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August 12, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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August 12, 2004

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Thursday, Aug. 12, 2004 --- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder -- Page 5 Corcoran Column continued ... Continued from page3 ). Ld St le ld a |'t Fe 'i- 3- )f bn 71 ~r te I- d d n r Dolt 't Get ,lie Started! cont'd... Continued from page 3 t I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I next edition one whole week later, speeches, so we created the "Voice of Thus, most people in the general pub- the People" to rectify that problem. lic, who would have wanted to attend Finally, an "Article Archives" sec- the viewing or funeral, wouldn't have tion, or newspaper's morgue as we known about it until it was too late. say, will contain the weekly papers I'm happy about this improvement in after they are retired and filed away. our news service through the modern Also, the "Contact Us" segment has technology, our management and staffs names Hence, we hope to make short notes and phone numbers. We desire to about GGOs, sports results and deaths maintain our long-time e-mail address as they are received. The full stories of with can then be read in the regular news- David Ramezan and his RAMCO paper, or seen on the website the next firm, if that is possible. week. Moreover, we have an information Novel additions to this website will section for subscribing to the regular be pages for "Local History" notes newspapers at"the "Buy/Subscribe" and the "Voice of the People." As to tab on the website. history, right now a short history of An "Advertising" section, like with Glenville is posted and the columns the "Classifieds," will be available to of Geraldine Marks and Frances My- local businesses that desire a wider ers Schmetzer will also be featured, impact for their products and services The "Voice of the People" will gener- than just within this region. We are ally not be "Letters to the Editor" currently establishing a rate card for which will be printed in the newspa- the Internet site, and I promise that it peronly. This section willberestricted will be economical to our advertisers to longer than normal articles written who want that extra boost in conjunc- by area people. For instance, the tionwiththeirregularprintadvertise- speeches of Ron and Lynne Kemper, ment -- either for classified and/or which memorialize the late Claude display ads. Kemper of Newberne, are, currently, being featured in their entirety. We Concluding thoughts editors just couldn't devote that much This website will be of great benefit print space to these worthwhile to our Gilmer County community, as or present Windsors. lence messages." What struck me as extra-macabre, I'm not making this up. considering its arrival less than thirty- But it worked, I've always been six hours after Princess Diana had ashamed to realize. People lined up drawn her last breath, were the spe- sixorsevenatatime for theirchances cially-made signs they'd shipped to to write a "special message" to the us for this display. Royal Family in those journals. But I don't know what else I ex- Naturally, it was my habit to follow pected. After all - following the suc- along behind customers every once in cess of James Cameron's epic film a while to see what they had written. Titanic, we began selling something Many of the messages were written as called the "Titanic Game," which if Princess Diana herself were going came complete with an inflatable to read them, most along the lines of, RMS Titanic and a fauxiceberg to be "We love you and will miss you, played with in the bathtub by small Goodbye Lady Di!" and "Your a spe- children, cial person and it was sad when you I kid you not. die." ' After all the morbid placards, were I was actually touched somewhere hung and the displays were built, in the heart region after I watched a someone got the bright idea that we thoughtful-looking pre-adolescent should place a couple of oversized, write for nearly twenty minutes. He blank-paged journals from the sta- would scribble frantically and then tionery department on a table. We gaze into space for a few moments would then tell customers that the before scribbling frantically again. books would be sent to the Royal When I went to the book to read Family in their time of mourning what he had written, I saw that he had after each was filled with "condo- poured out his sympathy to the two it will provide, like the newspaper, a comprehensive listing of news hap- penings here -- delivered in an espe- cially timely fashion. It's here to serve you readers who want to read the headline, or main, stories before you receive your news- paper in the mail. Not all news stories, however, will be posted, because that, at this point in time, is beyond our staffs physical capability to imple- ment: Bear with us, though, as we editors are still perfecting the website and operational system and will continue to do so for the next several months to come! At the same time, however, this website is a Research Project for CANA. Unlike most newspaper web- sites that are, quite frankly, unprofit- able, CANA wartts to see if we can come up with some new ideas to make it not only financially viable but also sustainable for future generations. CANA's John Whitehill and GSC's Larry Baker believe in us, so we hope that we can live up to the trust that they are placing in us. If we can, then you readers and advertisers will be- come the chief beneficiaries of this new website which is run offthe new wireless broadband Internet access technology. princes, telling them that he, too, had lost someone close to him, but he implored William and Harry to be strong. As the week dragged on, I got more and more frustrated with the feeding frenzy my employer was conducting in the wake of Princess Diana's death. I felt like a fool, and would sigh with envy whenever I walked into Barnes and Noble that September, as our rivals had displayed nothing to draw undue attention - or customers - to the tragedy. At our store, the blank books re- mained on their table to be filled with misdirected sympathy, but fewer and fewer people stopped to write in them. I was encouraged by this. The last time I glanced through the "condolence messages" I decided it should be my last, because I had found my favorite. It was, I had to assume, one of those messages writ- ten to Princess Diana herself, rather than to the family. Scrawled, quite simply, with a blue side of the yard, suddenly I realized I was late and he told us not to stay, so I ran all the way to school. The quick- est way was up past Jack Keith's store up the alley past Bagwell's. As I dropped panting into my seat, Roy Burke gave me a fierce look that's all he could do. Before I could catch my breath, he had me to the board to do an arithmetic problem. I am sure I did good. I liked to go to school, but I did not do so good in high school where we had algebra. After school was out, everybody won- dered what the two families would do. Glen Springston rented a house on Walbash St. Mrs. Hershman rented a house on Edna St. Someone gave Mrs. Hershman a stove and three bed- steads they had discarded. Mother bought good mattresses for the beds. All who bought on credit when she went to housekeeping. The children all went to school and the big children went to college. The children had better clothes because teenagers out grew clothes faster. They were hand- me-downs, but Mrs. Hershman only had one dress. She set about making her a new dress with her own thread and needle, but before the dress was finished, she tore a big hole in the old dress. She said GOd was good to her, it was cold enough to wear a coat till she finished her dress. She was a good Sunday School teacher and taught the class with great ideas for fun things to do without it costing money. One day she decided we could all go to meet at the high school and we could take our quilts with some potatoes and corn from the garden and we went a way back on the hills. The boys built a big fire; we sat around the fire and sang while our potatoes and corn roasted. After we ate, we bedded down on our quilts. Mother and my sister were along with us. Mom could be fun. I snuggled up close to her on the quilt and felt secure. Anna Laura was very religious I didn't know when se came to bed; but she must of been some- where praying. But I ~as asleep, but along in the night, I had the sensation of being warmer and I knew she was there. When morning came and I wiggled out from between Mom and Anna Laura and stood up. Mom woke up, too; the fire had died down during ballpoint pen: "You da, BOM!" the night, so when Mom got up, she ! : .... ,,, ::.~ ~ started singing some little ditty. " ' The camp was alert then and we rolled up our quilts and went home. : : .... :~ ...... i:.: ........... We had a taffy pull at our house, the story was when a girl and boy pulled Paranoid? Consider the (t!' .... '~.. the taffy till they met, they kissed To The Editors and Readers, , safer by attacks on its government and My dear Ms. Sheets, I don't know who military from within? Do you really ex- got you started and I'm not so deluded as pect that rational, reasonable people are to think I can stop you, but I do hope tobe going to buy into the notion that the Re- able to cause you to think, publican Party and George W. Bush are The word paranoia is defined inconspiring to wreak havoc on the Demo- Websters Unabridged Dictionary as: In cratic process? When the 9/11 Commis- psychiatry, a mental disorder character- sion held its hearings, ! didn't see or hear ized as a person suffering from delusions any twitching and moaning from the likes or- grandeur or of persecution,of Rudy Guiliani when the cry babies in The word paranoia has come into com- the audience were booing him, or when mon usage in the English language as Ben Veniste delivered his phony final being oversuspicious, speech to him. I have never seen or heard You write your personal belief that this any twitching and moamng from Colin nation is not safer-since 9/11. My Dear, Powell, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, can you point to one terrorist attack in this although, if I, or you, were in their shoes, country since 9/11 ? I bet we would be twitching and moaning. The Patriot Act has come under attack Ms. Sheets, in my humble opinion, the astakingawaythecivil libertiesofAmeri- reason, in part, the WWII generation has cans. come to be called, in Tom Brokaw's fa- Yet, the Patriot Act was enacted to mous words, The Greatest Generation, is prevent another terrorist attack on our because they absorbed the blows from the soil akin to 9/11. is it possible to please Pearl Harbor attack and from the Nazis you and others like you? Do you want to without losing their grip on their sanity be safer, yet be able to claim you are not? and their patriotism. They fought and Or, do you want to be safer, without died and stood behind their govemment, having to make any kind of adjustment in their president and their country, They your life, or in the lives of others who sacrificed everything to end it all in tri- think as you do? Do you think, like umph. Michael Moore, that this country is made I'm not a politician, I'm not a military wfl Had I learned to fiddle, I should have done nothing else. - ' ----SAmttel John pn cont. balls. Molasses was used for many camp; we got in for $1.00 and what things. Also, molasses and sulphur vegetables we could take from home. were good to purify your blood in the When I got back, Mother had a lot spring. Sulphur and lard were our of tomatoes and I ate tomatoes for salves, three days without eating anything We played Setback, no gambling, else. That was my own doing; I broke and many other fun things. Mom outin bald hives. My eyes were swol- would sing songs and say poems. The len shut, my fingers and toes stood kids all liked her; she was a widow out, but my body healed finally. I woman, too, and had no money, went to Dr. Stalnaker. I had to take Mrs. Hershman was a widow; they soda. My eyes didn't heal, no matter would talk of their children with no what the doctors at Clarksburg and complaints. One time when Mrs. other places did. That was the begin- Hershman was going down Rt.5 past ning of my blindness. Russ Campbell's, she saw a bushel of The next year, I was president of turnips for 50 so she bought them; the 4-H club under Mrs. Hershman's said it would make her kids fat and supervision. Back then we went to the pretty. The people individually helped schools. Sand Fork, Troy and Tanner Mrs. Hershman when they co, dd. is where I went. That was very excit- The people of Troy got in touch ing and was very interesting to get to with Glen Springston who had a truck visit other schools. Mrs, Hershman's and they had made upquite adonation children, the two boys, Edward and of food and clothes to share it with the Ray becameengineers; Iris and Lenora widow woman. Glen came to the res- became teachers; Justine became a cue again, he went to Bulltown when nurse and during this time Mrs. potatoes were cheap, the little pota- Hershman and her children bought a toes given away or didn't cost much, house, Marks Town Edition at Sand needless to say, my mother and Mrs. Fork. They had to make payments on Hershman's family ate a lot of pota- it, but somehow they managed. toes in the jackets that year. * Mrs. Hershman went to Charleston Mrs. Hershmanstill taught theSun- to teach and when she retired, she day School class and the class partici- came back to that house and took care pared in the church programs. I was of her father till he died. She visited there, too, or I wouldn't have known, me on Road Run at Tanner. By that One night when we all went to the time, l was married and had four toen- revival at Otterbein, one man got yell- age kids. My husband and two sons gion. Iris Hershman'shand-me-down painted her house for her after she coat had a slit down the side. When retired. Only Iris and Justine are left she sewed it up, she got it too tight, of that family. They had many parties When he shook hands with her, she in that house while she was a Sunday twisted and twisted to get her hand out School teacher. She was always there, of the pocket, never left the house. She raised a Wanda Marks giggled a few weeks family to be proud of and that is the later.We had a Box Social at that end. same church. I went to a Box Social, Phyliss Marks, it didn't cost much money, either, but GlenviUe Was lots of fun. I also went to 4-H DOH placessilhouette postings on county bridge Following recent inspection of a Calhoun County bridge, the Divi- sion of Highways has restricted trucks and buses to crossing it one at a time and has placed silhouette postings that limit the allowable weight of various types of trucks. On the bridge carrying WV 5 over Laurel Creek west of County 35/22, two-axle trucks are restricted to 16 tons, trucks of three or more axles to 22 tons, semi-trailers of three or four axles to 25 tons and semi-trailers of five or more axles to 32 tons. Overweight vehicles can detour 51 miles via US 33 and WV 16. Come Join,the Fiesta! McDonald's Premium Salad lineup i$ xpanding with the introduction of the :ie ta Salad. Our healthy blend of salad lettuce i$ topped with cheddar-jack che w,, tangy taco meat and(crispy torhlla chips. The fiesta is completed with generous serving of Newman's Own, Salsa and sour cream. Try this e r.iting new addition to McDonald's emlad lineup tactician, but I really don' t think that Hanoi Jane helped this country much in Viet Nam. It really shapes up to me that Hanoi John didn't help this country much in that effort either. Actually, when 1 get to thinking about either of them, or folks who think like them, getting more control than they already have in this country, I start to twitch and moan. It makes me want to paint a red white and blue sign with the words, "SHOVE IT" emblazoned on it and point it their way. A Transplanted West Virginian, Patty Floyd Johnson 1400 McDonald Road Vincent, OH 45784-5536 I Network Access would like to invite readers ?o keep up with the CANA Report exclusively onhne at The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder's .... : new web address: ...... ' " ~ovanent The Division of Highways has re- leased an updated listing of possible projects that may be included in its Statewide Transportation Improve- ment Program (STIP): Included are presently identified projects for which federal authoriza- tion may be sought through Septem- ber" 30, 2007. The listing contains such information as location, type of work proposed to be done, approxi-. mate date (s) project (s) may begin an estimated expenditure(s). The listing also includes all Federal Highway Administration Recreational Trails (RT) and Transportation En- hancement (TE) grant applications received for FY 2004 funding consid- eration. It should not be construed that any particular RT and/or TE project is to be selected for imple- mentation. Details of all proposed RT and/or TE project applications may be reviewed at DOH's Planning and Research Division in Charleston. If anyone wishes to review specific in- dividual applications, copies may be provided. Those wishing to review this up- dated listing may contact DOH head- quarters in Charleston or district of- fices in Charleston, Huntington, Parkersburg, Clarksburg, Burlington, Moundsville, Weston, Elkins, Lewisburg, or Princeton and the of- rices of regional planning and devel- opment councils, metropolitan plan- ning organizations and county com- missions throughout the state. Written comments should be sent to Planning and Research Division, Room A-863, West Virginia Division of Highways, Capitol ComplexBu~]d- ing 5, 1900 Kanawha Boulevard East, Charleston, West Virginia 25305- 0430 on or before September 21. under the watchful eye of an adult. At our house, Morn was very goodK WWW with molasses, like making popcorn ~--- Straight Talk from GlenviUe State College GSC Prepares for New Year With the beginning of the new academic year just two weeks away, the GSC campus is busy preparing for new students, new faculty and an exciting new year. On Monday, August 16, the College faC.ulty will return to campus to begin their yearly preparations. The entire campus will kick off the y bar at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, August 16 in the Administration Building Auditorium when President Robert N. Freeman will deliver the annual-State of the College Address. The faculty will then begin their first week back with department meetings and planning sessions. This year's faculty will also have many new faces. Twelve new members will join the faculty for the first time beginning next week. The annual Welcome Back Party will be held Thursday, August 19 for all members of the faculty and staff. The party will provide an opportunity for the entire campus to come back together after the summer. It will also be a fun way for the new faculty and staff to be introduced to the campus. discussions on topics such as academic success, campus resources, and health and safety. Orientation will culminate with Convocation on Tuesday, August 24 at 3:30 p.m. Convocation represents the formal entrance of the incoming students to their college life. Following tile ceremony, a community picnic will once again be held behind the Robert F. Kidd Library. Area community businesses, organizations and churches take part in this event every year, which allows them to introduce themselves to the new students. An open registration day will be held on August 25 to help any new or returning students to register for fall classes if they are not already enrolled. Any new student interested in attending GSC this fall should contact the Office of Admissions at (304) 462.4130 to get more information about getting admitted into the College. The fall semester officially begins on Thursday, August 26 with the first day of classes. Upcoming College Schedule August 16 Faculty Return New incoming students will arrive on August 22 Student Move-In Day campus on Sunday, August 22. FreshmanAugust 22-25 First-Year Student Orientation Orientation also begins on Monday, August August 24 Convocation 22 to help the students adjust to their new August 25 Open Registration home. The GSC Class of 2008 will enjoy August 26 First Day of Classes several days of activities, games and group GLENVILLE STATE COLLEGE IS CENTRAL WEST VIRGINIA'S COl.I. EGL