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June 2, 1977     The Glenville Democrat
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June 2, 1977

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I graduates with honors I Turnerwas one of two For the past two years he has I among three thousand the Rochester 92nd Corn- May 21. He Science Degree ors in Audio-Visual is listed in Who's nts in American 1976. Earlier an Associate Degree ice With Highest of Graphic Arts ceived a Graduate University 8raduate study in on June 20. Cilmer County where he was a lolar, and Mrs. Byron I. the graduation worked as a Producer-Director in Television at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, Located on the campus of RIT, it is one of two federally financed technical schools for deaf students. Never invest your money in anything that eats or needs repainting. Billy Rose Nobody ever went broke under- estimating the taste of the American public. H. L. Mencken House for rent? Land for sale? Move it fast with a Democrat- Pathfinder Want-Ad. Low cost-- fast-action! Call 462.7300 to place your ad now. INDigeN llinlaallellllllella' Sears STORE HOURS aesday, Thursday, Friday -- 9 to 5 p.m. Wednesday. Saturday - 0 :,, 1 , m Dad on Father's Day With Craftsman Tools Phone 42-7374 Authorized CATALOG SALES MERCHAN"T OWNED AND OPERATED BY JANET DEAL llamninnanaaanalilnRmnMeg| II II n II II II II II I II II i I II io II i I HIM A McCULLOCH SAW WITH N BRAKE! State demand for FHA loans rises The Farmers Home Administra- tion is experiencing an increased demand for assistance, according to the rural credit agency's Acting State Director H. Trail Reset. During the first seven months of this fiscal year $61,000,0OO in loans and guarantees were extended in West Virginia, far exceeding any past landing levels. "The investments that families, communities and business are making is evidence," said Reger,'"that West Virginia has the resources and leadership to continue its growth pattern, even in this time of energy crisis." "Our geographical location and abundance of fossil fuels place the State in an enviable position for economic expansion and the creation of rewarding jobs," declared Reger. Farmers Home Administration credit assistance runs from family farms to coal mines, and from rural housing to all types of community facilities. The largest project financed by the agency this fiscal year is a $2.000,000 expansion of a coal mine in Monongalia County. While business and commercial loans are the agency's newest credit program, farm loans are the mainstay of the FmHA. The State has the capacity to increase its agricultural production and it is essential that we do so, according to Reger. Over 3,000 farmers, mostly part-time are using FmHA financial assistance to improve their farms. Emergencies caused by flooding, drought, and freezes are receiving the attention of the FmHA. Emergency loans for qualified applicants are available in designated areas of the State. Housing still remains in short supply in much of West Virginia, noted Reger. To help moderate income families purchase houses in today's market, the FmHA is turning more to the use of interest credit. This allows the FmHA to scale a family's interest t payment down to as low as one per cent per annum, depending on income, Rental housing is becoming more popular with the escalating costs associated with home ownership, stated Reger. Two loans for rental housing projects have recently been approved in Logan and Mingo counties. Older families are more inclined today to sell their houses, which are expensive to heat and maintain, for the lesser costs incurred with apartment living. This trend has resulted in a four-fold increase in FmHA's rental housing loans. So far this fiscal year, 30 communities have borrowed $28 million to install modern water and sewer systems, improve fire depart- ments and upgrade medical facilities: All FmHA loan services are extended through a state-wide system of 28 county offices, each located in a county seat serving one or more counties. "The values of rural living have been rediscovered and West Virginia is primed for grcJwth and its extraordinary contribution among the 50 states," said Reger. "The West Virginia Farmers Home Administration is committed to do its part in sound rural development." Pygmies feared in Africa Sending Pygmies against Katan- avoid being trampled. san rebels in Zaire has been called by Pygmies were in the Ituri long one Western diplomat in the capital, before the taller Bantu tribes arrived. Kinshasa, "a brilliant public relations Their short stature seems well suited move." to the humid rain forest, where the sun June 2, 1977 The Democrat/ Pathfinder 9 Bernie Dowier [left], District VI fish biologist and his assistant, lower booms with copper electrodes into water to' begin electro shocking of park pond. Stunned fish were netted, counted, weighed and returned to the water. Scale samples also were taken. Shocking turned up only bluegills--no bass. Park ponds will be stocked The three ponds at Cedar Creek ' State Park will each receive a stocking of 300 pounds of bass fingerlings, two to four inches in length. The decision to restock the ponds was made last week when Dept. of Natural Resources personnel electro- shocked the ponds and found that little r no bass had survived a fish kill last WI . :, ,,,-covered ice on the shallow ponds re d*ed in fish dying from a lack of oxygen, sL 1 Bernie Dewier. District Fish Biologist ,ho headed up the shocking operation While some bluegd,' also were killed, others survived, th qhocking revealed. "The bluegill populad:,n is just right, now." Dewier said. "although the remaining 'gills are smaller than we like to see." Because the ponds had been over-populated with the bluegills, the winter kill was a "blessing in disguise." The bluegills will now put on good growth and Will provide good fishing in the next three to four years. Dowler pointed out. The bass to be stocked this year should reach 10 to 12 inches by next summer and provide anglers wHh action then. Dewier said that he would recommend that the recently re- charged pond be kept closed to fishing for two years to give the fish time to become welt-established. Dewier has also recommended a weed control program for the Park ponds. It is also reported that one to five pounds of channel catfish will be stocked in two of the ponds within the next two weeks. Rabies breaks out in state Announcements that "elite Pygmy barely penetrates. bowmen" were part of the govern- Some anthropologists believe the An outbreak of rabies has ment's offensive in the province of Pygmies' small size results from this occurred in dogs near Cass in g chain in milli.seconds. Shabe were widely reported, although environment: others think they Pocahontas County according to hazard from kick.hack, the few Pygmies seen by correspond- survived in the jungle because of their Agriculture Commissioner Gus R dents all carried rifles-almost as tall adaptability. ,, whenever yOU Wall  $$$t:lpped as the diminutive sldiers themselves" Nmads by Nature But President Mobutu Sese Seko Possibly 40,000 Pygmies still Nation may have counted more on the shock remain in the former Congo, including easier, too. value the news could have on the rebel northeastern Zaire, Most live in Geograph: invaders than on the numbers or nomadic bands of 40 to 50 persons and Hardwa equipment of his 41-foot-tall infantry- resist efforts to settle them in one News re Glenvilk men. place. "Magical" Hunters They prefer to roa he forest,  I Pygmies have long been known as taking their few possesaims from one fighters and hunters. They are skilled hunting camp to the next. The men The migration of the California woodsmen whose ability to move carry their bows, arrows, spears, and gray whale from the Arctic to Mexico swiftly and silently through dense knives, nets for fishing and for is the longest of any mammal--a 10.000 I would appreciate foliage once caused other tribes to trapping small game, and pipes for -rail, , eight-month round trip, National believe they had magic that allowed tobacco or marijuana. (;eographic says. time to appear and disappear at will, Women carry the cooking utensils PPortunitv" " - m to serve egain the National Geographic Society and food, and glowing embers in reports, wicker baskets for the next campfire. People on the Pacific island of Yap For centuries, the Pygmies proved Women also weave the light faflion their money from large 2nd Ward Councilman to be formidable adversaries for men leaf-covered huLs for shelter whenever doughnut-shaped stones, some as or beasts who entered their Ituri the band stops, m,'"h as ten feet in diameter. The Forest homeland. When Henry Morton In earlier years the Pygmies stole , ev usnally is exchanged only Stanley explored the Congo in the what they needed from the Bantu and th :,, "mnortant ceremonial events kin|owe" Fredin 1880's, he reported seeing a man die left freshly killed game in payment, and i tt -ted on poles trust within minutes of being wounded by a Today, a Pygmy receives metal tools, through the hole h. '-, center of the Pygmy's poisoned arrow, vegetables, and marijuana from a currency, says Nations, ",oraphic With light bows accurate up to farmer and brings him part of his kill in World Magazine. nearly 30 yards and with spears, the exchange. Pygmies can stalk and kill any game in Zaire began recruiting Pygmies The state of Maine, with more the forest, regardless of size. into its army in 1973, training them as than 2,000 lakes and ponds and some An elephant can be brought down infantrymen, paratroopers, and pilots. 5.100 rivers and streams, is one-tenth Paid for by Lowell Fredin. by a hunter who creeps u.derneath it Some also serve as policemen, water, says the National Geographic and stabs repeatedly with his spear, commanding respect from their taller Society's book, "Our Continent." while exercising considerable agility to countrymen. Douglass. Douglass placed all dogs in Pocahontas County under immediate quarantine and advised all dog owners, especially those in the affected area. to keep their animals in secure areas to prevent them from being exposed to an infected animal. The outbreak in Pocahontas County is suspected to have originated when an infected wild animal came contact with a dog and perhaps bit it. Rabies is an acute infectious disease caused by a virus which can spread from animals to people. All warm- blooded aminals as well as wildlife are susceptible. The most susceptible wild animals are foxes, skunks, and bats, West Virginia law requires that all dogs be vaccinated for rabies and be revaccinated every two years. Dog owners should make sure that their dogs' vaccinations were current. Douglass said. "I am particularly concerned about the rabies outbreak in Pocahontas County. Chances are very good that similar outbreaks could occur in most any area of West Virginia because most susceptible animals, such as wildlife, pets. and livestock, received a great deal of stress on their health in the past few months due to a short feed supply and an exceedingly cold winter. This could lower their disease resistance." USING E:R leaky O that doesn't work? Maybe your family has grown Want to build an addition on the house. If you're ,any kind of home improvement, come and see us Cash to make it happen/ Bl00Ee00 JUNE lOth llth 12th olw The Wdllen BrollHws Fro9 aM Hill 6telOllm'ns +, The OIImlle BI1)IMII The Llurll mmmll Boys UHtmc ad tbo Oixil 6Olpllhlk ADMISSION $10.00 for ALL THREE DAYS Children Under 12 $2.00 SHOW BEGINS Fill. 5:00 P00t., S&T. &ND SUN. 10..00 TILL- NEW LOCATION - Plenty o/Shade and SMiter in Case ot Rain Free Comping -++ -+ a Unio00 Bank 00lll00ij00 Good Food +'+ + Glenville, w.v. [m,oi00 No Pets Allowed + ++ Meattber F.D.I.C. --,,-,-..,o,,,,,o,,o,.,+, FOR INFORMATION g WALTON Box 6M, Little Hockinll, Ohio 45742 Phone: (614) 9-2310