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July 16, 2009     The Glenville Democrat
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July 16, 2009

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...LlliL..JL.i ......... !,IU.._J...LLJILJIIIJ.UlIJIIII.II.LLLI.:hLI[!I t]LIIIlllIIII]I.LI UJ|l LI: hILL. L., LI..21111 HILI L_ _1 ,1. Ill] E ii [.l.I J!! hlI!lUll il!lUllnllllUUllNnllgllllll r A drive up north & our highly-valOed Folk Festival Belles cont'd ... further training in food Service. She later became the head cook for the Mercer County (WV) schools, where she'd become very active in a wide variety of social, professional, and community clubs. Among her pet projects are boosting the projects of the Brush Creek CEOS, Garden Club, Woman's Club, Athens Club, and Town-n-County Club, later earning her the distinguished "Louise S ublette Award." She also was the organizer of the American Food Service in Mercer County, being named as Mer- cer County Schools"Cook of the Year" in 1986 and 1992. For the younger people, Lois makes these points: "Get your education! I would encourage our young women to take advantage of every educa- tional opportunity presented to them. They also need to express their opin- ions in the right way and ask ques- tions." Belle Lois Mitchell, of Princeton, is sponsored by the Brush Creek and Mercer County CEOS. Monongalia County Belle- Mrs. Phyllis Gibson is the 2009 Monongalia County Folk Festival Belle. Upon securing her education at Bruceton Mills High School and Morgantown Business College, Phyllis worked for two decades with two area businesses, as a clerk and bookkeeper. In the social realm, her strong volunteerism has merited her elevation to the presidencies of the Monongalia County CEOS, Cheat Lake CEOS and Oak Grove School PTA, in addition to being made an officer in various other civic, youth and church organizations. For plea- sure, she loves to read historical nov- els, murder mysteries, and biogra- phies, along with watching Moun- taineer football and basketball games. Most notably, she prizes education so highly that she's started college funds for each one of her 11 grandchildren. In a philosophical way, she urges young women to: "Enjoy each day and always do your best! Try to get as much education as you can afford! Live within your income and always have money left over at the end of the month! Take good care of your body !" Belle Phyllis Gibson, of Morgan- town, is sponsored by the Cheat Lake and Monongalia County CEOS. Monroe County Belle Mrs. Margery A. Pence is the 2009 Monroe County Folk Festival Belle. After graduating from Union High School and taking classes at the county's vocational school, Margery embarked on a varied working career, becoming, at times, a store clerk, Bendix Corporation factory em- ployee, a care-giver for the elderly, and, finally, a school bus operator for 29 years. Now officially retired, she still works as an office assistant at the Greenbrier Chiropractic Center. Not neglectful of her civic duties, she's a 50-year member of the CEOS, a Mon- roe County for Life member, and Union Baptist Church attendee. For leisure, she loves to play the piano and Appalachian dulcimer, to quilt, sew, flower garden, read, walk, and sing. Always wanting to be known as a "child of God," she advises: "I firmly believe that ifa relationship with God through Jesus Christ is the first prior- ity of a young woman, she will live a happy and joyous life." Belle Margery Pence, of Sinks Grove, is sponsored by the Monroe County CEOS. Mrs. Kathern Gere is the 2009 Morgan County Folk Festival Belle. Starting out in life as a "daddy's girl" and "tomboy" during the sum- mers, Kathy's mother and grand- mother took charge of her education in the winter, teaching her all kinds of needle crafts-- skills that have served her well throughout life. After gradu- ating from CowenHigh School, she moved to Akron, OH, where she did good work in the Children's Hospital, including covering in the emergency room, whenever needed. Then, she cont. right column BUICK i% /!>r, PONTIAC  i! , .... HOIJ 276 East Main Street, SPENCER (304) 927-3470 1-800-b49-4931 REGULAR HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 8:30 a.m.- 6 p.m. Sat. 9 a.m.- 3 p.m. Closed Sunday ".'t ::  ? 2001 Chew Camaro Z28 2006 Chew Impala 2007 Chew Crew cab 4x4 2004 Chew Tahoe bS 4x4 2006 Chew Malibu LT 2007 Hyundai Accent Gls 2008 Honda Accord L X-P 2005 Chew Impala 2001 Toyota 4-Runner 2007 Ford Fusion SEZ- AWD 2005 Chew Malibu LS V6 2007 Mazda 5 "fully loaded" 2006 Dodge Durango SLT V8 4x4 2006 Hummer H3 2008 Chevrolet Siiverado Ext Cab 4x4 2006 Buick Lacrosse 2008 Dodge Avengers 2007 Dodge Nitros Chrysler Town 8 Countrys Dodge Rams %!*. i:}i !:: - 2:- ........ i:::iff L "6 to choose from" , - "4 to choose from" ..}:.-: ! ..... .,..::.:,  :-.:v: "3 to choose from" .i? "4 to choose from"  212.900 slueoo 213.300 s2eoo $22.700 216,500 SlO.700 $10.4o0 sss $21.675 s j3a $12.750 212.690 s)00m,00oo S18,750 S] 212.490 $17.658 218,6oo S 223.900 S,7O $24.900 S 214.900 Starting at 213,900 Starting at 213.900 Starting at 210,900 Starting at 213,900 Thursday, July 16, 2009  The Glenville Democrat / Pathfinder  Page 5 iiiii!!iiiiii!iiii!;i!i!iii]ilill Not Everyone Calls Me Father By Edwin Daschbach SVD The Selective "Stare Decisis" Principle The legal principle of "stare decisis" means that a court decision stands. In reference to the Supreme Court, it indicates that the court is not to make a decision inconsistent with any previous decisions it rendered - regardless of whether the current court membership is the same or different from when a previous decision was made. I say it is a "selective" principle because it has admitted of exceptions in history. And therefore it cannot be used as an adamant defense against the call to overturn its 1973 decision of Roe v. Wade allowing abortion through all 9 months of pregnancy. Cases in point: the 1896 US Su- preme Court decision (7-1) upheld the constitutionality of racial segre- gation. That was decisively over- turned in 1954 by the Brown v Board of Education ruling that separate is inherently unequal; a Georgia sod- omy law was upheld as constitutional in the 1986 Bowers v Hardwick US Supreme Court decision - but was overturned 17 years later in its Lawrence v Texas decision ruling that such laws are unconstitutional. Currently the Supreme Court is set to hear arguments in the fall on its 1990 decision Austin v Michigan Chamber of Commerce and part of its 2003 McConnell v Federal Elec- tion Commission decision, both deal- ing with campaign financing. Inter- esting is the comment of Columbia University law professor Nathaniel Persily: '"'The only reason to ask for re-argument on this is if they're go_ ins to overturn Austin and McConnell." The Supreme Court is not infal lible in its rulings. We should never unequivocally equate Supreme Court decisions on the Constitution with the meaning of the Constitution. They are two different entities. The Su- preme Court has again and again gotten it wrong. By typing into your search engine any phrases asking about how Roe v Wade is bad law, you will find nu- merous sites confirming your suspi- cion. I quote just one from the USCCB (United States Conference of Catho- lic Bishops), where the question is asked: "Do all legal experts approve of Roe?" The answer: "No. Roe has been criticized by several Supreme Court justices, and even by legal ex- perts who favor legalized abortion. Justice Byron White called it 'an exercise of rawjudicial power.' YaLe law professor John Hart Ely has said that Roe is ' a very bad decision...It is bad because it is bad constitu- tional law, or rather because it is not constitutional law and gives almost no sense of an obligation to try to be. Edward Lazarus, former clerk to Jus tice Harry Blackmun who wrote the Roe opinion, says that 'Roe, as con- stitutional interpretation, is virtuall' impossible to defend.'" So - why hasn't it yet been ovm turned? Father Ed can be contacted through his e-mail svdglenville@rtoLnet Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love. Mildred B. Vermont High Speed Internet for ALL of rural Am Available Nationwide Surf at least 10x faster than dial-up Equipment only S49.00]!! .rr., / Hurry Promotion ends soon! 1-866-697-5992 www,00,00o00o00o00om *For first three months. S 10 additional/mo for remainder of 12 month agreement A drive up north & our highly-val- ued Folk Festival Belles cont'd ... Cont. from left hand column... moved to Charleston, where she worked in a ballroom dance studio, and later moved to Washington, DC, where she handled national advertis- ing for The Washington Post for 30 years and met her husband. Civically, she volunteered at the Alexandria (VA) Theater for 10 years and at Mt. Vernon, as well. not to underplay serving the Alexandria American Legion unit for 24 years. For plea- sure. she likes to listen to all music dated before 1970, while continuing her hand at all kinds of crafts and needlework, dancing, reading, and taking photographs. To younger people, she emphasizes: "Get a good education, not just com- puter-wise, but everyday knowledge, so you can stand on your own two feet. My mother told me that if you learn to read, you can do anything." Belle Kathy Gere. of Berkeley Springs; is sponsored by the Morgan County CEOS. More to come Next week we'll continue outlining the remainder of the other county Belles (not reviewed to-date), and re- lating their achievements and good works over the years. From what feed- back we keep hearing from them so far, they all enjoyed this year's Folk Fest. Wil Randolph, of Willie's Sports Shop, invites any Belle, who likes to fish. to come back to Glenville for his "Catfish Contest." All of the Belles, their husbands, and/or friends are welcome, he tells me. See his related ad on page 6! Other final notes Thanks to Richard and Marion Reed, of Glenville. for her cheery get-well card, note of well-wishes. and advice on not eating pizza (to further complicate my throat infir- mity). Their prayers for me and son. Dave, Jr., who. ironically also had throat surgery of late. have been greatly appreciated. In addition, another thanks goes out to old and still-close friends, Joyee and Jamie Dority, of Havaco. Their thoughts and prayers for my complete healing are also music to my ears. They fondly add, "Your children were wonderful to pitch in and help you. They did a fantastic job (in putting out that week's newspaper)!" Joyce's late husband, Jay, was our long-time Cir- culation Manager at the old Welch Daily News, so his family is well- acquainted with my children, in that he gave just about each one of them theirfirstjob asanewspaperdeliv- ery carrier. I am still recovering from my boul with those sticky baby-back ribs in the throat episode. I have some fob low-up "stretching of the esophagus surgery," prior to getting off of my current pure liquid and soft food diet and onto some real meat and "Big Macs," once agam. Conclusion Have a great week and weekend. kind folks! And. I'll look forward to connecting with you next week. Federal Gov't is a 'debt' nightmare Dear Editor, Our America's--economjcpo- sntion can be summarized as follows: Our spending this year (projected and actual) has exceeded all of the spending of the past 200 years; We are spending more than we earn: We are going deeper and deeper into debt: We ARE in debt huge debt. We are deep in hock to the Chinese gov- ernment: In addition to huge debt, our government is playing money games. which can be likened to paying off one credit card with another credit card; When debt becomes so big that we CANNOT earn enough to be able to pay t off (called unsustainable debt), we go bankrupt; Everyone of us who has been in debt to someone knows that they own a piece of us they have control over our future. The only way we can get out of debt ts to earn income Government does not earn income, it only takes income. Our current government wants to spend much. much more: the big ex- amples are the "'cap and trade" bill. which will cause a trade war. amongst many other unpleasant things and the proposed health care reforms. Note: Other countries with "univer- sal" health care systems will be happy to tell you that it does not matter what health care coverage the law says 3 ou must have if there is not the money to provide it. you don't get it. Submitted. Elaine Wolfe, Tanner