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July 31, 2003     The Glenville Democrat
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July 31, 2003

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;!t 5~ Page 8 -- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder --- Thursday, July 31, 2003 Pat's Pat Ridpath, Burnsville 853-2401 Yearbook lovingly prepared I rcccived tile lollow, ing letter m)m DavM Parmcr and will be glad to relay any infornmuon you may ha~e about the people he mentions: Hi Pat. I need some mfornlation on Juanita McNcmar Meyer for my 1935 ~ear- book project and thought you might be able to help A~, you know. Juanita graduated in 1935 and I believe stayed for a semes- ter in 1936 to take advantage o[ com- mercial course work g~ven in the evening by Miss Beals. 1 understand she later went to Washington. D.C. forcareerwork and married Mr Meyer late in life. If you can give mc any other details regarding her career and also her date of death it would be much appreciated. Also I need the date of death ut Roy Smith who graduated from BHS in 1935. I believe he was the son of Okey Smith who lived near the upper >wing- ing bridge at Stringtown. If you could give me the name of someone to call regarding that intk)rmation I would appreciate it. One last request---Mildred Jack- son graduated from BHS in 1035. She lived on Acadcnlv Street in the same house later lived in b', P, take family (Paul, Vaughn. Mauhcw). I have been unable to locate anyone who knows anything about her. Would you happen to remember her' l was told that her dad Jcpaired watches bm lhat is ab,,ut all I know. Any help v, ould hc apprc',.i,tted. David Parser It is truH wondcrlu[ what he has done to prepare yearb~,oks li,r bygone years[! Plea~c call ~,~ write ~, me if you have .m\ inftwll.~tion that will help him. David i, u grea~ ,,upportcr ,ff the Library in [",urnsvillc [he nca librar- ians have expanded Ihc hour,, when the librar'~ v, lll be open Plca,,e USE the library! Fhey ha~ u great ~lans for a children und ajmcnflc center. The new hours are Monda,, 10 - 7: Tues- daythrough Friday It) 5: Saturday 10 - 2. Ever>one shoukl find a conve- nient time to goto the l~brary with the new schedule. My children and grandchikh-en are here from Florida Missouri and Richwood. and we arc having a great time! It is ~,o wondertul has ins them home Tho~,c of you who have chil- dren and grandchildren close by should count your blessings c~eryday'. Visitor~ at Mary Ann Bucklew's home on V~cdnesdav were Den and Ellen and Philip Stil~cll. I also went there to cnloy their company. It is always great to get together with cous- ins and other fanlily and frielldb. A house burned down {or is 2t burned "'up'"?) in gurnsville last week. It was the highest house in to~ n. I think. The topmost house on tile hilt above the bank and Go Mart. (And above the new place that I hear is going to be a Gino's Pizza place - oh. how I wish it were Tudor's Biscuit World. instead! That would get a lot of business from around here We already HAVE a good pizza place! Don't need another one!) My morn and her family used to live in that house. Her dad's parents lived in the house up the hill from where t live now. They did not have telephones in those days. so if they needed something, they would hang out a ~,heet or something and the c-lor of the fabric indicated what was needed. Thev could '~ee, but not hear each other ff'om the opposite hill. My chat missed some of the papers last week because I had a "'senior momcni and dldn t put a Subject m the Subiect line of the cmail ..... I suppo-,c the ones who hrulg up Ihc email fu~,t deleted ~t as ~,~,mc spare .,f crank cmail. Oh. '.'.ell, h,~ those v, ht, are inw~csted, hcrc is a ,,[ightly ~c- vised ~crsion of la>l wcck , column: Angel> must surely ha~c joined in with the congregation and differcm groups that sang on Sunda>. July 13 at Burns~ille Dam. There beside the outflov~ trom rite danl. the mounta~r~:, rise on all sides and echvcd with the singing. Choirs from the different churches glorified and w ur,,hiped God with thei, enthusiasm duri ng the Sun- day School Convention that is held every year at this same tinle. If your church has not joined with them, they are missing a blessing as they fellow- ship and worship with other,. There must have been 200 people lrom five or more congregations joined with testimonies and singing and (of course) good lbod. (Someone may correct my estimate.) Buncy Marple told us in her col- umn last week about the Memories-of-Falls-Mill Picnic that w'as to beheld July 26 & 27 at Falls Mill. That sounds like a real I> enjoy- able get-together that is held yearly. I wish I could have attended, but was busy with family who arc visiting me. My daughter, Robin Bucklew will be here from Kansas City. (We picked her up in Columbus on Fri- day, July 25.) Chuck and his daugh- ter Laura Beth came from Florida, as The GeraldineMarks 462-7477 Chrissy's Pet Q&A Chrissy educanines@ Training your puppy before Chrissy Linzy is a Ccrtilied Pet Dog Trainer, certified by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers ~APDT) and a Canine Good Citizen w, aluator, rec- ognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). More infonnatum about the APDTcan be found at ~v~tw.apdt.corn, and you can learn about the AKC. and the Canine Good Citizen test. at If you have a dog train- ing question, email chriss),r You can also sign up for a weekly newsletter that includes training tips and product reviews at Dear Chrissy. I have a new puppy, that is 7 week~ old. I have enrolled her in classes, but they don't start tor a few weeks. Is there anything I can do to start work- ing with her before class starts'? RL well as Scott and his family from Richwood. Mary Ann's daughterEZRA AND (L) ANNETTA MINNEY ROGERS AND (R) TRESSIE Suzanne visited at the same time. MINNEY QUEEN GARRETT (Our kids are all Bucklews because Family History M,~sto~. we married brothers way-back-when! ) We are having sort Thanks to Annabell's baby daugh- "Hatfields and McCoys" in the outdoor Dear RL. of a mini-reunion. Robin got a ride ter, Jane Rogers Houx, I finally have theater. They all enjoyed the play. The first thmg y,,~r puppy needs to withfriendsasfarasColumbus.Since a picture of my great uncle Ezra OnSunday, ReginaattendedtheOak learn is that noth~>.: in life is frec she seldom comes, all the others plan Minney, 5-17-1882, l l-8-1956, and Grove Baptist Church Homecom,ng. Bctore she gets attention from you. to meet her here. I can hardly wait to two of his daughters to share with We had a nice crowd and lots of food. she has to ,.h, somcfl,mg that ,,ou a_,,k see them all. my readers. Mary Tomulitis, a daughter of Ottie her to do. I i kc sit o~ ~c down ur shake lenjoymy(almost)daily walksup Ezra married Alsinda (Cottrill) and Stella McElwee Mace, drove all hands. Sitting she,aid be her defauh the road toward the dana, then down Minney 10-5-1904. They had eight the way from Phillipi to attend the Oak D,,,mon, so to sp,-,,k Anytime she Front Street or the upper ",trcet on the children: two daughters, Tressa 7- Grove Homecommg. Mary' grew up on ~>~it sure v, hat she -h ~uld be doing ~n ~thersideofthe n,,er. I Io,.e walking 17-1910-7-14-1994 and Annabell the homeplace on Hi-Bank of Steer a new situat,m, v,~. ,~ant to condition on the ,winging bridge and looking 6-4-1918-9-13-1992 rcached adult- Creek. She remembered walking hcrtositting This r, much betterthan at the v, ater where my grandmother, hood and three sons,m Leslie Vessie, through the hills and attending church conditioning her I,, jump on Great Golda McNemar used to spend re- Sylvester "David" and Odell reached at Oak Grove when she was growing Aunt Martha with her brand new hip laxinglnmrsfishing from the bank or adulthood, up. A few years ago, Mary was the Toteach apupp.~ ms~t, get someot from a h~at.Oftcn,t~me ofhergrand- Ezra had a lot of concern for his Barbour Co. Belle at the Folk Festival. her puppy' lo~ (ma> bc 8-10 pieces~ children woul& I lsh along with her. family. He personally made a trip to Grandson Ben says Mary really knows and show it to her. Slowly rat.,,c it int~, but it not. she ~v,ts content to fish Glenville to report the birth of at- how to fry fish. the airand back over her nose. In order alone. She was a ,,pecial person and most every one of his 21 cildren and I liked the nice things she said about u, keep the food in her sight, she will meant a lot to all of her family. They the death of those less fortunate, my column. Thanks, Mary. ha~e to sit down to hUIow it. As soon moved from their home beside the Ezra was a farmer, as his ances- Son Tim, wife Debby and daughter a> she is sitting, prm,,c herand g~ve her river almost as soon as the dam went tots had been. He worked hard mak- Jennifer are on their way home from a p~ece oflbod. Repeat this 5- 10 time, m. My grandfather. Arley could imag- ing a living for his family. The Min- Utah They spent a week with daughter a few times a day. If the kibble isn't ine the dam bursting and taking their hey family lived in the Stumptown Leslie and her husband, Caleb, and ~orking, you can use treats, just re- home down to Glenville or area and a little over thirteen years grandchildren Bradley and twins, Luke member not to overlced her by using Parkersburg or something. They after Ezra and Alcinda were mar- andEnul,~ "Fhc.xd~dah~tol,,lghtsccmg treats throughout the day, and then found a pretty little home in Buckh- tied, she died at 37 years of age. and spent a lot el qual~D tmle with the fecdingherthesameamountoffoodat annon andmoved there after my morn Annabell was eleven days old and grandchildren, mcahimes. After she is sitting reliably, died. her grandma, Annetta Rogers Min- One of the highlights of the visit was w ith the food lure, you can start saying falsest always walk on the upper ney, rode a horse from her Laurel Dinosaurland They plan to do some "sit" as her bottom hits the ground. street s,, that l can pit my aging body home to Alcinda's funeral andsightseeing in Colorado on their way You will also fade out the food lure by against the climb up the hill. It makes brought the new baby home with her home and get through Kansas as fast as me huff and puff, I can tell you. so she could care for her. they can. Kansas was too flat and they ahhough it is getting easier. Mywalk Alcinda is buried across Steer tired really fast driving throught it. is about two m~es altogether I am Creek in a Stumptown Cemetery. Patty Miller, daughter Bobble and works ~ them~m eht shift, so I try to Life was hard for the Minney family, granddaughter Kyli Carol Marshall vis- do the I~calthy thin)s, drink plenty of after Alcinda~s death. 'g fled at our July Thimbles and Threads ,,ater. sleep at least 7hours, iflcan, OnMarch 13. 1922, Ezra married Quilt Guild meeting. The guild had Sympathy extendedto walk and eat fresh salads and fruit Josephine "Josie" Stull and they made a quill for fi~e-month-old Kyli with my meals everyday. Sleeping in moved to Big Run of Leading Creek and her parents. Chris and Bobbi, had. the daytime is a problem for night near Glenville. Thirteen children planned their vacation so they could workers. I have a comfortable, cush- were'born to Ezra and Josie. Most of visit us. toned sleep mask to keep it dark, and this information came from my sis. Kyli is a granddaughter of Gene and a sound machine to cover outside ter Connie's The Descendants of Patty Millerandagreat-granddaughter noises, and I turn the phone off. Still, Sylvester David Minney. Accord- of Gaff Miller. Gall and Gene live on at times after about four hours of ing to Connie, Ezra and Josie lived the Shock Stumptown Roa.d. sleep. I awaken and want to get out in on the farm until their deaths. George Rose. Charley, Smith. and the sunshine and do something be- DaughterReginaandherhusband, Golda Jenkins are all taking chemo- sides sleep. I sometimes take Todd Stewart, visited melast week- therapy and radiation. Get better fast. Benadryltohelpmegetbacktosleep. end. Todd's family all went to everyone. If you need a sleep mask, go to a Grandview Park and saw the search site and put in "hibermate" and look at that mask. Or just put in "'sleep mask" and look at all the help a~ailable for us who must sleep in daytighL Some children were fishing last week as I was walking just in front of B~,b and Maple Knight's home. Four or live o[ them were there with their gear all ~pread out be~ide the river under the spreading shade of a tree. It reminded me of days gone by when I was. young and this was a daily sight in ihc summer I tad Boylcs of Wcston called me till- week and talked about remem- bcr~ ng my great-uncle Clayton Wmnt and his son Lctcher. Her grandpar- ent,. John and Catherute Boyles lived at the Stockert place aNwe Burnsville. She remember> that her grandmother vi:qtcd Clatc and fannly. Dad is a friend of my coworkcr. Fhalia Fisher, and was so pleased that Thalia and Chrl, brought little Kristen to see her. Maranatha'. In a healthy human being, the body temperature is lowest in the morning and then rises until late afternoon. It falls again during sleep. I UUl i News Evelyn Car son 462 -8828 Visiting friends and neighbors Ivan, Virgima Bhtkc and l_:Nclyn LaP, tm. 1 was surprL,,cd tu >co Karcn. Carson visited Bonnie Drake and vis- Bonnie Drake. Ivan, and Virginia ited TressieRamsch and fanlily this Blake and Evelyn Carson went Fri- past week and played doll/inocb, day mgl~t t,~ 13ill and l_~-,a ."icll'n :,ale We had a big crowd at the Senior They sure had a lot to sell and a hi) Center Friday at the covered dish. Wc crowd there. sure had it good lucal [ lalkcd to Ill} daughtct ~ll t:lt~rlda Those that lt:~dc the van Thursday today. Fhcy sure are ha~, mg plenty of wcrc ()Iota Singleton. Madge rain. Also, l talked to nly sister in-law To,an>end. Maxinc Waugh. Mrs in Ohio. She had surgery tm her nusc ('~nrad. Lcc I=~.crctt>,. [ivclyn ('arsoll. t',cll ix doing very well I:rank Richards, Maggie Stump. and Last Sunday, 1 visited Roger and ~,tn driver+ Roger \Vccsc. Jean Rccsc and :.tic dinner with them l'hosc that rode Charlic Riillc+s \.all Wc had a good tlUl alld a good nlcal were Gladys Burton, Edna Lamb, They sure have a nice trailer. Dresser McCroy. Glenda McCmy+ I went to thank them tbr coming Everetts Cooper, Wihna Wiscman,after me. They met mc at church, then Evelyn Carson. and Frank Richards. they brought me home. Visiting me Thursday were my ex- Out heartfelt sympathy goes out to daughter in-law and my son Jcwell those that have lost hwed ones. usingan For example, sit, sit. treat, sit. sit treat. Think of it machine. They coming, but they S Mary Sunshine Pierce is having open- heart surgery at Chicago Children's Memorial Hospital on August 13. The family needs help with the expenses for Ihe trip. They will be in Chicago at least 3-4 weeks. Any financial donations, calling cards, gas cards, gift certificates to restaurants, as well as your prayers, will be much appreciated. Thank you and God bless you! 462-8788 ( Advertise and sell those unwanted items. ALLYSON PAIGE FRYMIER July birth announced Emary and Jessica Frymier of Cox's Mills are proud to announce the birth of their second daughter, Allyson Paige Frymier. Allyson was born July 3, 2003. at Stonewall Jackson Hospital in Weston. She weighed 9 pounds 2 ounces and was 21 inches hmg. Allystm v+as welcomed home by her big s~ster, Autumn. Maternal grandparents are Kevin Jones of Cox's Mills and Sherry Jones of Troy. Paternal grandparents are Rose Hadeer of Cedarvitle and the late Mike Frymier of Tanner. a51 Teaching down sitting position. take a treat (or her into the down ing the treat to the gradually easin back, into your in order to keep the she will have to lie she does that+ praise the food. S-me thing ~ word and fading Once she t exercises, you will I*! them to keep her calrr~ are harmenine. You her It) ,,,,ine hide and ,eek effecu,.c at the, age. and the two el ,ou one (d '.~,u .,,tax in You ,h~,uld bolh hN to entertain her when Call he~ ~t~ you she gct, there ,, toy {qmck tug g~me, ball,ere ~. Then. lade. first, y~,ur partnc will You can also room It, room. and "catching" you When she is ~cin running arounl the ing the cat, id~all her out and g workout, eith:r chasing on a string (tke a cat She needs burn offher~nergy. be by climHng ),our I recomnend that you can stuff puppy, ard reading Positb, c 12;og Good lu& with classes, and ) Chris..), Our sympathy goes out to the fricnc'ofNorthCaroti+ Vanhoosc family: Frank wilt be Bl~lrc ~,x,"ilson o1' '~ missed by many. He was a good neigh- with Ins sister her and friend to many. witl" In spite of the few sprinkles. Ihc 4- '~lq'e 4-H H Club stirred off at nice kettle of hclr~d with their rec apptebutter. We plan to have our car ~,~e want to ,lash and bake sale Aug 9 at tq~od- whiTc',crlhe~, ina~, land We al.,,o want to kcc CongratulationsonthebirthofRickpreyers that they and Shelli Smith's new baby boy. Betty safely. Riffle and Lane and Mary Lue Smith Helpful cooking h~ are happy to bc grandparents again. Forextra Visiting Emylea Sheilds over the burgers, add 1/4cup weekend wcrc Mr. and Mrs. Re), p, cr pound of meat lsenhart and Mr. and Mrs. Jasonlfst~uptaste,svery Bennet and daughter of Clarksburg. ofpotatoplaced in Also, Pare Barnette, baby girl and the salt. Mar 'Working at the Car We have had a few storms but 1 do believe ever nothing too serious. It is raining r[unity is doing okay. enough to keep the grass growing an) and the weeds in the garden growing, also. 4-H Clubs and church groups are out in force having bake sales and car washes. That is a lot of work having a car wash, especially fora few small people and lots of big trucks and~ cars, and lots of work (beforehand') for moms to get ready for a bake sale. But it is for a cause. 1998 DODGE CARAVAN * AUTOMATIC r Jahte * AIR CONDITION * VACATION READY ALL PAYMENTS CALCULATED A T 7.~9% APR FOR 54 MONTH TERM. 0 DOWN TAXES AND FEES EXTRA, ON APPROVED CREI)iT, SUBJECT TO PRIOR SA LE. Mt. Earnest last Sund~Y i'nprovement over vere only 13. This tme. Well, here it is the 1 Time to say 'Happy ing in August. May )yable days. Sale Price $7,995.00 Stock #P326A SALE ENDS AUGUST Corridor H Buckhannon 472-1700 or 1-800-400-7770 Visit Us On The Web