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July 3, 2003     The Glenville Democrat
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July 3, 2003

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GeraldineMarks 462-7477 ne Room School 1942 Time in the Summer ty oi tile Pcrkim, and field n- Not all of There in the Perkins sent me the students. d "fLuaier Boggs. In the D()b- Pauline Boggs Marks' on the is in BillBoggs for sev- fs favorite ,',(R) n Copying the tic el ficc in print- We finally mg lime Year. As OU haxc ll) ~shincs." Wc until this ly rcvotvcd Ppcr could and 9:30 sOmelimcs and ('ara- re- We had o1+ our hay e and grand'- on spent ",yore I.asl Sunday the t4()~,cdalc B:lpti,,I Church had a ncv, ,.isilisr tit chulch Proud parcrits Scoll ~uld [~,ohin B()UFII broughl their prctt> nc\~ baby girl to church, ] aucndcd a sin,_' led by l.ynn Whipsk> last Friday night at ()r(x)kcd Fork Bap- tist Church. The sing starled at 7 pin and they' sang until almost 9:30. I enjoyed the singing but ran out of voice lone before the sinL, ine ended Our Thimbles and Threads Quilt Guild set up our free quilt show in the Methodist Church during the Glenville Folk FeslivaJ. We had a lot of vi+silors and they, were invited to vote for the quilts in foureategories. Winners were: Betty Crofford, Caren White. Cathy Sowa and Barbara Wellings. I exhibited granddaughter Rachel Marks Adams' 'Primitive llemls' quilt. (I made it for her wedding shov, ert. a blue 'Dove in the \Vmdov..+ a 'CbJist- m,'Ls Vest,+ and a h:md-quilled 'Cake Plate W~lhanging' I made for l)r. W. D~mg las Givens' new medical building I v.'alched the pc-ado 1 think it get> bigger and belier each ',ear. 1 cni(Lvcd the old time aulolnohilcs and traclors best. North;Clown and (h+:l+,~ Run ~u-c ~,lill recovermg from the l]o~xt. New hridgc~, have to bc built and lots el ~,iitid arid gravel remo`,'ed. The crock,, nccd chan- ncllino so there ,.',,ill bc a place for the water to go during the nc>;I I]oi>d Grandchildren Amanda ,ind ,,\u>tln Marks. wcrc visiting us dunllg Lhc flood They te:uncd a neu. v, ord. "di-,;i-,Icr ' l-he.,, rclcrred to the lht,~,.I a,. ;i di?.;i.,lcr each lime the',' t:dk ah~)t]l il ] `,t'Cnl ll) Ro.,,edalc one tla) [;IM \~. cck and saxx Itsts el+ changes \'el'Ill)It {lltd Oolda (}t)odrich had ItWli cJC>ttli ihv I)c~vey and I)clla Mace hi )liicphicc ~iiicl had a doublc-~vidc he;tic there ready IO l",C set up. 1 xvondcred ~>, hen I)C','~ C.~ and I)clla's house `,,,as built.' l)cx~cy and l)cll;i lncd there when I lirq rLqncm- bored them. The Alliance Ro>,cdalc ('hutch had a big ICilI set up sO the youth ~ olkcrs Ihat mc repmnng and pmnting hoincs in the community would have ;ui eating and resting place. ire is lowest in the morning It falls again during sleep. a Dub, in a T ub who is turning Sweet 16! Happy Sweet 16th, Jazzminlcct .ov,, Dd, ,.,q4,om, I Handgunners Challenge Shooting Match Results Muzzleloader - Seeped 1+~- Tom Smith 2~ - Richard Henderson 3~ - Van Ramsey Rimfire- Pistol 1"- Van Ramsey 2~ - Wanda Ramsey 3~ - Tom Smith Rapid Fire Pistol 1=- Mike Fisher 2"e - Bud Cain 3'~ - Richard Henderson Muzzleloader - Iron Sight 1"- Van Ramsey 2"~ - Tom Smith 3'~ - Richard Henderson Rimfire Rifle - Sco0ed 1=- Richard Henderson 2'< - Van Ramsey 3m - Mike Fisher Overall 1=- Richard Henderson 2 '< - Van Ramsey 3m - Tom Smith to all who 4"- Mike Fisher ped out! 5~"" Gary Radcliff Ju(v 12 - 3:00p.m. Public Shooting Range Welcome -Conte Join Us: Chrissy's Pet Q&A Chrissy Linzy Heartworm Pills - are they needed? Chnssy Linzy is a Certified Petwill diminish drastically, until con- Dog Trai nor, certified by the Associa- gestive heart failure ensues. tion of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and If, during your annual veterinary a Canine Good Citizen evaluator, rec- exam, a blood test alerts you to the ognized by the American Kennel Club presence of the parasite, or you have (AKC). More information about the noticed the symptoms above, treat- APDTcan be found at, cent is possible and successful if the andyoucanlearnabouttheAKC, and disease has not progressed too far. the Canine Good Citizen test, at The first step is to evaluate the dog If you have a dog and treat any secondary problems of training question, emailheart failure or liveror kidney insuf- chrissy@educanines.c.,,l. You can ficiency so that he can withstand the also sign up for a weekly newsletter treatment. The next step is to kill the thatincludestrainingtipsandproduct adult worms with an arsenic corn- reviews at, pound. Veterinarians now have ac- Dear Chrissy, cess to Immiticide, a new compound My veterinarian recommended that has fewer side effects than the heartwormpillsformydog. Whatare previous drug and is safer for dogs heartworms, and why do I need these with more severe infestations. pills? The treatment is administered in JD, Tanner two doses each day for two days. This is followed by a minimum of four Hi JD. weeks of complete inactivity. This is Heartworms are very serious, in- to give the dog's system a chance to deed. TheirpropernameisDirofilaria absorb the dead worms. Any exer- immitis, and they are spread by mos- tion, even a simple walk, can cause quitoes. Originally, heartworms were the dead worms to dislodge, travel to only a problem in southern regions, the lungs, and cause death. like Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. At least three-to-four weeks after Now, they are recognized as a prob- the administration of the drug to kill lem all over the world, the adult worms, further treatment to Parasites go through a variety of kill the microfilariae is needed, The li fe stages before reaching adulthood, dog is dosed daily for a week, then the and often need at least two hosts to blood test is repeated. Ifmicrofilariae complete the cycle. In heartworms, a are still present, the dose can be in- mosquito serves as the intermediate creased. Follow-up studies should be host for the larval stage of the worm, doneinayear. Once the treatment has also known as the microfilariae. The been completed, it is important to mosquito ingests the larva when it graduallyintroduceyourdogtophysi- bites an infected dog and then depos- cal activity again. If he used to jog its that larvae in an uninfected dog five miles with you, he will not be when seeking another blood meal. able to do that easily after the period The microfilariae then travels to the of inactivity, so be sure you rebuild right side of the heart through a vein his stamina slowly. and awaits the opportunity to repro- In this case, an ounce of prevention duce. Aduttheartwormscanreachl2 is truly worth a pound ofcure. Heart- inches in length and can remain in the worm prevention is usually given dog's heart for several years, monthly, as either a pill or a topical, Symptoms of heartworm infesta- and is relatively inexpensive. Coro- t;on may not appear for up to a year monbrandsareProHeart, Heartguard, after infestation, and typically begins and Revolution. Your vetcan recom- with a soft cough that increases with mend the proper dose and brand for exercise. The cough will worsen, and your pet. Now that summer is upon your dog may actually faint from ex- us, be sure youhaveyourdogschecked err;on. He will become weak and for heartworms and protect them, be- listless, will tire easy, will lose weight fore the mosquitoes start getting out and could cough up blood. His breath- of hand. l ng wilt become difficult as the condi- Chrissy tion progresses. His quality of life " 417 P.O. Box 458 Glenville, W.Va. 26351 Thursday, July 3, 2003 -- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder -- Page 9 Pat's Pat Ridpath, Burnsville 853-2401 Hummingbirds and Visitors ii I have enjoyed walking up the road cups water makes enough nectar to toward the Burnsville Dam, to the fill two standard satellite humming- swinging bridge and then crossing it bird feeders). Boil the mixture for and going down Stringtown Road (or two minutes, then allow tocool corn- at least that is what we have always pletely before using. After hummers called it). Everything is so lush and discover and consume this formula, green, reminding me of Hawaii. (I decrease the sugar proportion to one visited Hawaii once many years ago parttosix(one-thirdcupsugartotwo when myson, Scott Bucklew, married cups water) - too much sugar can a girl from there+ It rained in Hawaii resultinaliverdysfunction.Thethin- some part of everyday I was there and ner solution will be safer and may it was beautiful and green, with flow- encourage the birds to seek more ers everywhere.) natural food as well. Store extra mix But I truly was jubilant to see the in the refrigerator for as long as sev- mountain-born honeysuckle climbing eral weeks+ Do not use honey in place up the kudzu vines that were imported of sugar - it can cause bacterial and fromChina(Ithink).Theoriginalpur- fungal infection in hummingbirds. pose for the kudzu was to make ground Also, to prevent infection, thoroughly cover for roadsides and decrease ere- clean feeders at least once a week." sion, I believe, but they take over all Visiting with Ressie B. Wilson on the vegetation and trees, completely June 18 were her brother Gall covering everything. But seeing the "Buster" Allen from Canton, Michi- honeysuckle taking over gave me a gan, her niece, Phyllis Stevens, feeling of"strength" and "victory!" It Cibolo, Texas, and her nephews,Wil- made me start singing, liam and Linda Hacker, Oak Hill, I was given a book published by and Joe Hacker, Paragould, Arkan- Sunset, "An Illustrated Guide to At- sas. tracting Birds." I love hummingbirds Charlotte McDougal is having a and have a feeder. On page 92 of this yard sale (weather permitting) July book, it says, "Hummingbird nectar 3,4and5,from8:00a.m. tog:00p.m. for hummingbird feeders is a basic each day. That will be a fun way to formula that you'll soon memorize if celebrate the 4th. I doubt if she has you cater to these tiny winged won- any fireworks for sale, though. ders. Keep in mind that the sugar water NOTICE 1952 graduates and other is valuable only to attract the birds, not friends of Richard Barrett. He is hav- as nourishment. Try to locate feeders ing surgery on July 7th. Keep him in near flowers that offer real nectar .... your prayers. Richard, we wish you a In a saucepan, combine 1 part granu- quick recovery. lated sugar and 4 parts water (one- Have a goc,,d and safe holiday. third cup sugar and one and one-third Maranatha! Tail Twisters a tri Cox's Mills Tail Twisters 4-H Club enjoyed a wonderful day at the park in ldlewild. Cox's Mills Tail Twisters Travel to Idlewild, Pennsylvania ()nrclubhcldiisrcgularlncclinginlticklnan, l.arisll (htrtlon. llannah May, c:dled 1(5 order by presitlenl SilnlnlillS, Mel(uly I;owlher+ David Leslie (;ortlon. The pledge was led and Amber Frymicr, by Tessa Ilickman. l)evolions were (!(uly ( irogg ;lud.lord;iin Flush gave read by Dylau Toinblin, Jord;lin Bush. ;i bricl+ talk at'utiii their cow show hcltl andJilAun licggs, Zekc' B(Siilicll gavt.', ;il M(lulidsvillc tSli May 1() [}olh had his pmiccl prcselllaliltn ill "Bcel, it's ;i good lilnc and did welt shilwiiig what's tor dinner." their c;iillc+ GROCER'S DAY PRIZES-The Gilmer County Unit of the American Vickic (i('qx.hin sh;u'cd her May I 7 A"Big" thanks 115 fill IllCIIlhcls who Cancer Society will award these beautiful prizes on July 10. All prizes trip held ;it North Bend II was the came oul and helped with lilt trash. were handcrafted by Gilmer County people and donaled to the cancer 40th Wc~,t Virginia Youlh I:~,viron- pickup on Al'uil 27. unit. A free ticket will be given to those persons shopping at Foodland incnlal Program Anniversary. Vickic. June g onr club Illcl fin+ its regular on Thurs., July 10, and that evening's lucky tickets will be drawn for the l.eslic, l.ora and I.aris;i ( i,tirdoil, and nleeling. Members gave a talk on above prizes. Tyler Moyers spent the day ;uld had a Ihcir hllcwihl trip. ()ur "Bi~" Pictured left to right are: A birdhouse made by Don Kelble from g~l tilne, disticssion was gClliUg ready l(sr 4-11 wood secured from three Gilmer County buildings which have since ()ur cluh lnclnt"~rs who allen(led calnp. been demolished, an angel doll created by Delores gurr of Log Cabin the 4-11 (wcrnighlcr May 9 gave a (Mtly I,. (;rogg Crafts, centerpieces crocheted by Reva Bennett , original drawing of lhe brief I;ilk (511 what a good lilltC they (?hlb I~,epoi'ler Gainer #1 Riverboat done by local artist Boyd Boggs, and a silk flower had. These inchidcd: Mitchell arrangement created by Doris Williams. "Your support on July 10 will be appreciated by your local cancer unit," states Mrs. Rosa Belle Gainer, Society president. Beat the businesses who don't believe in advertisingl Call your hometown newspaper today! $5.OO Charge JULY 4 m Friday Rock-N-Roll Rock -N-Roll Charge JULY 5TM Saturday --L ADIES NIGHT "" .Friday Nights. Half-Price Admission for Ladies During the Month of July, except special e~ents. I III [ I 1 at the Old Gassaway High School Grounds 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Registration 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. For more information call Jack at 364 5051 or 364-5082 or Skeeter at 364-5494 I