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July 29, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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July 29, 2004

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QQ@ come :ough , you 7 he m be West ,~sire, other 15$ ' the I ;len- 1 the vide adu- ty to :om - uses s in that the l-net olo- pie. yof fits will )n," her yes, be g4- at ate for ".lp aia Ist lu- ed ng- f). t). lie ay in rl- Id CO ( y ) Pat 'S .... ,U , Thursday, July 29, 2004 -- "['he Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder Pat Ridpath, Burnsville .......... 853-2401 I I II I I I -- Page 7 l- CLEBURN AND FLARA GHERKE Ceburn and Flara Gherke of Graltsville will celebrate their 75th _ l,~dding anniversary on August 4, Z004. Cleburn is the son of the late Claude and Leota Gherke. He will celebrate his95th birthday on August 30, 2004. Flora is the daughter of the'late John and Biddie Kerby. She will be 94 on Jffy 27, 2004. rhey were married on August 4, 1c29, at the home of the bride in Srumptown, by the late Rev. Bernard Onnie Vanhorn. Cleburn and Flora were blessed with seven children: Eugene Gherke of Millsboro, DE; Ardene Gherke of Grantsville (deceased); Pauline VanHom ofSisson ville; Jurlene Thorn of Spencer; Radene Kuhl of Walker; Lorene Hathaway of Elkview; Arlene Smith of Williamstown. The~ have 23 grandchildren, two step-grandchil- dren, 42 great-grandchildren, and four great-great grandchildren. Family and friends have always been an important part of their lives and of their happiness, and we wish to take this opportunity to thank those that have shared special moments. Most of all, the Gherke family thanks God for a wonderful family and for making this 75th Wedding Anniver- sary possible. ( lotions! ? .._,,.n,g Venue Moved to VA. I am writing as usual on Saturday her. They love visitors, if youare *l|t'~,,~ News ~o~owoo,,.~, night, butIamsittingatthecomputer ever in the area .... in the fabulous home of my nephew, Mary Ann and I were pleased to 462-7093 Bruce and Carol Wine Bucklew. have our realtor bring a prospective .-- -,, ...... ~.., __ ~- After John and Mary Ann and I at- buyer to see our houses. If only one - .-----.,v"'itv--,t40me" Visitors l~njoyea tended church and enjoyed a wor- of the houses had a dining room, I ship service conducted by our step- believe she would have bought one of I appreciate all the prayers and get of Sundays ago. grandson, Gary Garden, we then ate them! Maybe next buyer will not well wishes. I really appreciate Mary Jane Fun" lunch and traveled through the beau- need a dining room. One time our It sure was good to have Katrina and sending me the nice picture and write- tiful mountains of West Virginia. brother, Sonny, brought a friend from Lindsey home fora few days' visit, upofDaleFurr, herhusband, andour We take the road through Nettle and Australia to visit in the old homeplace. Was good to have Duretha Mowery friend. down to Route 60, then on 1-64 to He was so captivated by it that he over to help out with us for a couple of Phyllis, I hear you were under the Virginia. How beautiful is that part asked to take pictures throughout, weeks, weatheragainbutstartingtoimprove. of WV! We again got on Route 60 Wehatetogiveitup, but Mary Ann is Mikala enjoyed having cousin Our sympathy goes out to the just past 1-81 and enjoyed going over no longer able to take care of it. It will Lindsey around for a few days to play Langford and Emerson family on the the Bhe Ridge Mountains and down be a wonderful home to whoever buys with; we have two fine granddaugh- loss of a dear friend, Rita Emerson. into the rolling landscape of Vir- it. ters. Her parents used to live beside me ginia, almost to Jetersville. The Mary Ann told me that Mapie Tena, Frank, Chris , Valinda and when I was five years old here in the weather was nice and the scenery Knight is back hom~ again. That twoboyswentforacoupleofdaysand community.Shelivedanicelonglife wasexhilarating. WelistenedtoCDs makes Mary Ann happy and l am sure stayed in a cabin and enjoyed some of 96 years. my daughter, Robin, sends us (gos- that makes Maple and Bob happy! fishing in Lewis County. Helpful hints: To keep hot oil from pel music by Loretta Lynn, Dolly Keep Maple in your prayers that she Eunice and Lane Nutter of Cox's splattering, sprinkle a little salt or Parton and Hee Haw group were our will continue to improve. Mills visited Emylea Shields. Anns flour in the pan before frying. To choices today). We will miss the celebration of Ruth Montgomery, Kathy Nolan and avoid toughened beans or corn, add BruceandCarolaresuchgracious BobandBettySingleton's50thAnni- AnnCarrvisitedalittlewhileacouple salt midway through cooking. hosts and their home is so magnifi- versary tomorrow! We hate that, but cent and comfortable. What a per- I am sure many people enjoyed visit- feet place they found, almost by ac- ing with them at the Senior Center. cident. With its four-stall garage and I have another e-mail update from shop, itscabin for a music studio, and Dr. Harry Wiant's visit with his grand- its spacious home, it was more than sons: AceNetters, we had three young perfect for them. Carol took the old ladies as guests yesterday.. All the iron bathtub from our homeplace in kids greatly enjoyed the slip & slide, Burnsville, painted the underside a Teresa brought home. After a lot of red-orange with gold trim and has it play, Teresa fixed a nice meal. Dur- set up in a room decorated in oriental ing the meal, Graham asked Sophia splendor, her cespa.? Since Bruce (also five years old) to marry him. has his own business, the large ga- She giggled and said yes They then rage houses all the equipment for his talked about a wedding, Don't run out variousprojectsandhenolongerhas and get gifts just yet! Actually, he to rent space for everything. He cry- asked another girl to marry him a year ates beautiful CDs in his studio that or so ago, and she said no. To be are professional in quality, continued .... About 20 years from One of the reasons we decided to now. Sonny ? come to Virginia this weekend was I love seeing the new roof being because my son, Chuck Bucklew, putonthelovelyMethodistChurchin was to be here from Ft. Lauderdale. Burnsville! Thanks to the contribu- He and Bruce went to Maryland to- tions from many of you, they are day to visit their only living uncle putting a pretty brick-red roof. It will (Larry) from the Bucklew side. be beautiful. By the way, it sounds While in that area, they picked up" like their Vacation Bible School was Bruce's sister, Suzanne, tobringhere, a huge success. Tomorrow two of her daughters will Seen on a roadside church sign: also visit. We are having a mini- The closest distance between a prob- reunion without ever planning it! lem and its solution is the distance ,Sandy Post stopped by here at this between your knees and the floor. JAMES ARNOLD, JR. AND JANNA EYRE DERBY Bucklew residence last week and Maranatha! Carol said it was wonderful to have III i ill i i i News Evelyn CaJrsoll The gracious custom of an open "Janna is a graduate of Clay Co. 462-8828 church wedding will be celebrated on High School and West Virginia ....... August 7 when Janna Eyre Derby Wesleyan College with an AB degree becomes the bride of James Dale in Public Relations and Social sci- Sick '"reetmg Better Ar.old, Jr. ences, is entering her third year at Ivan and Virginia Blake and I vis- ,and she took me to Elkins to the eye Thecandlelightceremony willtake Appalachian School .of Law in ited Tressie Ramsch and family and doctor, place at Trinity United Methodist Grundy, VA. ~. phyeddominoesTuesdaynight.Also, My daughter is doing very well Church, Glenville at 7:30 p.m. with James, a Tucker County High we visited and played dominoes with after her surgery. My son Jewell the Rev. Mike Ford officiating. School graduate, is a 2004 graduate Bonnie Drake one day last week. Carson visited me one day this week- Ms. Derby is the daughtdr of Mr. of Salem International University with Last Wednesday Carolina Taylor end. Hope all the sick are feeling and Mrs. David and Janis Campbell a B.S. in Physical Education. andFrankRichards took meto Weston better. A heartfelt sympathy goes out Derby of Clay and Arnold is the son The couple will reside in Grundy, of James Arnold and Betty Arnold of VA. where I met my ex--daughter-in-law to all that have lost loved ones. Parsons. GHS Scholarships ! MR. AND MRS. ERIC GREGORY Thomas~Gregory wed on June 19 of Earl and Ruth Rogers of Waynesboro, Va., and the late Albert and Erma Gregory of Cedarville. He owns Gregory Construction. The wedding was attended by three aunts, Mary Dueley, Marie Wilfong, and Great Aunt Ruby Cox of NC. They spend their honeymoon in Killington, Vt., and reside at Mill- Tina Dawn Thomas and Eric Bran- don Gregory were united in marriage on June 19, 2004, with Pastor Loren Price officiating. She is the daughter of Rick and Katheran Thomas of Millstone and granddaughter of Carsie and Nina Conley of Chloe and Kathleen Tho- mats and the late Charles M. Thomas of Millstone. She is employed at stone. The Old Glenville High School Alumni Association is a very active organization and it holds an annual reunion in Glenville on the last week- end of June. John Gainer, of Charleston, is the new president, taking the place of his brother, Bill. The group helps local students at- tend college via a very generous schol- arship program. For further information and to join Speedy Man Inc., Arnotdsburg. Denise Carter took photos at the this civic and youth improvement HeisthesonofChar.lesandCarolyn wedding and the cake was made by group, check out the Association's Gregory of Cedarville and grandson Dee Wilford. continuing website with alumni lists at II /"~1~"~ Serving Gilmer & ( ~ Counties Since 1953 r " With trolley cars ("rae~s"), convert- overhang in the back of the barn and use For your home, auto, life, health and long-term care motorcycle, flood, business insurance, & bonds. Jim Collins, Agent Travis Woodford, Agent 216 E. Main St. Glenville, WV Phone 462-7951 Fax 462.-4600 ibles ("cisiums"), and flatbeds broken Popsicle sticks to plow roads for "plaustrums") filling the streetsofRome, my matchbox cars. It never bothered me accompanying the usual hustle of city that the "dirt" was ancient horse dung. i life, a longing developed for their earlier Every time I think of doing that, 1 can and more simple agricultural existence, picture blue skies, fluffy white clouds, Vergil gave vent to it about 30BC in his ant: hear our portable radio playing, Georgics. The "back to "Just give me land, lots the earth" movements of the 70s and early 90s in our country were modemexamples of the same desire. rye had itall my life. The nostalgia goes back to my grade school i years in the late 1940s. Our family two-week summer vacations : were spent on the old Daschbach farm in East Butler, Pa. I loved it! I always remember the place as run down. We lived in the front section of the farm- house since the back had collapsed. There was no electricity, no running water. Potlable kerosene lanterns provided night lighting. We slept on straw-filled mat- tresses and pillows, and washed and bathed in a large steel pan. A two-seated Outhouse graced the path on the way to the springhouse. Within the latter, an of land, under starry skies above. Don't fence me in." A creek ran through the 100-acre property, and one of its pools became our swimming hole. Dad once had to chase a snake out be- fore we jumped in. The creek also pro- vided an opportunity in which to ex- plode tin-can salutes on July 4th. We'd tie those m i n iature dynamite sticks (that's what they seemed like to us) to rocks, ignite them, and drop them into the pool. Wondrously they'd stay lit and explode under water. It was just as much fun to light and toss them so that they exploded in the air, sending echoes of their blasts through the small valley on the prop- erty. Of course, part of the July 4th firecracker fun was knowing they were illegally smuggled in from Ohio in the trunk of my Uncle Harry's car, (Thank God for Statutes of Limitation or I wouldn't be writing this.) Myrtle Beach, cruises on Disney ships, Boardwalks have no appeal to me after those summers in Butler. Like the ancient Romans, ! have an ever-present longing for the "gift to be simple, the gi ft to be free, the gift to come down where we ought to be." I I I III I ever flowing stream of cold, clear water filled a square cement receptacle about two feet high and deep, spilling over into a trough that sat along the walls inside We'd fill that trough with pop bottles or anything else we wanted to keep cool. The old barn housed a surrey with a fringe on top, still in fine workingcondi- tion. We would climb in and out of it, scaring the mice within its seats, and delight in jumping from an eight foot i p~l 102 @ CLOSED SATURDAYS THU, JULY 30 TO WED. AUG. 5 THE VILLAGE (~"") 12:00- 230- ~(.~J - 7:30- 9:45 THE BOURNE SUPREMACY 11:45 - 2:00- 4:30 - 7:00- 9:15 (PG-13) ,, CATWoMAN t~-~a) 12:15 - 2:45 - 5:00 - 7:30- 9:45 THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE I:,t0- 4:15 - 6:15- 9:30 (R) Aug. 4 & Aug. 5 Kids' Flicks CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN l l l .-- Set up 1 (" t Twin Set $349 :uii set $449 Queen Set $499 King Set $899 Brookfleld l Ywin sot $449 Fu, set $549 Queen Set $599 King Set $799 "No ]Flip" $499 $899 King Set $899 I Same as Cash n ,.-..