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August 8, 1975     The Glenville Democrat
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August 8, 1975

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..... ii e Unfortunately, attendance at the Job's Temple Homecoming the past few years has been sparse. It's a shame. The Southern Methodist Church is one of the oldest log churches in the state. It was first constructed prior to the Civil War and finished after hostilities ended. Founded by Gilmer County pioneer families, the church held regular services until 1912 when people quit attending. The building disintegrated until tradition-minded persons, including descendants of the founders, repaired and preserved the church and grounds in the early 1930's. Since 1937, the church has been the site of 37 homecomings and one wedding, except for two years during World War II. The original speaker's stand and pulpit remain, along with split long benches. Attendance at the homecoming used to run in the hundreds several years ago, but descendbnts of the founding families are scattered far and wide and interest in coming back has lagged. It would be fitting tribute to Gilmer County's community spirit if area residents turned out in force to celebrate and preserve our mountain religious heritage. It's especially appropriate for folks to turn out this year because Sen. Robert C. Byrd is the featured ....... speaker. Sen. Byrd is coming back to Job's Temple after his first appearance in 1958. He may be the Democrat's nominee for president in 1976 and the homecoming is a good opportunity for area residents to both meet the senator and enjoy a sentimental glimpse of the cherished pioneer past. Reminder to area residents: don't forget to attend the reception at the Medical Center honoring the doctors and dentists serving our county, Thursday, August 14 at 8 p.m. Dr. Tom Gross, his wife Rhonda, and Dr. Tom Heller and Lynn are new to the county. Besides the two physicians, whose services are sponsored by the National Health Service Corps, we also extend a welcome back to Dr. John Wesffall, the young Gilmer dentist just back from WVU. He will join Dr. Tom Wilkerson in private dental practice at the Medical Center. Those attending will also get a chance to meet the Medical Center staff and board members, and see old friends once again. Mark the date on your calendar. It should be a happy time. L by Chauncey H. atterney general I L This column will provide a brief outline of our new consumer protection statutes and will describe how you, the consumer, can often utilize our office as yo~r advocafe or legal representative. Future articles will discuss specific consumer problems in West Virginia, including actual situa- tions where the Consumer Protection Division {CPD} has been able to arrive at solutions satisfactory to both sides of a consumer problem. The CPD was created by an act of the 1974 Legislature. Its purpose is to enforce West Virginia's Consumer Credit and Protection Act. statutes which authorize the Division to serve the consumer as an advisor in handling many complaints. Under the new statute, the Division can utilize subpoena powers in many cases to halt practices of questionable businesses and can bring laws-jts. It can also obtain cease and. desist orders against companies that take unfair advantage of our citizens. The Division. also. now has authority to recover~ monies when interest rates have exceeded the am uv~ allowed under applicable statutes. The Division. although only in operation ~ than a year, has handled a wide variety of complaints involving such matters as fraud, misrepresentation, false or misleading advertising, contracts, credit transactions, and warranties or guarantees. As an indication of the need for such a state agency being established, the Division is receiving approximately 1,000 consumer compalints each month; and, when more West Virginians become aware of our function. I expect that number to increase. It should be emphasized, to avoid possible misunderstanding that the CPD is prohibited by law from accepting consumer complaints involving insurance contracts, bills or tariffs of public utilities or motor carriers, as well as licensed pawnbrokers. If you have a consumer complaint, we would like to hear from you. The Division has been established to work in your behalf, and we may be able to help resolve your problem. Once we receive your compalint, you may be provided with and asked to fill out a complaint form so that the CPD will have all the necessary data. If you are asked to provide contracts, sales receipts or other documents relative to your problem, I suggest you provide copies, not the o~. Again, as I indicated earlier, our laws may not permit the CPD to act in every consumer complaint: but, with your assistance and a little patience on your part, every possible effort will be made to represent you in your case. If we cannot help, we will tell you; and ff we can, you will be hearing from us. You can contact us by writing to the Consumer Protective Division. Office of the Attorney General State Capitol Charleston, or telephone 348.8086. by |im |acobs Since convening in January, Congress has enjoyed four 10-day recesses. In addition, congressmen are taking off the entire month of August, then five days for the Jewish holidays in the fall, a protracted Columbus Day recess, a week to observe Veterans' Day, 10 days for Thanksgiving and then at least a month over Christmas and l ew Year's. Rep. Ken Hechler, D-W.Va. claims be's soehing work during his August vacaflon-a series of jobs in plants, stores and farms throughout his Congressional district. At least that's what a recent press release states! "'I don't want any soft jobs like lifeguarding at a swimming pool or goldbricking anywhere (lifeguarding is goldbricking?J, but will welcome the chance to help cities and towns do some streetsweeping or garbage collecting." Well, that's real nice of Ken, to show the folks he's not afraid of a little sweat work. But it's an incredible gesture in the wake of ..Congress" failure to do much of anything since they convened in January. home - so they can tell the folks back home what a great job they're doing. And that wasn't enough, apparent- ly, for some. The U.S. Senate began debate July 28 on an obscure Postal Service bill which contains a provision for an annual pay raise for Congressmen and Senators pegged to the cost of living. After passing the Senate easily, the pay bill got through the House by a single vote after efforts to avoid a public record of the vote. Members of Congress - who already earn $42,500 a year plus fringe benefits approximating the median West Virginia income - will now earn $44,625 due to the five per cent raise. To make matters worse, President Ford-that old inflation fighter-en- dorsed the pay proposal. To their great credit, three West Virginians in Congress voted against the proposa*l for automatic :ost-of-liv- ing increases. They are Sen. Jennings Randolph, Sen. Robert C. Byrd, and Hechler. Three other West Virginians in Congress voted to raise their own pay. They are Rep. Robert Mollohan, Rep. Harley Staggers, and Rap. John Slack. When they first assembled, with 75 new Democratic members who promised to make a difference, they promised to trim down an imperial presidency and a gigantic Pentagon budget. They would solve the economic problems, they would dissolve the energy crisis. Well, the Jeffersonian face is covered with egg. The House has failed to do much of anything. They failed to override several important vetoes and they caved in completely on defense spending. As for their much heralded energy program, they were even more decisively beaten. Sen. Lowell Weicker, R-Conn., chastised his peers as a "do-nothing Congress," neglecting the country's business while looking out for their own interests. lust before they left on their third recess, Congress voted themselves a cool $10 million more in fringe benefits. They will have more staff. more telephone allowance, more newsletters and 32 annual free trips In addition, by providing some 800 new helpers for the members, the pressure is almost automatically increased for the House's most shameful enterprise, the construction of yet a fourth office building, at a cost that is optimistically put at $200 million to taxpayers who are urged to tighten their belts. The economy is floundering in great part because of the excesses and failures of Congress. It is a bitter ,, irony that Congi'ess has provided itself the cushion it cannot provide the people. It is especially distasteful when one considers the back-door method by which Congress snuck their pay raise into a minor bill and then tried to camouflage their efforts by trying unsuccessfully to avoid the record of their votes. So maybe Rep. Hechler's gesture to demonstrate the superior value of hard work is actually a way to shed some guilt, symbolically, for the rest of Congress. At least he's offering his services for free. Gilmer Ceuty Cabndnr GSC pool open to community - Monday to "l'nursday, 2:30 - 3:30 p.m.; Tuesday and Thursday nights, 7-8 p.m. Fee is 25 cents. Sunday, August 10- ]Job's T~ Homecoming, nine miles west of Glenvme m: Rt. 5. Services at 10:30 picnic lunch, music and fegtured speaker. Sen. Robert C. Byrd, D-W.Va. at 2 p.m. Sunday, August 10-4~ annual picnic of the Stonestreet Charnlais Ranch, free beef barbecue beginnin at 10 a.m. Follow sips, Brgxton County, Dgvlson Rt. Gusaway. "Fue~ay, August 12 - l~jthlu Sisters meetiag at Tanner. Meedey-Thurul - N -ltinn Pr r m at neon. Senio Citizens Center. reservatim~ a day in advance, minimum fee. 1Paursday, August 14 - Rer~ptlu for doctors and dentists, Giimer County MedicM Center Conference Room, S p.m. The public is invited. The Glenville Pathfinder .................................................. EDITOR JOAN ......................... cIIqL /LATION MANAGER GIU , ............................. By U.S, One of the most signifi- and cant scientific debates oc-first curring in this count~T con- Then, cerns ozone. And it is a debate filled with ironies, ing Ozone is that part of the ucts~ stratospheric gas layer which protects all life on to earth from the sun's dead- to the ly ultraviolet rays; and astiros. long as it remains 10-20 milesabove the earth, to ozoneis beneficial But in ozoneis highly unstable. Once it drifts downward sure from the stratosphere, it the becomes the most toxic SST. pollutant k n o w n, m o r e deadly than carbon mon- oxide,cyanide,or strych- ozone, nine. could The problem for scien- tire t~ tists, then, is how to keeplying ozone where we need it-- ozone how to harness its positiveand aspects without unleashing ill its negative ones. strear~ Fear of destroying the ing ozone layer was the main idizes, reason America abandoned covers, plans to mass produce su- ous personic transport planes, fore, ,Some scientists argued that waste 500 SST's operating for one year could knock away half the layer a development good that would not only expose Their earth to more ultraviolet lowed rays, but would also send that more ozone down into the earth's atmosphere, tact, Ironically, o z o n e was ozone widely used as ~ bleach benefit- "'I feel good. 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