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July 3, 2003     The Glenville Democrat
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July 3, 2003

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ColBmn continued.., f o= of the ami- ter and the Trinity United Meth- daughter, Catherine, andourfami- a regu- odist Church singers, the choir, lies went on several day trips to- ist for Her words of encouragementtogether. Of course, 30 years ago on earlier the Belles and all others present R.W., or "Double" as my son were comforting, wise, and up- Davey called him, was a little boy, ntown beat. so I can't imagine him grown up of the Finally, Mary Oldaker and her now. m and around energetic staff sponsored the fi- Nevertheless, his bride's family It didn't seem nal Belles' Dinner at the Gilmer are apparently high in Democratic jammers County Senior Center. The per- Patty politics, so A! Gore, the some were suasive Mary didn't have to use all party's year 2000 standard-bearer, their cars all of her verbal skills to get me to came to Hillsboro to attend the college be- attend this final Belles' event; I wedding. That was big news for :atnight was was hungry by that time. this little town of about 400-500 The Ai Gore connection people. I wondered The meal also gave me a chance I hated to see that tasty Senior Rada- to eat with Pocahontas County Center meal come to an end. The w and Cedar BelleElmaMcNeelandherhus- Belles were then given a tour of regu- band, Moffett. They are old the new, $1.5 million, state-of- Vacation in friends and owners ofalarge farm the-art facility. at the at Hillsboro. My family lived near Rest at last them for four years in the 1970s After that, I went home and did get to chat when I was curator at the Pearl dropped over into my bed to rest, g Buck Birthplace Museum there, being exhausted after enjoying a Gonot That was a very happy time in our fun-filled, four-day, and non-stop together to lives, and my older children re- trip to the 54th Annual West Vir- folk tunes), member it fondly, ginia State Folk Festival. and Bill In bringing me up-to-date with (Editor's Note: Next week we all of our friends there, the editors will begin a two-part series McNeels mentioned that R.W. on our outstanding Belles of this Ser- BurnsapparentlymarriedaWash-year and what advice they have to event of the ington, D.C. socialite the week- offer the women of our current end before He's the son of Dick generation. Local younger ladies, and Doris and Ruby Burns who were prob- place this note in your home or the affable ably our closest friends. They vis- office organizer; don't miss this Carr, ited my then wife, Paula, in the column!) the minis- Richwood hospital when she had p.Se 3 m mR cies 000 The internetfall of the Roman Empire was cer- Revelation. That had already hap- index. You tainly a cataclysmic event. It sent the pened. Catholi- known world into chaos from which it I hope you have learned something under took centuries to recover. All through about the reliability of the author of from Vol- that period ofrecovery, the Deposit of Catholicism Against Itself I know I Succession. Faith was carefully protected by the have. power of the Holy Spirit working Yours in Christ, was re- through many Catholic Christian PatrickA. Gainer monks. But according to most Bible Tanner marked the Scholars, Protestant and Catholic history? The alike, it was not what was dcscribed in 'Spirit of cooperation is needed with commission' our legislature, fast tracking federal excuse absentee voting. the continuingassistance to our citizens during a I would like all of our citizens to be Your paper re-disaster as well as the personal time awm that the budgetary information ' Commis- spent to help their neighbors, being a Mr.Jamesreceived is public and avail- )erson given to multi-faceted resource for the daily able if requested. The possibility of I would running of our public offices and ac- change when discussing a year end observations cepting responsibility for their ac- fund balance was explained. The tions, these efforts comprise just a numbers given were for June 19, not many half-truths few of the tasks a commissioner must -a closing date of June 30 (many un- ing msinua- commit to when accepting the re- knowns still exist). 'our sponsibility of an elected office. Information is only truly valuable do not deserveYes, the sewer line did go past the when it is complete, as well as accu- tO inue with- Chapman property and many others, rate. Addressing all of an issue fairly an era- It serves many private citizens there is conducive to getting any job done Court- as well as a'Church, Rectory, Health in an efficient and honest manner. comes as a Center, Golf Course, and Recreation Back-biting, name-calling, and pub- resident of this Center. These facilities are used daily lic attack ofmy neighbor's moral fiber by citizens from throughout Gilmer is no way of achieving a worthwhile accepted a Country and would seem a priority goal. The rest of which benefited the entire region. No I believe it would be of more ben- of the next dec- GilmerCountytaxrevenueswereused efittoourneighborhoodsifthesenega- Position wouldfor this capital project, and I wonder: tire energies were directed in a posi- ve that same if one of the commissioners lived at tire manner toward obtaining real As to the NormantownorStumptown, wouldit funding for this huge undertaking. meetings be considered self-serving to extend Assist our rural areas through letters, this is not the the lines to that area? I support to- calls, e-mails and visits to our Legis- Commission's tally, but realize, along with most of latures, both .state and federal. Be board and au- our citizens, what the true cash aware of any possible method for a sitting com-amounts needed to make it happen seeking new sources of funding and meet- would be. keep our commission apprised. Let input given toI refuse to acknowledge Mr. Jim us seek the needed, healthy growth of They James's magisterial redistricting in- Gilmer Country through a spirit of norat sinuations other than to reitexate what coo ration and positive interaction. every citizen of Gilmer County knows Thanks for listening, or assign- for a fact It was state-mandated and Norton J. Hurley approved. My precinct changed; I did PO Box 55 tg with not care for it. Thank goodness for no Normantown, WV 25267 Innovation .eadarshtp Community.. on words. I specifically said that it was the deeds and evil works that he hated. h editor of this Mr. Gainer, in your original lever, that I have you stated that "hatred had no place in and letter of the teaching of Jesus..." but you did and the Bible not say hatred ofpoople had no place You have in the teaching of Jesus for that would readers to be-have been a different matter all to- sentence gether. Hatred of evil works and state, deeds did have a part in the teaching will see that of Jesus and in your recent letter, you Who said even say so in the second sentence. rmr9 I challenge Therefore, I have shown you to be in ray letter in reply error in your statement in your first Where I said or letter. people. You In answer to your question: yes, I It or offer anhave attended a mass and intend to traplied from my deal with it in the future. teaching that You mentioned that you didn't ac- to people cuse me of hating anyone, but you said "it seemed to me that you were quotes and heading that way..." thereby pre-judg- L or you have ing me. Perhaps you should be more ist orslant m,cautious in your judgments. Letter's Finally, you say to me that "through Baptism, you accepted God's gift." You are very wrong again. This is another false belief of the Romanist church known as baptismal regenera- tion. Even the apostle Paul, who the Catholics say was the co-founder of the church of Rome, said "For Christ sent me not to baptize but to preach the gospel..." thereby drawing a dis- tinction between the gospel which saves and water baptism which pic- tures that salvation. Finally, I again challenge you to produce from my'previous letter any statement that says or teaches that Jesus hated people. If you cannot do so, then the gentlemanly thing to do is to apologize. In Him, Larry Keenan Pastor Kanawha Drive Church are nated to the Gilmer Public Library by ,n (FOL) the F.O.L. ) the The total amount donated was over to make our $200. Folk ;tival We also appreciate tho that do- nated books and the "Friends" that will be do- appreciative of helped with the booksale. If you have any books, that you want to donate at this time, please take them to the G.P.L for use either in the library or our next booksale. Thanks, Debbie Muma out onou in a tyer ten year to stories Thursday, July 3, 2003 --- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder --- Page 5 JUST PASSING TIME- During the executive session at the latest BOE meeting, Cheryl Heater (right) stays engrossed in a novel while her husband, Jack Heater (left), tries to pass the time by reading over her shoulder. i R EADY TO ROLL- BOE President Tommy Ratliff and Superintendent of Gilmer County Schools, Sue Waggoner, smile for the cameras, undoubtedly because the 2-1/2 hour meeting was neady over at this point. Sandwiched between a 15-minute(GES) Country Coach opening and a 20-minute periodBecky Hacker-Minigh: Kinder- Marcia Jordan: Teacher of the before adjournment, a one hour and garten Classroom/Transportation Visually Impaired forty-five minute executive session Aide, TES An amendment was added to the at Monday night's Gilmer County Sherman McColiough: Bus Op- agenda which named Betty White Board of Education meeting pro- erator, Cedarville/GCHS as Treasurer and CFO of the Board duced news on many fronts. Colin Hartshorn: Buse Operator, on a substitute-basis. Invoices in the amount of Rosedale/Normantown/GCHS The technology bids, which had $23,515.99 were reported. Freddie Helmick: Bus Operator, been opened prior to the two-hour Following the announcement of Cedarville/Normantown executive session, were reviewed the retirement of Nyla Poole and Shannon Adams: Custodian, Nor- and the winner was announced. theresignationofJanettaRamezon, mantownElementarySchool(NES) A bid of $14,400 (for 12 months an amendment was made to the Tony Bishop: Principal, GES of service) entered by My Server agenda to include the announce- Monica Beane: Principal, NES Online was rejected in favor ofa bid ment of Betty White's retirement John Wolfe: Principal, SandFork of $17,940 (for 12 months of ser- from the position of Board Trea- Elementary vice) entered by RamCo Technolo- surer and Chief Financial Officer. Connie Cole: Principal, TES gies. The greater portion of personnel Michael Tice: Food Service/ It was explained that a rating business covered the appointments Transportation Supervisor with scale had been devised for the pur- and reappointments to positions clerical duties for maintenance pose of scoring each company on throughout the Gilmer County Martha Clutter: Executive Sec- the requirements set forth before School system, retary, TES the bidding process was begun; The following list of names and Sharon Zinn: Executive Secre-apparently, RamCo Technologies corresponding positions was re- tary, NES was chosen because they garnered leased on the agenda: Steve Shuff: Head Varsity Foot- higher scores than My Server StephanieTravelstead:Substitute ball/Varsity Boys' Basketball Coach Online, regardless of the stagger- teacher Joe Frashure, Ken Perry: Two as- ing difference in cost between the Darlene Meadows: Cook lI, Gilmer sistant varsity football coaches companies' services. County High School (GCHS) Joe Dennison: Head Mini-TitanApproval of the student insur- Linda Cook: Cook II, Troy El- Football Coach ance carrier was passed, with ING ementary School (TES) Jacob Dennison: Asst. Mini-Titan Reliastar Insurance Company se- Agnes Skinner: .5 (half-time) Football Coach curing the services for the 2003- Cook, Glenville Elementary School Wiilard Wright: Varsity Cross2004 school year. II [ [ Area Briefs efforts by Dr. LouisJ. Manley, aretired upcoming wireless broadband project --- Gienville physician, to develop a tract being developed through a collabora- Continued from page 1 oflandacrosstheLittleKanawhaRJver tion among the GCEDA, the County transferred to FCI-Gilmer through pro- from BuderrmtnBlvd. A stumbling block Commission, Glenville State College, motions from within the Federal Bu- to this development has been the need and the Center for Appalachian Net- reau of Prisons. for a bridge to span the Little Kanawha; work Access at Carnegie Mellon Uni- Budget Digest thus far, efforts to secure public funding versity. Among the benefits Fealy cited According to Fealy, extensions have from the state for the building of the were the introduction of wireless tech- been filed for all grants which the bridge have failed, nologytothecounty'seducationalclass- GCEDA seeks through the l L0ggtJ Until benefits to the local economy rooms, as well as the eventual availabil- gf,~. and potential for jobs creation resulting ity of this technology in local hotels and The 'Dr. Manley Project' from the development are revealed, the motels, to say nothing of other govern- The "Dr. Manley Project," as it was project will, in all likelihood, not move mental units and businesses. (Foramore called on the meeting's agenda, was forward, EDA officials contend, detailed story on this project, please refer brieflydiscussed.Thisprojectconcems Alsodiscussedatthemeetin~wasthe totheleadarticleonpage !.) Straight Talk From Glenville State College Recruitment Summit are jointly funding the $250,000 grant, which will partner GSC with Carnegie Mellon University's Glenville State College is currently developing its Center for Appalachian Network Access to build the new recruitment and marketing strategies, new infrastructure. positioning itself to become a strong four-year institution located in the heart of central West With allof these changes currently taking place, GSC Virginia. As these strategies come to fruition, the and Gilmer County are poised for great success. This GSC Admissions and Public Relations Offices are Summit will help to bring together all of these organizing a Recruitment Summit for Tuesday, July 8, exciting changes with the individuals who hope to in the conference room of the Glenville Inn at use them to promote GSC to prospective students. 5:00 p.m. The Summit will be a working session to Due to a rescheduled Board of Governors meeting, bdng together members of the GSC community and the Summit was relocated to the Glenville Inn. the College to discuss future plans and facilitate input into the emerging strategy of GSC's recruitment. We hope that all friends of GSC will be able to attend. Any person interested in attending should contact the GSC Admissions Office at 304-462-4128. This will help to determine an accurate number as we plan refeshments for the event. As Gienville State College moves to embrace the current changes taking place at the College, every supporter of the College can help to move GSC forward. Areas of focus during the Summit will include: 0 Improving the relationships between high schools, their counselors and the College # Refining the recruitment correspondence methods with prospective students 4) Mobilizing alumni to help promote the College to prospective students 0 Marketing the assets of the College While it is difficult to accept some of the changes that came through in the last legisla)ive session, GSC has an excellent opportunity to strengthen and reposition itseff for the future. Now that the College is focused on its four-year residential institution status, the College is no longer restricted to serving a ten-county service region. It will broaden its focus to the entire state of West Virginia, and beyond, with its many strong four-year degrees and its five excellent two-year degree programs. The changes happening in the area are not limited to GSC. Gilmer Count,/ is undergoing many new and exciting changes. In addition, Gienville and GSC are also about to benefit from a new grant which will make the city of Glenville and GSC the pilot project for wireless broadband capabilities. The Appalachian Regional Commission and the Benedum Foundation Glenville High School Reunion A Great Success Over 200 alumni of Glenville High School descended on Glenville this weekend for their 2003 reunion, bringing together former graduates of the high school. The annual banquet and program was held in the Heflin Student Union Ballroom on the campus of GSC on Saturday evening. The classes of 1933, 1943 and 1953 were recognized and presented with mementos to commemorate the occasion. All of the athletes who were present were also recognized and presented with Glenville High School pen. Special recognition was also given to those who had achieved honors during their high school athletic careers, including Jack Conrad. Denzil and Rita (Frymier) Huff were presented with the Alumni of the Year award. The Glenville High School Alumni Scholarship Fund, led by the GHS Class of 1953, has been a great success at GSC. The Scholarship Fund has raised over $35,000 in scholarship money for graduates of Gilmer County High School attending GSC. GLENvILLE STATE COLLEGE IS CENTRAL WEST VIRGINIA'S COLLEGE