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August 5, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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August 5, 2004

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vy. e, Corcoran Column continued ... Continued from page 3 ) Dr.PatMartin,thedeparmaenthead, where she had once been. finally found a motel -- about four- uses this site as the field school and We, however, were denied entry and-a-half hours later. It was a Red practice dig for his new archeology into the campus, due to the new 9-11 CarpetlnnjustnorthofHarrisburg, or students. It presents them with a chal- restrictions. It seems that tourists can about 100 miles from Scranton. That lenge to find out as much as they can now only see the Military Academy was at 1:30 a.m. Sunday, and we were over a single summer. They have the from within tour buses. Although exhausted. We slept well. latestscientific equipmenttoaidthem this regulation makes sense, it was In looking back over this late-night in their day-to-day adventures of dis- still a disappointment not being able ordeal, v, hat I couldn't understand was covery.EachyeartheMichiganteams to walk around inside the historic that after 11 p.m., the 800-number are making much progress in finding quadrangle and to feel the emotions clerks wouldn't check the individual out the significant particulars of this of that ancient school, motels ahead on the highway for us to once noble place, see if rooms were available. That's a Most importantly, they have sub- Off to Scranton shame, because somany families were stantial community support for this Our next destination was Scranton, just like us -- out looking for a room gigantic endeavor. PA~ where an excellent Coal Mining late at night and possibly even lost. Based on this archeological dig, Museum exists, I understand.But, disappointingly, getting no help some buildings will, no doubt, be Well, I was so caught up in the from the motel chains! reconstructed, and can thereby show three hour-plus foundry dig tour thatHarrisburg people and students of future genera- I forgot to phone ahead for a motel On Sunday, we drove around Har- tions the interesting scientific pro- room. That was a mistake! And, to risburg, marveling at the large State cesses that took place during the make matters worse, we arrived in Capitol there. (We still prefer our Gilded Age and helped to makeScranton atabout9p.m. Saturday-- ownWestVirginiaStateCapitolbuild- America the greatest nation on earth, a bad time to be looking for a motel ing.) We also ate downtown at the U. S. Military Academy room. Alva Restaurant and Hotel, which has After the Foundry dig tour, wetrav- Igotmy800-numberphonenum- been in business since 1913: It was, eled over the Hudson River bridge to bers out for many of the major motel indeed, a historic landmark which I'm West Point, hoping to see the U.S. chains, but everyone gave me the sure is a busy place during the week- Military Academy. I had never seen same story: "The presidential candi- day lunch hour. the Academy, so I was eagerly antici- dates of both parties are criss-cross- Home again and glad of it pating the experience, ing the Scranton area and Pennsylva- At the same time, both Patrick and As a young lady, my mother was nia, so there's not a motel room within I were happy to get back to Glenville, invited to West Point for a formal 1130 miles on any side of it." In place especially after that Saturday night dance. She never forgot the regal, of Scranton, they were trying to book scare of not being able to find a motel colorful and tradition-laden nature of us for that evening in New Jersey and room. Hence, the presidential cam- that event. Perhaps I'd see the historic Virginia which were both way off paign has already impacted me and hall where such social occasions took our AAA trip map. him in a personal way. Let us hope place, or hear the spirit of my late Heading south on 1-81, and stop- that the campaign improves before mother beckoning me into a building ping at every exit along the way, I the election itself. Get Me Started! cont'd... Continued from page 3 ment that isn't trying to blur the divi- Just to clear things up, though, on the very demographic supposedly sion between church and state. Aug. 2, in the Rose Garden on the benefiting from the No Child Left Nor would it break my heart to White House lawn, the President de- Behind act. learnthatallofoursoldiersinlraqare livered this statement to the world: We're in danger of watching an- cominghometobelpdefendourcoun- "We are a nation in danger." otherelection's being stolen-orcan- try against the impending al Qaeda Yes. We are in danger from terror- celled, or postponed - in November; attacks we seem to be warned about ist groups who've grown in size and consequently, we are in danger of every time the nation's eyes veer strength, thanks to Bush's policies, having to endure whatever the Bush toward the alternative to George W. We're in danger because Home-administration pulls out of its magic Bush. land Security mandates are under- hat if it doesn't even have to worry Needless to say, it would be re- funded, about reelection in 2008. fleshing to hear that we're either safe We're in danger of losing civil lib- We are in danger of sinking further becauseBushisourpresident, orthat ertiesforthesakeofnationalsecurity, into the abysmal hole that George we're in danger despite the fact that We're in danger of having to face Bush has systematicallyand tirelessly he is our president: being safe and in more fear-mongering, tax cuts for the dug for our country, a pit from which dangerhas become very confusing to wealthy, job loss, cuts in social pro- we may not emerge for generations. me. grams; we know the risk of the failing This is not news to me. MORMON YOUTH CAMP --- The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, or the Mormons, held a large youth camp on the Glenville State College campus the week of July 19. Here, the Administration Buiiding's Auditorium was filled to capacity on Thurs. afternoon, July 22 when 240 young people heard gospel music and inspirational speakers. Being located in the center of the state makes GSC a good place to have statewide youth camps and organizational meetings in the summer. Connecting with ... Part 9: CANA Team's Notes for July's Glenville Visit is at the Community Showcase By Anmol Misra, CANA.Carnegie Mellon Student The Community Showcase, which is a community center, holds a special place in the town of Glenville. It is located on East Main Street between the bank and post office -- a place of high traffic and very convenient for almost everyone. Being the center of all community activities and a place where people often visit, it is the best centralized spot in town to start educating the people about the computer and the advantages of high speed Internet access. As a result, we, at Carnegie Mellon University's Center for Appala- chian Network Access (or CANA), donated one of the fastest machines - in the world today --a G5 --to the Community Showcase with a 20- inch display and the latest high-end ANMOL Dell machine. Along with this, we MISRA set up the very high speed (wireless broadband) lnternet access at the Community Showcase. Now, people can come to this community center, work with these machines and see for themselves what opportunities lie in front of them. We -- the CANA student workers .-- also prepared pamphlets for novice computer users, so that they will know what to do and what not to do on Internet. This will immensely help them in making their information broader ranging and more secure on the Internet. In addition, we enabled high speed Internet access at numerous houses belonging to the Glenville State College's faculty and staff, so that they can experience the educational benefits of wireless broadband access. We also hooked up the Glenville Police Department's main station to the system. As a part of our grant and mandate to make Glenville in a remote, rural Appalachian area more Internet accessible, we provided higher speed computers wher- ever necessary. Truly, we tried to connect as many people as we could during our short three-week project here. Also during our stay here, we helped Glenville State College to put an authentication system in place for the use of its network. This would enable them to effi- ciently use their network bandwidth and regulate its use against malicious activities. Our security system is now workable and safe, We take this opportunity to thank the Glenville State College administrators, faculty and staff, as well as the wonderful people of Glenville, for their support of CANA and this valuable project. We, the CANA team, hope to return soon and carry on the work from where we have left it. (Note: The CANA Team returned to Pittsburgh on Thurs,- Friday, July 29-30 after a successful three.week workingstay in Glenville.) (Next week's topic." The CANA Team's Anmol Misra and other Carnegie Mellon computer science students continue their comments to Gilmer County's citizens.) For more information about CANA in GlenviIle, e-mail: Thursday, Aug. 5, 2004 --- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder -- Page 5 ltmm ! Expresses shock over condition of Duck Run Bridge Dear Editor, We were in Glenville for the dedi- l'm 80 years old now and don't get My daughter,Anna M. Jones, and I, cation of the bridge a few years back. home as often as I would like. I lived Rena Panak, were in Glenville over My father, Homer Hess, my half on Duck Run until I was 16years old. last week. brother, Alfred Hess, Cary Langford, I live in Warren, OH now. I tell my We were so shocked at the Histori- Frank Keith, and many other dedi- grandchildren about the bridge and cal Bridge on Duck Run, especially cated people built that bridge. Can how I was scared to drive across it. I how no one is taking care of it. The you imagine the hard work and hard- have a sister in Sutton and a sister in grass is growing up between the shiptheyputintothebridge?Now, no Bridgeport. boards, as well as Poison Ivy. You one seems to care enough to clean Rena K. Panak can hardly get pictures, around it. It is so sad. Warren, OH i,. ~ ~ ~ AT JACKSON'S MILLI- BERNICE ELLIOTT CROUSE'S MILL WHEEL AT GILMER CABIN Former Gilmer Countian searching for 'Sarah E. Elliott' info in that same issue of the paper, you arit. I have been searching for pic- Dear Editor, mentioned that Dr. Jim Shaver, a tures of the boat, named "The Sarah I am addressing you under your Weston dentist, had donated to the E. Elliott," to no avail for a number of two hats in this letter: one as Editorof Gilmer County Historical Society a years. I am wondering if the key that the Democrat, and one as Vice Presi- "very rare historic paddleboat key," Dr. Shaver gave to the Historical So- dent of the Historical Society. which had been saved by his mother, ciety may have come from that boat, Thank you for the prompt printing Marybelle Summers Shaver of Duck and if the Doctor might have pictures of my last letter regarding the "Miss- Run. I would certainly like to know of the boat or any information about ing Mill Wheel." The day after the more about that key, if possible. I her. I would greatly appreciate hear- article appeared in your paper, I re- believe thatthisgentleman is the great ing from anyone who might have pic- ceived a call from Bill Decker of grandson of the late John R. Lynch, tures of the boat or any information Kingwoodtellingmethathehadgone formerly of "Turbada" whose farm about her. to Jackson's Mill late in 1998 and that adjoined the Elmore Elliott's farm I am renewing our subscription to the wheel was again standing in front there. I believe, too, that Elmore The Democrat. This is our way of of the Gilmer County Cottage. He Elliott's wife, Sarah E. Elliott, was a keeping up with Gilmer County"hap- sentmeapicturethathehadtakenand sister of John R. Lynch, making her penings" andGilmerCountains. We I have had it copied and enclose a Marybelle Summers Shaver's aunt. enjoy the paper and the good folk of copy in the event there is any interest Elmore Elliott, my great uncle, de- Gilmer County. We are grateful for in it there. I seem to have misplaced signed and buih a side paddle wheeler good Gilmer County historians like the paper that had the name and ad- at Trubada which he floated down Billy Decker, too. dressoftheladyinchargeofrestoring the Little Kanawha River to Sincerely, the cottage. Parkersburg, where the engine was Bernice Elliott Crouse In your column regarding "unfin- installed and the boat put into service 7519 Dolce Drive ished business after the folk festival" between Parkersburg and Pt. Pleas- Annandale, VA 22003 IIII II II I II I I I I II I "~ ;Keeping in the swim can really keep you fit. You can burn up 240 calories every 20 minutes by swimming. Straight Talk from GlenviUe State College New Steering Committee Meets Administration The Glenville State College Strategic Planning Kathy Butler, Vice President for Academic Affairs Steering Committee recently held their second. Larry Baker, Associate Vice President meetinE to discuss the future of the College, Technology think o, the best design for carrying out an effective strategic planning process, address Legislative critical issues related to effective planning Delegate Brent Boggs, at GSC and establish the next steps for West Virginia District34 the initiative. "' Board of Governors The Committee includes individuals represent- ing various areas of the College and community members. Committee members include: Faculty Mike Gherke, Department of Social Sciences (named by Senate) Gaff Arbogast, Department of Business (named by Senate) Mr. Wayne deRosset, Department of English Dr. Debra Simon, Department of Education Students Amber Ganoe John Lopez Staff Stephanie Wines, Student Activities (named by Staff Council) Lois Miller, Food Services (named by Staff Council) Brenda McCartney, Associate Registrar Communityl~i Phil Reale, Attom~ Larry Chapman, Cotj~ty Government Sandy Pettit, Alum~;tAdjunct Faculty Athletics Greg Bamberger, Director of Athletics for Marge Burke, Chair of BOG Currently, the Committee is gathering as much background as possible prior to setting goals and establishing their recommendations. They are examining historical studies and reports, as well as an environmental scan (including external factors to be considered), to help develop the planning assumptions. Some of the studies that the ,committee is reviewing include: economic development data, demographics, transportation, enrollment data and projections, student retention and education trends. The review of the historical data will help the committee plan their direction and decisions into a reality-based framework that the College will use to move toward the future. During the last meeting, the committee also reviewed an assessment table to determine what other groups should be used during their survey process. The surveys, which will be available the GSC community and the surrounding" area communities, will allow the committee to review the thoughts of various individuals tnd organizations when they are creating their recommendations. The next meeting of the Steering Committee will be held on Tuesday, August 31. They will aim to have the initial implementation of the action plan in place by mid-November. GLENV LLE STATE COLLEGE IS CENTRAL WEST VIRGINIA'S COLLEGE