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July 4, 1975     The Glenville Democrat
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July 4, 1975

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"i ii t " 12 The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder july 17, 1975 GSC adds new academic programs Glenvflle St at e College is pleased t o there are more than fifty IBM~ ~ announce that the West Virginia System/3 computers in West Virginia o--mof o ont..p.ovodt,-- . 0efense at a programs at it s July 8 meet ins. All number of t hose Syst em/3's will three programs represent GSC's increase at the rate of about one moment' notice continuing effort to meet the dozen per year wit hin t he f oreseeable changing demands of higher educa- future. As early as October II. 1774. a tion in West Virginia. A Bachelor's Degree in Social WorkProvincial Congress had been called An Associat e in Science Degree in is now available at Glenville, Thetogether in The First Parish Meetin~ Computer Science and Applications success of the College's two year House in Concord, Massachusetts, to program in social work coupled wit h begin t he st ruggle wit h King George will be offered beginning in the fail t he increasing demandfor people who III. semest or. A large number of smallbusiness are professionally prepared in social It was at this meetin~ that the Minute Men came into bein~-those establishments in West Virginia are workhaveledtotheestablishment of now purchasing or leasing small this four-year program, men who could be called into service computer systems to generate the A minimum of thirty-six semester at a moment's notice. The Miliary Governor of Mass- volume of work required by their hours of social work courses are achusetts. General Thomas Cage, required plus twenty-four hours ofbegan to make preDarations in March growing enterprises. For example, courses from related areas such as of 1775 to curb the bold actions of psychology, sociology and economics, the patriot leaders. One of his plans Only the A two-year craft program which was to send a force of Brit ish News )alJer _ will lead to an Associate in ArtsRedcoats to Concord to destor~ ~/~'%, ,J ~r'~/.'~ ~ degree will be offered to interested powder and other military supplies -\~ | ~,-~.-,~j~f =~ and craft-oriented people who stored by the patriots. ~~rb,~,~.~~ possess aptitude and want training to become craft designers or craft Early on the morning of April 19. I I~=L~~ " - direct ors. The program is designed to 1775, 700 King's Regulars drew near ~~] tralncraftsmento operate their own the village of Lexington. The Minute .,: ~T..,- " Men were under t he command of John .~ ~, shops or to be crafts specialists in Parker, a vetern of the Indian Wars. craft programs, workshops, schools or who had summoned his men to the government agencies. Lexington Common-a little green m Although students will study a front of the meeting house-eart~ ~~~i~N variety of crafts, they will be that morning. ReaLizing that he required to concent rat e on one area was out-numbered, Parker dispersed of specializat ion. The program will be his men as t he Brit ish Light Inf ant r~i implemented with a summer work moved onto the green. A shot rang ONLY THE NEWSPAPER tells experience which will require eachout and t he lead Redcoat s, out of control of their officers, fired and charged wit h bayonent s. Eight Americans were killed. At about 7:00 a.m.. the British left f or Concord, under t he command of Francis Smit h. Seven companies of so much about your communi- ty --- from the happenings of youth organizations to the news about school activities. Newspapers ore truly local. student to train with a craftsman. with a practicum in their area of specializat ion. and wit h recognized nat iv= craf t amen who will lect ure and demonstrate their crafts. about 100 men proceeded to the Nort h Bridge upon arrival in Concord and the other Regulars began to searChsupplies.fOr and destroy,, provincial Seeing that they were outnum- bered, t he Concord Minut e Men, now joined by ot her companies f rein t he t owns of nort bern Middlesex Count y. wit hdrew t o t he slopes of Punkatasset HiLl. Here Barret t, t heir Colonel. joined t hem. He t hen wit hdrew his men across t he Concord River to a hill overlooking t he Nort h Bridge. As t he Minut e Men regrouped .................. on t he hill t hey saw smoke rising f rein 7 South Lewis Street, Glenville ALL CLOGS HOW REDUCED FOR SALE s4.98 Now s2.88 Those currently lfln gTov ......... ........................ ........... Now s4.88 Just Around The Corner By The Stoplight the center of Concord. The Americans advanced, killing two Redcoats and woundin~ teu ot hers-one f at ally. Colonel Smit h now abandoned any idea of post ing himself at Concord. As soon as he could collect oroper carriage to carry his wounded, he st art ed on his ret urn t o Best on.. A Sarah Mot:herwell report ed t o t he SAI~EM G~TTE t hat she 'had soon and hoard the British march t hroulh Lax/nut on t o t he f if e t une of Yankee Doodle. Dame Mot herweU had hidden behind a stone fence, hurling rot t on pot at =us and =pit het s at t he Regulars. She said, "You march to Concord t o t he t une of Yankee Doodle and you'll return t o Chew Chase" - and so it was. up" ~ .... v v v ~ v v v v v ~ v v m m m THURSDAY. JULY 17 6:00 -- THE ELECTRIC COMPANY 6:30 -- PLAY CHESS, "What We've Learned" 7:00 -- THE MOUNTAIN SCENE TONIGHT 7:30 -- EVENING EDITION WITH MARTIN AGRONSKY 8:00 --THE BEST OF THE EVENING AT POPS, "Farrerrte and Teicher" 9:00 -- SPACE FOR MAN 11:00 -- CAPTIONED ABC EVENING NEWS FRIDAY, JULY 18 6:00 -- 6:30 -- 7:00 -- 7:30 -- 8:00 -- 8:30 -- 9:00~-- 10:00 -- 10:30 -- 11:00 -- THE ELECTRIC COMPANY ANOTHER LOOK AT APPALACHIA THE MOUNTAIN SCENE TONIGHT EVENING EDITION WITH MARTIN AGRONSKY WASHINGTON WEEK IN REVIEW WALL STREET WEEK MASTERPIECE THEATRE - UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS, "What the Foot- man Saw" INTERFACE, "Bo~to~: Listen My Children and You Shall Hear" AVIATION WEATHER CAPTIONED ABC EVENING NEWS SATURDAY, JULY 19 6:00 -- ROMANGOLIS" TABLE, "Made in Milan" 6:30 -- BLACK PERSPECTIVE ON THE NEWS 7:00 -- FIRING LINE 8:00 -- THE PHILADELPHIA FOLK FESTIVAL 9:00 -- SPECIAL OF THE WEEK, "The Minnesota Orchestra at Orchestra Hall" 1030 -- KUP'S SHOW SUNDAY, JULY 20 4:00 -- CITIES AT WAR, "The First City. London" 5:00 -- FEELING GOOD 5:30 -- TBA 6:00 -- EDUCATIONAL IMPLICATIONS -- MAIN STREAM CULTURE VS. APPALACHIAN SUBCULTURE, "'Religion" 7:00 -- WORLD PRESS 7:30 -- THE BEST OF THE EVENING AT POPS, "Cole Porter Night with BOl~y Short" 8:30 -- MASTERPIECE THEATRE - UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS, "A Perfect Stranger" 9:30 -- THE LIFE OF LEONARDO DA VINCI 11:00 -- JEAN SHEPHERD'S AMERICA "The Phantom of the Open Hearth Live" MONDAY. JULY 21 6:00 -- ELECTRIC COMPANY 6:30 -- CAR CARE, "What's Under the Hood" 7:00 -- THE MOUNTAIN SCENE TONIGHT 7:30 -- EVENING EDITION WITH MARTIN AGRONSKY 8:00 -- SPECIAL OF THE WEEK, "Clarence Darro~' 9:30 -- BOOK BEAT, "Jericho -- The South Beheld" by Jam== Dickey/Hubert Shuptrine 10:00 -- CAUGHT IN THE ACT, "'Raun MacKInnon I~ Jeremiah Burnham" t 10:30 -- INTERFACE, "B~ton: Listen My Children and You Shall Her" 11:00 -- CAPTIONED ABC EVENING NEWS TUESDAY, JULY 22 6:00 -- 6:30 -- 7:00 -- 7:30 -- 8:00 -- 8:30 -- 9:00 -- 10:00 :- 10:30 -- 11:00 ~- ELECTRIC COMPANY IT'S A SMALL WORLD, "Greece'" THE MOUNTAIN SCENE TONIGHT EVENING EDITION WITH MARTIN AGRONSKY THE WAY IT WAS, "Red Wings/Montreal Stanley Cup Cham@or~hip" CONSUMER SURVIVAL KIT, "Land WhoeU' NOVA~ "'Take the World From Ai~ot]~' Point of:Vi~"q~ ~,~t WITNESS TO YESTERDAY, "Catherine The'Grit" WOMAN, "Female Homosexuality" CAPTIONED ABC EVENING NEWS WEDNESDAY. JULY 23 6:00 ~- ELECTRIC COMPANY 6:30 -- CAPTIONED FRENCH CHEF, "Garlic Pot Roast" 7:00 -- THE MOUNTAIN SCENE TONIGHT 7:30 -- EVENING EDITION WITH MARTIN AGRONSKY 8:00-- FEELING GOOD 8:30 -- MAN BUILDS. MAN DESTROYS "All the Fish In The See'" 9;00 -- THEATER IN AMERICA, "A Touch of the Poet" 11:30 -- CAPTIONED ABC EVENING NEWS W.Va. Department of Highways Fquiprnen Division, Buckhannon, W. Va. SATURDAY, JULY 19, 1975 "----- I0'00 "A.M. EDST ----- 400- IECES OF SURPLUS EQUIPMENT INCLUDING 50- PtCK-UP'S 27-PANELS 2S-DUMP TRUCKS 4-FARM TRACTORS .,3-END LOADERS ~ BY 6 TRUCKS All pre=pechve buyer= muir relleter and qualify. To qualify, o del~eeit of $i00either i, COlJ% coshiere check or certified check leer be pouted.Oepo.~i to be applied to purchose=- Refund of unueed portion or total depo:~tt will be mode when buyer =~lrrendlre his teI. No refund=mode u~td ef~er 1:00 pro. Only qualified b~yer= will be admitted ~O SO|e orea. (C.h~{dren. mcchtt~i=, porfneri, aCt., mUSt @@~t deposit. ) =_ ALTCx?,BIL~tS YA=RD CRA.NE FIAT BED TRUCKS 2TATON WAGONS CORF DRILL : P}[ASE W'E~E.R ?kUCK *:R:\CFCR~ ~AC?b~C~ ~ x 6 TRUCKS PITK"F TRUCKS M&~UTAINEh~ L x & TRUCKS ~N} ?:-, : "K: .- ";/~}' i~ ~,'~ '~E S~REtd" :3" ~< / .N W ,':,: ,:!,A },::~ ''/'~ }~ CAR :~;/AD h ?' T~