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June 2, 1977     The Glenville Democrat
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June 2, 1977

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t 12 The Glenvme Democrat/ Pathfinder June 2, 1977 Fire ants invade south As if the news hasnt been gloomy enough of late, the government's $150 million campaign to whipe out fire ants now is being called the "Vietman of entomology." In a domestic version of peace with honor, residents of areas infested with the ants are being advised to live and let live. In other words, the imported insects aren't about to roll over and play dead. The ants, named for their fiery sting, come in two species, both mean. the National Geographic Society says. Infest Nine States Solenopsis richteri,,a black ant. probably came to Mobile, Alabama, in late lg18 aboard a ship from South America, Its cousin, Solenopsis invicta, a red ant. Rresumably arrived the same way and was first reported in that state in the early 1930s. Establishing a beachhead, the invaders proceeded to march. The black ant has entrenched itself in a small area in Mississippi and Alabama. The red fire ant has spread through those two states, as well as Louisiana. Georgia, and Florida, a large part of Texas and South Carolina. and the southern portion of Arkansas and North Carolina. Unchecked by natural enemies in their adopted land, the ant colonies multiplied until today from five to ten billion fire ants occupy more than 150 million acre,, in nine southern states-often the best farmland. Ant hills almost two feet high dot fields, pastures, parks, and play- grounds, wherever the land ib cleared and warm. The mounds damage farm machinery and interfere with plowing. Until mechanized equipment be- came widespread, some fields were untended because workers were afraid to venture near the bristling obstructions. Inflict Multiple Stings If an ant hill is distrubed, an army of defenders scuttles out to repel the intruder. Each ant grips a pinch of skin with it mandibles, then arches its back and iabs a dozen times or more with its stinger. Victims may receive several thousand stings within seconds of being attacked The stings raise burning blisters and sometimes trigger an allergic reaction that can send a person to a hospital in shock. Tales of fatal attacks and of the ants killing chicks. piglets, and calves are exaggerated. but the insect hordes can damage crops and orchards. The ants do some good. however. killing ticks and flies that bother cattle and insects that damage sugar cane. Scientists believe the tropical fire ant has reached the limit of its northern range and its unlikely to move further north. Neither will it go away. particularly since Mirex. the pesticide most often used to kill the ants. is being phased out as an environmental hazard. A Florida entomologist who has worked on the fire ant problem admits: '"We couldn't eradicate this thing with an atomic bomb." MEMAKERS 1 O HELP YOU HO TESTED TIPS T Oven-To-Table Casserole Idea Whether you're an experienced homemaker or new to the kitchen, it's important to know that setting a mood means setting an attractive table. One way to accomplish this is to coordinate your efforts --with the help of a coordinated set of dinnerware, complete with matching oven-to-table pieces. You can save time and effort by bringing a feast to the table that's also a feast for the eyes With dinnerware sets made in high- fashion patterns, like those in the new Expressions line of Corolla dinnerware by Coming Glass Works, you have attractive patterns to choose from. The new line uses the same materials technology as the original Corolla livingware line. It has the same "feel" and light weight, but adds higher style through a series of bright, multi- color decorations. Of course, what comes in the casserole also eourLts-- and here's a delicious Seafood Newburg recipe that ought to please the taste buds of guests and family alike. SEAFOOD NEWBURG 1/4 cup butter or margarine 1/2 pound mushrooms, trimmed and dived 1 cup chopped scallions 1/3 cup flour .................. 1 cup dry white wine 1 cup (1/2 pint) light cream 1/2 teaspoon curry powder 1/3 cup grated parmesan cheese 1 pound shrimp, cooked, shelled end deveined 1 pound flounder, fillets, cut into one-inch stripl 1/2 pound scallops Salt and pepper 1/2 cup cornflake crumbs 2 tablespoons melted butter or margarine In a saucepan, melt butter and saute mtmhroonu until wilted Add scallions and uute for a few minutes. Stir in flour Gradually stir in white wine and cream. Add curry powder and cheese. Stir over low heat until sauce bubbles and thickens. Add shrimp, flounder and gcallope. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Parer mixture into a 2 1/2-quart Coming Ware glen-ceramic calm, ale. Mix crumbs and melted butter. Sprinkle mixture evenly over casserole. Bake in a preheated moderate oven (850OF) for 40 to 60 minutes or until top is golden brown. 8ervu six to eight. Take it to the table in same casserole di-- as a special treat for eyes and appetites. LEGALS "This is the g[eotest govern- mental system  in the world. Our press has helped to make it so. I am not here just to but- ter up the press. I do not think it is perfect. But, it is the best press in the world and it is doing a fine job It is on inte- gral part of our democracy." So said a frequent critic of the press, former President Tru- man. SUBURBIA aP (( "'Tsk .... T .. , Mrs, Small. Thou shall not try to kill the ball.'" t FIDUCIARY NOTICE Notice is hereby given that tile following account is before mefor final settlement. Roberta S McCartney. Executrix (J the Will of )ames E McCartnay. deceased. Given under my hand this 1st day of June 1977. R.Tarry Belcher Commissioner of Accounts Gilmer mnty. West Virginia NOTICE TO CREDITORS To the Creditors and BQneficiaries uf the estate of leo. E. Arbuckle. deceased: All persons having claims against the estate ,)f Ino. E. Arbuckle. deceased whether due or n.t. are notified to exhibit same with the voucher thereof legally verified to the undersigned, at his office. Ram 203 Federal Building. Glenvilla. West Virginia. on or before December 2. 1077. at 4:00 uclock p.m.. otherwise, they may by law be excluoeo from all benefits of said estate. All beneficiaries f said estate may appear on or berate said day to examine said claims and otherwise protect their interest. Given under my tland, this thn let dayof Juno. 1g77. R Terry Butcher Commimfloner of Accounts! Gilmar )unty West Virginia Class 11 Legal 6-2-2t* ORDER OF PUBLICATION CIRCUIT COURT OF GILMER COUNTY WEST VIRGINI, Carol Hamion. Plaintff Civil Action Na. 77.C,.46 Curtis Hamilton. Dafandanl l.(Tha object of this suit is to abtain a diw,rca from tile bands ef matrimony.) To rite Above Named Defendant: Curtis iiamtlhm: It appearin by affidevit filed in this action that Curtis Hamilton is a ram.resident of the State of West Virginia. it is hereby ordered that ha sera upon JW. Perrill. aintifrs attorney. wh,se address is Drawer 428. Glanville. West Virginia 26351 an answer. Inqluding any related ceuntar claim or delenie you may have to the complain! filed in thls acthm on or before ]uly 5. 1977. If you an fail to do So. thereafter judgment. upon proper bearing and trial, may be taken auainst you for tile relief domandtl in the c.mphtinl. A copy of said cumplaint can be obtained from tha undersigned Clark at his office. Enlerml by the Clark of said CA,ur Mav..B. t 977 f.ana Smith CJdK t)F COURT Ignl CJass I1 6-2-2tc Crossword Puzzle They Go Together ACROSS 4 Begin 1  and Mike 5 Great Lake 6 Rosier 4 Hireling 7 Nourished 8 Hat material 8 Adjust 12 Idian binoculars 13 Family  9 Dash 14 Medley 10 Citrus fruit 15 Legal matters 11 -- and 16 Military bottoms usistant 17  and 28 Roman road 42 Pack 18 Came in publisher 29 Morse  43 Jbson'a ship 20 Sand mound Ig Remove 31 Closed cars 44 Fairy 21 Linkletter 23 Turning part 33 Billiard shot 46 Unfasten 38 Regard highly 47 Preposition 40 Evergreen 48 A  and trees hungry look 41 South 50 Authorized American accountant mountains tab.) 22 Discord goddess 24  bean 26 Horse's gait 27 Thus 30 Russian city 32 Salad fruit 34 Outer layer 35 Declaimed 36 , drink and be merry 37 Horned ruminant 39 Father 40 Meet and 41 A stupid 42 Silk and 45 Melodioua 49 Rise above 51 Adjective suffix 52 Leer 53 Foot (suffix) 54 Greek letter 55 Sorrows 56  and Andy 57  Marquis DOWN 1  and simple 2 Solar disk 30ldo New 24 --, honor and obey 25 Notion 26 Allowances for waste 27 Replete z 5 BB , l l BALLOT Glenville Municipal Tuesday, June 7, 1977 To vote for a candidate, mark an X in the the left of the name can give you your irst =l,'-. __ ./I i-- /'-]'O''a', - ,.mmm glimpse of a lot of things ,.c-/v A,m/--L/. A'X-' !-- _----'--_ _  --4 you may not know.  .... :/ i [- -- '11 "-- -I 1. The first city estab- 1 --_:[ l ",t .-l P- I (c) New York, New York? 2. The first American Do you know which is our Moscow has seen only one president to visit Moscow oldest city? U.S. President in person.  j'-"] was (a) George Washington the US. Constitution was Do you know which one? (b) Richard Nixon (c) (a) Massachusetts (b)Dale- Franklin Roosevelt? ware (c) Virginia? Murders in the Rue Morgue" 3. The first known detec- 6. The first person to dis- is believed to be the tire story was written by (a) cover the effectiveness of first of its kind. 4. (a) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (b) vaccination was (a) Louis Carlton King, developed in Plato (c) Edgar Allan Poe? Pasteur (b) Robert Koch (c) 1964, was the pioneer low 4. The first king size Edward Jenner? tar cigarette and in the most cigarette to show tar con- ANSWERS: 1. (a) St. recent government report I [ tent printed on the package Augustine, Florida was showed 1 milligram tar. L__2 lethe brand that's lowest in founded in 1565. 2. (b) Carlton Menthol had less tar. It's (a) Carlton (b) Pall Richard Nixon visited Mos- than 1 milligram tar. 5. (b)   Mall (c) Tareyton? cow on May 22, 1972. 3. (c) Delaware approved the con- 5. The first state to ratify Poe's detective story aThe stitution on Dec. 7, 1787.6. (c) Edward Jenner discov- ered the effectiveness of vaccination against smallpox in 1796. (arct:l) Ice Wih:ox {firs) c/o Sidney Lewis. 622 W, 2nd Street. Weston. W, Vs. 2) tiarold Fowler. Vadis. W. Vs. 3) C.F. Compton. P.O. Box 1836, Clarksburg. W. Vs. 4) Aubry McOuain c/o Russell McQuain. 205 Kanawha St.. Bell. W.Va. The name(s) and address(as} of every officer. partner, director and applicant is (are|: C.E. Campion (pres.). P.O. Box 1836. Clarksburg. W.Va Harold H. Fidler (V.pres.) P. O. Box 1836. Clarksburg. W.Va. (;rattan Coal C.. any subsidiary, affiliate, or any p(rson controlled by or under common control wilh applicant has not iad a surface mining permit issued onder the laws uf Ihis slate revoked ,r has not had a surface mining bond or security [,,rfcited. Writlen protest to such application will be received un fil July 3. 1977 ur thirty (30) days from oriuinal date of publication by the Director. Notice is hereby given float (;rattan Coal Co.. P.O. Box t836. Clarksburg. W.Va. has submitted an application for tile surface minin of approximately 62 acres in order to surface rmne Ihe Pittsburg seam of Coal located on Fink Creek of Leading Creek. 1V2 miles, west of Vadis in Freemans Creek District of Lewis County and Troy District of Gilmer County. longitude 80" 43"12". Let 39 2"33"'. Surface of the area to be mined is owned by Grahen Coal Co. P.O. Box 1836. Clarksburg. W. Va.. anti the mineral to be mined is owned by Grafton Caal Co.. P.O. Box 1836 Clarksburg. W. Vs. Tte source of the applicant's legal rigtt to enter anti conduct .peralions an the land to be covered by tiffs armit application is by deed. The following ns a slingofatl active surface mining permits now Imht by the applicant. 113-73: 185-74: 68-75: 50-76: 249-76: 140-73: 15-75: 217-75; 31-76: 228-76: 219-73: 242-74: 170-75: 196-76: 156-76: 10-74: 250-74: 216-75: 146-75: 208-76: 77-74: 7-75: 186-75: 116-76: 72-77: 105-74: 95-75: 209-75: 139-75: 102-74: 65-75: 232-75: 77-76, The reputed owner (or owners} of all surface Department of Natural Resources. Roon 322. e area within five hundred feet of any part of the 1800 Washington St.. E. Charleston. West nrop,sed disturbed land in this application is Viruinia 25305. ATTENTION: File No. 2271 ' $ e c c --3 This map is provided as a guideline only. The sample depicted is from the West Virginia Department of Highways General ltighwav County Maps. Other possible sources include the. U.S. Geological Topographic maps or a handsketched map showing all information requ red b hc c ' V AX " ,le 6. Chapter 20. Se .tiao 9. Code ot(est Virgihia. as amended. Thegitudinal and latitudinal co-ordinates for the advertisement and the map must be the same and should cross at or near an end of ip marker tir the proposed operation. Legal Class II 6-2.Otc "Truly absurd is the man who never changes." Auguste Barthelemy I KEATON MEDICAL ! EQUIPMENT CO. ' 6 Specializing in: WHEELCHAIRS. HOSPITAL BED8 WALKING AIDS - HANDICAP AID8 BATHROOM AIDS PHYSICAL THERAPY EQUIPMENT REHAB. SUPPLy. FURNITURE Rental Sal And Servlce Wholesale-Retell First Aid Suppllm Experienced in The Medical Equipment Field Since 1960 308 EIkSt.. Gassaway, W.Vo. ,_ Dial 364,5156 ! .,.-,,T,,.;.--= -:- =  -- Buslnessmen. Merchants, There Is no better way to reach your local market Ahan. an ad in your local t. Call 3M17 now for atlon on Our low rates, combination ads and big discounts on contract advertising! FOR MAYOR (Vote for one) Robert J. Wyatt 205 College St., Glenville, Garry I. Kight 417 Dolliver St., Glenvilla, Patrick V. Reale 507 Walnut St., G Guy Simmons 309 E. Main St.. Glenville, A. E. Stewart 11 Brooklyn C. Clark Wolfe 111 Park St., Glenville, FOR MUNICIPAL JUDGE (Vote for one) Delbert Lee Davidson Bungalow Villa FOR RECORDER (Vote for one) Edna White 210 Howard St. FOR CITY COUNCIL Ward I (Vote for one) Don E. Barker 103 College St., Robert E. Reed 7 Bank St., Glenville, WV FOR  COUNCIL Ward 2 (Vote for one) le R. PHtt W. Main St. Glenville, Lowell F. Frodiu 413 Norris Road, FOR CITY COUNCIL Ward 3 (Vote for one) Lonnie Fitzpatrick 701 Walnut St.. Glenville' FOR CITY COUNCIL Ward 4 (Vote for one) John W. Collins 110 Park St., Gle FOR CITY COUNCIL Wa rd 5 (Vote for one} lohn W. lamhum 12 Whiting Ave., Harry Hoowr 207 Whiting Ave., I, Edna White, Recorder for the certify that the fOregoing is a true coPY voted on at the Municipal Election of the be held Tuesday, June 7, 1977.