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July 31, 2003     The Glenville Democrat
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July 31, 2003

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Column continued ... Continued from page 3 ) Thu~day. July 31, 2003 --- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder -- Page 5 ton is at being a news Annual ~Acst Vir was viewed than an) of the For one thing. 31 of the state',, Thus. more In- his year. Moreover. testament to the State's rural to commu- many of the Belle.,,. of their wisdom. and beauty. was, indeed, out- they will re- turn next year as "Past Belles." for me, but il looks like he's ~r~ a major Hasta ia vista~ construction projecl at his h~,me now- Astheysay ~n New.Mexico,"Hastaa-days. Additionally. zf the ,,ociable la vista?" Be ad~, ised that Patrick and Ed Hogan didn't live m Jack,cmville, I will be visiting my brother, sister- Fla., he'd be glad to take over In fact, in-law, and family in New Mexico he e-mailed me that he'd change sev- this next week eral of our p~dicies which would prob- So, don't let it t]ood here. don't die, ably make them better. and don't let things get "out of con- At the same time, cverytimc I go on trol" while we're vacationing!vacation, my policies are changed. But, As a stand-in for me, l'm turning when I return .... the show over to Mr. Rick Simmons, In all seriousness, we editors and the the long-time Ripley publisher and staff will endeavor to help out any of myson-in-lav.. Ahhough he'sbeen m you with your needs during the next ill health, he was nice enough to vol- week. And, I'll be seeing you the fol- unteer for this weeklong assignment, low week, with many stories about the I had thought that maybe I should landmarks of and happenings in New ask the colorful Jack Cawthon. of Mextco and Nevada. Morgantown and Glenville, to sit in "Hasta ta vista?" know whom Cc n tinu ed fr_._om page 3 ) your dealing with?' cont. Which should tell you trying to intimidate me by your con- the Bible. As to the term "Romanist," if has its necessary stant use of the word "bigot." 1 really it upsets you or offends you, then I will m obtaining salva- don't understand why you have re- refrain from using it. future, I will lated the story of your family suffer- There now, I have done the gentle- tsubject including the ing bigotry by the KKK unless you manly thing andexpect the same from tow, Iwon't are trying to equate the actions of the you. You produce from my letters sub- KKK to what I am doing in opposing where I have said that baptism is un- the heresy of the yourchurchteachingsconcerningthe necessary or offer an apology. Fair pope. If such is the case, then I resent enough? ~)esn't believe it ob- your implications. You will find I am You complain that I don't know the it adds other not easily intimidated, teachings of the Catholic church, but I as sacraments, goodYou give your religious experi- perceive that you don't know anything me say that if you ence and training and indicate that about Baptist beliefs. John 3:5 is bap- you believe I am giving misinforma- In closing, I want to make one more upon tion about the Catholic church. I can comment about this thingof"bigotry." recogmzeanunhlblicallcachingv.hcn I ,,~ quite amazed ',hat you and the Ithe King James ver- I see one, There J~, no pc,pc m the N e,,~ to,_A Roman Catholic priest would be and asked why I Testament. As to my Christian be- s* ~ocal about int,,Icrance (bigotry~ since the both of you are members o! ', olthe King liefs, I do not base them on the umn- of the spired writingsoi the Apocrypha. the the most intolerant church found in ; My dear ,,~r, I ac-pseudepigrapha, the early church (a- church history. Need I go into detad ~ .acceptthe thers, a collectiem of man-made tro- ut was translated ditions, paganism, or a pope. tongues and has When my beliefs are challenged. I In Him, do not begin to cry "bigot." or "prcju-Larry K Keenan, Pastor much al:a,ut "big- diced." or "hatred" which J~ the latestKanawha Drive Church priest, emphasis of this humanist society m are which we are living. I ~imply go to c, Protestant or Baptist will be in heaven Or Jesus Christ, and whose sin debt hc polsucal reasons. all the ministers has paid on the cross of Calvary. Pride has now got in the way of the Biblethat Instead of spending our time and ju-,hce. The church's opponents try to energy arguing with each other, wc blame Thomas Jeflerson for their won'tbe should uniteand putthe full force ~,t ~:ur,,ace to take the church out ofevery Heaven. Neither our eflbrts in fighting the real co- aspect of our lives, built was really the Methodist, emies of God who are also the en- agnostic members of the Supreme emies of every born-again Christian Court who issued their decree and it is there be an' We might start with the Supreme the lower court justices who are trying ~gle Court and the Justice System. Like to enforce it even though it is not hie how many inno- Satan who has grown from the set- v, ill of the majority of the people. they kill. pent in the Garden of Eden to the " In spite of all their claims, our a surety thai He is mighty dragon of Revelations, the Consitution was based on God's laws Lruth, and the life Supreme Court has grown from six for ma=a, especially the Ten Command- beone members meeting one or two weeks a .,'he nts. denomination in year, hearing cases only after taking Unless the Christian churches unite be saved by Holy Communion, to the nine mem- m work and prayer, we will never be 14:1 says. bers they .are today, meeting nine able to throw off the despotic rule of faith receive months of the year. In the beginning, these unchristian men and women. they met in any empy room they No matter how much spin they use, ofuslivethto could find in the Congressional build- the truth is, God said, "I change not" 9himse'lf." ing. In 1935, Franklin Delnao(Malachi 3:6). What was right 200 who will live Roosevelt built them the magnificent years ago is still right today. have edifice they occupy today and has R.L Pritt the blood of increased their numbers to nine for Is it also illegal to buy cigarettes ? alter their appearance, use fake i.d.s, problem is handled is wrong, I be- this letter to address etc., testing the cashier often during lieve that it is not a way to success- bothered me for times when the store is busy and the fully solve the problem. What is the that perhaps cashier is distracted, best way to discourage minors from concerns or Let me reiterate, I support the laws buying cigarettes'? Fining and firing against minors smoking cigarettes, store employees is not going to do it. sale ofciga- and the laws against the sale of ciga- Obviously these minors do not care tothe fore- rcttc to minors. However, it pains about the torc cmploycc or their indeed, some- me to seehard-working, middle class fate. The best way to stop this from .Actually, though, people (often working for minimum happening is to start punishing the ts that minors are wage)beindangerofexpensive fines kids who are doing this. Make them to do so. and the )oss a job because td" an pay a line or do community ,,cr ice. I them ot error m iudgmcnt Cashier wage, :tre am not a lawyer, so I do n~ know age to purchase simpl? not worth the constant st~c-,s what avenues the governmer~I has for '.heir new habit,because of thi,,