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August 7, 2003     The Glenville Democrat
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August 7, 2003

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Thursday, July 31, 2003 -- Page 3 to the Week's newspaper was circu- Aug. 30. son Patrick and I to do an overnight on a"vacation'" -- a vocabu- Which I had just a~)ut forgotten. reason or another, we hadn't risit my brother. T.A., and ~arolyn, and their family in in the past five years, so mg forward to this trip and reunion for the past several that we were going todo it, things together just right that had just graduated from : College, and was out seeking had been promised one in and history, the com- ~teceived their federal grants him as of our departure. In to foresee if any major tng to happen in Glenville week-long period this wanted to plan my vacation so as not to miss anything. a small businessperson in a hard to get away for a ; paper thin, and "the on." (In fact. we're so it's impossible for me to [knock on wo~wl}; I've been past several years to be ,the way things worked out was vacation started at the time University team work- Hence, the big news of how 'will he brought of the 21st century's and technology via the was over. at least for the time Rick Simmons. our long-time former golf coach, and was kind enough to offer his ~. That was a great he was publisher of the for many years before his As a result, feeling at ease. Pittsburgh International everything they could to 1 never do well at the (because I must just This time was no excep- ,'either. zht tickets straightened to go through security. Not from the last time we we just got in a line -- the one for pilots and flight rudely told). So, when :, they secu- g for us with the look on their have been randomly so- )ur shoes and get the over our bodies. Also, my t-0i -try bag in it which Security acted like they'd big, like a bomb, I my jewelry box that but neither did they Was nor asked me to open it gher every time I fly, but why put h the same paces? That nae, and they were doing that through security, offto our oldtimer --- Schmetzer, is there any way can stretch the edge of da.~' lies in how ,,ou fit ) the days of it. fi:r more than it headed a chapter in my also think it is valuable ~ade it into Bartlett's Qhota- found it, st) ! don't know Vitalc. pointed ,ut busy is not the v.orst married cretly while ~rld War II, which was expecting their first states and lived lot our local Historical Society Great American West and 'Enchantment' be proud of. ~[~ acted- As a result, the on-going projects of the Gilmer County Historical Then. of f we went to Santa Fe -- the state's T~e current and Colonial Period capital city. Irs Society are worth noting here. about a one-hour drive to the northeast. For a First of all, the Historical Society is sponsoring current historical Corcoran historic city which has dozens of museums, it exhibitions on a regular basis. The most current ones deal with com- doesn't make finding those siieseasy for visi- mending our county s World War II and other veterans and illustrating llll[t i Column llllll tors. Wc just had to stop and ask people where IIIII1 " .:! 8yDa aH orc0ran / Illlll the hist,,ric City Centerwas. as there wereno the old-time household practice of making "Feed Store Fashions. ' signs to direct us to the Historic District." On the former project. Margaret Moss, Beulah Robinson, Hunter When we finally got there after getting lost Armentrout, and a whole battalion of local veterans are to be commended twice in stifling traffic, wedid get good advice for their participation, helpfulness, and patriotism. These exhibits have gate we walked, making it there about two at the town's "Tourist Information Center." been very colorful and instructive for the couple of hundred visitors hours before the flight. The Delta arrived on They gave us a map, pointed us in the right schedule and departed on schedule, as well. I direction, and said, "Go." notice that many airlines and their flights have This old Spanish city got its origins in the been delayed and are under-fire from the early l500safterCortes'ConquestofMexico. public for not keeping to their schedules. I'm In fact, Santa Fe was the Mexico City's north- not angry about this situation, as you'll see ernmost outpost which was. established to why. help protect Mexico from the warlike Native WeflewintotheAtlantaairportforourfinai American tribes there. flight out to Albuquerque, N.M. where my Now, Santa Fe provides a rare mixture of brother was ready to pick us up. old Spain and Mexico's architecture and charm The pilot noted that we were ready to leave and modern America's commercialism. We on time, but we still weren't taking off. It particularlyenjoyedtheMexicanmusicplayed seemsthatabigstorm wasblowinginoverthe by bands in the historic district, the food, and area, and looking out, it was a bad one. All of hospitality. On that Friday evening, all of the the airplanes going north and west were there- museums were open free to the public. Also, fore delayed for safety precautions; that's the adjacent art galleries were open and free. why 1 didn't mind that pilot's decision not to The prices of the art work, however, would take off. place West Virginia's Tamarack to shame. I'll After a nearly two-hour wait, we werenever c(~mplain about what-l-had-considered clearedfortakeoffandmadeittoNewMexico"over-priced" Tamarack products again. In about three hours later. My brother didn't Santa Fe, little Navajo-type throw rugs were mind the wait, which made our reunion even selling at $300-to-500 apiece. And, ofcourse, better. I had tried to call him by cell phone, but you couldn't have bought a quarter of a paint- wewereuptoohighforthat.Also, theairphone ing rendered by that area's artists for the in the plane didn't want to cooperate with me. amount of that throw rug. In Albuquerque, T.A. took us to "'Furr's'" We ate at the Blue Corn Restaurant and Cafeteria, and since Fun is a Gilmer County Micro-Brewery, although about every third name, that seemed to be homey to me. It was storefront was an upscale restaurant. I had a a ~ery popular place, lot. New Mexican Sheepherder's Pie (chopped We, then. traveled west on Interstate 4.0for hamburger, mashed potatoes, green chile,,. 70 miles to (;rants v. here we reunited with my and topped with cheese) -- very dclic,)us bul sister-in-law. Carolyn. and Jill. their daugh- very fattening. (Im going on a dvct upon ter Everyone was healthy and happy, plus returning to Glen,,ille.) they have a new dog. Maggie. But, I have never seen so many small restau- Conversation was the main course of busi- rants, art galleries, and boutique% of every ness. so all had a good time. version than in that about half-mile area of Old On Friday. T.A. sug.gested that we go to the Santa Fe. University of New Mexico to check out the On Saturday, we went to the nov, Tourist master's program in archeology forPatrick --- Information Center at Grants --- it presented a a gc~d idea I thought, even though my son beautiful picture of western Nev,, Mexico',, didn't. Native American tribes, their cities, customs. En route to Albuquerque and UMN, I wanted and the area's mining history. Grant.,, had been to stop by the ancient Native American vii- the"UraniumCapitalofthe World." with over iage. or "pueblo" as they say. Its church dates I00 mines in the area during the 1960s and back to 1699. being built by Franciscan mis- 1970s. In fact, T.A. is a retired mining engi- during the Folk Festival and afterwards. On the latter project, Mrs. Marion Reed is to be congratulated and thanked for her creative and interesting idea. These two displays certainly were instructive to this editor. Keep up the good work, you exhibitors! Secondly, the Historical Society is preparing to start the restoration of the Holt House. This project, which is being funded by a $200,000 HUD grant, will be a major undertaking, but will offer a new museum to the community -- one devoted to the early 19th century when the home was constructed. In addition, it will focus on the fascinating life of Helen Holt Mollohan, the mother of our 2nd District Congressman, Alan Mollohan. We editors are appreciative of Congressman Mollohan's commitment to history, genealogy, and historic home preservation, so we don't want to let him down on this project. At the same time, to make this preservation project a success, it will take a community effort in supporting it. So, now is the time for you to join the Historical Society and to lend your helping hand on this restoration project. Thirdly, many historical and genealogical records are on file in the Historical Society's East Main Street office behind the Holt House (the old Senior Center building). Mrs. Margaret Moss and several other volunteer staff this office from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. daily (except for Sunday). So, if you need some help in locating your Gilmer County ancestors, don't hesitate to visit them and to see what kind of historical materials relating to your clan are available. Fourthly, the Society wants to interact with our neighboring, Calhoun County Historical Society. They. too, got a $2()0,000 HUD restoration grant in order to rejuvenate the Old Stump Hotel --- a center of much activity during the oil and gas boom days of the late 1800s and early 1900s. As a result, the Gilmer Society is hosting a Joint Picnic at 6 p.m. on Thurs., Aug. 21 at the Poor Farm Home. at the Gilmer County Recreation Center. Gilmer County Society members are encouraged to attend this picnic and to bring a covered dish (primarily potatoes or vegetables). Finally, the Historical Society is cleaning up and restoring the Old Glenville Cemeteries on College Hill under the direction of Society President Hunter Arrnentrout. For him, this has been a labor of love for ! t t ! I i I t d t the past decade. In fact, most of the under-brush has been cleared away; I sionaries. An traditional adobe structure, its neer"parexcellence."Aftertheuraniumboom the missing tombstones, found; some stones, set up again over their I originalmudfloorwasstillthere.It'ssmoothezl ended, however, the town went into a state of occupants; and the grass, mowed. Simultaneously, this takes a lot of over and as hard as concrete now. It was an depression, just like our now declining, or inspirational place to see, like the village defunct, West Virginia coalfields, old-fashioned "elbow grease' to achieve on a regular basis. Oneman around it -- most of the homes being made of On the positive side, this Grants area fought cannot do this job by himself, so Hunter is thankful for the help this adobe with large bread ovens on the outside back by getting the federal and state govern- summer of two recent Glenville State College history graduates, Jason Collins, of Baldwin, and Patrick Corcoran, of Glenville. Nevertheless, Jason says that once he finds a job, and the same goes for Patrick, there will be no helpers, once again, for Hunter. Hence, any person, who wants to re-establish a beautiful cemetery atop College Hill and to respect those deceased persons buried there, should contact Hunter to learn about the next work detail going on up there. We editors might also thank GSC Professor Rick Sypolt and Head Football Coach Paul Shaffner for their contributed services in order to restore this hallowed plot of land in the past. All in all, the Gilmer County Historical Society is doing a great job, so its officers and members are to be commended. At the same time, they need help, if these recent success stories are to continue. DHC, St.,Publisher-Editor (smelled good too) ments to address thehig unemploymentprob- AtGSC. some people complain about the tem by creating jobs fhrough the establish- lack of signage for prospective students, but the University of New Mexico is even worse. It takes in probably 30 city blocks, but no where did I see anything about "Admission s Office." We did find the Anthropology Dept., but it was closed on that Friday afternoon (state government works about the same in New Mexico and West Virginia). At the same time, we were able to pick up some informa- tion from the school's hallway displays which had the pictures of the professors, their names, and some of their archeological projects. Patrick explained the difference between archeology and anthropology in that the former is the mechanical method of uncovering the ment of federal and state parks. Moreover, with the popularity of the "'Route 66" nostalgia, Grants, which is on that famous route, is becoming quite a tourist attraction, especially for the Indian jewelry trade, gen- eral store venue, and outdoor recreation craze. Later, the economic developers here attracted three prisons, too. Hence, Grants has become a booming town once again. And, for individuals like my brother and sister-in-law, they can enjoy retirement in an area where the sky and stars are bigger than life at night and the desert sands and mesas offer beauty and charm during the day. From what I've seen so far, New Mexico is artifacts of ancient peoples, while the latter is living us to its state's slogan, "Land of En- the study of how those people lived and inter- chantment?' Pen in IIII Ill Memories of my sister several months with her husband's family in time anyone moves, I will spank you, and I New Jersey. Her mothex-in-law would not let don't care whether it is a Schmetzer or a her lift a finger to help in any way, she had no Vitale!' fnc ads in the area, it v,as too icy to take v. aiks, At that point Mary walked m the door to see andtherewa.,,nothinginthelittleapartn,cntto the stunned children sitting quietly on the read'. Having nothing to do was hard fl,r her! lloor, v,lth me starting a game of "'Button. It was years later that I had especial diffi- button, v, ho's got the butt,)n "" cuhy fiuing my life into the daysofit. I wason "Isn't this nice !'" she exclaimed. I burst into the Virginia farm with my four young chil- tears and ~,he took all ten ot them home with dren. Mary had a new baby, and the bad day I her for a fcg, houP,! am remembering was her first trip into Rich- The next day Mary told mc about her diffi- mond to do errands. 1 don't remember why cult time in New Jersey, What saved that Mother was not home that day. Mary brought experience for her was that she learued some her five children and a 12-year-old 'helper' for excellent recipes by watching how her in-laws me to watch over while she was gone. Some- cooked how we got through lunch, but no one would ! am st,II looking for the wi~om to fit my take a nap, and I was falling apart by the time life into the days of it! Mary returned. I had just growled, "The next 2003-2004 Adult Enrollment at Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center Classes begin August 26, 2003 ion is an exciting option for many adults. It gives one and strengtl-~n his or her academic and critical thinking skills in real "hands- activities. We invite you to see, hear, and experience Career Center has earned the reputation as one technical education centers in West Virginia. discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, r condition, marital status, or national origin in the a~ the following ~rograms: Criminal Justice Technology Hospitality Management Restaurant Association Curriculum-ProStart) Business Education Automotive Service Technology Environmental Technology Building Construction Technology Cisco/Aries Computer Technology Welding/Metals Technology wavers available to those that qualify will be filled on a first-come, first-.served h.~l~,. contact either Dr. Robert Rentschler or David White Ibr a ~plication form at 304-354-6151 or at Rt, 1, Box 542-A. Grantsville 47 j Young .Man ... Continued from Page i fact thai the site of the'ace|dent, w!thout markers to warn drivers of the bridge or of the sharp curves before crossing it. will only see more carnage. "'Two people have been k|lled at this site, that I know of," Tant says. "'The bridge is generally in bad shape, but we can't get anyone interested ~n fixing it or putting up signs to warn drivers." When Tant mentioned the need for either a guardrail or warning signs to the Sheri fr s Deputy who answered the call after Prunty and Marshall's accident. Taut was rudely rebuffed by the deputy. As recently as July 31, an accident occurred on the other side of the bridge from where Lesa Prunty and Marshall Blake were rescued by Taut. During that accident, a stop sign was demolished by the vehicle. When Tant was photographed for this story, the twisted and mangled sign was still lying flat against the ground, the word STOP as far from a dri ver' s l i ne of vision as one can imagine. Until the bridge is marked with explicit warning signage, it may continue to be marked with the blood of accident victims. Our 'Letters to the Editor' Polic We are in need of more letters to the editor. Feel free to send them in to us. Just remember our policy on the letters. Local newspapers have long been the sounding boards political, personal, and patriotic 'views and this paper is no ! exception! i Relative to writing responses, please keep in mind Editorial Policy: we will accept letters on a space available basis only and they will be subject to the Editor's scrutiny as d to content relative to libel, good taste and timeliness. A good length is generally one to one-and-a-half standard pages, double-spaced. The decision of the Senior Editor will i be final. Letters must be signed in order to be published - e- mailed letters must include a phone number where your identity can be verified, but you may still be required to sign the letter via snail mail. Deadlines for letters are Mondays at 10 a.m. for that week's paper. After 10 a.m., they can be accepted for that week as paid advertisements. However, it would appear for free in a future edition. Also, for writers writ consistently send in Letters week after week, these messages are constantly evaluated as to content and to purpose, so they may be considered as an advertise- ment, especially if they are weekly, lengthy, and repetitious of previous letters. Nevertheless, you will be contacted if the latter is the case and will be charged only our regular adver- tising rate. For more information, contact either Dave Corcoran, Sr. or Jodi at 304-462-7309. i , ,/ The Gienville Democra David H. Corcoran, Sr,, PublfSher-Edtl r P.O. Box 458; 108 N. Court St., Glenville, WV 26351 , , , , -- PHONE 304-462-7"o09 FAX 304-462-7300 E,MAIL -- glenVilleneWsad@ .net VISA & Mastarcard are now rated ,ii ~i :