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August 22, 1975     The Glenville Democrat
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August 22, 1975

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~ IL M Illl: II that 30 years ago I was living on whet we then lush, little island off the southern tip of I was in the 111th Battalion of 1,200 sent there during World War II to build a and to train for the impending invasion of Japan. "'To see world," and ended up instead in the men and engineers, an 18-year-old operators, carpenters, masons, and other "pros" who could, and often did, build just about days. "Can do" was the Seabea motto, and as did." Their ingenuity knew not limits. with little more than some summer work my belt, I was, to say the least awed at the seasoned construction men. How they could rig a and an old bucket amazed me. We landed but cocoanut trees and jungle, yet within I raised platform tents. The Seabag could, it seemed out of nothing with ease. This kind of clever me ever since. And it is also a trait that I find I go. I suspect sometimes that all anglers are I'm around them, I keep my eyes and ears open collected a number of Seabag-like tackle tips and hopes it'll make your fishing easier and more fun. have you been caught out on the stream or your stringer at home? It has happened to me. men fishing line in my tackle box, just in case. It's a suitable substitute stringer too. Simply tie line, then thread the line through th8 gill cover you catch. But don't make the mistake a certain and forget to re-tie the stringer to the boat after stringer beck over the side and a dozen, fat during these hot, humid August "dog days" if up any fish you can keep them down deep in the a torpedo-sheped sinker onto the fish end of your surface water temperature up, lessening the on usual almost floating stringer. is nothing new, but if you're like least misplaced them on occasion. Instead or tackle box to find them, tie one end of a } to the clippers; loop the other end around always handy. If you are, save those 35ram film caardLstars. They those hooks, weights, and tiny lures that have in the bottom of the tackle box. ever carry a scale in the tackle box, or if they do them out of commission. Many do, however, carry a Way to estimate the weight of your fish and be right the fish's girth, then follow this equation: The J times the girth squared, divided by 800. This is for narrow fish such as trout or pike, divide by but for those who are here's a carp bait recipe Ohio reader, and which, he says. 15 retired cup of cornmeal (preferably yellow}; teaspoon of vanilla (artificial}. Boil the water the cornmeal mixed with the flour. Stir slowly until ..... in waterproof paper. Store in refrigerator till lately, as Cane (}dell of Sand Fork proved by four beauties he caught on rod and reel in the Passeda-long a tip new to me for taking out that j" this time of the year. C ne soaks the fish do. but ha also adds a half to one cup of "I soak them about 5 hours," Cane advised. "then in just salt water for a couple of days to firm up so this tip means little to me, but it might be you have water in your outboard motor gas tank. alcohol, not i propyl or methanol alcohol. water, it will combine with it and become a throu_gh your enginge and out the exhaust. Use tank of fuel. it's easy to get lazy waiting for a strike when won't miss that big one as you doze, attach a tip with a paper clip, then set your rod and rest. will rin . You can then easily flip or snatch off in that mid-sumner lunker you otherwise might It l. Habr Cutting Sportsmma's Meettnp Set To Discuss Wildlife Soamns A series of public meetings with state sportsmen to discuss proposed 1976-77 hunting regulations and 1976 fishing regulations will be held in six cities Sept. 15-17. according to Wildlife Resources chief Dan E. Cantner. The following cities will host the meetings on the following detes and locations: Sept. 15. Charleston (Kanawha Co. Courthouse} and Romney (Hampshire Co. Courthouse}; Sept. 16. Fairmont [Marion Co. Courthouse) and Parkersburg (Wood Co. Courthouse}: Sept. 17, l .mkhannon {Fire Dept. Hall) and Becklay (Raleigh Co. Courthouse). All meetings are scheduled to convene at 7:30 p.m. Cantner pointed out that Senate Bill Number 36, passed by the Legislature on Feb. 14, 1975 and effective July 1, 1975, requires at least six public meetings to be held each year to provide interested persons in the state an opportunity to be heard concerning open seasons and bag limits and the results to be reported to the Natural Resources Commission before such seasons and limits can be set. Mnskelluap Stockiap Near iteco The Wildlife Resources Division recently stocked 12,952 muskellunge and 1.170 norlunge (hybrid cross of northern pike and muskellunge) in 16 state streams and seven lakes. according to Wildlife Resources chief Dan E. Cantner. Cantner said, "Improved hatchery techniques and facilities made 1975 the second best year on record for muskellunge production and stockings. The record for this 17-year-old program was established in 1973 when 14,970 were raised and relearned in state waters." Waters stocked with mtmkellunge were: East Lynn Lake. Wayne County - 1.491; Mill Creek, Jackson County - 549, Sandy Creek, Jackson County - 275: Castlemen Run Lake. Brooke County - 200; Bear Rocks Lake, Ohio County - I00; Burclum Run Lake. Marshall County - 10gO:. Middle hdand Creek, Tyler County - 199: Mud River, Cabell County - 400:, Kanawha River. Kanawha County - 997; Twleve Pole Creek, Wayne County-311: North Fork of Hughes River, Ritchie County - 120:. Monongahela River, Marion and Monongalia CounUes- 4.BOO; West Fork River, Harrison County - Dents Run Lake, Marion County - 48; Dunkard Creek: Monongalla County - 272; Shenandoah River. Jefferson County -- 995; Meadow River, Greenbrier County -300: Blmmtone River, Mercer County - Hackers Creek, Lewis County - 250:. Buckhan- non River, Upshur County - 342; Tygart River, Randolph County - 296; and Elk Creek, Harri n County - 46. Waters stocked with the new hybrid norlunge were: Stepheus Lake, Raleigh County - 970 and Coneway Run Lake. Tyler County - 200. Cantner pointed out that the average muskellunge fingerling when stocked is five inches Ion_8 and attains legal size (28 inches) in 3-4 years. The hybrid norlunge grow faster and are more hardy. "Fifty-six percent of the muskel- lunge stocked this year were egge stripped from natives and raised at Palestine and Ridge Hatcberies - the remainder were raised at these hatcheries from eggs obtained outside the state." said Cantner. on idlmd Crm DN'R's wildlife resources division has purchased a 132-acre tract of land in the "Jug" area of Middle Island Creek near Middlebourne. said Dan Cantner, chief of the division. August 21, 1975 The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder 5 Middle Island Creek is a warmwater stream and offers muskellunge, bess and crappie fishing. The area will be managed for native game and fish species. The tract is a 3t/2 mile bend in the stream known as an "oxbow" and was purchased with capital improvement funds derived from the sale of fishing. hunting and trapping licenses. That roly-poly rodent, the groundhog, is classified as a varmint in West Virginia. but there are hundreds of sportsmen across the state who consider him one of the gemst targets ever to fill the crosa-hairs of a rifle scope. In this state, with its green, rolling hills, brush fencerows and heavy ground cover, is ideal groundhog habitat, and this year there appears to be a bumper crop of these pasture poodles. Sighting down rif s at them are increasing numbers of varmint hunters, who have discovered they'll get more shooting during a single afternoon of groundhog {woodchuck) hunting than a life-time of dear hunting. Two youns men in Virgiuia are so enthusiastic about the whole thaing they've organized a group called Eastern Varmint Hunters Asscation. John Eakin Jr. and Jeff Ohchain of Roanoke have enlisted over 800 members so far in Virginia and West Virginia and hope the membership expands to include the eastern U.S. Besides offering an annual If a member does not conduct himself as a sportsman while hunting and the organization become aware of it, his membership will be terminated, the founders state. Plans are to make available a list of landowners who will allow member to hunt their property. Landowners who have problems with groundhog damage are invited to contact EVHA {P.O. Box 8Oll. Roanoke, Vs. 24014}. Other goals, according to the Association founxders, include promot- ing interest in precision shooting, encouraging the safe handling of firearms, and supporting the right to own firearms and to hunt. The contest has brought some protests from a handful of people who say such an event will slaughter groundhog populations. Obechain believes it will do iust the opposite. "What we are doing in effect is putting a season on groundhogs. We didn't open the contest until June 15 to protect the young and many members who want to win the contest are being selective in the groundhogs they shoot-choosing to go for the big ones in the 18 or 19 pound category. Most landowners, however, have little love for the groundhog. Their dens are unsightly and a risk to farm machinery and animals. Their appetite can fiddle a bean or corn patch. Obenchain also rates the ground- hog shooter as one of the best sportsmen ever to tote a rifle, "'The average varmint hunter knows his equipment and knows what it is capable of doing," he explained. You've got to be pretty good to consistently hit something the size of a groundhog at 300 or 400 yards." Looking to the future, Obenchain said EVHA eventually hopes to publish a magazine for varmint hunters and to build several shooting ranges and clubhouses. groundhog contest Oune 15-Sept. 1) Record with a $.500 cash award or an alternate 21-day all-expense-paid big game hunting trip to Colorado; the goals of EVHA are primarily two-fold; promote good relationships between sportsman and landowners, and to to counteract the antihunting and anti un movments. bass A record 176,850 striped bass fingerlings have been raised at Palestine Hatchery and released in the Ohio River and Bhmstone Lake, according to Wildlife Resources assistant chief, David W. Robinson. The stripers averaged 2.4 in length and were stocked in the Ohio River near Belleville (82.000}; Parkers- burg and Williamstown vicinity (87,150} and 7,700 in Bluestone Lake near Hinton. Robinson said, "'Facility improve- ments and refined hatchery techniques enabled us to raise and stock 35 percent of the 5 ,000 fry we obtained this spring, which made 1975 a record year for the eight-year-old striped bass program." Robinson continued, 'We have released more than 470,000 stripers into the Ohio River and Bluestone Lake," and also pointed out that the 2-4-inch fingerlings being stocked this summer should be 17-18 inches by the end of 1976. The state record for striped bass is 25 inches and 6.16 pounds. The Ohio River offers the stata' best striped bass potential because it has the most suitable habitat-large size, abundance of food fish (gizzard shad) and improved water quality - which are necessary for this voracious feeder. In nearly every instance where striper introductions have been successful there has been an abundance of a shad species such as the gizzard shad. ONE TO SUIT EVERYBODY'S NEED Holly Park Windsor No~s Freedom Double-Wide Homes BEST SERVICE MOVE ANDSETUP OPEN 6 DAYS AWEEK SUNDAY 1-5 BELKNAP MOBILE HOMES. INC. Phone 364-5608 Rt. 4 Just off 1-79 Take Gassaway-Sutton Exits Toward Gassaway Gassaway WV Opposite Braxton County ...... _ --L-T -_--_-__ -" - _ T_--__ -..-_-__ - _-:' ---5 -_ -- t _ -- ............... Y -JL _ _ LEWIS ST. GLENVILLt Archerf .... , : ::: ::::::::::j Hunting supplies Fishing tackJe Boer, cold, carry out Hunting El. Fishing licenses Best wlce ) ? ALL at PINE MANOR GROCERY ff er 23:6-12 p.m. I I IH I lilBl lBlil m iii!1!111111 IIII IHIIII III b Streets ef 6bsv lb I__ II IIIIIII IIIllllll _roW-- II IHI II IIIIIIIIIIII mm iiiiii iiiiiiiii- _ml of ew I/.Cutmbl (ad kms w. kte mtwT), T v T ~ v v A v of sdml ad offko s Rdles wi//be om J st two cadltle : I rcl ses mast tetal at best S l.O0 (at rel lar prices) qilant (mlablors, etc.) ao i cbdd h Ibis *FLEE SOgAI[ DANCING "fiE[ COUNTIY & W$TEU JUSK / 6LENVILL[, IV Phone -730 "OY/ l [V[XT$ &