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July 4, 1975     The Glenville Democrat
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July 4, 1975

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2 The Cdenvflle Democrat/Pathfinder e by Inn Jacobs By A New Look At That Gilmer County is the first school district to be awarded Better Schools Amendment money by the State Board of Education is proof of the unyielding efforts of local school officials to fight hard to improve our youngsters' education. Supt. Ran Welty is to be congratulated, along with other staffers and volunteers from the Citizens Committee for Better Schools. Their strong efforts to secure some hope for the future of our school system should be much appreciated by area residents. BSA money has been held up by the State Board in an effort to force county school districts to pass bond issues to help pay for exvensive school facility programs. The state, they've argued, has not been allotted enough funds to pay for the total costs of these programs. Many counties, including Gilmer, have responded that they've tried to pass bond elections but have not received amvle community support. Welty, his staffers, and Gilmer County Board of Education Officers have argued recently that support is building now for passage of a $2.2. million bond to bring area schools up to state standards, including elimination of dangerous fire, safety and health hazards. But, Welty argued before the State Board and during telephone conversations with State Supt. Daniel Taylor and with any other officials who'd listen, area residents need some tangible evidence that progress is being made in school improvements. With that evidence, Welty stressed, the special school bond might gain the required 60 per cent favorable vote needed to acquire $2.2 million to pay for the Comvrehensive Educational Facilities Plan. Despite previous assurances from canning supply manufacturers and consumer affairs officials in Washington, there are few lids available for sale to area farmers and gardeners. Local merchants have received portions of jar orders since January but not in the number exvected. But more distressing, second orders for lids have been cancelled by canning supply distributors. What few lids were delivered locally were snapped up by alert shoppers within a matter of hours. And the lid/jar shortage does not appear to be confined to Gilmer County. Many area residents have alerted friends and relatives throughout the U.S. to send canning supplies hereif they can be found in bit city supermarkets and retail outlets. One county resident said his sister didn't realize there was a scarcity of canning lids in her town until she went looking for them. Several county famors, noted for their wide network of friends and information, have also complained that lids are simply not to be had. The shortage of canning supplies last summer caused many farmers and gardeners to forego storing home-grown produce. Their outcry indicated to government officials the consumers in unrealistic quantities could result in another supply shortage. This now appears to be an unrealistic warning, however. There simply are not enough canning supplies around to hoard. Even more disturbing than reports of inadequate canning supplies, despite promises to the contrary, are stories of canning supplies being pulled off the market so that consumers will be forced to pay higher prices for lids and jars later this summer. There are also rumors that supplies are being purchased in enormous quantities by retail chains who can goods to be sold. There have been several published accounts of food manufacturers offering special deals to consumers- for the purchase of a certain amount of good, the manufacturer will throw in a dozen lids. One local food retailer said he knew of a trailer load of lids just sitting in a nearby town, waiting for a demand to reach 8 point where consumers would be willing to pay exhorbttant prices to can their ripen- ing foodstuffs. He said he was disgust- ed with the idea that pershing who store their own tI0md-many by |mces- sity-would be forced to pay prices for lids. He said ff he wore offered the lids to sell he would refuse. America's strong empha- sis on higher education has For its good points and its bad cans points. In the 1960s, a new jun- degree Jar or community college There was built in this country every 10 days; and, as a many result, a full 25 percent of 130 the American work force wltb will have college degrees by 1980. Another 20 to 25 percent will have one or than two years of college. Thus, era/Js~ our workforce, which long A has been the best-educated needed in the world, will, by the catio~ next decade, be the best- educated in our nation's rears history. But there will be son~ lor's drawbacks to that situa- libersJJ tion, according to the U.S. ize Department of Labor. AI- B.As though 25 percent of the cally workers will have degrees, ing tl~ only 20 percent of the jobs will require a college edu- cation in 1980--at which to time we will begin having in a surplus of 140,000 college An graduates annually. The situation could he one of massive underem- a l ployments which, psycho- logically, can be as dsmsg- that ing as unemployment. In- of deed, 35 percent of the cur- rent work force feel they living are overqualified for their Imti0~ job Obviously, corrective ac- dentS'l tion is needed; and one lives. step that should be taken wrap is to change our attitudes tion i~ ! 8mbera WMlems, gravity of the situation. Whatever the reasons for the There are fabrics on the mrkst i=] Gaining the $829,500 in BSA funds was an uphill Legislators from Sen. Robert C. lack of canning supplies, one thing is grime, and mo : but bare's a_ new battle all the way. Breaking precedent is no easyByrd, D-W.Va. toRep. JamesA. Burke,certain: the consumer cannot be trade Sanitized officaldom is involved. Departments of Commerce and aren't any supplies available, there huh? The treatment apparently has no I We hope the citizens of Gilmer County who will Agriculture and to the offices of aren't opportunities to hoard. And as far as odor, color or feel of the f' F vote in the special bond election August 22 will take Consumer Affairs in Washington to when a meager supply of lids ires been For- non-deodorized fabrics, an t J notice of the school district's efforts to gain see if there would by an ample supply made available to consumers, developed, which, although not as el improvements for all the county hools, of jars and lids this summer, retailers have imposed strict tr tment, beets the extra trips By acquiringBSAfunds. One official. Virginia Knauer, limitations per customer. foothold in commencing school renovations and director of the Office of Consumer What then are the reasons for the I just know you've been dying to between herbs and spices, right? construction of a new elementary classroom facility. Affairs and Special Assistant to the shortage? How many summers must barbs are leaves and/or flowers of President, informed Sen. Jenniugs ass before we find out the cause of temperate zones, and are But in order to complete the job properly, county Randolph that manufacturers of home the lack of home canning supplies? Cloves are usually classified voters will have to support their own schools and the canning equipment were obtaining all world's supply is ground and future of their childrens' education. The choice isthe raw materials needed. She also It's a national disgrace that in a clear because the state's share is not enough to see said there had been a number of new time of acute inflation, when more and Put that in your pipe and smoke the CEF Plan through to completion, entries into the home canning market, more persons are turning to their own We have proof of the superintendent's thus increasing the amount of supplies means to raise food, there are no Andaboutth°eeoeuPous...Before! commitment to our children's education, as well as available to consumers, canning supplies, new brand of ee. compare its priOW brand. You my well be paying even that of the Citizen's Committee and Board of Spokesman for Ball and Kerr makes "cents" to check before you Education. All have struggled long and hard to Why, when there is a greater upgrade education in Gilmer cotmty, supplies earlier this year expresseddemand for a product, is there a confidence in an adequate supply of shortage? It simply doesn't make Now ff area voters come through.., jars and lids this season, as much as a 40 per cent increase over last year. economic sense, unless one is willing to believe the sordid, sickening " But, the suppliers warned, rationale that the shortage is a hoarding of canning supplies by deliberate one. The 1975 Gilmer County Youth It is heartening to note that several area completed another successful agencies are heading up a campaign to develop an and 8iris from Gilmer County overall recreation program for the youth of Gilmer A camp of this nature would not County. The children have long clamored for had tha support of the total county. Thit well-structured activities to provide outlets for their jointly cooperated in this prolD v : unbounding energies. Aseocintio Department of Welfare, Glenville State Collqe. It was a The Board of Education, Community Action view of community involvement.. Association and Department of Welfare appear to To the Editor: Special thanks lOb)certain be taking the proper path in trying to formulate a helpful in securing needed materials for Wholesome recreation program by going to the We wish to express deep gratitude to our friends and neighbors for dnaations of msrchaudtse b) our camp. residents to elicit their opinions at town meetings, contributions of food and flowers during our time of distress, abound with talented people who 10ve talents to this camp. A special Not only will a recreation program allow for Mr. and Mrs. Howard Stump, hr. people who helped in this .camp. creative release of sporting vigor, it bring our fortunate to have a fine young people together in a community setting. What To the Editor: Recreation Center and its highly better way to preserve a sense of community for the Thanks for such a wonderful future than to bring our young people together for Joe Messina and Dave Aiton (Aiton-Messina Corporation) will soon be leaving socializing and fun. Gilmer County. Their construction firm was doing well. They are leaving because they are convinced their children's lives are in danger in the Gilmer County school buildings. G/ m q As architects, I believe they are well qualified to make this judgement. These II are young family man who, because of their professional training and personal The Glenville Pathfinder qualities, can "make it" anywl re in the country. They chose to settle bare, however. Publ i shed Ivory Prt day As one of their firm's clients, I am not entitled to call them personal friends. I wish to take this opportuniW ByGILMER COUNTY PUBUSHING. INC. I'm very impressed with their decision and the reason for it. As a newcomer Demonstration Clubs in Gilnmr ( At 100 E. MMnSt. myself to the area, I hesitate to express an opinion. W.Va. State Folk Festival in June. Glonville, WV 283151 Since my income is limited I would have probably voted with the majority in Phom .7 m Consrattdations 8o to the Kanswl defeating the school bond vote. The Aiton-Messina decision caused me to change choice of Belle, Mr~ Sarah Seoend~Clus peerage imtd st Glenville my mind; their action may also influence others, display in ths Dalton Store; This nation needs the type of young people being raised in this area - now it G]mwille Club for their window and st ~ mailing offloes, seems clear lives really are in danger. And special thanks to the q Sube tption prio 16 rants in G.n r Glmm A. Casdd of butter making throu_sh the years. It's nice to know that H.D. wmm~ County;, other West Vlrgl,-de rmldum~ ~.BO I~US 17 cents tmc. Reotem, Ve. active in their communities. It mak~ Out of 8u e 8utecdpttom .00. Can not occept 8tdmc ptJom for than a months. Editor's note: Aiton and Meulna are a boeee for Camidy am Chestnut / Lick at Lockney. Both men have read this lette~ and ceecur that the major r-~ JIM JACOBS ................................... EDITOR JOAN LAYNE ................. CIRCULATION MANAGER they are leavi~| the county is because ~ the ~ situation, stettn8 theN turned down a/x recemt job offm here. GREG NICHOLSON ................... SALES MANAGER