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June 4, 2009     The Glenville Democrat
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June 4, 2009

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The Glenville Democrat The Glenville Pathfinder out to Several people have mentioned to me lately that they'd had "a bad day." Certainly, the upcoming General Elections in Glenville and Sand Fork will have to be classified as "a good days" for all adult citizens in those communitms. After all. we residents get to exermse our democratic right to choose our communities' governing r~:presentatives -- a privilege that many people in quite a few of these war-torn. Third World countries don't have. In fact. the right to vote and to have democratic rule was so important a "human need and right" that President Woodrow Wilson dramatized its necessity, following World War I in 1919. That "war to end all wars." he argued, showed the necessity to make "the world safe for democracy." Unfortunately, and not unlike today, many of the world's leading politicians at that time didn't go along with President Wilson in advocating this same universal popu- lar desire. Hence. today, we have had to go to war in order to provide these democratic prin- ciples to the oppressed peoples who most desperately need them. Most notably, in some of these new freedom-loving nations (espe- cially those behind the former Iron Curtain), democracy is probably safer in them and more cherished than it is here. due to our modem American trend of laziness and/or apathy in exercising our right to vote during general and -/he Corcoran Column primary elections. I hope that this balloting lethargy will not be the case next week in Gilmer County, in that, truly, we citizens ought to aim at "having a good day" by promising ourselves that we'll bolt out of our cocoons, go to the polling places, and to caste our votes for whoever we want to lead our commumties during the next two years. Let's all resolve to do that! Both elections take place all day long on next Tues.. June 9 in Glenville's City Hall and in Sand Fork. Good & bad clays There was no reason why Wed.. May 27 shouldn't have been a good day for this editor. After all. with Mon.. May 23 being a holi- day due to Memorial Day, our staff, who had enjoyed their day off, had to go the extra mile to cram the typical, high volume of work coming in on Monday and Tuesday's work into one day -- that Tuesday. The staff, though, had performed their duties with great speed, accuracy, and good nature, while working under great pressure to get the job done. As a result, everyone was glad at 7 p.m., when that long and arduous end-of-the-day rolled around. They got to go home to relax. To the contrary, I, as the editor, had several other stories to write, but those didn't faze me, because three sections containing 28 pages had already been laid out and were ready to be taken to Spencer Newspapers the next morn- ing for the printing, labeling, and, finally, circulation, via our stores in the Glenville area and the U.S. Mail Service. Indeed, Wednesday promised to be a relief for me, in my usual duty of taking the pages over to Spencer, revmwing them for a final time, watching them get printed, and doing my share of the labeling and packaging for distribution. During the in-between produc- tion breaks, I even imagined myself getting "caught up" with some of my bushels of paperwork that pile up on every editor's desk. ,On Wednesday, I was off to Spencer at 6:45 a.m., so that I'd be there by 7:45, giving the Continued on page 5A ::;ii : 7: :ii:il;il; State Government's total budget is $11.6 billion, with bill's passage By Brent Boggs, State Delegate (Gilmer-Braxton) While the past several days at the Legisla- ture have been extremely busy, Jean and I were happy to see Justin. Jennifer and twins. Carson and Kenzie, at home over the weekend to celebrate Justin's 26th birthday. It was great to have them home and to visit with us. along with Morn, Dad, family and friends. As I write this evening from the week's column on Sunday Capitol Office, it appears I am the last member remain- ing at this late hour. The House and Senate both completed work and passed HB 2010 the Budget Bill. It now goes to the Governor for his action. Here are a few brief facts regarding the Fiscal Year 2010 budget: General Revenue Budget The Total Conference Committee General Revenue Budget is $3.787.977.000. Of this amount, the percentage breakdown IS: Education: 48.2%: Health and Human Resources: 21.6%: Higher Education: I 0.76%: Military Affairs and Public Safety: 8.7%; Judicial: 3.1%: Administration: 1.8%; Com- merce: 1.8%: Executive: 1.2%; Tax and Rev- enue: 0.84%: Education and Arts: 0.87%; Legislative: 0.68%: Environment: 0.22%': Transportation: 0.2%: and Claims: 0.002%. Total all funds budget With all general revenue, special revenue and federal funds, the total amount appropri- ated in the budget is $11.6 billion dollars. Of this total, the amounts and percentages are: Federal funds: $4.1 billion (35.5%); Gen- eral revenue: $3.78 billion (32.8%); Road funds: $1.37 billion (11.8%); Other funds: $1.4 billion (12.3%); Federal block grants: $403 million (3.5%); Excess lottery: $312 million (2.7%); and Lottery fund: $166 mil- lion (1.4%). HBlll, Providing certain county com- The entire 200+ page budget documentmissions with authority to regulate the loca- conference report is available on the legisla- tion of businesses offering exotic entertain- tive website, if you would like to examine it in ment (Judiciary). detail. Additionally, there will likely be one or Upon adjourning the regular session this more supplemental appropriation bills before evening, the Legislature immediately recon- we complete our work. vened in extraordinary or special session, as As of this writing and, due to planning by requested by the Governor. In his proclama- the Speaker and Senate President. we could tion to the Legislature, the following items complete all action by Tuesday evening. If so, were included o'n his.agenda, along with com- this translates into further savings for taxpay- mittee of reference in the House: ers by reducing the overall number of days HB 107. Relating to critical skills instruc- required for this special session. tional support programs for students in grades I look forward to providing additional in- three and eight (Education); formation next week on the outcome of the HBI09. Relating to school innovation above referenced bills. zones (Education); How to contact me! HB108. Relating to the hiring, termina- Pleaseacldressyourmailtomyhomeoffice tion, transfer and reassignment of teachers at PO Box 254, Gassaway, WV 26624. My and school personnel (Education); phone number is 364-8411 and fax 364-8711. HBI03. Relating to an alternative and If you need immediate assistance, call the renewable energy portfolio standard (Gov. Capitol office at 340-3220 or Assistant to the Org.); Majority Leader, Mr'. Tom Bennett,, at 340- HB110, Relating to the future support of 3262 or fax to 340-3213. If you have an children with autism (Finance); interest in any particular bill ora list of all bills HB 105, Relating to the issuance of retail that passed both the House and Senate, please licenses for the sale of liquor (Judiciary); let me know. HB 104. Relating to the Motor Fuel Excise For those with Internet access, my e-mail Tax Shortfall Reserve Fund (Finance); address is Boggs34@aoLcom. HB 101, Relating to establishing the High- You also may obtain additional legislative Technology Business PropertyValuationAct information, including tile copies of bills, (Finance); conference reports, daily summaries, interim HB106. Relating to the recruitment and highlights, and other information from the retention of certain classified service post- Legislature's web site at http:// tlons at Mildred Mitchell-Bateman Hospital www.legis.state, If you write or leave a and William R. Sharpe Hospital (Gov. Org.); message, please remember to include your HBI02, Relating to the allocation ofad- phone number with your inquiry and any justed gross receipts from pari-mutuel race- details you can provide. Additional informa- tracks with West Virginia Lottery racetrack tion. including agency links and state govern- table games(Finance); ment phone director.y may be found at HBI 13. Reissuing revenue bonds for tour- ism and education and providing a procedure Remember to thank a veteran for their ser- for the selection of projects to receive moneys vice to our nation and continue to remember resulting from such bonds {'Finance); our troops at home and abroad-- and keep HB 112, Ensuring the post-mine develop- them and their families in your thoughts and ment of reclaimed surface mme property (Ju- prayers. Until next week, take care! diciary); Detroit: " to the efficient vehicles?" Dear Editor, Butnoneoftheautomakersputanyofthese could have used a decade ago? As the disgraced Detroit three automakers vehicles into production, or anything similar. They say those who forgethistoryarebound are asking Congress for tens of billions of Instead. they chose gas-guzzling SUVs, the torepeatit. Afterthefoolishfolliesoftheauto taxpayer dollars, we should remember the last epitome of stupidity from a climate change industries, in pushing gas guzzlers on the several billion that we gave the industry, and and energy conservation perspective. Using American public (along with tax breaks that theoutcome of it. In the 1990s, the Partnership slick ads to push their behemoth vehicles, the they manipulated through Congress), why for a New Generation of Vehicles worked to auto makers are among the biggest culprits in should we bail them out? make 80+ miles-per-gallon cars and allowed the last rise in greenhouse gas emissions in the What we need is the massive investment in for communications amongst scientists be- United States. mass transit and high speed passenger rail: a tween the big three auto makers to help speed What happened to the efficient vehicles? much better way to travel with exponential that process along. The failure to incorporate that technology was fuel savmgs compared to the most efficient The Partnership was a huge success, with also a major caus~of our economic collapse, vehicles. Chad Kister three. 70+ miles-per-gallon prototypes. Gen- With the rise m gas prices this past summer. Nelsonville, OH. eral Motors had the Precept, a five-seat sedan the values of SUV's plummeted, and formany, (Editor's Note: Mr. Kister is the author of with ample trunk space, with one version get- their gas guzzlers are now worth less than the "Arctic Quest: Odyssey Through a Threat- ting 108 miles-per-gallon, equivalent to run- loan they have on them. enedWildernessArea:""ArcticMelting;How nmg on hydrogen. Ford had the Prodigy, Why should we give a bail-out now, when Climate Change is Destroying One of the getting 72 miles per gallon, and Daimler- the automakers are the ones who put them- World'sLargestWildernessAreas andAgainst Chrysler also had a 72-miles-per gallon ve- selves into the crisis they are in through their AllOdds:""TheStruggletoSaveTheRidges." hicle. Taxpayers were proud that their billions own idiocy? Why don't they dust off these He is also the producer of the 2006 film, were not wasted, and expected these vehicles efficient vehii:les and put them into produc- "Caribou People.") on the market, tion, something both our wallets and ourplanet Letters continued on page 5A f Attention Readers: Our 'Letters to the Editor' Policy We are in need of more letters to the editor. Feel free to send them in to us. Just you may still be required to sign the letter via snail mail. Deadlines for letters are remember our policy on the letters. Mondays at 10 a.m. for that week's paper. After 10 a.m., they can be accepted for that Local newspapers have long been the sounding boards for political, personal, and week as paid advertisements. However. it would appear for free in a future edition patriotic views and this paper is no exception ! Also, for writers who consistently send in Letters week after week, these messages Relative to writing responses, please keep in mind our Editorial Policy: we will are constantly evaluated as to content and to purpose, so they may be considered as accept letters on a space available basis only and they will be subject to the Editor's an advertisement, especially if they are weekly, lengthy, and repeats of previous scrutiny as to content relative to libel, good taste and timeliness. A good length is letters. Nevertheless, you will be contacted if the ratter is the case and will be charged generally one to one-and-a-half standard typing pages, double-spaced. The decision onlj our regular advertising rate. of the Senior Editor will be final. Letters must be signed in order to be published - e- For more information, contact either Dave Corcoran, Sr., Charlene. or Cassandra mailed letters must include a phone number where your identity can be verified, but at 304-462-7309. - Last Issue Before Election: News, Letters, & Ads - The lon~ standing policy of this newspaper has always been that if. in the issue before an election, one candidate or citizen makes allegations about another ca~wiidate or issue, that the other party be gi ven the right of rebuttal. Readers of this newspaper know that we editors have had this policy in effect for the past 10 years in order to make certain that the journalistic and ethical principles of fairness and equality be assured on these pages relative to both the news and advertising side. Also. all political letters or news stories submi tted in the last month prior to an election are to be paid political adverstisement. except for biographical sketches in an Election Guide or section. j,, ongra ions -- Mr. Bennett is named as new superinten- dent of Gilmer County's schools John Bennett, alife-long educator in the county and a Glenville resident, was selected as Gilmer County's new schools head on Mon., May 15. On that evening, the Gilmer County Board of Education made a wise choice in naming Mr. Bennett as the county system's new superintendent. Over nearly three decades of teaching, being an assistant principal at the high school and, most recently, holding the principal/chief administrator's post at the Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center, he's accumulated enough academic experience to make him very well qualified to handle the superintendent's position here. In addition, his personal good qualities of having an upbeat attitude, being coopera- tive with the public and media, and holding true to honesty and his word all make him the ideal person to lead this county's schools into their next phase of development. The fact that the entire Board of Education in a rare display of unity voted unanimously to hire him demonstrates that his record of achievement over the years speaks very well for itself. Indeed, for the first time in months, this vote united the Board members behind a positive option for this county schools' educational leadershi p. Moreover, for this community and county, the appointment of Mr. Bennett as superintendent promises to bring a closer relationship between the schools and their communities. He's always been a civic-minded person, participating in numerous community development projects. In addition to being the Director/Principal of the Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center. he is currently serving his final term as the Mayor of Gienville (until the end of June), is the president of the Gilmer County Economic Development Association (EDA), and is an active member of Glenville's Street Gang and Glenvilte's Moving Forward ERN-downtown revitalization committee. As a result of his educational record and civic involvement, we editors welcome John Bennett as Gilmer County's new superintendent of schools. DHC, Sr., Publisher-Editor J New business owners of Willie's Shop participating in downtown revitalization Two new entrepreneurs in Glenville Wil and Cindy Randolph are to be commended for their civic involvement and" pride. Only five-year residents of the county, this energetic couple has accomplished a lot in the short time they've been in business. Actually, they've been planning to go into business for some time. but officially opened "Willie's Sport Shop" last fall. Moreover, their shop fills a great need in this area, where sportsmen abound, especially during the various hunting and fishing seasons. Although their shop is quite demanding of their full-time efforts, they have still found the time to participate in most of their new community's civic improvement meetings, notably the "Glenville Moving Forward" public meetings of the Family .Resource Network (FRN)-Congressman Mollohan grant project and'the "Business After 5 P.M. Social Hours"of this newspaper and Best Western. Then, at the May 14 Glenville Moving Forward meeting, sponsored by the FRN, relative to explaining the $380,000 grant to create a park in the downtown, among other beautification initiatives, Wil and Cindy listened carefully and what they heard ridding the city of dilapidated buildings, litter, and other eyesores rang a bell. In looking over their North Lewis Street property, they noticed that they'd purchased an old car wash building, as well as their shop. Many years ago, it had served its purpose, when the property was a filling station, but that had gone out-of-business decades ago. So, they decided to tear down the car wash, which had fallen into disrepair and had deteriorated. In addition, and at the May 14 community meeting, Wil Randolph also Wasn't bashful (as a new fellow on the block) to stand up and state his strong support of the Glenville Moving Forward initiative. He stressed, "Glenville is great, and it's like Swedesboro, NJ" (a community, with which the couple is familiar). A town about the same size as GlenvillE, Swedesboro embarked on a downtown beautification project and it worked very well. It's a thriving place now." What he emphasized is that we Gilmer Countians can do the same thing with our county seat improve and beautify it. Sadly, he's already observed that many Glenville people do a lot of talking about wanting improvements in their city, but do little, if anything, about it. He gave the example that outside hunters bring in a fistfuls of money into this community every hunting season, but the city government and its ciuzens don't try to make the town look invitmg to them. To remedy this lack, he suggested that colorful banners perhaps saying, "Welcome Hunters" be erected throughout the commu- nity before each hunting season in order to create a more friendly atmosphere for them, many of whom are very far from the comforts of their homes. Because Wil and Cindy Randolph are giving back so much to this community, we editors highly commend them, and thank them for improvirlg their property. Most importantly, they're setting a good example for the rest of us property and business owners to follow suit, especially in this period prior to the annual Folk Festival. Keep up the good work, Wil and Cindy! Your efforts are appreciated! DHC, Sr. P~C~C ~,M,~ by George "HEY WOI~, MAYBE WHBq KIM "GONE" IL(L) ' s LONG SHADOW SERENADE H? ................. 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