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August 12, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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August 12, 2004

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Page 2 -- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder -- Thursday, Aug. ?.004 Braxton Fair Expericences Good Weather Run times are [ By Delegate Brent Boggs Funded withlegislativeappropria- their meeting in Charleston. The aeerox,,,a,~"" ;" to and are su,,j~c,~;- " to c.ange.Z" " August weatherjust doesn't get any tions from the budget digest, the Council was extremely positive and betterthanthatexperiencedlastweek- County Commission and the transfer enthusiastic about this exciting con- Bus#/Operatorandrundescription: 3:20; GCHS 3:30; Hands of Pride transfers from #43; Meet bus #35 at end for the final days of the Braxton ofpropertyfromtheDivisionofHigh- cept for economic developm t for GLENVILLE AREA: 3:35;GlenvilleElementary3:40;Sand Mouth of Grass Run and Transfer HS Co. Fairs and Festivals at Holly Gray ways, work is weU under way. Addi- thearea. While the Council refe cd #50 Mike Hill, Morning- Mouth of ForkSchool3:50;HeadofJoe'sRun 8:00;Pickupon33/l19;GCHS8:20. Park. With temperatures more like tionally, they are actively seeking it to their Infrastructure Committee" Panther6:40;MouthofSinkingCreek 4:00;Ellis4:23;Rt. ForkofEllis4:35. Evening- GCHS 3:30: Drop off, on early fall, it was a great time to spend donations to assist in the construction for review, the members, including 7:00; Latonia 7:15; Roberts Service #47, EdMoore, Morning-Rocky 33/119;TransferHSatMouthofGrass ( with familyand friends. Congratula- and operations of the new facility. Chairman Ralph Bean and Execu- Center 7:33; Mouth Leading Creek Fork 6:50; Indian Fork 7:10; Veal Run to #35 3:40: Tranfers to #43 at Int, tions to all livestock exhibitors, espe- 1 especially want to call attention tive Director David Satterfield were 7:40; Sycamore; Mineral Road 7:45; Barn 7:15; Upper Sand Fork/ Normantown School 3:47: Mouth of ma cially the youth to the Humane Society's current ini- solid in their support" for this desig- Center St.;WalnutStreet;PineStreet; McHenry's Store 7:35; Mouth of Ellis Poplar Lick 4:09; Laurel Run 4:38. we livestockexhibi- tiative for temporary foster care for nation. GCHS 8:00; Putnam Tire Shop 8:05: 7:40; Sand Fork School 7:47; Meet #35, Virgil Meadows, Morning - scr, tors. A special homeless, abandoned, or abused dogs With our strategic location, trans- Glenville Elementary 8:10. Evening #48 at Gluck Run 7:55; GCHS 8:15. Chestnut Lick 6:45; Mouth Chestnut "1 thanks is also in andcats. This program is designed to portation access and the partnership - Glenville Elementary 3:15; Putnam Evening - GCHS 3:27; Sand Fork Lick 7:00; Stumptown 7:10; Mouth order to the live- offer an alternative to homeless ani- withGlenvilleStateCollege, wemay Tire Shop 3:20; GCHS 3:30; Pine School 3:45; Mouth of Ellis 3:55; of Owens Run 7:20; Normantown I Street; Walnut St; Center St; Mineral Upper Sand Fork/McHenry's Store School 7:35; Grass Run 7:40; Mouth dra stock buyers that mals being euthanized by finding a soon have the very real opportunity support the 4-H short-term home until a permanent to provide state-of-the-art internet Road; Sycamore 3:45; Mouth Lead- 4:05; Veal Barn 4:20; Indian Fork of GrassRun meet#55 transfer 7:55; youth projects, home can be arranged. The Humane access, along with tax incentives to ing Creek 3:50; Mouth of Sinking 4:22; Rocky Fork 4:40. Normantown Elem 8:10. Evening - cra The hard work Society volunteers are working dill- lure technology-related businesses Creek 3:55; Roberts Service Center NORMANTOWN AREA: Normantown Elem. 3:25; Mouth of ing and planning gently to support this effort, and may to central West Virginia. 4:00; Latonia 4:15; Mouth of Panther #46, Colin Hartshorn. Morning - Grass Run transfers from #55 3:45:ing 4:50. Tanner #4 6:50; Mouth of Tanner #4 Grass Run 4:00; Normantown School was key to a suc- be able to assist with providing pens, Please contact me ifI may be of #39, RandvHitt, Morning-Church 7:00; Rosedale 7:10; Prison Camp 4:10; Mouth of Owens Run 4:25: "] cessful week- dog houses and other shelter,assistance. As the session is now " long event. Like any worthwhile endeavor, it concluded, please address your mail at Laurel Fork 7:10; Trace Fork 7:20; 7:13: Mouth of Laurel 7:18; Aunt Stumptown 4: 5; Mouth of Chestnut A fair and festival of this sizetakes takes people and funds to sustain and to my home office: PO Box 254, Tanner 7:33; Mouth Third Run 7:45: Minnie's Farm 7:33 Rt. 33/119 7:38; Lick 4:45; Chestnut Lick 4:55. Co considerable planning and coordina- expand this effort. For more infor- Gas,away, WV 26624. By tele- Kanawha Drive 7:48; Apartments NormantownElem.7:48;GCHS8:15.#52, Bob Perrin, Morning - vat tion. I appreciate all the efforts of mationonthepetfostercareprogram, phone, you may contact me at 340- 7:56; GCHS 8:00; Camden FlatsEvening- GCHS 3:30;NormantownLeatherbark 7:05: Spruce Run Trailer ma those that make this annual event a to donate to this worthy organization, 3137 or 364-8411. For those with (elem. only); Main Street; Small School 3:53; Rt. 33/119 4:03; Aunt Park 7:25; Mouth of Kelly Run 7:30; lac. success, or for more information about the Internetaccess, my e-mail address is WorldDayCare8:08;HandsofPride; Minnie's Farm Steer Creek Rd 4:08; Dawson Farm 7:40; Mouth of Cedar egi Folks who attended the fair likely plans and programs of the Humane Boggs34@aoLcom. You can obtain Glenville Elementary. 8:10. Evening Mouth of Laurel 4:23; Prison Camp Creek Transfer elem to #56 7:45; As noticed or stopped by the booth spon- Society, please contact Ginnyadditional legislative information - Glenville Elementary 3:15; Small 4:28; Rosedale 4:31; Mouth of Tan- Camden Flats 7:50; River St. 8:00;Ba sored by the Braxton County Humane Strother, President at 765-7975 or e- from the Legislature's web site at World Day Care 3:19; Main Street; ner #4 4:41; Tanner 4:51. GCHS 8:05; Glenville Elem. 8:10. Ed Society. I want to complement the mail at vstrother@citynet.nethttp://n Camden Flzits (elem. only); Hands of #56, Freddie Helmick, Morning - Evening - Glenville Elem. 3:15; I Humane Society members and volun- Approval for the Gilmer/Braxton As always, please remember our Pride;GCHS 3:25;Apartments3:30; Royal Oil & Gas 6:50; Mouth of GCHS 3:25; River Street 3:30; stu leers for their ongoing fundraising Research Zone moved one step closer troops at home and abroad andKanawha Drive 3:39; Mouth Third Butcher's Run 6:55; Mouth of Rock Camden Flats 3:40; Dawson Farm bal efforts toward completion of the ani- to reality last week, as the WV Coun- keep them and their families in your Run 3:45; Tanner 3:55; Church at Run 7:00; Lower Level Run 7:05; 3:45; Mouth of Cedar Creek Transfer at I malshelterforBraxtonCounty. This cil for Community and Economic De- thoughts and prayers. Until next Trace Fork 4:10; Laurel Fork4:30. Cedarville Store 7:10; Head of Bull Elem. to #56 3:50; Mouth of Kelly nit is truly a worthwhile endeavor, velopment heard our presentation at week, take care. SAND FORK AREA: Run 7:20; State Park 7:30; Trailer Run 3:55; Spruce Run Trailer Park grc #48, Lee Yeager, Morning - Low Park 7:40; Mouth of Cedar Creek - 4:00; Leatherbark 4:20. hil Gap 6:45; Turkey Fork 6:55; Mouth Meet Bus #52 7:45; Normantown TROY AREA: -off Nick Casey appointed as Chairman of state Democratic Party of Tola~ Fork 7:10; Dusk Camp 7:17; Elem. 8:02. Evening-Normantown #49, Kenton Frymier, Morning- an, Sand Fork School 7:40; Mouth of Elem. 3:25; Meet Bus #52 at Mouth Sangtown Road Rt. 47 (Cole's) 6:551 \sia DuckRun 7:47; Mouth ofGluck Run of Cedar Creek 3:42; Trailer Park Rt. 9 7:05; Tanner Creek Road 7:15;Eli meet #54 with transfers 8:05; Sand 3:47; State Park 3:52; Head of Bull Jesse's Run 7:20; Newberne 7:25; .toe Manchin recently confirmed Senate candidates. While individual Ambernathy,"because Manchin will Fork School 8:20. Evening - Sand Run 4:02; Cedarville Store 4:12; TroyShcoo17:40;BeverlyDrive7:55; at what the West Virginia Republican state candidates can only take $1,000 be holding Manchin Dinners. From Fork School 3:20; Mouth of Gluck Lower Level Run 4:17; Mouth of College Street 8:00; GCHS 8:05. edi Party has predicted- Mike Callaghan per person, state parties can accept now on, il's all about Joe." Run 3:30; Meet #54 with transfers Rock Run 4:22; Mouth of Butcher's Evening- GCHS 3:27; College Street is ou:as Chairman ofthestateDemo- contributions of $10,000 into their Abernathy said it's interestnig that 3:45; Mouth of Duck Run 3:50; Sand Run 4:27; Royal Oil & Gas 4:32. 3:30;BeverlyDrive3:35;TroySchool crat Party. federal acounts and $1,000 into their the Democrats are turning once again Fork School 4:10; Dusk Camp 4:20; #43, Mark Minney, Morning - 3:50; ewberne 4:05; Jesse's Run Manchin recently announced that state accounts, to a lawyer to lead its party, while Turkey Fork 4:30; Mouth of Tolar Mouth of Cub Fork 6:38; Mouth of 4:10; "l anner Creek Road 4:30; Rt. 9 his treasurer, Nick Casey, will be the "This is clearly now the party of Joe Republicans have generally been led Fork 4:45; Low Gap 5:00. Lower Two Run 6:47; Perkins Hill 4:40; Sangtown Road 4:45. new party chairman. Manchin," said Gary Abetnathy, ex- by business extrepreneurs. #54, Gerald McHenry, Morning - bridge6:56;MouthofBrierLick6:59; #40, Kelvin Sprouse, Morning - Democrats around the state should ecutive director of the state GOP. "Joe Manchm is throwing the rest Copen7:00;LongShoal/BraxtonCo. IntersectionHunterRoadRun&Steer Bear Fork 6:45; Doddridge Co. Line be alarmed that Callaghan, who was "'lhe Democrats are now more than of his party to the wind," said Line7:13;StoutsMills7:20;Headof Creek7:08;TurnatSherwood'sT:12; 6:55;MouthofLittleCove7:05;Troy "] fightingforthewholeDemocratticket, ever the party of personalities, not Abemathy. "Our focus has always Sliding 7:28; Rt. 5 7:40; Edna Street Head of Steer Run (Jim Moss) 7:22; School 7:15; Spruce Run 7:22; Linn nut has been replaced by Manchin's trea- principles." been on House and Senate candidates. 7:42; Sand Fork School 7:50; Lynch TurnatHeadofLickFork7:34;Mouth & Transfers 7:40; GCHS 8:05. Ste surer, who will insure that contribu- The state GOP is welcoming Joe Manchin is taking over the Demo- Run 7:55; MouthofGluck Run meet of Peach Tree 7:43; Mouth of Steer Evening-GCHS3:30;Linn&Trans- cur tions from gambling interests in Callaghan and all other disenfran- cratic Party and making it all about #48 with transfers 8:05; GCHS 8:15. Run 7:48;NormantownSchoo17:50; fers 3:50; Spruce Run 4:08; Troy amounts as high as $11,000 per per- chised Democrats ha the GOP fold. him." Evening - GCHS 3:30; Glenville El- transfer HS to #55. Evening -Schoo! 4:15; Mouth of Little Cove son will all be funneled to electing "We'll even be happy to hold ementary; Mouth ofGluckRun 3:40; Normantown School 3:47 get vans- 4:25; Doddridge Co. Line 4:35; Bear ManchinattheexpenseofHouseand Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinners," said MouthofDuckRun3:45;LynchRun fers from #55; Mouth of Steer Run Fork4:45. 3:50; Sand Fork School 3:57: Edna 3:50; Mouth of Peach Tree; Turn #53, Susie Kirkpatrick, Morning. Street 4:02; Rt. 5 4:04; Head of Slid- around Head of Lick Fork 4:04; Head Auburn 6:40; Cox's Mills 6:50; Up- ing 4:14; Stouts Mills 4:20; Long of Steer Run (Jim Moss) 4:14; Turn at per Horn Creek 7:00; Lower Horn Shoal/Braxton Co Line 4:27; Copen Sherwood's 4:24; Intersection of Creek 7:10; Dowell 7:25; Linn & 4:40. Hunter Road Run and Steer Creek transfers 7:40; Troy School 7:50. p #44, Darrel Ramsey, Morning - 4:27; Mouth of Briar Lick 4:36; Evening - Trov School 3:40; Linn & nce rocessln Rt. Fork of Ellis 7:00;Ellis 7:12; Perkins Hill'Bridge 4:38; Mouth of transfers 3:50; Dowell 4:05; Horn Head of Joe's Run 7:35; Sand Fgrk LowerTwoRun4:54;CubFork4:44. Creek4:20; Upper Horn Creek 4:30; Federal and staterecoveryofficials up and alert officials at the Fraud a maximumoffive-to 10-yearprison School 7:45; Glenville Elem. 7:55; #55, Jim Snider, Morning-Laurel Cox's Mills 4:40; Auburn 4:50. ma are warning those who were affected Hotline listed below, term and/or up to $250,000 in fines. GCHS 8:00; Hands of Pride 8:05; Run 7:10; Mouth of PoplarLick 7:38; by the Memorial Day woekend severe FEMA and the Office oflnspector TheonlywaytoregisterwithFEMA SandFork8:15.Evening-SandForkNormantown School 7:50; Get HS storms and floods to be aware of any- General (OIG) urge all West Virginia is tocall the toil-froeapplication num- One who claims to be able to register residents withany knowledgeoffraud, ber. The application numberis 1-800- ........ ......... * " them for disaster assistance by col- waste or abuse involving FEMA con- 621 -FEMA (3362)). It is in operation ...... lecting their personal information, tracts, programs or personnel to call from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through I Vll In the latest"scheme," callers claim- the Fraud Hotline at 1-800-323-8603. Saturday. The deadline for applying ing to be West Virginia State officials The hotline is in operation 24 hours a is Aug. 6. Persons who axe hearing- are directing people affected by the day, seven days aweek. They can also or-speech impaired can apply by call- ., Byl disaster to open a bank account and call the West Virginia Office of At- ing a special TTY number: 1-800- G/el deposit a $249 "processing fee." The torney General Consumer Protection 462-7585. callers then instruct the disaster vic- , Division at 1-800-368-8808. On March 1, 2003, FEMA became 1 tim to supply them with the bank Written alerts, or complaints, can partoftheU.S.DepartmentofHome- Th account number and authorize the be made to: Office of lnspectorGen- land Security. FEMA's continuing am callertoelectronicallywithdrawfunds eral, FEMA, 500 C Street, S.W., mission within the new department is the from the account. In return, the caller Washington, DC, 20472. to lead the effort to prepare the nation ras promises the victim a grant from the Conducting audits and investigat- for all hazards and'effectively man- I @ 1 statetocoverpersonalpropertylosses ing possible fraudulent activities is age federal response and recovery It 1 due to '.he disaster, standard procedure in all federal di- efforts following any national inci- me There is never a"processing fee" to ,aster operations. The U.S. Depart- dent. FEMA also initiates proactive to l register for assistance, or a request to ment of Justice prosecutes cases that mitigation activities, trains first re- ( , authorize the use offunds, FEMAand result in criminal charges. Persons ,ponders, and manages the National wh state officials said. Anyone who re- claiming false losses can be charged Flood lnsurance Program and the U.S. gr( ceives a call like this is urged to hang with a felony, and, if convicted, face Fire Administration. O111r Annual Dollar Back Af tw, Promotion begins this week. an, WV CASA Association names new Board of Directors members GS Dining Services is going to The West Virginia CASA ,(Court Kenney, Executive Director of of Directors,"saidMonicaDonohoe, donate $1.00 for every adult or Appointed Special Advocates) As, o- Harrison County CASA. Clark.burg; State Director of the West Virginia senior that dines at Sunday .hi elation is proud to announce the seat- Phil Redford, Law Enforcement, CASA Association, Inc. "We are Blllndl until l)ecember 12, ha' ing of three new members to its Bohrd Wheeling; Terrance Hamm, PIP Co- grateful to all of our board members of Directors. they are mark Carbone, ordinator, WV DHHR, Montgomery; t and ambassadors for their time and 20(0 to your chnrch. The " Attorney and Managing Partner of Trudy Laurenson, Executive Direc- expertise and for their service, with- ( urdlwith the b| l t tunlout Donnelly & Carbone Law Firm, tor of the Youth and Child Advocacy out muneration, as strong advocates Charleston;LesDavidson, Coordina- Center, Lewisburg; Mary J0 for abused and neglected children,' .... during thJs ll t'iod will get an tor, ONE Wheeling weed and seed, Dombrowski, Community Servicecontinued Donohoe. additiollal $50.00 to help with Wheeling;and BillMichael,Accounts Manager with WV DHHR, The West Virginia CASA Associa- Au st 200't dlurdl aottvilJl , Mpnager, CDI IT Services, Charles- Moundsville; Kim Gifford, Program tion develops and strengthens CASA ton. Director of Mountain CAP CASA, programs throughout West Virginia Omdet (Wat De ] New members join a distinguisbed Buckhannon and Cynthia Kirk.hart, through technical assistance, train- Station al> boardwhichincludesDerrickGibson, Referral Services Coordinator, River ing, public awareness activities, re- Board t 'esident and Executive Di- Park Hospital, Huntington. Serving search and resource development to PaSll"ies po rector of the East End Family Re- CASA with our Board of Directors assure quality volunteer advocacy for Roasted Italian yo source Center, Charleston, Susan are our CASA Ambassadors, Lyne every abused and neglected child in Coghill, Board Vice President and Ranson, AttomeywithJackson Kelly, the West Virginia court system. We Seasoned Pork ]Loin Attorney with WV Legislative Ser- Charleston;BethMorrison, McJunkin believe in the power of volunteers to Fri( ! Chicken i vices, Charleston; Stephanie Knight Corporation, Charleston; and Dr. make a difference in the life of an SI:t IIIII I fm Whited, Board Secretary/Treasurer James Kaplan, WV Chief Medical abused child. For more information, I ( with WV Crime Victims Compensa- Examiner, Charleston. isit 81: , co tionFund, Charleston;MicheleRusen, "It is a pleasure to welcome such yellow S(l w/ - He , He Attorney at Law, Parker, burg; Cheri high caliber individuals to our Board Tomatot , ch: Glenv area poets B,.U A $1,000 grand prize is being of- Wdd Rice Medley 4-1,, ;;:iPublished:byCor NewsPa :i :i :::iiii fered in a new poetry contest spon- Hash Browns Le , : ..... .... sored by Celestial Arts, free to every- . . ' : L : , avt one. A whopping $50,000.00 in prizes New Red Mashed ,. Tom n,.mr-S. rAOmn ln n ..... will be awarded during the coming Potatoes w/ Gravy - year! "" Sliced FreshFrnit e r=u mn "Even if you have never entered a TravisSNn --- Sp0~I Reporter row,., competition before,." says Poetry Edi- J tor Michael Thomas, thig is your It)add H. Co,~,onm, ~, ,- ~Technicten (l~U1-1~me) [ opportunity to win big. Even if you " tmdweek,y have written only one poem, it de- $7.50 per person I a'lod]calgPoMagepaldlltGImville.WV2f,351 .... serves to be read and appreciated. If you have any questions, t POSTMASTeI . SenOconaceon, to: Beginners are welcome!' please call 462-4108. c : . The Glenvllle Democrat " To enter, send one poem 21 lines or 108 N(xth Court Street PO Box 4511 * Glenvflle, WY 26351 less: Celestial Arts, PO Box 1140, per person t Ptione (304) 462-7309 Fax (304) 462-7300 glenw'Uenew,al~rtol.rntt webs : Talent, OR 97540. Or enter online at Children under 12 Availableby SubserllMion and Over-the-Counter Sales at select locations. Prlce: '21.20 (tax included)in G, ms, County. Be sure your name and address is $5.00 Price:~.50(laxincludedllnWestVIrginiL . on the page with your poem. The I lc : 8 0(notaxrequh l)forOut- -StateSubscrlbers. deadline for entering is August 31, PRICESI)ONOTIN(IX I . Wecunnot sccel)t su4~cdptions for I~m than six months. ...... WSk mtwc re accepted. 2004. A winner's list will be sent to all TAX , entrants. .._~Jmm..--