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August 7, 2003     The Glenville Democrat
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August 7, 2003

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t Page 10 -- The Glenville Demoerat/t)athfinder -- Thursday, Aug. 7, 21)03 Legislative Update WiM, Wonderful, Wireless If. l& ? tel Rockclc'ticr is the leader in \',ork- in~ toward illakln~ htgh->,pced hl{cr- net ,,,4liab,]c t,, :he rLllal lCg till>, t)I V~'t_'M V11]t}14 ,lnd {hrt)u~ht:tl! [FIC n;Allc)l: All the p:cct-,.,, came in,trifler, ~Alth K'deral. slat+.', ovum) and cu\ ravel vc- men:. along v, ith fundm+, ai:d techni- cal ~upporl ironl tile Appaiaci/:ar Regional C'Oln ITI I S Sl Oil ARt'}, Benedum Foundation and ('arncgic Mellon L'n~\cisiP, Tius v, iil pro\idc ,: Hci]lqnd,:i.i> buost :o Gtenvlllc State Cc, Ileec. ,,> it Mrl\c>, {o ICc :hclr oil c,llllpU> +,II.~dclil I')t~pUJAIhU),}:J in ;+ircti bUSlIIC>SCs al}d rcsldei]t.', A SpL'- el J] lhtink,; to [.arr; Baker el Glen\ ilk> Sit.iLL (.',,liege v~ iR~>c tc,+h::i,:,e v,a> in\aluablc to t)ringine th!:- project to fruition. I ulso v',anl In thank Education and :lb." :\rb, Sccrc- tar\ K;i\ (it'+tiC \% trt ,ilia Mr ~[c\ c t~,ub~ tIOH: ,N~S (Jc)c)d\tii c)fl'lcc lc)l their ~t SSl Sl;,illCt,' In L'tHl~tll'lCtIOll V,]{H till'+ !)lc]:Ck[, cIHa{l \ cs el ~L'LiL.t~. Ilk Cc)HIIIIUnlC&IIIt)IIS le~,aIdllG2 Slmllal 11]1[17t[ \C> ths\ \~,lsh It) olter to rtlr:tl rceions ,:f \Vest \"Irinla. In tills i_12D, t)l Ct)ll/liltllllCalloll> and tccimology, v~lreless high-speed h> [drllet Licces5 1:.> ,ikln Ill lfllpor[ancc [0 v,a[cr...,c\\cr 3nd t){hel \l[al u{lh[le~ [O allrac[ tile busIneSM2S '~e need For V, ilh tt:c l'+tlSlll+'SSeS. ~lll Ct)IIIC t:D>, r\ ,.v,n>>clt]/c'l alert: ()n March l: "%V\ .,\hiLl IctiI] \Vatcl filed hu-a l~:.4' < rate increase \~ ltn the Pubhc Ser~ ice ('i :tI 111] l'~lt If] ]'h 1"; pl t~po'~cd l'dtC H] kc 'A Otl],i potelUlall} ;.1I [oct o\ or I bt).tltJtt \VV >\ll!Cl],'dl] ,.'tiN{ 'r+.'Icr-, n I- \\c-+: \ 11",{: hid _ untie'+, tt:c]Udll]~2 [JIJ.\]Lq] ,.t,url[\ 1 dl,q]2 '-'- !{ " .\.\}~,l),Ir:c] Hit.l!:\ Jr{ 2:'{i,, iD ,-c>I]{ldl \\CM '% ]I]:ltd Nd\e c.\ prc.,,I 2(?. 2003. IIcUll 1:00 P~I It) ~ lJl P*I :: :no I-),:~, It::: C.',,~:~c:: I t1I> ,:~ all clpisc)litll]II\ Iv:l" C,iCI1 ~1[ ',. i'.. it)C\D[C'.5 x t~tlI op]nh'+n~, dn{t CtUl . L : ',P, . .,tiv:i:iK .... ,.~ ..... ICLI>C i LIIU ,ill lI!{CIMCd{!e.~ {c a::cBd :\dJitlt)n.ll St ;: i .... ii ::u~\-p,::-cr, t'q it): {lb. IIC2.t: i:iff Plt_ut,c., lilac{ lt~P II 1 I1]Li\ {)C I ,i',M'~:AI!CC I] { } :c." :!{II If? DCl'h)v]. [?lC.lxL' .,.lair''," ,~ .~ i];.ll ]]]\ :!,~1 i~ c;ItlCC I)() ]:~,c)X 25..:.. t.}:tS.M.i\~,d\. \V\ 2602"1 B~ te]epi:one. ~ Oil ca\ con- t.iC{IilCd{ {t~J-~'4i i tI4\{, ~@4:%'~] |:Of {Itc)', \~,t+-tl ll/l+cllic{ .:,_,.oN,, Ill\ C-l+llall address is, Bo~ s?,4 (.a aol.coln YOU C;lll tiM} Q~{:i!n ,{dt.l][!~'n,ii t.~!,< id[ixt ill!eli: d[i.)H d[ tit ,,~, \~, v, Ic g t .-, .,,tat c. \,, \ tJs RCI]ICII]DC[ tuJI {It,up- ,.li'hJ ~,CCp {llCIll dl]d HL']I I,;:]]:] L''+ !'~ ~/tl! th,)u,.:iu>.tnd ?: ,t~ cl ~ t:nti: next \~ eck. [,LK c,irc Thanks to businessman Bob Hope by Raymond,~, Keating ( it: Mondi5 l:no~tulL," (Jut) 2S), I v+a, ,addcnc ] a) hear thai thJ~ Hope had died the p:cviou>> everi]nU But wh, cc)uItt complain ;.iboul tile lot} )car run that Hope had a> a niul- ll!t,u[c(J cil[t[[al/1c[. 5pt)l[>,ulan, /\II]t'! tcaIl p /llIOt and >tlccesblti] busi- [+IC >,M :Kin < '+\ :fie~.,'~: ~w t:w~ up tn the I C~6()S and lc~q), }|opcx :clc~ision N~cciats fllat]c :I~)[e/Ji l:i}prc~.eked is a +fif~ M> appicctaHon h)r Hope only Mc~ along v+ ith l:'l) ov+!l interests \ hlosstmting iascinalion v, ifll old iihn> exposed I/ie t(~ [{t)b }it>pc lhe tile+vie 'actor. He v~a~ cxcellcnl In a ++','itlc l:irig el c. onlcdlc palts, but also) >+UrplIscd it] ,~Oli/c" straight rolcs, as in '77st ~even IoitUc t+o~ cd 10in:el New NoIk (eitv Muvor Jitl}llt~. Walkcr, l]{:v,c\c:, l~i} pci >teal ta\ c)r:t0s {otll{tln those gh~rious ~mips v+ iih Sing (.'iosby and Dorothy l.mloul in the R~ad' tile'+it>. Ii \,~u rc tookut~ for ,,t)ille |un light l:)alltCr, a lcu ,cl+ss and -,onle [Lilies )ou'lt alwa\, ii/d thcib :,n lhc road with F-]c>[)c and Ctosb', But m~ tondne>>, Iol I+f De ,aa>, ,caled duc lohis Io\e Ior lie men and ~Aolnen \gPlt) ha,,e ,crxcd ~,; Rlr [l]lll tar\ Ho,~c sacrihccd a it:: Pcr.~onatl, :n order to cn[cr[aln [' N ilOt;pS ;41 tlt)llte and aDroad IrOll N|a\ 1'4-I ll~rough (.)peralion I)e>cil ShlVffl .. half-ccnlur~ later And tlnllkc ",t)ll]atY', otnerx ill iqtql\wot~d, it, :~e nc~cr abandoned tile [:.g milllar\ e\ci t+\ hcn 1[ Wa:-, qutte trend\ h ,to so. as ii] the Vie[nan/~x,"al .and l-ell ill,l nessiYiarl Io aCillC\c sUCll wldc-ranging suc LESS. Just think about :he ,, ant)us me- diums ul \,,luch hc excelled in startin had ad\~,ud hill/ th)t it) [JkC tile plunge I][t) h:tc\ 1%1OI1 bCc i.iUst: I{ tA ,IS tot) Fikk\ Sun ,in!it ~ our,elf ~Hh ,_'end pcotqc Ht,tw had a stallot ~lC,!i 'eke \~, rl[cI-s and :rc'.t[ thcnl ~\el! }It,pC al>o ',',.,, a ,.i,,, [/larkc[cF At hi'+ i'+st on rddlo, ll+l :ILL.' ll]O\'lCs and on lc]C\lSl:~I1, hc brlll:antt\ ha\~ kcd his ~p~ m.~ors \~ are>, \t 1t h hLIlt]Ol [~;.i>l- call\ rll.:klne Iun ol xhanlcle.*.~ aci~er+ [ISlll~ [~ USII]~ >!]aHIclc'~.~ ad\crti,, lnu (.)t] \CS, and th, pc had one ~Hncl less~,l/ ior bofli t]LlSltlCss and lilt ~n gelaeral kccD VoLir >cn.'.,C Of tltlll/c)r a[lt+l i:d++,e "++OtllC [hn A: ,, CUrl[Clot:co [ ,mc::dcd la>: \car oil the !ile and c/.ir0c.'r c'l P, in~ Crosb\. I hca:J that .F;M~ and lqin ;yore plan- nlIl lo CU[ 4n alilul:l R,~ethci and nlakc alh)ther 'Road' I!1c)\ 1C before Crt>J~C> death in 11477 Wcmtd an- otllcl Road' ll]tl/ha\c :ccapturcd the old lnag,~ O] ILl>: mllcn fiat.> We'll nc\cl Mlow \Vith the death d Bob Hope. though, / nc)\~ p~cture ,, lush. incrccllt?],, ~rccll >c,tMde ~t)ll Ct~ur.,,c in hca\cn w iln itopc and Crosbv hiI- [tn~ halls amt >or', in.m Service is able to hring I0 hells educators aild researchers to x,'c',l Vii eiriia It) speak at thi', confcr. t:lh.C." s/.lid (.}ticn Brown, \VV[ [x- :cn,~tm ,I,ccialis: and conterencc ,.~i chair Featutcd presentations and v, ork- Q!ops inctude diabetes and children. msulin punlps, cultural diversity and dlabctcs, c~unmunication with diabe to>, patients md pharmaceutical fi/er::- p~c> A popular event. "Cooking with the Diabetic Chef." will bc led b~ ( hristopher Snlith. executive chef at Wake Forest University Baptist Hos- pital in Win~ton-Saletn, N.C Nearly ~:} pharmaceutical compa:lms and other sponsors will hold a commer- ,ial exhibil exposition and reccptitm during the ctmfcrencc's first c~ening. The sylnposium's first da,, tocuse-+ ~m diabetes education, managcmcnl of diabetes and treatment t)f n/edit41 condiuons associated with :ill dl,,, case. Speakers include Jariet Silvcrstein, Univcrsity of Florida. (kiincsvillc. Fla.: Marian l-:ran/. Nu trition Concepts by FranL tnL. Min- neapolis, Minn.; Jane Kelly. Center> for Disease Control and Pre\ention, Atlanta, Ga.: Kennedl Sno\~, .h:vdin Diabetes Clinic. Boston. Mass, :rid Melinda Mar\ niuk, Jo>lin Diabctc, Center. Boston. Nlass. The ii n:tl da> Ic ltures c,~klng ~ ~ h diabete-L pharmaceutical theraplc, medical appliances and cduca::, ha! tools for heahh pro(essltmal>+ Pic senters include William t)olot~>k~. t nivcrsl:) of California. San D:c::.o. Catif: R:chard Jackson. Jc)s]in [)13.- betes ('enter, Boston. Nlass: 1 ,l::~ Fox. Nelnours (hildPrcn's k - >onvillc. ilia.: KarTneeri Kulkarni. S: Marks Diabetes Center. Salt Ixlkc (Tit). Ltah: Chr:stopt:er Smith. \Vakc Forest Univcrsit> Baptist Hospital. Wins:on-Salem, N.C: Cathcr:nc Feste, t]umcdi~o. Inc. Hopkins, Minn.: and Joiln White, 'A'ast:ing:,m State I:niversit\, Spokane. D,'a>h EducaHtmai ~orksM~p> \~ ill bc taught b\ Fianz, Sil;cr>tcin and Marynluk during tile cc)t:icrct+ice' > t i:",: day and Polon.,k), Jackstm and \Vhi{e on the l,:lSl da\ in addiuon to li:ci: rc>pcctl\ t~ IOrlll+.tI prcscnlatlons "]'t/ FCCCl\ C i11ore intorm::4ioPt c)l to register, contact Guen [~,rov, tt {it 304-293.2604. ext. 3424, ,,~ \~sit tt'ww. CtL ~v~f ~dm{/.vB'2:)/:.~ lit eunlon HAPPY NHS ALUMNI- Ma. 23 :'-;','~ ;aP+>e::a Ga";e :e'. _:.tPse Car.oep:er Carl:oP DY Ncrman. L010 tie DisKv SP < D { ~todt Bar:-+e::e PeDPe W 'son D.., Mountainmade J session set for Au ones S is pleased to announce our 2003 Competition Results 2002 Vignoles "Late Harvest" 1 BEST OF SHOW. WV Commercial Wine Competition GOLD IEDAL. W\: Commercial Wine Competitiort GOLD MEDAL, Indy International Wine Competitior Elderberry: (;OLD MEDAL, WV Commercial Wine Competitiot 1 Black Currant SILVER MEDAL, Ind)International Wine Corn 2002 Chambourcin Rose" SILVER MEDAL, Indy International Wine Competiti0 2002 Seyval Internationa SIINER MEDAL, Amet-m del \'inn . " - 1 Wine Competition BRONZE MEDAL, Indy International Wine Competiti/ (t0 ,.- 2002 Chambourcin "Proprietor's Reserve'[ BRONZE MEDAL, Indy International Wine Com :: 2002 Norton BRONZE MEDAL, Amenti del Vino International Wine Competition 2002 Ruby Port ,,, BRONZE MEDAL, WV Commercial Wine Competiti We are loud to be able to re resent Gilmer Count at tBd{ P . . P . Y national and mternat:onal competitions, eik Jones Cabin Run ]neyards wine may be purchased m GleJ' , tO" 'Liquid Assets" on Main Street. I. "ti | & 6M. W,'olf ill+%,m cu bu ixcd h~ ~lnport mt ttlat this inhtrnlat~on ~ at,, made a'~aihibic to lhe public, so lhe) ale able to see whcre the short- col+qii+lgS ~.tre, what has been done and what still must happen to address them. "While there is no smoking gun, the signs were there and wc should have been better prepared There were sever iI im idcnces that indicated that somcihmg like 9/1 I would happen. In I997,, WC });ltJ [})C iN':';! wothJ lridc \~erc boltflwd ]n |asl Aliica Fhat same ycal, the I)ircctor l Central/ntclligence "declared war sal) It) adcqumct> dete,,nd the country against a terrorist iltack ~etc r~t+q there thcre was a failure to disselliinatc mIt}rnlaticm about the ,aould-bc tel-