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June 20, 1975     The Glenville Democrat
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June 20, 1975

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i 10 The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder June 19. 1975 9 9 99 lgrmd~, S~idn$: author of "A At that time there were beautiful We might say the end came about of four could eat at one meal The Folk Festival of the Sportsman s Lament, ' a narrative of forests and streams. In the forest there nineteen fifty. Since then it has been a stream is now dead, killed by oil wells, the changes in West VirBinia's hills were game and in the streams there put-and-take proposition. When hunt-as were many streams in that section and mountains al ha once saw them, is were fish. ing you are lucky if you don't have to of the state. The streams didn't survive a former resident of Gilmer County and Now we have factories, mines, stripshare a tree or briar patch with some long enough for the strip mines to get Faduated from Glanvilie State College minies and the lumbermen have cut other hunter. When fishing, it is elbow them. [then, Glonville Normal School]. most of the trees. There is little game in to elbow and the trout bite like catfish. Game also was plentiful. Often we The foil narrative appears in the the forest (if one could still call it that The pleasure of the woods and would have our limit of squirrels in an q J~" "" ~ " |nne 11 edition of the Weston now)and there are no fish in the streams comes from being alone and hour or two and then we would hunt i ~ ~ ~ ~ lndependlmt, but we are excerptingstreams except stocked ones which are the fight a fish puts up when on the end for grouse until noon. After the first tt \ ~ythatportt~m wh|ch applies |ocally. put in today and taken out tomorrow, of your line. To outwit the native fish day of the season we confined our . " ~ F q ~ We present his article not so much for People have to live and we call it and game of the mountains takes hunting to a couple of hours in the the oldsters who witnessed what Mr. progress. I wonder why we can't have experience, perseverance and a little morning or evening. I have seen as I~i '" Stonekin|g saw, but for the youngsters progress without destroying the state luck. many as fifteen squirrels on a tree at P~ for future generations. I don't think the People have characteristics, weak one time. With a rifle, one could get i! ~~ who never maw West Virginia in its next sixty will be as much fun as the and strong. My weakness was sense of prime, most of them before they left the tree. past sixty have been. direction; I didn't have any. I was lost Rabbit hunting or chasing, was an * i Stoneking, semi-reUred in 1971, I spent considerable time hunting most of the time I was out of sight of interesting sport if you liked to hear works at the Louts Benentt Public and fishing, but the destruction of the familiar surroundings, dogs run. People sat a dog cannot Library, Weston. He and his wife, habitat of wild life seemed to follow 'As a small boy I was lost on the think but this I don't believe. I had a Opal, live on Court Ave. We are toward the mountains until it engulfed home farm. With my friend the dog, Ipen where I kept my dogs. Inside the ~ " allowing us to reprint part of his states, yards from home and got lost. I decided protection from the weather. Outside ~:~ narrative. In the early thirties the chestnuts to go home and started in one direction the dog house I kept a plastic kettle To have lived in West Virginiadisappeared, killed by blight; hickory but the dog, having ideas of his own, filled with water which would freeze in from nineteen hundred and three until and beechnuts became scarce. The went another direction. Not being able the winter. I have seen a dog come out nineteen seventy-five has been a great streams became so polluted the fish to get the dog to go with me, I followed of the house, get the kettle of ice and experience. The state has grown incould not live in the water. The Elk, him. A few minutes later we were carry it into the house so the water population from about a million toCranberry, and Greenbrier were the h ae, would thaw out and he could drink. approximately two million. In nineteen last rivers and sections of the country Later i learned to use a compass twenty, a lot of people made theirto fall before the onslaught of and the sun to help me get where I Another dog I owned hada hen for living by farming; now there are just a civilization and hard top roads with wanted to go. Still I got lost many a friend and provider. The dog would ougg'dDurmgcommmg mree young tars, Flk"F'est'v"al paradefs'manyjy:~rSpoAnn a .go, C automobiles, times. I was lost so many times that few. get a considerable distance from his I got used to that condition. I always house and wait for the hen to go inside VALLEY INN CLUB Revised Country Swingers Saturday June 2 I, 1975 I0 p.m.--2 a.m. ',arei STORE HOURS Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - 9 to S p.m. Wednesday, Saturday - 9 to I p.m. FREEZERS AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Phone 462-7939 - 462-8483 Authorized CATALOG SALES MERCHANT OWNED AND OPERATED BY JANET DEAL Illlll Ill II II I Summer 95 Metal Gliders Metal chairs $;!~ In ,s hn (orale lime yellow and green inch cut, 3 h.p. shipment I. got back, but sometimes I was a day or two late. Many people have died in the mountains of West Virginia after becoming lost, a fact I never could understand. I think all one needs to survive in the mountains of West Virginia is a gun. or a fishing rod, and some dry matches. When I was a small boy I learned to work, swim. hunt and fish. I discovered a short cut in feeding the pigs. I let them take the milk direct from the cow. thus saving two jobs. We had more milk than we knew what to do with anyway. The early twenties found me living in Gilmer County on the bank of the Little Kanawha River, a beautiful stream with an abundance of bass, perch, muskies and frogs. There were no paved roads in Gilmer County, so when winter came the residents were forced to stay put, unless they wanted to ride a boat up the river to Gilmer Station and proceed from there by train. Fishing in this creek, as I thini~ about it now, seems unbelievable. I could take a reed pole and a can of worms and catch more bass, perch and rock bass (we called them goggle eyes) in a couple of hours than a family Rockers 20-inch floor fans Simplic f ,op,.p . 5h.p. $pa,d,o, by Imperial 95 95 Elass top other styles ) 95 )e Earl'if American I I[I[UI IL (black with pld $I! i'A HIL i'[R S:i'li' '- ,P , - J "v illilii II IIII Grantsville- Glenville. Weston 95 and lay an egg. The dog would never interfere with the hen until she came out cackling: then be would go in and have a nice fresh egg for lunch. Never did he bother the hen during the laying process. When I was a boy I had two pet groundhogs. They were tame and ran loose about the house. A large hound also considered this territory his home. This dog's favorite daytime sport was killing woodchucks but never once did he bother the pet. I have seen the chucks chase the dog away from his food. Maybe this is all instinct, but I doubt it. Killing rabbits with a good dog and a shotgun is slaughter, but killing them with a twenty-two rifle while they're running takes some skill. When hunting in a group, anyone shooting a sitting rabbit lost his gun for the rest of the hunt. Trout could be caught on worms, flies or just about anything one wanted to throw into the water. Five of us caught thirty trout one day and we ate them all for supper. Trout are better eating if they are eaten soon after beig caught. Going to Back Fork at that time meant "roughing it". The Modern trailer was unknown to us; in fact, I don't believe I had seen one at that time. Now we see them parked side by side wherever the roads go and roads now are almost everywhere. A trailer would have been useless anyway because you could not carry a trailer up and down a mountain trail. Ou. equipment consisted of a small tent, fishing tackle, a skillet, bread, seasoning, a few cans of food and a bed roll. Even this become quite heavy before we reached our destination. Rain, cold and snow sometimes added to the discomfort. But regardless of the hardships endured, we were ready to go again in a week or two. Catching trout was no problem but c.atching the large ones was a different story. I learned to use an invisible leader and a small hook. The first fish caught was cleaned and its stomach examined in order to Fred out what the fish were feeding on that day. After that, we would look through our collections of flies and other bait to find the bait most similar to what we had found in the fishes stomach. This would help sometimes but there is no sure way to catch a fish that don't want to be caught. Putting a cricket, a grasshopper or a small mouse on a leaf, floating it downstream to a likely place and then jerking it off the leaf is sometimes irresistible to a fish. This Back Fork country is no more. The lumbermen, stripmining and hard roads have changed it beyond recognition. There is very little game and the only fish there are few stocked trout. The old timer visits it now with a heavy heart. GLENVILLE VARIETY HOBBIES CRAFTS GROCERIES GASOLINE "WELCOME FOLK FESTIVAL 907 N. Lewis St. Glenville, Phone: 462.8635 TROY FABRICS Large selection of polyester New shipments arriving Large lot of Denim Cotton Voile, and T. 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