recent years. Forexample, from i 992 to 2000 (most reeentcomparative data WV ABCA Generates Additional Revenue In a combined effort to operate the West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Con- trol Administration in a cost efficient manner and to help generate money for the state, Commissioner Thomas A Keeley reopened bidding for se- lected retail liquor zones. These zones were created in 1990 in the wake of privatization of the liquor industry by the WV Legistature. Every ten years, the zones are made available by a bid process. The WV ABCA operates the distribution of spirits to the retail stores and collects historical data regarding the gross sales per store and per zone. from the U.S. Census Bureau), per capita state total expenditures in the U.S. increased by 40c/,, while infla- tion over the same period registered 16.4% (as measured by the GDP price deflator). So, per capita state spend- ing jumped by more than twice the rate of inflation. During this same perk~t, per capita state and local spending skyrocketed as well -- leaping by 37.6%, again compared to inflation coming in at 16.4%. With some substantive spending restraint in recent years, the states would not have faced any fiscal troubles at all. If per capita spending had only increa~d by the inflation rate from 1992 to 2fXX), the states would have spent $654 less in 2fXX) for every man, woman and child in the nation, translating into savings of more than $183 billion in 2000 alone. Factor in local government, and the savings grow substantially larger. That is, if per capita spending increases had been limited to the rate of infla- tion between 1992 and 2(XX), state and local governments would have saved $965 per person in 2(XX), for savings of more than $271 billion in 2(X)0 ahme. Unfortunately, too many state and local politicians ignore the real source of their budget w~s, choosing in- stead to raise taxes on individuals and businesses. Taking the spending-and-taxing path, though, only leads to more trouble. Higher taxes do additional damage to the economy by discouraging in- vesting and risk taking, increasing the costs of labor and capital, and reduc- ing the purchasing power of consum- ers. Meanwhile, nothing serious is being done to redress the true source of budget woes, that is, too much government spending. In the end, higher taxes merely whitewash government waste, and encourage politicians to continue wasteful spending into the future. This data is used to establish a mini- mum bid cost per zone. Pursuant to House Bill 3023, the ABCA was di- rected to re-bid retail liquor licenses for an additional ten year period. This process has resulted in revenue to the state of West Virginia totaling $22,227,650.75. Whie this new system has worked exceptionally well for the ABCA and the public, not all zones were pur- chased. Therefore, to promote eco- nomic growth and development in the private sector and to raise money for the general fund, bidding was re- opened. This has resulted in the sale of four additional zones of which two are in Harrison County, one in Randolph County and one in McDowell County. The minimum bid set forth by the WV ABCA ws a seven year prorated amount, due to the fact statewide re- bidding will take place in 2010. The sale of these four additional zones has resulted in an additional $360,478.00 for the state general revenue fund. Wise Directs ()n April 29, 2(X)3 Governor Bob Wise announced his first move to transform West Virginia's state gov- ernment to a more efficient and effec- tive operation by moving the budget and accounting functions from the Department of Administration to the Department of "Fax and Revenue. "Our state laces major challenges as wc move forward during this un- certain national economy, in order to better pr0icct our budget, we must coordinate the revenue and expense functions of state government," said Wise. Wise said "Fax and Revenue Secre- tary Brian Kastick will become the point person on state budget issues. "'Brian has been working toward a modernization of the tax collection system," Wise said. Wise also said Public Employees Insurance Agency Director Tom Susman will continue as Acting Sec- retary of Administration. "'It is our desire to reduce the num- ber of upper management people in state government," said Wise. "Tom has the ability to serve in both posi- tions as wc streamline and transform." A Memorandum of Understanding will be executed between the Depart- ment of Administration and Depart- ment of Tax and Revenue to accom- plish the move. The agreement also will lead to a combination of ~ygrai internal accounting functions across several agencies, We Have 5'Rototillers in Stock Talk From Glenville State College COllege Receives A Visit 13. Mollohan visited the campus to discuss a number of GSC and other state These projects will move GSC while preserving the past. that were discussed during the Heritage Foundation grant and and two of West organizations. Foundation grant funds the Preservation Partnerships to preserve the history counties. Moliohan created Foundation in 1998 to promote and community revitalization district. Through federal Vandalia is supporting inla communities. in the GSC program are Clay, Doddridge, Gilmer, Webster, Rite.hie, Roane gOals are to: to professionally record of the region and impact of education Glenville State College is also entering into a unique collaboration with theWest Virginia High Technology Consortium (WVHTC) and the Institute for Scientific Research Inc. (ISR). The collaboration will initially focus on enhancing both curriculum and instruction offered by the college. As part of the plan, working high tech professionals from across the region will serve as adjunct professors, helping to keep the programs and its students in step with modem work- force needs. Other key components of the partnership involve assistance in recruiting top Ph.D.'s as instructors who also can work with technology businesses, the implementation of new technology-oriented curriculums, and the expansion of GSC's distance learning capabilities. The collaboration between the three organizations will address the needs essential to a modem workforce. New Telephone System A major change is taking place on the campus of Glenville State College. Over the Memorial Day weekend a new phone system was put into place at the College. This new system will improve communications and productivity on the campus. It will also ease communications between GSC and everyone off-campus. The new phone system is up and running and everyone on campus is being trained on the new functionality this week. Appalachian Music Camp of the history of aCCess to resources and history of the region and its on an existing partnership and Vandalia Heritage. The offered through : will be offered the fall semester. The 2nd Annual Appalachian Music Camp, which will focus on old-time fiddle, will take place from June 15-21, 2003, in conjunction with the West Virginia State Folk Festival in Glenville. This year's camp features fiddle classes and workshops, a jam session, a street jam, square dancing, old-time fiddle and banjo contests and folk music programs. College credit is also available for individuals who complete the camp. To enroll or receive additional information about the 2nd Annual Appalachian Music Camp, please call (304) 462-4130 or e-mail COMING MAY 30T" & MAY 31sr FRI. ;5 Charge .... Rock ,N-Roll SAT. s6 Charge --- LADIES' NIGHT- .Friday Nights - Half.Price Admission for Ladies during the month of May, except special events. 350John Deere 7' Reat Mower ..................... 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