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August 18, 1977     The Glenville Democrat
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August 18, 1977

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2 1%e Glenville Democrat/ Pathfinder August 18, 1977 i iiiiii i Jill I I I Editorials & Comments 'Welcome State Police We are happy, to welcome our new West Virginia State Police Officers to Gilmer County. Corporal W.S. Haines and Trooper Willy Sutton have joined long-time Gilmer County State Policeman Kenneth Smith in providing the area with 24-hour police service. We were especially glad to learn that the officers are very willing to cooperate with us here at the paper in getting the news to our readers. There are many time when it is impossible for us to be at the scene of every event. It is comforting to know that Corporal Haine is open and complete in making public records available to the general public through our newspaper. In this manner, we are able to provide you with the news in full detail. We offer a friendly greeting to the new officers and thank them for their spirit of cooperation. A Revenue Sharing explanation ; There seems to be a mistaken impression floating around the area that Gilman County-and Glenville in particular-will be coming into a great deal of new revenue sharing money soon. We assume that the misconception is caused, in part, by a statement we attributed to Glenville City Councilman Lowell Fredin in the August 4 issue of this paper. There, Councilman Fredin was quoted as having said in a session of City Council that Glenville will receive $49,000 "more" in revenue sharing funds. It seems that nearly everyone has taken the "more" to mean that this $49,000 is entirely unexpected and new money. The simple fact is that it isn't. The funds referred to are what the city has been told it may expect to receive for the entitlement period beginning in October. While this figure does represent an increase, it is by no means $49,000, nor did Councilman Fredin imply that it was. We hope that the citizens of the county, who are thinking ttmt if the city Rats all this "extra" money the county wig also, will understand that there is not going to be a windfall of money coming to either'the city or county as far as we know.' IIII I I IIIIIIlUl _ II I J II Letters IHlll . II II I II Glad Manley is staying To the Editor: I am sure glad to hear that Dr. Manley will nat be leaving Gilman County. I don't understand people and maybe we are not supposed to, but it seems funny to me that in a county where we need doc'tors so bad and can't hardly find any. that we would just sit still and let o,ne walk out without saying anything. And we just about let Dr. Manley walk out without even saying a word. I can't speak for anyone else but myself. I think Dr. Manley has been as good a doctor as we could ask for. Ha is there when you need him and if you call him out he will come day or night. Dr. Manley is not perfect. But who is? ;And he doesn't claim to know everything. But who does? He does his best ant I what more can one human ask of another? So I just wanted to thank Dr. Manley for staying, and to say that I think we people of Gilmer County should do a little more to help keep doctors here when we get them. Nayoma Frymier Glenville Some LKV Bank history EDITOR'S NOTThe following letter was received by the West Virginia State F01k Festival Committee and is being passed on to the public as a bit of supplemental history to the Little Kanawha Valley Bank Building, which is now awned by the Festival. Sir or Madam, Enclosed is a small donation for help to the old Little Kanawha Valley Bank Bldg. My father, Warren Sn, yder {deceased), was one of the first investors of this hank. l am happy 'to know it is being preserved as a land mark. I have been away from Gilrner County many years. Keep up the good work, and thank you for this opportunity. A former Gllmer County resident Bonna S. Bray 29O0 27th St. Parkersburg I iiiiiiii I I I I I Pub Iiehecl Every Thursday By GILMER. COUNTY PUBLISHING, INC. At 10e E. Main St, Glenville, WV ::ffil PhoneN2-TNe 8e(xm .Clau postage paid at Glenville at Iddltlond milling offim Sutmcription pries 0 tx Included In Gltmor County;, other West Virgini; residents 06.0@ tax indud Out of state subsoriptione $7.00. Cannot accept subscription for Imm than ti month (ALL PRICES EFFECTIVE FEB. let, 1978.) ROBERT D. ARNOLD PRESIDENT/PUBLIsHER RON GREGORY EDITOR JOAN LAYNE OFFICE MANAGER Column One by There is little reason that I can think of for introducing myself to the readership of these newspapers. I suppose that there are a few subscribers who don't know me, but I suspect that I could count them on my fingers and toes. It has been impossible for me. after being employed as editor of the county papers, not to think of the days back in 1968 when I labored in my shallow youth as a columnist for the late Linn B. Hickman. Mr. Hickman also had the idea of making a typesetter out of me. That idea didn't succeed too well. I suspect the fault was largely mine. The days and years since have seen many changes take place-both for me and the papers. Of course, Mr. Hickman is gone, and the papers have new ownership, a new style, and different publishing methods. As for me, I began with these pages as a high school senior. As president of the Gilmer County High School Student Council, I authored a column in a section devoted to and produced by GCHS students. From there, I moved to a column devoted to the happening at Glenville State College. There have been many breaks and interludes during the past seven-odd years. Never, though, have I been totally divorced from newspapering. And, quite frankly, never have I given up on the idea of one day being editor of the Gilmer County newspapers. I have pointedly made reference in this writing to the papers as "Gilmer County" products for a reason. In the greatest sense. I believe that these columns and stories must always bear out the lines that appear on the front page. These papers, of necessity, must be "Published By and For Gilmer County People." All of us here at the papers recognize that our audience is made up of Gilmer Countians. Of course. many of those Gilmer Countians have moved on to other states to seek employment and for other reasons. Nevertheless. those folk who subscribe from out-of-state are primarily interested in the local news from their home. We intend to provide you with the things you want. When Gilmer Graphics began the venture into newspapering some five years ago, President Robert Arnold made clear what he hoped to do with these papers. In quoting from Mr. Arnold's first "editorial," he declared, "It will be our intention to mainta/p the splendid tradition of local news coverage established by our predecessors Linn B. Hickman and C.W. Marsh. We will devote our efforts and our newspapers to serve the best interests of Gilmer County as we see them." With the changing of editors, I hope you will not expect to see drastic changes in the style and goal of these papers. Of course, there will be a few differences. No editor edits the same, and no reporter reports the news in exactly the same manner, Thus, regardless of small changes, we will endeavor to hold on to the high quality of service and concern that have been the hallmark of the Gilmer County papers. We are here to cover the here to make or create news. always, to fight for progress and public welfare in mind. We will 4 injustice or corruption in public! Neither will we launch into upon any person or group. We writing news concerning our constructive criticism. Nothing In short, we will continue the past for a better and stronger There may be times when you, as 'disagree with an editorial stand that case, let us know. The pages set of newspapers is exactly editor's opinion means no more forget that. I never will. In conclusion, I refer back to mY f I never gave up on the idea Now, I am in the editor's chair with Main Street and Gilmer County. I to succeed. I will need your help in with the news and services you need, at times, your understanding. very hectic. I can make mistakes. not make mistakes. The editor do. Together, let's see what we c better Gilman County newspapers. will most assuredly build a better Daybook THURSDAY, AUGUST 18-The waxing Moon is in Libra this morning, and well-aspected to Uranus. planet of the unusual. Since the Moon in Libra signals flower-planting for beauty, symmetry and fragrance, you may want to use this day to take cuttings from your more unusual ornamental plants, especially during the morning hours. The edible parts of many vegetables are flowers-cauliflower, broccoli, and such-and many other vegetables, such as ornamental cabbage and kale can double as house plants. Seed all these now for the fall garden and for indoor beauty and tastiness over the winter. A helpful aspect from Neptune to the Libra Moon brings an aura of glamour and enchantment to the afternoon hours. But be in bed before the Moon. squares Venus in the late evening, or you may find yourself in the midst of a lover's quarrel. FRIDAY, AUGUST 19--You wake full of energy and looking for adventure this a.m. The Libra Moon receives a trine from Mars before dawn, which is still active at breakfast time. Midmorning sees the joining of Mars and Jupiter by parallel. You can benefit from the harnessing of the energy planet and the money planet together. But Jupiter is also the quantity planet. These two in talkative, busy Gemini can make you persuasive and bring you what you want through eloquence. Ask favors in the afternoon while the Sun and Jupiter are well-aspected to the Libra Moon. Make useful contacts. The Moon leaves Libra for fertile Scorpio in the evening, and a parallel to Pluto reminds you to test the water before jumping into anything. SA11JRDAY, AUGUST 20-Jupiter enters Cancer in the early morning today, bringing good fortune to home and family matters. You are confident, the gift of a Sun-Moon parallel. Something unexpected, but good, can come your way in the morning hours, thanks to a Moon-Uranus conjunction. A nice surprise, possibly a gift for the home, or a surprise telephone call. Mercury sextile Venus just a little later brings close friends and associates together in harmony. Understanding is easy and communication flows. Afternoon is full of possibilities, as the Scorpio Moon receives help from Pluto and Neptune. Today is a planting day. and also a day to prune or cut for increased growth. Trim nails for growth if you like long nails, hair for growth. Seed all perennial plants now and annuals for the fall garden. SUNDAY, AUGUST 21-Venus and Saturn are in harmony this morning. Protect and nurture those you love, especially family members in the morning. Saturn is the caretaker, and Venus makes duty a pleasure here. You may feel a little depressed at getting up time, but don't let this throw you: it will pass very soon. Determine to do your best even regret doing so. Take extra care Lock up your C.B. radio in the leave your car. The Moon in help from Uranus, Pluto and day. Let these heavy planets TUESDAY, AUGUST 23-The sun  the early morning. A square from the to Mercury, ruler of Virgo attention to your diet and general may want to do some checkup if some malfunction has you. Don't put this off. But wait till goes direct again to enter a Moon-Saturn trine can slow you today. Maybe you needed this. Sun-Jupiter sextile in the though things are not mo,ing very fast. Culvaie' fortune in the home patience, one of the best qualities 'of Saturn.' ..... dngerous for those on the road Afternoon finds the waxih M06fi"S'{{ll:in ' feb, tile " ndway out of ti'aveling. Just be stff s Scorpio. Spend some time outdoors and get close to the Source through contacts with the earth. Someone could annoy you in the late morning; try to avoid people who like to stir things up just to see fireworks. Afternoon is a little too romantically- minded. You could delude yourself in matters of the heart. Evenings finds you competive. Try not to get involved in conflict then. as someone could lose something important. MONDAY, AUGUST 22-The waxing Moon is in Sagittarius this morning, and still under the influence of a quincunx to Jupiter from late last evening. Added to this is another important negative factor-Mercury turns retrograde {moving backward} in the early a.m. A retrograde Mercury makes for accidents on the road. tough communications, and difficulties with mail and message delivery. Keep this in mind when mailing letters, especially important documents. Try to avoid beginning any new projocts or signing any papers or contracts under this direction. You may care on the road. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST earthy Capricorn in the morning is Use this influence to take measures to make sure you don't the subject, referring to authoriti# These may not be doctors, but are nutritionists. Healthy is beautiful. this demonstrated when Venus and in the afternoon. Clutter in the home the mind which in turn could affect some attention to beautifying your could improve your attitude. A off unexpectedly well in the influences the Capricorn Moon. This  do with real estate, the province You'll have your best luck in Avoid arguments in the evening image, prestige, keeping up with thS you want to look good. maintain the Leading Creek Sampler Galax, Virginia according to the historical marker in the middle of town, this place used to be called Bonaparte. It was changed to Galax in 1904. Galax is a shrub that grows in abundance in the surrounding mountains. The town straddles the Grayson and Carroll County line, and is on the banks of the New River which forms the border between Virginia and North Carolina. The New River Valley is beautiful. High mountains jut up from lush green meadows that are spread out on both sides of the river. The New River is one of the few north flowing rivers and finally makes its way to Gauley Bridge, West Virginia. There it combines with the Gauley River to form the great Kanawha. For sheer beauty the area rivals central West Virginia and maybe even tops it. But, I didn't come here for a geography lesson, I came to hear music. And, I haven't been hdoS2pointed, Felts Park, right in the edge of Galax. the Old Fiddlers Convention here each August, and you can travel the world around and hear no finer bluegrass music than ou will hear right here for western Virginia and western North Carolina is the very cradle of this truly unique music. There are no professional musicians, only people who play music for fun, or perhaps as a money losing second profession. And the really good ones are the ones who grew up here. You can tell from their faces that they have been playing this music all of their lives, or at least hearing it. A nod from one member of a band can drop an ending note into a minor and bring a burst of smiles on all their faces. They can sing "Little Maggie" like you have never hoard it. And men ith weatherbeaten face and calloused hands sing a song called "Hard Times Knocking At My Door" in a fashion that makes you believe that they have known such times. Tommy Jarrell, the old master of Virginia fiddlers, draws a large crowd of young folks from the urban areas with his version of "Sally Ann." They watch him in awe and some try to learn his lick on the fiddle. Strangely, he is ignored by the young native musicians. Dunbar's Bobby Taylor and Dobbs hold their own with individual festival. And Franklin BeaIL a native and lately of Glenville. gave guitarists all they wanted. Mary stunned the musicians at the West Folk Festival with her hammered them on here as well. Allen Freemat : County placed third in the Contest. When it come to old time fldcllin' Virginia has the edge. But when it bands and bluegrass bands. comparison. It seems that the style of music best are the from records. Others may professionally, but they don't play Groups such as the Lincoln the Peach Bottom Band, and the Boys will never be famous. But, their faces when they sing that famous among those who count. Christians are called to action Dear Friends of Giimer County, I know Glenville is extremely wt:ked. So is Louisville, Ohio in Stark County and all other towns and citie as fbr as I know. America is no longer considered a Christian nation although it was founded on Christian principles, but ve who call ourselves children of God should do all in our power to change thse unholy conditions. We need to fast, pray, seek the face of God and live in tba Word of God; and "love one another with a pure heart fervently" as Jesm commanded us to, Jesus wept over Jerusalem becaum of their wickedness and if we are children of God we will weep over the finners, Shouldn't we? I am not smart and talented like my sister but I can reach out to people in sur e. Many demons have been turned loose upon the face of the must love and pray for one another. We who call ourselves do all in our power to lift up the fallen, oppressed. possessed. If we live and work for Jesus Christ our blessed Saviour motive and attitude, God will send angels to help us. I am God bless everyone for His honor and glory. Anna