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July 31, 2003     The Glenville Democrat
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July 31, 2003

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Page 6 -- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder -- Thursday, Junly 31, 2003 Dual receivers --- Installed for first-time buyers (Programs start at $33.99 per month, which includes over 100 channels.) Plus Tax for a Free single receiver Installation 315 W. Main St. - ve session, Continued frompage 1 job?" give out copies of their June 30, 2003 thefollowingpeoplewerehired:Linda tabled initially. The board voted to followin ploy John Nicolais as Varsity Volley_ Board President Ratliff promptly Treasurer's Report. President Ratliff, Cook (Cook III-GES, Patty Lowther rescind the RIFs of Renee Ray at (SFE), ball Coach, Cindy Szabo, Mini-Titan responds, "We can't discuss this until once again, instantly answered in the (4/5thgradeteacher-SFE),EricEmch GCHS and Carol Rush at NES, while Bus Run-P.M., Volleyball Coach; increase the days other problems are addressed." affirmative. Simultaneously, Super- (music/band director-GCHS), Diana approving the transfer ot~Connie business official, for principals and the Medicaid coor- In reply, an apparently knowing intendent Waggoner cautioned any- Sharps (athletic trainer), Mary Beth GroggtoTES.So, theonly RIFin that sition (GCHS dinator; to rescind the RIF of Renee Mrs. Minney states, "I now under- one, who asked to receive one, that he Stewart and Jessica Ball (co-Varsity/ specificagendacategory notrescinded kindergarten aide Ray (GCHS), the transfer of Connie stand." At the same time, the general or she should understand that the ac- Mini-Titan cheerleading coaches), wasthat ofMyraWoodford ofGCHS. Grogg (TES), RIF of Carol Rush public was not told what was tran- tual "year-end carry-over" amount Enoch A. Bishop and Randy Ratliff (After the meeting, Mrs. Woodford approved the (NES), RIF of Myra Woodford spiring behind the scenes relative to isn't firm yet. Moreover, the vast ma- (co-Golf coaches), and Linda Bailey told this reporter that she'd still like to contracting wi'th (GCHS), a Track Coaching Position; this position, jority of that June Treasurer's Report (preschool classroom/transportation have her old job back.) tion Counseling for to post positions for half-time Cooks Much ofthe position tablinghad to stated $629,431.06 fortheendingfund aide-NES). On approving these hir- Alsoafter the meeting, Superinten- school year (classified Cook I1) for TES, NES, do with finances and the board's not balance is composed of restrictive ings, HOE President Ratliff wanted dent Waggoner explains to this re- Roach should be and SFE, and a Director of Student having solid new fiscal year budget- federal funds and grants which are not the record to show a 3-0-1 vote, with porterthatowing, inpart, to the Board's staffer renderin Services. ary figures as of yet, according to discretionary funds, she explains, his being the lone abstaining voter-- decision to table so many positions okaying the The latter student services post de- SuperintendentWaggonerwhoclari- notingthatthefinalcarry-overamount presumably because his brother got and to hire others, the budgetary opment Plan; and cision raised a sharp question from fled this strategy after the meeting, will only be known when the Finan- one of the golfing coaching posts, money was there to rescind those who tendance Policy. Mrs. Nancy Minney who was seated privately to this reporter, cial Statement is published in this After these approvals, the board were RIF-ed, except for Mrs. Wood- The among the on-looking, tired, and In fact, at the meeting, Mrs. Min- newspaper in August. next took up several RIFs and a trans- ford. an atypical day: at 7 weary public. She asks, "What is this ney asked the Board if they would As to the other personnel business, fer case which had seemingly been The Board, then, voted to post the Aug. 7 at the ilmer rans I t Continued from page 1 This display isn't just about Damon West who posed in his U.S. Gilmer's men, either. Area women Army uniform, Rupert Stump whoalsoservedtheircountryduringWW donned his Air Force stripes, O.V. II. Adorning theexhibitare pictures "Gene" Ellyson who was ready for of Catherine Withers Akers, Edna action, and Billy Bennett who stood McQuain, and Arlene Walton, all in proud and tall in his Marine Corps military uniforms. uniform. In addition, another lady in uni- FEED FASHIONS -- In the past on most Gilmer County farms, the farmer's wife had to be frugal, inventive, and practical -- all of the time and even when sewing. As a result, she would make dresses, blouses, bonnets, bedding, and many other cloth products out of used feed bags. Hence, Mrs. Marion Reed, a Glenville resident who is active in the Gilmer County Historical Society, got the idea to collect and display some of these innovative, yet beautiful home-made products at the Holt House Museum for this year's Folk Festival. She named the interesting and colorful exhibit, "Feed Store Fashions." These will be on display until the end of this week. form was photographed and it is on 1953 and Edsel Moss in 1946," she II." display, but her name remains a mys- adds, mentioning that Mike is a Ko- SocietymemberBeulahRobinson, tery. Perhaps some future visitor will rean War veteran, also, put together a placard to honor know her name and be able, like a Margaret, also, fixed up a display the veterans of her Tanner area. detective, to solve this mystery, for 2003 Gilmer County Belle Bar- But, there's more to this exhibit For Margaret Moss, the Historical bara Reed's late husband, Beecher, than just WW II. Pictures or memora- Society's secretary and acting cura- whowasaWWII veteran. "Since she biliaofGilmerCountiansin theCivil tot, the working up of this large, col- is our Belle this year, I thought that War, Spanish-American War, and orful exhibit was a labor of love. "I this display would mean something WW I are also available for the public had plenty ofhelp, with Marion Reed, to the other Belles," she relays, scrutiny. Beulah Robinson, Hunter Armen- Among the other individuals and Moreover, in the left parlor room, trout, and others, especially the local families which are subjects of this Marion (Mrs. Richard) Reed devel- veterans -- all assisting uswhen they display are the following: the Gain- oped a "Feed Store Fashions" Ex- could to make this a meaningful ex- ers, the Frymiers, both of Tanner; hibit. This display is novel, colorful, hibit," she says. Ernest Lee Arbuckle, Jack Conrad, and instructive -- something that Continuing to speak as she takes Albert J. Woofter, Patrick Reale, and every farm family wilt enjoy seeing. down a posterboard full of family Pfc. Paul Holbert, who was killed in Most importantly, the Feed Store snapshots and newspaperarticles, she action and the brother of Phyllis Star- Fashions and Veterans history dis- admitsthatbothherandherhusband's key. As to Pfc. Holbert, the news plays are in the tradition of trying to families have distinguished service clipping indicated that he was Gilmer preserve our state's folk heritage -- records in many of the wars during County's 28th casualty of WW II and the major reason for wanting to con- the20thcentury. Pointingtothe"Ross the news report was dated: Aug. 16, tinue the Folk Fest!v~l annually. As a Knisley Family's" placard, she ex- 1945. result, the county'.s Historical Society plains, "My brother, Ron Knisley, Glenville's Richard Reed, a U.S. wanted to do its part to bolster an was in the Air Force in the Korean Navy veteran who served in the elite appreciation of the area's veterans Conflict and my son, Milton Se~'s, BlueRaiderairsquadron, placedsome and handicrafts. Jr., served in the U.S. Army during of his memorabilia from the military The Holt House Museum is open the Vietnam War." service and Japan in an actual display 10a.m.-I p.m Mon. through Sat., but In addition, she points to an inter- case. He was pictured in Kissarazu, this weekend may be the final one for esting WW II "War Ration Book" Japan, while that sat next to a U.S. these two al~ove-mentioned specific which belonged to her uncle, Ken- Government propaganda leaflet displays. neth Shuman. For the war effort, ci- dropped over Japan, and a piece of In conclusion, one of the most im- vilians had to limit the quantities of Japanese clothing. This was, indeed, portantaspectsofpreservingourfolk- certain commodities that they could a colorful addition to the exhibit, lore is preserving our history. And, in buy, she notes. At 12, Samuel Adams was the doing the latter, the Gilmer County For her husband, Mike's, family, youngest contributor to the exhibit. Historical Society has accomplished Margaret pasted together the military As the grandson of U.S. Army vet- anoutstandingachievementviaspon- service records of the children of eran, Raymond Adams, the younger soring these two special exhibits. Jennings Moss. "Mike is a native of Adams did research, designed, and Next Historical Society Meeting Gienville and he had five brothers," made a map of Europe which traced At 6:30 p.m. on this Thurs. she explains. "Joe Moss served in "where my grandfather was in WW evening, July31,theGiimerCmmty Historical Society Holt House regular meetings program " Mr. Hunter Society's president, what has t meeting -- to to plan Thurs., Aug. 21 Calhoun County the Gilmer Rec Home. All aged to the May 16-17 can make it a mailing in bank Rocke child tax Working to fi~ falls in the Repul~ tor Jay Rockefel legislation tod~ tax credi earn between and currently of the $1,000 than 57,000 ginia, and nearly nationwide Rockefeller plan. t 4P 4P Spot (NAPSA)-While sunlight on your develop the condition, but only two face feels good at the time, it's impor- in 10 seek the advice of a dermatolo- tant to remember too much may cause gist. spots of trouble down the road. The good news is that the first A common skin problem resulting. FDA-approved combination topical from overexposure tosunlight iscalled product for the treatment of solar solarlcntigines, commonly known as lentigines, called Solagt(r) age, sun, or liver spots. 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Glenville 462-8933 HOSPITALS Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital 230 Hospital Plaza Weston 269-8000 O' GSC Physical Education Bldg. Glenville 462-8933 i ii Gt .P' .. C A DlVtSION OF MINNIE HAMILTON HEALTH CARE CENTER 809 Mineral RoadGlenville, WV26351 (304) 462-7322 Glenville Medical 809 Mineral Road-Glenville, WV26351 (304) 462-5708 DR. HUSAPJ GLENvlLLE MEDICAL 809 Mineral RoadoGlenville, WV-26351 (304) 462-5708 EAR, NOSE & THROAT E.N. T. Associates 125 N. 6th St. Clarksburg 623-6533 FAMI Dr. Carl Main Glenville ' Dr. College Glenville ' UROI Dr. 11 Bridgeport