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June 18, 2009     The Glenville Democrat
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June 18, 2009

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Thursday, June 18, 2009-The Glenville Democrat Page 131| S713 22 25808 $366.84 25809 $69.56 25810 $23.86 25868 $ 23.86 25875 $43.36 25935 51.56 25936 $54.12 25937 $ 23.86 25940 $23,86 26015 $23.86 26016 $ 274.60 26070 $23.86 26130 $ 23.86 26131 $28.40 26132 $25.84 26133 $23.86 26134 $23.86 26135 $23.86 26136 $23.86 26137 $ 23.86 26138 $23.86 26139 $23.86 26140 $ 95.38 26157 $152.30 26298 $127.14 26299 $23.86 U 26309 $ 206.10 26310 $23.86 26325 $108.58 26375 $86.44 26382 $ 23.86 26454 $41.86 26680 $23.86 26761 $23.86 26762 $ 23.86 26763 $23.86 26764 $23.86 26765 $23.86 26766 $ 490.74 26776 $23.86 26802 $ 23.86 26803 $23.86 26804 $23.86 26805 $ 23.86 26806 $ 23.86 26807 $23.86 26808 $ 23.86 26809 $ 23.86 26810 $ 23.86 26811 $23.86 26812 $ 23.86 26813 $ 23.86 26814 $ 23.86 26839 $25.28 26840 $21.98 26989 $21.98 26994 $23.86 26997 $23.86 27001 $ 23.86 27002 $23.86 27003 $25.66 27004 $23.86 27005 $23.86 27006 $23.86 27007 $23.86 27008 $354 97 27062 $31 12 27063 $162 86 27127 $242 18 27385 RICHARDSON JOHN EDWIN ETAL HORN CREEK 6 AC FEE RICHARDSON JOHN EDWIN ETAL FEE 77.12 AC HORN CREEK RICHARDSON JOHN EDWIN ETAL ROAD RUN 11.10 AC FEE ROSE CHRISTINE MIN COG 5,3 AC NEAR TRY ROSE MALINDA G 1/72 OG 14.54 AC SPRUCE RUN FRYMYER#1AJMORRIS OIL & GAS RUSH ALLEN & BOB PRICE (LIFE) SUR 1 AC BLOODY RUN RUSH VlCKIE LEE 5.40 AC SUR BiG COVE RUSH VICKIE LEE MIN 29/36 OG 163.23 AC BIG COVE RUTHERFORD JOHN K 1/4 OIL 64.90 AC WATERS HORN ZINN #5/RAMSEY PETROLEUM SAYERS RUBY MIN OG 7.25 AC SINKING CREEK SAYERS RUBY MIN OG 17 AC SINKING CREEK SELF ROGER D & KIMBERLY KAY SUR 25.44 ACRES WOLF PEN SIMMONS RALPH C 4/36 OG 34.70 AC SPRUCE RUN SIMMONS #1/LINN OPERATING SIMMONS RALPH C 4/72 OG 14.75 AC BIG RUN OF HORN SIMMONS#1/S&R GAS VENTUR SIMMONS RALPH C SIMMONS#1A/EQUITABLE SIMMONS RALPH C GAS SIMMONS RALPH C PRODUCTION SIMMONS RALPH C SIMMONS RALPH C HUGH ACT SIMMONS RALPH C SIMMONS RALPH C SIMMONS RALPH C SIMMONS RALPH C 4/36 COG 18 AC ROAD RUN 4/72 OG 27.02 AC ST ROAD RUN TETER #1,2,3/RED 4/72 OG 85 AC FLAT RUN SIMMONS/EQUITABLE 4/72 OG 96.56 AC FLAT RUN 4/36 OG 177 AC FLAT RUN SIMMONS#1,1A/DALE 4/36 OG 40.25 AC FLAT RUN 4/36 COG 48 AC ELLIS OF LEADING 4/36 COG 45.75 AC ELLIS OF LEADING 41120 OG 166 AC FLAT RUN SIMMONS VIRGINIA 139.59 AC FEE OG LEADING CREEK SLEETH TEDDY J JR FINK CREEK 63.50 AC SUR SLEETH TEDDY J JR FEE C 31.18 AC FINK CREEK i SMITH DONALD C & LAURA L 3.47 AC SUR STATE ROAD RUN SMITH DONALD C & LAURA LSUR 7.50 AC STATE ROAD RUN SMITH JOANNE 1/24 MIN 48.33 AC TANNERS FORK W BUSH/MOUNTAIN STATE OIL SPINUZZI PAMELA JEAN 3/5 FEE 34.75 AC BEAR FORK SPRINGSTON ANN L 1/3 FEE 37.20 AC LEADING CREEK S PRINGSTON 1A/EQUITABLE STALNAKER WADE O 1/12 OG 66.25 AC LOWER RUN OSBOURN #1/S&R GAS VENTURES _-- 2--- : ;T?~-_'2 _-._.I TODD RICHARD & REBECCA 4.2 AC SUR & PITTSBURG COAL LAUREL OF FINK TROY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 4/9 COAL 4 AC SPRUCE RUN TRUSTEES TROY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 389761376320 MIN C 14.54AC LOT #2 SPRUCE RUN TRUSTEES FRYMIER 1/MORRIS OIL & GAS TROY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 3360/7840 MIN 29.40 AC LOTS 8 & 9 SPRUCE RUN TRUSTEES FRMYER/MORRIS OIL & GAS TROY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 3360/7840 MIN C 14.54 AC SPRUCE RUN LOT #7 TRUSTEES TROY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 6720/31360 MIN C 14.54 AC LOT #3 SPRUCE RUN TRUSTEES TROY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 1344/3136 MIN 2464/3136 OG 15.50 AC SPRUCE RUN TRUSTEES UEBEL MARK FEE 3/40G 58 AC LICK RUN BESSIE REED 3/RITCHIE PET UTT ELSIE G TRUSTEE UTT FAMILY TRUST UTT ELSIE G TRUSTEE UTT FAMILY TRUST UTT ELSIE G TRUSTEE UTT FAMILY TRUST UTT ELSIE G TRUSTEE UTT FAMILY TRUST UTT ELSIE G TRUSTEE UTT FAMILY TRUST UTT ELSIE G TRUSTEE UTT FAMILY TRUST UTT ELSIE G TRUSTEE UTT FAMILY TRUST UTT ELSIE G TRUSTEE UTT FAMILY TRUST UTT ELSIE G TRUSTEE UTT FAMILY TRUST UTT ELSIE G TRUSTEE UTT FAMILY TRUST UTT ELSIE G TRUSTEE UTT FAMILY TRUST UTT ELSIE G TRUSTEE UTT FAMILY TRUST UTT ELSIE G TRUSTEE UTT FAMILY TRUST VESE PATRICIA 1/20G 7.15 AC TANNERS FORK VESE PATRICIA 1/20G 59.38 AC TANNERS FORK WARNER JAMES E 1/65 FEE 129/130 OG 29 AC UPPER BIG RUN OF HORN WARNER JAMES E 1/65 SUR 35.66 AC UPPER BIG RUN OF HORN WARNER JAMES E 1/520 OG 29 AC HORN CREEK WARREN ELLA MAE 1/24 OG 35 AC BIG COVE WARREN ELLA MAE 1/48 OG 91 AC BIG COVE WARREN ELLA MAE 1/24 OG 27 AC BIG COVE A RYMER #5957/DOMINION TRANS WARREN ELLA MAE 1/24 OG 49.10 AC BIG COVE A RYMER/EAST RESOURCES WARREN ELLA MAE 1/24 OG 78 AC BIG COVE WARREN ELLA MAE 1/24 OG 48 AC BIG COVE #5141/DOMINION TRANS WARREN ELLA MAE 1/24 OG 17 AC BIG COVE WARREN ELLA MAE d24 OG 41 AC BIG COVE ..... I .... IFTTIr- I( n0 .................... WESTSIDE EXPLORATION LLC 1/40G 80 AC BUCK HORN WESTSIDE EXPLORATION LLC 1/80G 53 AC BLOODY RUN HELMICK #1/EMCO ENERGY WILSON GATHA P LOT TROY 1.57 AC FEE ZAK EDWARD M & CINDY K TRUSTEE 1/2 FEE OG 302.27 AC LITTLE COVE CINDY K ZAK REVOCABLE TRUST 1/90G .28 AC BIG COVE 1/9 COG 31.50 AC BIG COVE 1/90G 41.25 AC LITTLE COVE 1/9 COAL 13.84 AC LITTLE COVE 12/128 OG 36.18 AC LITTLE COVE 1/90G 16.75 AC LITTLE COVE 1/9 COAL & 1/36 OG 59.90 AC LITTLE COVE H B FLASHER/RITCHIE PET 1/90G 74.50 AC BIG COVE J J FLESHER#1,2/RITCHIE PET 1/9 COAL & 1/36 OG 30.35 AC LITTLE COVE 1136 COG 41.50 AC BIG COVE A FLESHER #1/RITCO INC 1/36 COG 2 AC LITTLE COVE 1/36 COG 13.50 AC BIG COVE 1/36 COAL & 1/144 OG 69.25 AC LITTLE COVE $21.98 27386 ZAK EDWARD M & CINDY K TRUSTEE LIqTLE COVE 4.10 AC 1/2 suR CINDY K ZAK REVOCABLE TRUST $78.32 27387 ZAK EDWARD M & CINDY K TRUSTEE 1/2 FEE 3/40G 97 AC LITTLE COVE CINDY K ZAK REVOCABLE TRUST Total District 06 TROY 2008 Real Estate 15,542.54 Total 2008 Real Estate 130,828.34 Total Delinquency This Report 241,060.16 I, Mickey Metz, Sheriff and Treasurer of Gilmer County, do swear that the foregoing list is to the best of my knowledge, complete and accurate, and that I have received none of the taxes listed above. Gilmer County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Mickey Metz Legal Class 14) It 6-18 AIR QUALITY PERMIT NOTICE Notice of Intent to Approve On August 28, 2008, Lignetics of West Vir- ginia, Inc. applied to the WV Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Air Quality (DAQ) for a permit to modify a wood pellet production facility located along State Route 5 near Stouts Mill, Gilmer County, WV. A prelimi- nary evaluation has determined that all State and Federal air quality requirements will be met by the proposed facility. The DAQ is providing notice to the public of its preliminary determina- tion to iSsue the permit as R 13-1965D. The following potential emissions wilt be au- thorized by this permit action: Particulate Matter, 93.48 tons per year (TPY); Particulate Matter less than 10 microns, 86.36 TPY; Sulfur Dioxide, 4.3 TPY; Oxides of Nitrogen, 76.8 TPY; Carbon Monoxide, 84.1 TPY; Volatile Organic Com- pounds, 38.4 TPY; and combined HAPs, 3.0 TPY. Written comments or requests for a public meeting must be received by the DAQ before 5:00 p.m. on July 20, 2009. A public meeting may be held if the Director of the DAQ determines that significant public interest has been expressed, in writing, or when the Director deems it appropri- ate. The purpose of the DAQ's permitting process is to make a preliminary determination if the proposed modification will meet all State and Federal air quality requirements. The p urpose of the public review process is to accept public comments on air quality issues relevant to this determination. Only written comments received at the address noted below within the specified time frame, or comments presented orally at a scheduled public meeting, will be considered prior to final action on the permit. All such comments will become part of the public record. Daniel P. Roberts WV Department of Environmental Protection Division of Air Quality 601 57th Street, SE Charleston, WV 25304 Telephone: 304/926-0499, ext. 1210 FAX: 304-926-0478 Additional information, including copies of the draft permit, application and all othe r support- ing materials relevant to the permit decision may be obtained by contacting the engineer listed above. The draft permit and engmeenng evalu- ation can be downloaded at wwv claq. Lignetics of WV Legal Class I It 6-18-09 NOTICE The Gilmer Co. Board of Education will be accepting bids for the lawn and grounos care at four elementary schools and Gilmer Co. High School. Bid packets may be picked up at the Gilmer County Board Office, 201 North Court St., Glenville, WV. Bid opening aate is 6/28/09 at 11:30 a.m. Mowing to begin immediately. G.C.B.O.E. Legal Class II 2t 6-25-09 Missing Person On Wedn esday, June 10, 2009. at approximately 10:10 p,m., Corporal M. S. Clark, of the Weston Detach- ment, received a complaint of a miss- mg person. A family member reported that Mr. Robert Franci s Hunt (39 years of age, from Walkersvilte) failed to relurn home from aday of fishing. Given the fact that Mr. Hunt suffers from epi- leptic seizures, family members be- came increasingly concerned about his safety when he failed to return home. Subsequently, they searched an area of the river bank near 202 Walkersville Road and discovered some of his belongings Mr. Hunt. his tackle box, and chair were missing, however. A search of the area by the West Virginia State Police. the Lewis County Sherifl's Department. local fire and rescue units, and two tracking dogs yielded no results. On Thurs- day, June 11. 2009, the West Virginia State Police Search and Rescue Team joined the search efforts. The West Virginia State Police is requesting that anyone with informa- tion concerning Mr. Hunt's possible location please contact the Weston Detachment at 304-269-0500. Any questions or requests for in- terviews should be directed to Corpo- ral M. S. Clark. Company, Inc. P.O. Box 53, Heaters, WV 26627 (304) 765-5461 Rt. 19 North at Salt Lick Bridge For Sale Air Dried Hemlock Siding 65 cents sq. It, lx8, lxl0, lx12 T & G Paneling .75 cents sq. ft. Various Species Planer Shavings, Pick up Truck Load, $25 ~_ Dump Truck Load $50 Courthouse News Circuit Court News On Tues., May 26, Chief Judge Richard A. Facemire presided over his regularly scheduled motion day in Gilmer Co. He ran through a two-page docket before noon. One civil matter was cancelled, due to Kevin Postlewait, counsel for the defendant, failing to complete a couple of tasks that were required prior to having the hearing. Judge Facemire called him and in- structed him to follow up, and then reschedule the hearing. One fugitive frown Justice asked for continuance on his matter of being extradited to Illinois. Judge Facemire granted the con- tinuance and rescheduled the matter for Mon., Aug. 24. One Fugitive from Justice waived extradition back to Maryland. Four juvenile matters had status hearing. Two maintained status quo, one was rescheduled for Thurs., June 25 at 10:15 a.m., and one was re- scheduled for Mon. Aug. 24 at 9:20 a.m. One civil matter involving a partition suit with Ronald Anderson, et al be- ing plaintiff, and Norman Anderson, et al being defendants , was set for a status hearing on Thur., July 23. If it has not been resolved, the two attorneys (F. John Oshway of Grantsville, and Gerald B. Hough of Glenville) will be appointed Special Commissioners and must post a $50,000 bond with the Circuit Clerk. The sale of this property to be sold at the front door of the courthouse is also to be published. Rose Bettis appeared pro se, be- fore the Court and asked for early release from probation. She had been on probation for three years, and had originally been sen- tenced to be on probation for five years; however, the probation officer reported Bettis had complied with all her terms and conditions, and had paid all court costs. Judge Facemire released her from probation. Probable cause was found n one juvenile delinquency hearing, and it was set for a bench trial on Thurs. June 25 at 11:15 a.m. One juvenile deft nquent was sent to Magistrate Court to be heard by Magistrate Howard Carpenter (acting as Juvenile Referee). Judge Facemire was back in court on Thurs., May 28 at 9 a.m. for the civil case of Mary Heckert doing busi- ness as Hands of Pride Child Care Center vs. Glenville State College Housing Corp., WV Conference of the United Methodist Church, and the Wesley Foundation-John & Mildred Arbuckle Center. A temporary injunction against the defendants was issued previously. Heckert is represented by local attor- ney Gerald B. Hough. Judge Jack Alsop was in court on Fri., May 29 at 1:30 p.m. to hear a juvenile abuse and neglect case. Magistrate Court Carol Wolfe, Magistrate David A. Henthorne appeared be- fore the court for a hearing on a charge of petit larceny. Henthorne entered a plea of guilty, he was assessed a fine of $100.00 plus $159.53 in court costs. In addition, he was ordered to pay $509.70 in restitution. Tiffany Westfall appeared before the court for a hearing on three counts of petit larceny. Based on a plea bar- gain agreement between the State and Westfall, the defendant pied to one count of petit larceny, one count was dismissed, and the third count she was placed of a pre-trial diversion for one year. Westfall was sentenced to 90 days jail time, but given credit for time served, westfall was also ordered to pay a fine of $50.00, plus $159.53 court costs. Joshua Paul Radford appeared before the court for a hearing on three misdemeanor charges of driving re- voked for prior D.U.I,, no insurance, and expired registration. Based on a plea bargain agreement, Radford en- tered a plea of guilty to driving while license was suspended, and expired registration. The other two charges were dismissed. On the driving sus- pended, a fine of $100.00 plus court costs of $159.53 were assessed. On the expired registration, Radford was assessed a fine of $10.00 plus court costs of $159.53. A six-month pay- ment schedule was filed on both. Kevin D. Drake appeared before the court for a hearing on charges of driving revoked for prior D.U.I. Based on a plea agreement between the State and the defendant, Drake en- tered a plea to driving suspended. In exchange, the charge of driving re- voked for prior D.U.I. was dismissed. Drake was ordered to pay a fine of $100.00 plus $159.53 in court costs, a six-month payment schedule was filed. Steven Crislip appeared before the court for preliminary hearing on a charge of grand larceny. Crislip, upon advice of counsel, waived his hearing. The case was sent on to the Gilmer Co. Circuit Court for further proceed- ings. Misdemeanor Gilmer County Magistrate's Court On Tues., June 9, Kevin D. Drake was charged with driving whle sus- pended. On Tues., June 9, Joshua P. Radford was charged with driving while suspended. On Wed., June 10, Cammie Yoho was charged with public intoxication, obstructing, disorderly conduct, and possessionof a controlled substance. On Wed., June 10, Christina Junkins was charged with destruc- tion of property. Worthless Checks Glen M. Williams was cited for three worthless checks written to The Common Place in the amounts of $30.65, $32.48, and $25.96. VBS Camden Flats Baptist Church June 22-26, 2009 6:00-8:30 p.m. (Friday- Family Night at Cedar Creek State Park) Classes for 3 yr. olds to Adults