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July 28, 1977     The Glenville Democrat
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July 28, 1977

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2 The Glenvme Democrat/ Pathfinder July 28, 1977 illli illilIlll II II i lililli i ......... Editorials & Comments I I I HI I IIIII III I III An offer that can't be refused The West Virginia Library Commission has made Gilmer County an offer we can't refuse. They're vil.ling to give us $49,500 for the construction of a library. All the county has to do to get the money is make a commitment to provide yearly operating funds. We think this is little to ask for a facility that should provide limitless returns. Gilmer County is the only county iv the state that does not have a public library. Many in the community have sloughed off the need for a public library by maintaining that the college library is adequate for public use. It simply is not. It is a college library designed for use by college students and faculty, not the general public. Books of a more general nature and special programs for the public are not available through the college library. And as a member of the Gilmer Library Commission recently pointed out, "There are people in this county who wouldn't darken the door of the college library, because it is part of the college." A public library is also traditionally a selling point when new businesses and industry are lured into a town. The Gilmer County Board of Education has shown support for the new library by donating a site for its location. Now it's time for the Glenville City Council and Gilmer County Commission to follow with a pledge to provide operating funds. An introduction We'd like to introduce our new columnists. Mack Samples and Jane Martin. In "Leading Creek Sampler" Mack will comment on items of general interest to residents of Leading Creek and anyone else with roots in rural West Virginia. His comments may be about specific topics of conversation in the country or any other subject he may be pondering. We feel sure. however, that his column will always reflect the. spirit of rural West Virginia. Mack was born and mied in Clay County. He is a graduate of Glenville State College and received his Master's degree in political science from.Shin University. He taught for five years at the University of South Carolina and has been on the faculty of GSC for the past four years. He is now Dean of Admissions and Records. He is on the Board of Directors of the West Virginia State Folk Festival and is an active participant each year. He and his wife Thelma have two children, Tracy and Crayson. In "Daybook" ane Martin will present a short philosophical look at life in Gilmer County and a weekly prediction of astrological and hmar influences. Farmers have long paid attention to phases of the moon, while astrological predictions are a popular addition to many newspapers. Jane'is a fres-lertce wttet whose experience includes writing a stmtlar column for the SalemHerdd. She has lived in West Virginia for four years. She was born and raised in southern California. She has four children and is married to Peter Martin. IIIII II I I I I I I I II I I Published Every Thursday By GILMER COUNTY PUBLISHING, INC. At 109 E Msin St. Glenville, WV 26361 Phone 462-7309 Second-Class postage peid at Glenville and at adclhional mailing offices Subscription price $6.50 tax Included in Gilmer Coumy;, other West Virginia residents $6.00 tax Included. Out of state subscriptions $7.00. Cannot accept subscription for lass than 6 months, (ALL PRICES EFFECTIVE FEB. 1st, 1976.) ROBERT D. ARNOLD PRESIDENT/PUBLISHER PAUL BROWN EDITOR JOAN LAYNE OFFICE MANAGER III Ill  - I I I I __ II Y 0 C Camp successful To The F, dLttor The 1977 Gilmer County Youth Opportunity Camp has completed another successful camp session, One hundred twenty-four boys and girls from Gilmer County participated in this year's camp. The week was high-lighted with a trip to Camden Park followed by a picnic at Coonskin Park. A camp of this nature would not have been possible unless it had the support of the total county. This year four agencies jointly cooperated in this program: Community Action Association, Department of Welfare, Board of Education and Glonville State College. It was a good year from the point of view of community involvement. Special thanks go to certain local merchants who were so helpful in securing needed materials for camp and even made donations of merchandise to our camp, Gilmer County seems to abound with talented people who give of their time and talents to this camp. Gilmer County is indeed fortunate to have a fine facility for camping such as the Recreation Center and its highly capable and courteous staff, Thanks for such a wonderful community effort qm Carney " Camp l)krecto C_dlmer County Youth Opportune. Camp Thanks for preserving To The .lUtor We the members of the West Virginia State Folk Festival committee wish to express our sincere appreciation to the following organizations and individuals who have graciously supported and assisted us in the moving and renovation of the Little Ka.nawhe Bank building: The Kanawhe Union Bank for their confidence in our organization as the recipient of this historical building; and also their financial" support to help defray the cost of moving the building. The Women's Club of Glenville for their generous donation. The Gilmer County Historical Sdciety for their donation and research on the history of the building. The Glenville Jaycees for the donation of Paint, materials, and la]or to refurbish the exterior of the building, a job few would tackle. Leading. Creek Sampler July has brought all kinds of grim news from places far away from Leading Creek. Americans shot down inKorea, looting in a dark and helpless New York City, and arguments about vether or not the Neutron bomb is good or bad for us. But there is more to think about in late July out on the Leading Creek. Folks out here are concerned with whether or not there enough hay to get the cattle through the winter and when we are going to have to contend with coal trucks and mud on the road once the stripping of the Farns"worth property begins. There is also great curiosity about when the great secondary road paving program touted by Mr. Rockefeller during last year's campaign is actually going to begin. Birth, dqath, marriage, little league baseball and the roof of the Troy School Gymnasium dominate local conversations. Everyone applauds the School Board's decision to contribute $2,500 toward the roofing project. There was great concern during the dry days of May and June that gardens were going to fail, but recent rains have most gardens re-established and producing. Most folks say that their potatoes are fair despite May's frost and the early drought. My wife is canning green beans as are most wives up and down the creek. There is little worry about women's liberation or whether anyone's civil rights have been violated. Days are filled with making pickles, freezing corn, picking blackberries and making jelly. The kitchen is a fascinating assembly line transforming raw food into gleaming jars that will stand in cellar houses and be consumed when the old blue northern wind chills Daybook The heat is broken, swept away by recent thunderstorms. Dog Days seem less like a temperish mongrel, snapping at the heels, and it's possible to go out without sweltering, fainting, thinking longing thoughts of Keel-Aid and cold beer Nights are tolerable, even if you don't have an air-conditioner. Plants stand up in gardens; dust sbttles; air is breatheable. I reminded myself, plodding doggedly down-hollow in a very much sub-zero gale last winter, that sooner or later it would be warm again. Sooner or later the ice floes would disappear from the creek, the truck would start without all the incredible, complex nip-ups of taking in the battery at night, parking on a hill {the better to roll start if the pampered battery didn't respond} and all the stuff you do to keep it moving when LadyNature is socking it to you. But sometimes it's hard to remember that all things change. Whatever it is. it will pass. Ten years from now, we'll look back on this and...shudder? Change is the essence of Nature. "Each day, sometimes each hour, brings change." Darkness gives way to light, and light to darkness. The important thing to remember is that's alright. Whatever .change is. happening is essential, important. Our task is to be aware of the changes, to understand them, work with them. Joy is when you see the necessary part each change must play in the greater pattern. Dissolution and decay are necessary to transform the old and dying into something new, unique and wonderful. The first frost is an integral part of spring growth and fertility. The first patch on a pair of vis only appears to be a roadsign 0n their wy to the ragbag." Just keelJ doing what you'ide doing, and evenutally they'll be a work of art. It's vital to remember this-vital to spiritual well-being to be aware of Something about to become Something Else. Isn't this the message of the Resurrection, that ending is really beginning on another higher level? Meantime, we take joy in the cooler air, the damp earth, the feel of fresh water in Duck Run pool, the cook-fire afterward, the magic elements that symbolize this world. And above the revitalized world, the changing, living sky. The Sun, Moon and planets in our solar system and their relationships to each other, called aspects, affect life on the Earth in many ways, some helpful, some limiting. Expect these influences during the week: THURSDAY, July za-The waxing Moon is in Capricorn and talkative Mercury in its home sign Virgo in the early hours. You wake up ready to make needed changes in the home, and especially in the garden. Capricorn is an earth sign, and Virgo is mutable {changing} earth. Some cultivation could be scheduled for the daylight hours, and planting of late root vegetables. Try to avoid struggles for dominance around noon-who's going to be boss, in the garden or anywhere else. Pluto is affecting the Capricorn Moon by square, making this a possibility. Evening brings the danger of electrical storms, and interference with television and radio transmission, possibly through sunspot activity. Watch yourself while handling electrical equipment. FRIDAY, JULY 29--A boring morning. At least, nothing exciting seems to be happening. The Capricorn Moon receives a parallel aspect from Saturn, ruler of Capricorn. This time could be good for learning, routine maintenance, stablity of mind. Try not to give in to the temptation to fool around on the iob this morning and noon, as you'll antagonize somebody in authority. In the late afternoon, somebody seems to want to tell you how to live your life, and the chances are it'll be someone who has an inflated opinion of his own position. No one knows better than you what's happening in your life. Listen politely, and do your own thinking. The Moon enters Aquarius this evening, on its way to the Full tomorrow morning. In socializing don't be argumentative or allow negative-minded people to draw you into a fight. SATURDAY, JULY MJ--Tho Full Moon in Aquarius this morning finds you full of ideas, some of them revolutionary, unique. Energy is high, and can make for nervous tension if you try to  plan .al! your recreation to 5e packed into one day. Take it a little easy; give yourself some room to be spontaneous. A square between the Aquarius Moon and the ruler of Aquarius. Uranus, takes place. followed shortly by a parallel between these two planets. Lots of mental and physical activity presents itself, and you're tempted to overdo. Get together with like-minded friends during the daytime hours, but try to include a friend who is easy-going, a calming influence, Try to cultivate a calm attitude of your own, though this will be hard. A powerful San-Uranus square this evening can bring the authorities down if you don't take note of rules Party-goers should he careful. Don't drink too much or try to drive or handle machinery if you're in less than the best shape. SUNDAY, JULY l-Late-night parties and lack of common sense can bring tragedy to someone in the early a.m. hours today. Failing to take by the Appalachian air. Women's understand any of that nor would they did understand it. Lesser minds shudder each newsmen suggest the doom of indeed if everyone worried over ourselves out of existence. But let's as long as men continue to put hay i women continue to preserve food, There are still a lot of Leading and the plain folks that live on rantings of newsmen. They know August will come and then the s And, most importantly, after bleak February have chilled our bones, the will surely come again. by precautions can result in disaster. end; take care that it isn't you. Morning danger of accusation and behavior the subject at hand. If you manners last night, you'll be okaY. good, with the chance of realizing a Something good comes to you. MONDAY, AUGUST 1-The wani Pisces signals a planting day for root" beets, radishes, and such. Top planted with the Moon waning in water, them to be shorter and bushier than produce. Start alfalfa and bean today. Mow the grass for strength growth. Morning could bring a nice afternoon holds the danger of spend too much time out in the Sun, around. Get your work outside done in 1 hours when its cooler, or wait till Don't stand around gossiping in you'll likely say too much of the thing, alienating someone. Do yourself, that you don't want TUESDAY, AUGUST Z--Venus iously to Mars in the early, early will be affecting the whole day. message from a loved one in th| day has an aura of excitement, and easy to enjoy yourself. Notice, but much importance to an uneasy feeling time. Venus enters Cancer in the sign where the Love Lady feels sweet here, loving, and the .... lights up the home situation. Get the , good wbrons, but d'on't lr0 can' deliver in {he ,enln'g. general. WEDNESDAY,.AUGUST 3-The in Aries, a fire sign, when you wake. barren sign, and good for weeding, retard growth, and hair-ctitting to hair-do last longer. Treat warts unwanted growths today; this will vitality. Look into new, more effective hhings during the balance of the daY, helpfully affecting Uranus experimentation can pay off. Do things. Afternoon is distracting, and a trine (helpful relationship} forming and Pluto suggests that you'll be at group discussions or situations in the close attention to the Scorpio-born. Th information and views. The Sun and together to lend light tonight, and the you'll get something really important 4-H Clover Line Look out for the "Screaming Demon"! I always thought this was what the mother of a two-year-old tantram thrower would say. But did I ever learn otherwise! The trip to King's Island was a real experience for me as well as the 31 county youth and five chaperones who went on this Jr. Leader excursion. The screaming demon is a loop roller coaster type ride which suspends you twice upside-down in mid air. I got sick just watching other people ride it and had to get out of line and make a ick trip to the nearest "facility" to alleviate my problem. Jeff Bailey and Patty White decided they were going to see to it I received my monthly bath early in July. They "encouraged" me to ride the keel boat with them and as if the splashing water wasn't enough, they aided my moist nature by dumping additional water on me. It was, to say the least, a very fluid experience. But they forgot the coast! The bus driver for our trip to Mason, Ohio, provided us with a guided tour along the way. We saw a Beefalo farm (where livestock which is a cross II by Ronl00 between beef cattle and buffalo are raised}. We also had an the famous ever-burning cross in Lancaster, Ohio. Everyone who attended seemed to have a super time! shows in addition to the numerous rides the park provided. Hollywood" was to me the most enioyable show as it was Show with beautiful costumes and scenery. The trained were very interesting and intriguing also This was a fantastic these young people to see so many talented people and These young people raised over $1300 for this trip. Your help these funds was extremely appreciated by everyone who Youth day at the West VirgirJa State Fair will be held 22. I have acquired 100 tickets wich will admit you to this day tickets are free and are available to any 4-H member or wishes to attend on this date. Stcp by the Extension Office and soon. l i is AT REST FOR HISTORY-Work was Baltk offered the bulldlngto the West Virginia the bullIng March 27 to a site recently completed on the permanent re.est. Folk Festival It sat on a lt behind Gllmer Fern Rdlyson, where It now sitS. llshment of a site for the old Little Kanawha Graphics. Wlth the aid of donations and photo] Valley Bank building.' When Kanawha Uon volunteered services the Fk Festival moved The Kanawha Drive Extension Homemakers Club. Again we thank each of you or your interest in the Paul Floyd and Earl Bennett who thought this cause worthy of their Gilmer County landmark. financial support. To those who may wish to mvke donations to help with tbe To Carl Cart and Bob Reed for a moving job well dons. the utilities, please mail donations to W.V. State Folk Festival. And last, but not least, to Fern Rollyson for the use of her land on which to Glenville, 26351. place the building. W.YJ