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July 3, 2003     The Glenville Democrat
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July 3, 2003

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Giimer County Information ! i i Page 2 -- The Gienville Democrat/Pathfinder -- Thursday, July 3, 2003 Mollohan opposes house repubKcan efforts toprivatize medicare West Virginia seniors would Ix" sOmelhing that is w~wlh doing, and oul-of-pockcl expenses exceed chealed out of meaningful prescrip- worth doing right. I suongly encour- $3.5(X). lion drug coverage-and couideven- age people to c nlmtre the I :,no- "()f course, the big queslion is tmdly bc forced oul of the Iradilional cralie and Republican plans, then de- whether IIMOs and insurance corn- Medicare program - under a bill that eide Ior themselves which one would panics would even ch~x)se to offer passed the I. I.S. I h~u.~ of Represenla- best serve their needs." he said. cm'erage, despite die subsidies thai tires emly Friday. Moliohan holed that: l louse Republicans 'a'amt to showcr Congressman Alum B. Molh)han. *The IX'm(mradc phm oflcrsdrug ou lhcm.'" hc .',aid "'Thal's a huge I)-W,Va., opD~scd the bill. which hc coverage within Medicare. couccrn iu slates l ikc ours. which have Icrmcd "'an attack agaiilSt Medic~u'e * The Republican pl~ut uses llM()s Ihniled access to p,'ivalc Mcdicarc ;.tnd the people who dcpend oq it." and privale insurance co|npanies, plans" l louse Republicau leaders are ca.lllltg * The f3k21ntk'ralJc plan has a I*ixcd lhc prcsc,iplio,1 drug coverage in this thc "Mcdic;uc Ihvscriplion Drug $25 monthly premium, the Republican bill is bad - bul c~cq and Modcruizalio|] Acl" I Tnf(R'tu- * "fhe Republicau plan has no guau- worse is the bill's scheme to privali/e nalcly, il thK'sn'l li~e up to ils luun, ;talced monlhlypremium: instead, the uadilional Medicare. Molh)h:m said lhc prcso iplion drug plan is .qingy amount is set by the I IMOs and msur- I h~dcr the Republican lcgislatiou and co,llusmg ,.\ml this bill includes ante companies. The bill's sponsors bcgium,Lg in 2010. Ihc Mcdicarc pro- a da,Lgcrous scheme for privalizing cslimatc a $35 monthly premium, gram ~ t)uld have to compete ;~gaU|~l Ihc clllirc Mcdieare program." * The I)cul(~'ralic plan ha,~ a SI{X) prixatc iusurcr,~ Io providc ho,~pil;.ll ~lollohan .,,aid. deduclible. S||ior,~ thou pit)" 20 l~r- and physician benefits. Rcl;~tivcl.v lie i.~ cospon.~oring a I)emocratic cent of drug costs until their hcallh~ ~cniors would opt hu Ihc bill thai would create an affordahh:, oul-ol-pocketexpcnscsreachS2.(RRk IllalhtgCd cme phms, dri\'irlg up pro- dependable prc.,,cripliolt drug plan After thai. they pay nolhing, mium costs for les~,-hc~dthy senio,-s ~vilhilt Medicare. I htlikc the Rcpub- * 'Ihc Rcpublic~m plan h~u,, a $250 who ,aant to retain the l~c;tlth care liC~lll hill. il does UOl alllnpl tO dcductihk2, Seniors then pay 20 Ix'r- choices thai tladitiol|alMcdicarc pro- privatizc the progr~un, cent of drug costs up to S2.(X)O. Altcr video, "Whe,~ Medicare wa~ c~valcd 38 that. they pay I(R) percent of drug According to ('oasumcr; (rnion. yc~us ago. there Wit'ql'[ much ol a costs until their out-of-~K'kel ex- "'Mcdicauc. a.,, ",~e know it. ,a'hich ol- need tot prescription drug coverage, pcnscs rcach $3.500. They pay uolh- liar.,, ils t ,neficiarics the frectlom to There were low drugs at the time ing after that Ix'tint. go IO the doctor of their choice, will which could treat the diseases and "'This coverage gap is a major flaw cease to exisl. This bill will do grave conditions from which many seniors in the Republican plan. and it is esfi- damage m the Medicare progr~n sufli:r." Mollohan s~d. ""l:he gt~l maled that47 percent of beneficiaries through this privatization." news is thai today there are effeclive would ['all into it." Mollohan said. AARP. meanwhile, warned thai it prescription drugs. The bad news is "'Seniors would be paying monthly could "'destabilize the traditional that seniors have an incrcaqnglyhard premimns - but receiving zero ben- Medicare progr un :rod lead to much time aflording them. elits - lr(~n the time that their drug higher costs for benclici~uies." "'A prescription drug benetit is costs reach $2,000 until their Legislative Update Fourth' Celebrations, Fairs, Summer Activities Beckon By Delegate Brent Boggs As we enter into this Fourlh of July week. the local events are in full swing for the season. On the heels of an- other successful West Virginia Folk Festival in Gienviile, Gassaway Days will begin over the July 4th weekend. Additionally. many reunions and family events are held in conjunction with ttiese an- nual events. If you look around the stale, you will see Ihat there are numerous local festiv~ds, fairs and events. These range from the long-standing West Virginia State Fair to sm',dl, local fes- d vaJs throughout all portitms of West Virginia. Not only are these an im- Ixn'tant p,'u't or'our culture and history; U~ey also, bring in local dollars ~t stimulate the economy These local fairs and festivals, in- cluding the Braxlon County Fair. ob- tain annual funding from the legisla- tive Budgel Digesl. Braxlon and Gihncr Counties receive in excess of $25.000 per year in funding to sustain these and other local evenls through- out the area. On Monday, June 30, the Legisla- ture will reconvene for what is hoped to be a very brief wrap-up to Ihe special session of two weeks ago. Still to be acted upon: funding bills, one of which will restore funding for the Governor's Honors Academy - a level for DUI from. 1 lO .08. If you collabomtiveefforlofeducation, bust- recall, during the legislative session, heSS industry and govemmenl to de- the .08 bill was tied to a mandalory velopthepotenlialoffulureleadersof ~al bell bill in the llouse Judiciary' West Virginia. The House p,'t, sed the Committee. In doing so. it lilcr,'-dly bill previously and it is in the posses- assured its failure to pass the entire sion of the Senale for their action. Legislature. Also, there is anticipated that some The potential loss of revenue is not teehniealchangcs will be made in the a one-time loss. Next year. the loss Workers' Comp bill. The Governor grows to over $5 million, and in- has not signed the bill and probably creasessubstantiallyincoming years. will nol do ~ until these changes ,arc ! ,'un disappomlcd that Governor made. Wise did not place the .08 bill on his Additionally. final action on the czdl for a spcci~d session in mid-June. bill thai reconstilutes the L:conomic These funds are critie,'d to the repair Development Gnmt Committee is of roads around the Stale and most pending. A compromise settlement imlx rtant, the safely of our eitizcns. will bare to bc reached between the We can ill ~fflbrd to pass up any level }louse. Senate and Ihe Governor's of funding, csD:ci:dly when a reduc- office to proceed. Final rcsolutiou lion of the legal limil lot l)ltl will could well place the "llmnder Ridge strengthen an ~u'ea of the la~ that racing complex on lhc fronl burner affects the safely and well-being of again for funding from the Commit- the public, tee, appointed by Governor Wise. Ple~t,~e COfllaCl nle il I may be of ,. "l-he sum~r roadconsguction and assistance. In the intcrim perilS. repmr season is well trader way. with please address your mail to hom ; thearrivalofsomedryweather, lhm'- office: PO Box 254, Gassawa.v. WV ever. due Io the harsh winter, the 26624. By Iclcphone. you may con- highway budgel fund.~ wcrc stretched taclme at 364-841 I orl~tx to 364-8711, to the limit and excceded, l:or those with ]lllcrnel access, my Therefore, some projcls may have e-mail address is to be sc,'ded b,~k or delayed until You can also oblai,t addilional legis- sufficient funds are available. Stale- lalive information al hltp:// wide, $48 million has been cut from www.legis.state, the construction projects account, As wc enjoy the July 4th holiday Regarding highway funding, the with l, unily and frientls, remember state will suffer a S2.6 million reduc- our troops ,and keep them and their tion in highway funds in the upeom- families in 3'our thoughts and prayers. ing fiscal year, due to failure of the Until next week. take care. bill that reduces the legal alcohol blood Lighthouse Kids: Shining !s Light We are hx)king lor ~dl thrcc-yc, u'- olds thru fifth graders to gel ready I() shine at Vacation Bible Schot)l Vacalion Bible School at Trillil', United MethcuJisl. irom July 6 -.lal~ 10 will explore God's light thf('~ugil Bible stories, fun cr*is, music, and much more. Children will discover God's love in the most atoning ways. Each da~ ,.,,'ill be lilled with new son,,s fun. time with others. ~md great snacks Lighthouse Kids will be hcld at Trinity United Methc list Church. on Main Street in Glenville. from Sun- day. July 6 thru Thursday. July 10 from 6 p.m. till 8 pro. Come discover (k d's light and love. For more inforrmation, please call Trin- ity at 462-5171. Wise announces flood assistance Auto- Home- Commercial - MONTHLY PAY Kohler Insurance A 634 Elk Street Gassaway, WV 26624 304-364-5202 DON'T BE A VIC' Protect yourself by attending Concealed Weapons Class The classes arc taught bx a WV Police A Liccm, cd. Certified NRA Firearm,, Instructor. Cla.,,ses last /'or 5 I/2 hours. Cost i~ "50 per MONEY-BACK GUARP S~|ne of the topics covered arc: The Fiehtine Selection, Holsters. Take-Away Tactics,. Reaction. and find out ,ahich is the quickest - .~.. _-~ ,~ L4DIES WELCOME Thursday, July 10, 2003 - 6-11 p.~' Gilmer County Recreation Center approved in three more counties (}( ~.. Bt b \Vi, C I'CfCllll} annc, uuccd thill l~unilicr, in three more \Vcsl Vir- CilIKI COuu[ic.', ;~U'C clieiblc 1o, [udi- vidmd ,,\.',,:~isl~tncc ~ranls. which arc dc~,igncd to help victims recover t[om ckunagc inflicted by' llc~}ds durm~ the pa.',l D.'~ o vccks. The Fcdcr:d limergency Mauagc- mcnt Agcncy ( l'q~M A) grants arc nov, available in Bcrkelev l.incoln a,~d Wyoming counties. ]-~:.MA ,already had dech|red Boo,to. Cahcll. Kanawha. Loe~m. M~son. Mcl)owell. Mingo, Pum, n and Wayne counties as eligible for assistance. "The people of West Virginia have been hit hard by the fkxI.Wise said "We ~ue all grateful for FEMA's fast and efficient response." Individual Assistance may help cover the cost of temporary housing. minimal repairs and disasler-related medical care. This assistance may also include the repair, cleaning or replace- ment of household items such as fur- nilure, appliances and clothing. To receive assistance, flood vic- tims must register with FF_MA by calling 1-800-621 -FEMA ( 1-800-62 l- 3362"L To register call: Jerry Helnuck - 462-7695 Rich Robert on - 847-5006 Specializing In: Warts Heel Pain Sports Medicine Diabetic Foot Care Corns and Calluses Bunions and Hammer Toes Many Other Foot and Ankle im 437 Main Avenue Phone: 269-3445 Governor's Hotline for Safer Schools: 1-866-SAFE-WVA called the Hotline; by the the Hotline, his or her name By Governor Bob Wise next day, county schooloffi- and personal information are cials had identified a safe l eRt confidential. Hotline Now that summer vacation alternative drop-off location, staffers immediately contact has begun for West VirginiaIn another case, a student the appropri- students, an important pro-called and indicated he was ate local au- gram that protected them having self-destructive thorities or iuring the school year will thougfits. Thankfully, the school per- tackle the new challenges Hotlme staff quickly noti- . s o n n e 1 . and threats of the summer fled school administrators S t a f f e r s months. The Governor's who contacted local mental have suc- We are now an authorized dealer TIMBERWOLFE and UNITED concession, motorcycle and race car trailers from small 5x8 size to huge 8 1/2 x are also an authorized dealer for the New SPECIALITIES Toter Homes and Hotline for Safer Schools health authorities andgot the c e s s f u 11 y will be open to receive calls young man to a safe place, dealt with from 14' to 34' and from 300 HP to 500 throughout the summer, The professionals at tlae state fire code helping communities deal Fire Marshal's office, who compliance, disability ac- also sell used camping trailers. So give with threats to their chil-run theHotline, have handled cess and drug abuse com- dren. hundreds of similar calls p amts. ,- for all of your trailer and R.V. needs. The Hotline has received since its inception in August The toll-free number mr 162 calls so far in 2003. Call- of 2001. The dedicated the Governor's Safer Schools w p u upa t II oC"ur-artsan"servce-'e--r tmen:se"sanJ ers to the Hotline have people who run this model Hotline is 1-866-723-3982. brought to light all manner program and the local offi- It is staffed 24 hours a day, of problems, from bullying cial they work with are per- seven days a week. Ifatany hitches, brake controllers, R.V. tires, to unsafe school conditions, forming one of the most ba- time ,ou witness a threat to a Inonecase, a citizen noticed sic and vital tasks of govern- childs safety, inside or out does repair work on your R.V. or Trailer. that a student using a wheel- ment; they are protecting the of school, please call. Re- chair was being dropped off vulnerable anffthe innocent, member---your information by his bus at the s de of a When a student, parent or will always be kept strictly busy highway,. The citizen community, .memBer callsc0nfident al. Trailers -- R.V.s ~ MotorhomeS II I ~ I Phone (304) Livestock auction market public hearing scheduled Agriculture Commissioner Gus R. Douglass announced that a public hearing has been scheduled for Jul. 9 to receive comments on the issuance of an operating permit for the Ohio County Livestock Market located in Wheeling. hearing is scheduled for 10 a.m. at the WVDA's Guthrie Agricul- ture Center near Sissonville in Build- ing 2, Room 202. If you would like to comment about the issuance of this permit, you may appear in person at the hearing or write to Agriculture Commissioner Gus R. Douglass, WVDA, 1900 Kanawha Blvd., E., Charleston, WV 25305. on or before Jul. 9. Model Description J 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2000 1998 2000 Timberwolfe ........................................... 6x10, White, Ramp Door Timberwolfe ........................................... 6x10, Silver, Ramp Door Timberwolfe ........................................... 6x12, White, Ramp Door Timberwolfe ........................................... 6x12, White, Ramp Door Timberwoife ........................................... 5x8, Black, Ramp United ......................................... 8 1/2x24', with Winch, Ramp Ford F-450 .............................................. 31' Tioga Motorhome Sportsman ............................................. 23' Camper Tandem G-3 Bass Boat .......... . ............................. 17 1/2' Like New The average person's left hand does 56% of the typing.