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August 6, 1976     The Glenville Democrat
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August 6, 1976

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O0 R tp in the FIELD BY STAN MESIgROLL ,  D backporch recRner one night recently, watching a 'expand in the sky over the hills behind our home, 1 in the hogweeds between our two apple trees I didn't pay too much attention to it. often wander by our yard in search of that garden watch for the moon to rise above the tree "yaaah. got ya!" echo across the yard. I Mole around the west side of our garden, between our s now tasseling sweet corn, I peered under the apple trees trying to pick out the artifical light beacons of the lightning bugs that meet in night. Suddenly a shadow-like figure burst from slipped, then went sprawling like an who had just cleared the bar. What followed was a all in French. Canadian backwoods buddy, was back and when I all I could to keep from roaring with laughter wet and muddy plight. One of those platter-size over his head and his usually coal-black beard soupy silt left behind by the recent rise of the for his hip-pocket flask of Spruce iuice he always carries to sooth his easily and the world are you doing here?" I asked, holding in my make fun of his absurb predicament. Wands a snack." he puffed, dejectedly. "Viola, I got t lifted one finger of his Closed fist to reveal the horny managed to hold despite his clumsy collapse. He uaPkibian into his oversize shirt pocket. non?" the Basketong backwoodsman from informed him. "The gigging season's over and good frogging here since 1972." Then I found that only place with a shortage of frogs, and for at least menagerie friends, to say nothing of Benoit himself. unlike most outdoorsmen, disdains rod and reel of any kind. Instead he has trained his animal for him. And, as I found out once I got Benoit the house, he won't use a gig either. Besides, Up SOme Mountain State frogs alive and transport them he could raise more. "I haven't had any told me. For a Frenchman, that's like an American and her kin are gettin'kinda tired of nothing Said. "Here, have a swig of Spruce." and calmly tried to get some sensible talk buddy. Soon it all fit together. Wands was a snake that he had acquired over on the Potomac after a long, painstaking training program, would of any longtime frog gigging mountaineer but do it occasionally pops one down," Benoit explained, me." his water snake with him hoping I'd guide him "We could use some little fish, the non-game species) also make up a large "Wanda's in the tank out fro," Benoit said as gotte meet her." We went out to his S feet of her. She had a body as thick as Benoit's agreed to guide the crazy Canadian on when the sun came up. and my canoe down river to a hole where I or two if not any leggy amphibians. "We need babbled as we placed Wanda's portable home "She needs a good hitchin' post," Being an I didn't question the Canadian's sanity, and we suitable Sycamore half submerged in the murky here." the now excited Benoit muttered. "We I j.stroked into the bank. Benoit disembarked, with Wanda's tank. I watched unbelieving. He reptilian frogger. Next he tied behind her head. Then, on his hands an Gently he lowered the snake into reached out about 10 feet into the stream. tail around a submerged limb. Anchored. so to , assumed an almost upright position and her surface, Benoit hacked off and returned to the infmmd me. Wands now was in position to scan those small, bulging eyes. It was an eerie sight. and rtJ/ke a leaf caught in a whirling current. . it was as if Wands had suddenly been muskellunge, but there was no thrashing, no of an underwater gladiator onto its took one long slug, capped got us a frogF' out of the canoe again, and this time raced to still submerged. Concerned now, lest his trouble, Bent crawteki out on the trunk of the as hepl his arm into the water in a had her by the taft, which "Moll D!mix!" the Candian cried, now visibly hecrawlod bac to shore, then showed expedition. The twine around gulped in a channel cat at least 14 inches ,. and its had himself [into his buggy assure him that Wanda's digestive system she'd be none the worse for the episode. "the spear. She'll die." All *thought of I'm sure. as Benoit chugged up Route 33 on GROCERY 6LENvlLLE ng or Gun hunting, everything you need. the best Price Service. money? Ask about plan on Guns and out now, stop in and pick up a AUmt 5, 1976 The Gienville Democrat/Pathfinder 5 PTA gets $2500 from donations Kights' and Mencers' team grabs lead for Morrts benefit horse show m Monkey Bowling League 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. , 2, 3. 1. 2. 3, 4: I. 2: 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. Glenville Elementary PTA Trea- surer Charlie Harold estimates that the group will net over $2,500 from the benefit horse show held at the I.L. Morris farm east of Glenville. I.L. Morris donated the use of his show ring and facilities and local sponsors donated prize money in excess of $800. The All Cash show attracted participants from all over West Virginia and parts of Pennsyl- vania and Ohio. Richard Franklin of Point Pleasant edged Rick Trickett of Morgantown by two points to win the overall championship. Sponsors who donated prize money were: Joe's Yu-Go Inn, Score Board, Foster Mining Company, Quality Auto Company, RoJo Industries, Inc., Bob Jones Oil and Gas, Paleo Oil and Gas, Inc., Pacific States Gas and Off, Inc., Dalton Store Company, Summers Pharmacy, Glenville Supply Company, Reed & Stout Construction Co., Kinney Shoe Company, Pioneer Grocery, Dunrite Crafts, Sears Authorized Merchant, Modern Dry Cleaners, Trio Petroleum Corporation, Fox Pipeline Construction Co., Community Super- market, Coffman Oil and Gas Company, Spirit of Fashion, Kanawha Union Bank, Spurgeon Mortuary, McPherson Real Estate, Glenville Ford Company, Dave's Drive In, Collin's Insurance Agency, Ben Franklin Store, Glenville Pizza Shop, Gilmer Auto Sales, Gilmer Graphics, Dowell Company, Union Drilling Company and Waco Oil and Gas Co., Inc. Final results for each class were as follows: HIGH POINT CASH AWARDS 1. Richard Franklin - Point Pleasant 2. Rick Trickett - Morgantown 3. Binky King - Fairmont 4. Jimmy Stewart - Gassaway HALTER CLASS 1. W.M. Denning, Elkins 2. Sue Miller, Annamoriah 3. Tywanna Bush, Amma 4. Denzil Keesucker, Glenville BEST DRESSED PONY. HORSE & RmER Judy Saurborn, Morgantown Peggy Jo Weese, GlenviUe Sue Miller, Annamoriah Rob Rhoades, Glonville POLE BENDING HORSES Rick Trickett, Morgantown 21.6 Jim Stewart, Gassaway 22.0 Bill Turner, Glenville 22.4 Terry Saurbour. Mgntn. 23.8 POLE BENDING PONIES Pat Roberts, Glenville 26.2 Ken Duckworth, Gassaway 26.7 Doug Morris, Glenville 33.5 WESTERN PLEASURE HORSES Judy Saurborn. Morgantown Sherry Hoffman, Amma Peggy Jo Weese, Glenville Kathy Eakin FOUR CORNERED STAKES Richard Franklin, Pt, Plea. 22.9 Binky King, Fairmont 23.0 John Godfrey, Copen 23.3 Rick Trickett. Morgantown 23.6 THREE GArrED HORSES Sharon Watkins. Rivesville Janet Isenhart. Cedarville Pare Campbell. Glenville Ginny Stainaker, Auburn BARREL RACE - HORSES Steve Chisler, Fairview 16.50 Richard Franklin, Pt. Plea. 16.65 Jimmy Stewart, Gassaway 16.69 Glenn Watkins, Rivesville 16.92 BARREL RACE - PONIES Pat Roberts, Glenville 18.0 Doug Morris, Glenville 19.0 Ken Duckworth. Gassaway 22.4 Troy King, Fairmont 24.4 I[I(flBH PLEASURE Sharon Watkins, Rivesville Ginny Stalnaker. Auburn Tywanna Bush. Arums Sheila Mtnney, Codarville STAKES- HORSES Rick TrickeR. Morgantown 9.06 Glenn Watkins, Rivesvflle O. Binky King, Fairmont 93B John Godfrey 9.92 ST/_KI - INI Pat Roberts, Glenville 10.8 Ken Duckworth, Gassaway 12.1 Doug Morris, Glenville 20.8 LADIES PLEASURE Paggy Jo Weese, Glenville Sharon Watkins, Rivesville Ginny Stalnaker, Auburn Tywanna Bush, Amma CATALOG RACE Denny Gillispie. Burnsvilie, 24.0 Richard Franklin. Pt. Plea. 25.3 Jr. Pulliam, Ripley 26.9 Bill Turner, Glenville 28.6 KEYHOLE Rick Trickett, Morgantown 7.55 Bill Timmins. Washington, PA 7.81 John Porter, Mannington 8.04 Jim Stewart, Gassaway 6,05 FLAG RACE 1. RickTrickett. Morgantown 8.07 2. Richard Franklin. Pt. Plea. 8.12 3. Richard Franklin. Pt. Plea. 8.14 4. Jerry Jones 8.18 PONY EXPRESS I. Dennis Gillispie, Burnsville 8.520 2. Binky King, Fairmont 8.522 3. Mike Boggs, GlenviUe 8.766 4. Bill Turner, Glenville 8.854 EGG AND SPOON 1. Lynn Stainaker, Auburn 2. Shells Minney. Cedarville 3. Pare Campbell, Glenville 4. Dean Miller, Annamoriah STRAIGHT BARRELS 1. Richard Franklin, Pt. Plea. 7.61 2. Jimmy Stewart, Gassaway 7.65 3. Binky King. Fairmont 7.84 4. Jerry Jones 7,90 PICK-UP RACE 1. Jerry Jones 7.65 2, Bill Timmins, Washington, PA 7.92 3, Henry Stewart, Gassaway 7.95 4. SteveDuckworth, Gassaway 7.97 DASH FOR CASH 1. Steve Duckworth, Gassaway 7.1 2. Richard Franklin, Pt. Plea. 7.2 3. Binky King, Fairmont 7.3 4. Jim Stewart, Gassaway 7.3 Tanner nips Sand Fork for second win The Tanner Braves squeaked :by the Sand Fork Lions 10-8 last Thursday evening. Malcolm Allison pitched an outstanding game for the Braves. He struck out 11 and walked three in gaining his second win of the season. Ricky Pettit had a big triple for the Braves and Robert CottriU had a big two run single for the Lions. Putnam took the loss for the Lions. Sand Fork came back on Tuesday to defeat Glenville 9-8. Sand Fork had 12 hits and Glenville rapped out ten. Robert Cottrell hit a home run for the winners. Paul Minney was the winning pitcher and Campbell was the loser. SoI00 Carolina defudve studomt to io/a Glenville State College Head Football Coach Earl Adolfson annou- nced last week that Jeff Lewis, a 5 ft. 11 in., 190 lb. middle guard from Maldin, S.C. will play football for the Pioneers next season. "Jeff is an outstanding defensive prospect," said Adolfson. "He has good quickness and lateral movement. We feel he is a btue chip prospect." Team No. 5 has taken a slight lead over team No. 4 in Monkey League Bowling play for the week ending July 26. Team No. 5 is made up of Reta Kight with an average of 154, Sharon Mencer with an average of 135, Jim Mencer with an average of 157 and Garry Kight with an average of 155. Team No. 4 members are Colleen Collins with an average of 136, Elsie Kirkpatrick with an average of 160, Banz Collins with an average of 173 and Junior Bog gs with an average of 156. Bantz Collins took over as the men's leader in high averages with an average of 173. Elsie Kirkpatrick leads the women with an average of 160. Statistical leaders are as follows: Men High Average Bantz Collins - 173 Lyn Marks - 170 Junior Boggs - 158 Marty Logan - 158 Women High Average Elsie Kirkpatrick - 160 Reta Kight - 154 Colleen Collins - 138 High Game Marty Logan - 214 Junior Boggs - 210 Lynn Marks - 205 High Game Handicap Marty Logan - 231 Ronald Gregory - 226 Junior Boggs - 221 High Series Lynn Marks - 551 Marty Logan - 539 Jim Mencer - 538 High Series Handicap Jim Mencer - 592 Garry Kight - 577 Jim Mencer - 576 High Game Reta Kight - 101 Elsie Kirkpatrick - 182 Janice Waggoner & Elsie Kirkpatrick - 177 High Game Handicap Ellenora Horner- 211 Carmen Young - 210 Janice Waggoner - 209 High Series Elsie Kirkpatrick - 522 Rote Kight - 509 Janice Waggoner - 496 High Series Handicap Janice Waggoner - 592 Ellenora Horner- 569 Reta Kight - 554 Be a real American! Vote! You t.(,.t,t t must be registered by October 1 to ,,,L,K vote in the November 2rid General Election. 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