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June 4, 2009     The Glenville Democrat
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June 4, 2009

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I1 Getting out to vote & bad days vs. good days cont'd ..., crew there extra time to do the shoot- that our newspaper was being put on and Jim Brandenburg to help me ing of pages, making of the metal hold. take it back to Glenville for distribu- plates, and running off the three edi- Eventually though, our third sec- tion. tions, tion was printed, and was a good one, At about 3 p.m., and even though Upon arrival, however, I noticed outlining the old Glenville High all of the issues hadn't been entirely that everything was moving in slow School's upcoming Red Terror Re- labeled for mailing, I had to send Jim motion.Foronething, a valuable team union. See page one in this current on to Glenville with the packets for member was off, doing her civic jury edition for more details on it.the stores, or our avid readers would duty. Also, the Calhoun Chronicle, I decided to go out to lunch at about be complaining. Then, at3:30p.m.,I which is run offbefore us, wasn't even 11 a.m., hoping that upon my return, had to give the same instructions to started, and most of the time, it's fin- all of the sections would be printed. Rodney, who was delivering to the ished by the time I arrive. No such luck! The pressman, Andrew Glenville Post Office. If we don't ar- Well, the Calhoun newspaper had Hedges, and his entire crew had been rive by about 4:15 now, we're out of "two sectiOns," which may have been working their hearts out to get the luck for mailing it that day. a record for it, thereby slowing down sections printed, but all sections For the residual papers which the the production process. I was happy seemed to be delayed. Spencer staff was hard at work on tbr my neighbors, who put out a good Because it was a large paper any- labeling and bagging, I wouldhave to community newspaper, but unhappy way, I had asked Rodney Anderson take this load on up to Clarksburg to ,:: i iii':, i::i:,iiiii:,::i:: :,iiiii"iii!i ii::iiiiiii:,i:,i::,::i, iii::,,ii i:iiS',i'i:': :: :ii i i i:: ::':iiiii::i:,ii i:,i ii: i ii i::ii: i:: :: i :: ! ,i ,',ii ,i:,i:,iiiiiiiiiiiiii ::ii:,i:,il, iiii',iii:,i :: :::',:: ::, ':;iiiiiiili:,:, 'There must be a compromise' between College progress and daycare needs Dear Editor, acquainted with the difficulties asso- worry about how our children are I am writingout of concern for the ciated with finding appropriate being taken care of. news I received regarding the childcare. My family is located in Glenville State is a wonderful childcare center that my son attends. Weston, with my husband commut- schoolin so many ways; I would hate I was recently informed that Glen- ing to Glenville to work daily. Along to have my memories of it marred by ville State College plans to purchase his morning commute, he leaves our the idea that it caused this community the Wesley:Arbuckle Center with son in the very capable hands of Mary tolose such a valuable resource. There intentions to construct additional stu- Heckert and Charlene Messenger, or must be a reasonable compromise dent housing, as our two-year-old affectionately that will benefit the future of West Let me say that as a Glenville State refers to them, "Nana and Charlo," Virginia's college students without alumnus, I am pleased that the school and the other girls who are employed the sacrifice of the preschool-aged is expanding, especially in the area of there, ones. student housing. However, I am You see, they provide much more Sincerely, deeply concerned that it will come at than simple childcare. These ladies Megan Heater thecostoftheHandsofPrideDaycare, love the children, which allows us as As a working mother, I am well parentstogotoworkeachdayandnot Part One-- Something stinks in 'Good-Ol'-Boy' legal system Dear Editor, Hughes, when she reminded us of the (Inre The West Virginia Record art all-too-convenient "law" that "exempts ticle 16March, 2009): legal services from being subject to West Virginia's obstinancy rearedits competitive bidding." Her concern that ugly head recently at the "Heaven or the lawyer might lose money lacks any Hell-hole"symposium, which included convincing logic at all. There is alwa2L~ state representatives and representatives the risk of inept bidders losing money in from The American Tort Reform Asso- any occupation where "bidding con- ciation (ATRA). I refer, especially, to tracts" are an integral part of competi- the argument made by Ms. Hughes, the tive business. To fall back on that state Attorney General's representative, particular "ism'~ asa.credible~reason to Ms. HUghes' defense that "...they "appoint" a coho~frd~asele~t follow- (ATRA)haven'tfoundanythingwrong," ing to a high-paying enterprise is ludi- is confusing, in light of Mr. Joyce's crous. It is long past time to scrap some earlier indication of concern for a sys- oftfietoo-easily-manipulated, opportu- tern of "justice" driven by profit instead nistic laws that benefit only an avid few. of a desire to uphold the law - a system The question of the state needing an in which the state Attorney General's intermediateappellatecourtwasraised. office deputizes personal injury law- Ms. Hughes' speculation that there was yers who often reap exorbitant sums of "no overall caseload in the Supreme money from settlements, lawyers who Court that would justify an intermedi- may or may not be related to the su- ate appellate court" was particularly preme court justices or other privileged disturbing. Lest Ms. Hughes forget, big individuals, and lawyers who may or money civil cases do not comprise the may not kick back "contributions" to only cases that might require review. I the ruling judge or the Attorney General repeat for the umpteenth time, West for "campaignDurposes." Can itpossi- Virginia is still the only state in the bly be that these learned persons of union - the last vestige of an anti- supposed integriO, and character can quated "Good-ol'-boy" system ofju- see nothing wrong with that setup? risprudence - that has no intermedi- ATRA may not have rop_r_QY.~any wrong- ate appellate court and no right to a doing, but it is a system that reeks of review of ~ criminal conviction - collusion, and considering the State even one that inchl~es a life-without- Attorney General's role in the scheme the-possibility-of-l~rolesentence. As of things, who among the "colluders" long as the lack of any intelligent legis- isgoingtoseriouslylookfor "anything lation allows West Virginia judges to wrong?" refuse to even read an appeal, even one The no-bid appointment of individu- from a man or woman who may be als from the "large-cash-settlement" wrongfully condemned to spend the mentality was also defended by Ms. rest of their life in prison, this state's high court will always be able to avoid a pressing "caseload." Submitted, James Lucas Mount Olive, WV (Editor's Note: The conclusion of Mr. Lucas' letter will be printed in next week's edition.) jackgar the Postal Sectional Center for mail- ing, so that you readers would get it at your regular time. I hate doing that, because it extends my day from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. -- making for a very long day before getting back home again to Glenville. Nevertheless, I don't mind doing it, whenever necessary. You subscribers like to read the local news, so I don't want you to have to wait,just because we miss a postal mail pick-up deadline. Problem: Upon getting to Clarks- burg at 8 p.m., the postal worker is extremely sociable-- he's retiring the next day. Talk, talk, talk, etc., but he has every hour of the impending re- tirement all planned out. As a result, the half hour's job takes me over one hour to unload the newpaper bags onto the mail carts. Some relief: by then, I'm starved, so I finally get to eat; Mexican at Las Trancas, on Bridgeport Hill's mall area, was delicious. (See the related advertisement elsewhere in this is- sue.) Even saw Cindy Pounds, and Jaelde and Jessie Moss there-- Glen- ville folks, to whom I said, "hello!" Pleasant experience. Back to Glenville by 11 p.m. and a swill crash into bed -- a long, bad day, I thought as my hand found its way to my day's mail. The first envelope I opened was a card, saying: "Happy Birthday to the worthiest human I know," signed "Buddy," my dog. (Daughter Cathe- rine, who had helped me out quite a bit earlier in the day when arriving in Glenville, made certain that his card was awaiting me.) My first smile of the day. Ditto for the next cards full of well- wishes -- from brother and sister-in- law, T.A. and Carolyn Corcoran, of Grants, NM; old friend and St. Louis University roommate, Carl Doeing, of Albuquerque, NM; the members of my wonderful staff; and, lastly but not the least, my good friends, Joyce and Jamie Dority, of Welch (McDowell County). After reading and thinking about those nice people and their kind thoughts for me, well, my "bad day" wasn't so bad after all. In fact, it turned out to be a happy birthday to remem- ber for years to come. The end of the day Be kind to others this week, kind folks, and don't forget to vote on next Tuesday in Glenville and Sand Fork! FINANCE I NEW FORD Cars & Welcome to the: Pittsburgh Clean, convenient to the Downtown and Shopping Malls & select rooms priced under *55/night (A Great Bargain For A Big City) Call 412.922.0120 for reservations e-mail: i n SELECTION OF NEW FORD CARS & TRUCKS/ PARTS AND DEPT. Lose an hour in the morning and you'll be looking for it all day. --Irish Proverb Call for the Red Trucks MotorTrend Truck of Yead MULTI-LINE Best in the areal NEW HOURS: The Glenville plant will now be open every other Saturday and the Gassaway plant the other Saturdays. These new hours will begin June 6 with the Gassaway plant open. Call the Glenville plant at (304) 462-8747 or the Thursday, June 4, 2009-- The Glenville Democrat I Page 5A Not Everyone Calls Me Father By Edwin Daschbach SVD De-ja vu If you're one of those adventurous find-it-yourself drivers who would rather risk getting lost than humble I yourself to ask Ibr directions, you've probably experienced de-ja vu. Your companion m the car undoubtedly called your attention to it: "Honey, haven't we passed this spot before?" There's a kind of de-ja vu that adventurous spiritual seekers will experience if they are at all serious about finding God. And it's akin to what we find in the normal husband- wife relationship. A man and a woman meet, are attracted to one another, find love developing between them, and even- tually unite in marriage. The honey- moon that follows is rich in joy and discovery, and produces an experi- ence that they hope will never end. But after the honeymoon - sooner or later - the reality of two people in an extended close relationship gradu- ally begins to set in. The seriousness, however, of their love recognizes that the initial exhilaration was des- tined to pass. And if they love rightly, what follows is even deeper and more fulfilling: a life of two people in love weathering storms, hardships, ten- sions, the ups and downs that are part of life. Indeed, they discover a depth of love that makes the honeymoon experience seem infantile. Does that sound idealistic? Not so if you experience it. And apparently it is the common lot of mature people in love. What they grew imo expert- encing was there all along, butthey didn't recognize it. What is beautiful in the other is not the externals, but the depth of who he or she is. In the spiritual life, people serious about God give themse! yes to prayer. I don't mean formal words, but medi- tation, contemplation...seeking God in silence, through Scripture passages, spiritual reading. God rewards and encourages them in this honeymoon stage with much consolation. They truly feel they love God. But like marriage, this stage doesn't last forever. Ever so gradually a dark- ness sets in. Prayer may witness no consolation, even dryness. One may experience St. John of the Cross' "dark night of the soul." The saintly Mother Theresa knew it for most ot her life. It is, to put it simply, God's way of teaching maturity in the spiri- tual life: it's not what we feel thai reflects our closeness to God. It's what we do. Or even better, what we don't do. We don't form ourselves. God forms us. We have to learn to let him take over. We eventually recognize, in tha! letting him take over, that he's not found in angelic star searching, but deep within us, hungering for his discovery there. T.S. Elliot wrote: "With the drawing of this Love and the voice of this Calling, We shall not cease from exploration, And the end of all our exploring, Will be to arrive where we started...And know the place for the first time. 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