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July 3, 2003     The Glenville Democrat
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July 3, 2003

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} Page 6 -- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder -- Thursday, Junly 3, 2003 :f .Y ...... JUST IMAGINE" -,4 Name You Can Trust-- This week's specials: Air Conditioners (5,000-29,000 BTU) Gas & Electric Ovens Refrigerators Store Hours: 8-5 Mon.-Fri. 8-3 Sat.- Phone: 462-5631 315 W. Main St. - CO I Bill Cliff Rock enjoys glass-blowing at Continued from page 1 introduction of broadband service as in place, a four-tier system of imple- Continued from page 1 onstration to on-lookers at the recent, ~ service in a rural Appalachian corn- an alternative to dial-up service al- mentation will begin, starting with 54th Annual Folk Festival June 19- hess was rocky munity, ready provided by other businesses in the placing of county government OfhisannualvisittoGlenvilleand22, he explains, "l just like making 1993, we did The CMU team contacted Steve Glenville. online. From there, the county school his glass-blowing tent in the down- glass and talking to people about it. 10,000 miles Ruby of the West Virginia Dept. of "Selling and installing equipment system will be serviced, followed by town lot next to the Common Place Also, the kids make it for me. So, the sell these same~" Education, who, in turn, brought the for use with the service will broaden local businesses. When the service is Restaurant, he expresses much joy Folk Festival and other area events with asigh, quic idea to the attention of former GSC this particular base of business for availabletoresidents, installation pro- and pleasure, "I make flowers, birds like it are a good fit for me." thing this told r~ll President Thomas Powell. Those in- computercompan!es already in exist- ceduresshould be streamlined to make and fish toplease the little kids." Most Continuing, the former glass fac- be an easier w ay~l~ volved up to that point agreed that the ence in the area,' says Mr. Larry the transition from dial-up to broad- dramatically, on coming across his tory worker states with a smile, 'I and to make a Gilmer County area was a perfect fit Baker, Associate Vice President for band fast and trouble-free, tent, festival-goers typically see sev- have fun doing this. Is it a sin or a He s also for their vision. GSC's Office of Technology. More importantly, the project in eral children with their eyes glued to crime to love what you're doing so keeping up much and to get paid for it, too?" long hours Of Developing such a project was not In addition to retaining customers the works with CMU will offer Inter- Mr. Rock's making of those colorful going to be inexpensive, however.To who choose not to use broadband net usersin thecounty atechnological animal figurines. Theroute to popularity and success ma~-n assistant t~ Rock, of Glen secure the required funding, CMU technology, local lnternet service pro- advantage that is also cost-effective. Using a variety of long and oddly hasn't always been a smooth drive for glasscraftsm officials, in cooperation with GSC s viders and computer-based compa- 'The possibilities are virtually end- shaped steel tools, and as the red-hot, Rock, though. "While I learned the Office of Technology and the Gilmer nies will gain a market of businesses less," Fealy says. "This project and raw glassy substance is lifted out of trade at the glass factory, I didn't lyn neighborh County Commission, wrote the pro- and individuals who will require new the service it will offer is going to put the kiln at 1,000 degrees, Rock gently know how to do any of the tricks, so glass together posal foragrant that brought $250,000 equipment for use with broadband Gilmer County on the technological pulls on the square block this way, I felt a lack," he admits. "I was fortu- and candy disheS , to the table, service, as well as the market for map" hammers it that way, tweaks it up nate to come into contact with at Tamarack. ]1~ "A great deal of credi!,for this also installation, maintenance, and peri- Moreover, Baker's two decades in here, and twists it around there, so Jennings Bonnell, an old-fashioned For Cliff Roc~ goes to local politicians, Fealy says, odic replacement of this equipment, the field of technology have been as when it cools, a beautiful'red fish" glass-maker from Buckhannon who found working~ citing State Delegates Brent Boggs Needless to say, the market for new diverse as they have been rewarding, has been created -- from nose to tail, taught me the tricks and made a prac- Glass shopat and William Stemple for inviting computersandcomputermaintenance About this project, the GSC Asso- looking like it's ready to jump out of tice of passing them on to the next in Alum Bridge members of the Gilmer County gov- is one that will remain open to growth ciate V-P says,' This has the broadest the water to tantalize fishermen -- if generation." easier than that, ernment and the local community to for local businesses that already offer scope of any project with which I' ve it were not made of glass. Right now Rockcan handicraft 40- via the Internet carry the project to the State Capitol the community these services and re- ever been involved. To realize that He's fast to mention, however, that to-50 different items at his Willow or [ for further consideration, sources, there are and will be so many people his official and little "West Virginia Creek Glass shop. In fact, they are so wiUowcree'kg-la Fealy sees the benefit of the en- On Mon.; July 14, representatives from state, county and local govern- Folk Festival Kisses," modelled after exquisite that Tamarack, the state's He's an ,area ' deavorasmulti-faceted.Notonlywill from CMUs technology team will ment and in the private sector work- their famous counterpart fromartsandcraftsshowroomofftheWest demonstmting, itsetGilmerCountyapartasamaver- arrive in Glenville to begin mapping ingtoward one awesome goal for the Hershey, Penn., are the most popular Virginia Turnpike at Beckley, is his happy, and ick for offering incredibly sophisti- out the route that will lead Gilmer benefit of the entire community de- art objects that he sells during the biggest booster and client. 'Tm pri- cient and vamsla .]l tic techniques of cated technology long before other County Internetusers from dial-up to fies description. This is a win/win three-day Crafts Sale. marily in the wholesa}ing business rural areas in the country; it will also, wireless broadband. Their v!sit will proposal from start to finish for the Relaxingafteraratherlengthydem- now due to Tamarack,' he says. according to Fealy, serve as a great include planning the service s tech- people and businesses of Gilmer tool to draw people and businesses to nological infrastructure, determining County." the Alumni of the Year for 2003. As to other the area. locations to place towers, and exten- "Thiscouplehasbeenadedicatedand (1951)calledtl~.~ Those involved with the project sively researching e-commerce pos- hard-workingpairforourAlumniAs- annually recogn' assert that the support of the commu- sibilities for county businesses, approximately 14 students with Glen- sociation over the years," he remarks, years); 1943 (60 nity is crucial to moving the project The project will move forward with Continued from page 1 ville High School roots will be under- noting that they may be the first mar- years). forward with success. One question an expected completion date of two- Ann Miller Goodwin (immediatewritten by the Association in the up- ried couple to win the award. More- Althou no that looms, however, concerns the to-three years. Once the technology is past president) and her predecessors coming 2003-2004 academic year. Of over, the award came as a complete Class of ] 3 c got started years ago," be states, those scholarship recipients, 12 are to surprise to them. Wagner ., cl New 'Mare ,'s Place ... ~,~oo~ Gainer stresses that the attendGlenvilleStateCollegeandtwo, Honoring athletes & classes and J~s'e [u! GHS Alumni Scholarship Fund has colleges elsewhere. , During the banquet's program, an- made somerer grown to over $72,000 during the Relative to the Class of 1953 s other high point was the singling out their fellow cb Continued from page 1 open Mama's Place also stemmed from year. In addition, Glenville State has $25,000ChallengeGrant, thatGolden of the schoors former athletes who attendance ~t d Philly steak sandwiches, an inability to find challenging work provided storage space for the now- Jubilee Class actually contributed courageously camed the Red Terrors' ()th Though the restaurant offers daily that paid suitably in this area. closed high school s memorabilia. $26,650: during the year, with other colors into the competitive rivalries Dr. Robe . specials, they like to accommodate cus- Like most Glenville businesses, traf- tomers by making any of the many fichasslowedduringthesummerbreak Most notably, the schools website classesmatchingitwithonly$10,937, throughout the county and region, terim president, special combinations available at any at Glenville State College. Even so, has been updated and upgraded,thereby leaving a balance of $12,413 Each received a specially engraved wishes of the col~ timeduring the week. Mama's Place still has faithful, regular among other achievements, he says. yet to be raised to meet the pen set as a token of the Alumni particularly tha~ Perdueandhermotherhadworkedin diners. No doubt these regulars are FinallyandinconjunctionwithTheAssociation's $50,000 goal. As a re- Association's appreciation of their politicalsuppott~ thefoodserviceindustrybefore, butitis drawn to the friendly, open demeanor Glenville Democrat & Pathfinder, a suit, Chairman Rhoades announces athletic exploits. Margaret Miller ba!,!ve legislatiVc~ a new adventure for Lapan. All three of the restaurant'sco-owners, special 12-page edition of the old that it's still not too late to contribute to Goodwin, immediate past president, 'we're getti~ embracethespecialchallengestheyface "Eating seems to draw conversation Glenville High's newspaper wasthis worthy cause, made the introductions. Amongthose afour-year, de~''~ in food preparation and service, out of people," says Lapan, who, along pri nted last October, circulated Checks for scholarships can besent whom she gave top billing were Jack he emphasizes,.,'~1 "Any business is a challenge to own, with Perdue and La Barre, clearly en- throughout Gilmer County and the to: GHS Scholarship Fund, c/o Mr. Conrad for his basketball records, cruitment of ne~ and getting known in the area is impor- joysthis, surrounding areas at that time, and, at JesseHuff, 57LaurelRunRoad, Cam- one of which still stands statewide, mary objective tant and just as challenging," says La Mama's Place invites take-out or- the Saturday banquet, given to the den, W. Va. 26338. and Bob Arnold, for his state track Mrs. LeonS ."~ Barre. ders at 462-8900. Located at 425 N. alumni as they signed in. Alumni of the Year record. Both of these men are Glen- (1949),ofGlenvif.~ While the owners of Mama's Place Lewis St., they are open Mon.-Thurs.College scholarships In his regular: low-key fashion, ville residents and businessmen, ing of the Mem~ hope their business will continue to from 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m., and As to the GHS Scholarship Fund, Chairman Earl' Rusty' Stalnaker, In addition, several dozen other membrance of ,.,ll grow, they enjoy the totally hands-on on Ffi. and Sat; froml0:00a.m, until Chairman Bill Rhoades (1953) re- oftheAiumnioftheYearCommittee gentlemen, who had participated on had passed awaY experience of owning theirown restau- i l:uu p.m., ano closea on unoays. ports that contributed monies of announcedthatDenzilandRitaHh-ffl the teams, stepped fo vard to accept Saturday's 6 rant, and admit that their dec smn to nscreens: (NAPSA)-As people pack theirknown human carcinogen. Sun- bags and head outdoors, manydon't screens containing both UVB! realize-that sunscreens contain a UVA filters offer the most cover= diverse group of ingredients which . age against both types of rays. affect the protection, therefore they Combined with antioxidants such should read the label before choos- ing. According to one survey, 40 per- cent of consumers find over-the-counter drug labels diffi- cult to read. Following are com- mon phrases you might find on a bottle of sunscreen: Broad Spectrum Protec- tion: The U.S. government classi- fied broad spectrum UV light as a as vitamins E and C (STAY-C(r) 50), you can achieve enhanced skin protection against UV-induced free radical damage, which accelerates the aging pro- tess. All Day Protection: There is no such thing as sun- screen that provides all day pro- tection. Reapply sunscreen every 11/2 hours. hc s SPF: Always wear prod- with SPF of at least 15. Also, be aware that SPF indicates the protection against UVB or burn- ing rays and not UVA rays that cause premature skin aging. Look for products that say "Broad Spec- trum Protection" to safeguard against both types of UV rays. Water-resistant, Very Water-resistant: No sunscreen is completel.y water-resistant or very water-res stant. Water-resistant sunscreens protect skin after 40 minutes of water exposure and very water-resistant sunscreens protect skin after 80 minutes of Methoxycinnamate, is one of the water exposure, most commonly used UVB filters. It also-helps to understand the It works to block UVB rays that ingredients in sunscreens and how cause sunburn and premature ag- they protect you: ing. Parsol(r). 1789, also Vitamins C (Ascorbic known as avobenzone, is a unique Acid, STAY-C 50) and E (Toco- UVA filter which protects against pherol and derivatives) are anti- thewidestrangeoftheUVAspec- oxidants which when combined trum. Parsol 1789 is a UVA ab- with UVBAJVA absorbers, en- sorber, which means it intercepts hance skin protection from UV " dangerous UVA rays before they rays. penetrate the skin. Understanding how to protect Parsol(r) MCX, widelyyourself from the sun is the only known as Octinoxate, Octyl way to prevent premature skin MethoxycinnamateandEthyhexyl aging and possibly skin cancer. IER INFORMATION, CONTACT THESE PROFESSIONALS AND FIND OUT HOW TO OBTAIN GOOD HEALTH. ORTHODONTISTS Dr. Michael Bunner 17 Garton Plaza Weston 269-7985 PHYSICAL THERAPY Glenville Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy GSC Physical Education Bldg. Glenville 462-8933 HOSPITALS Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital 230 Hospital Plaza Weston 269-8000 Zt:, ...... :I sO l ea care s crates Medical Equipment Medical Oxygen & Supplies TOLL FREE 1-800-635-2129 ii iiii ii The choice is yours.., choose Healthcare Associates j i iii ii ii SERVING CENTRAL WV Braxton, Clay, Calhoun, Gilmer, Harrison, Lewis, Nicholas, Roane, Upsher, Webster 608 Elk Street 26624. (304) 364-8976 WV ,,, G _P __ C A DIVISION OF MINNIE HAMILTON HEALTH |1111 ii iiiii i Telephone (304) 269-7985 CARE CENTER 809 Mineral Road.Glenville, WV26351 (304) 462-7322 Michael Bunner, D.D.S., M.S. Office Hours 17 Garton Plaza By Appointment Weston, WV ii iiiiii iii i EAR, NOSE & THROAT E.N. T. Associates 125 N. 6th St. Clarksburg 623-6533 HUSARI * GLENVILLE MEDICAL 809 Mineral Road-Glenville, WV-26351 (304) 462-5708 Dr. Carl ~ -Ma~ S~ Glenville" lenville "~ Dr. Mar_~=tl C.ollege .a)~d t~ Glenville URO 11 Bridgeport