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August 22, 1975     The Glenville Democrat
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August 22, 1975

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16 The Ghmvilie DemocTat/Pathfladm, AuBnat 21. 1975 ! LEGAL NOTICE OF STATE PURCHASING NOTICE BEN E. R~, DIREC'T(~ 11:8,-22-2tc. Estate The State of West V~ginia Purchasing TO THE CREDITORS OF |AMES MATHF.,N. Division will accept sealed bids until 1:30 P.M.. DECEASED: ~eust 28. 1975 on File tOO for GlenviUe Stall lie on Reqn. No. 9 for: To Furnish Frozen All persons having claims against the Estate Food On Contract for gO Days. of lames Matheny. whether the seam be due or No bid will be considered unless submitted on not. are notified to presa=l he same to Bonnie forms prescribed by and available from the Matheny, Administretrix of the Estate of lames Purchasing Division, Department of Finale & Matheny, RooJm t. Weston. West Virginia, 26452. Administration. Room W-130. Ca@itol BuildinK, on or before November 15. 1975. Charleston, West Virginia. BONNIE MATHENY Admirristratrix of the of lames Mtheny, deceeeed. U: 6-2~c LEGAL NOTICE OF STATI~PUtCHASING The State of West Virginia Purchasing Division will accept sealed bids until 3.-00 P.M. 9-16-75 on File 202 for Glenvitle 6tats Coik~e old Reqn. No. 77 for: linen service for c~terie. No bid will be considered unless sebmrtlld ors forms prescribed by and available from the Purchasing Division, Departme~ of Firmm~ &. Administration. Room W-138. Ca/~O1 Build/all. Charleston. West Virginia. BEN E. RUI~ECHT, D~ll lh 8-29.~tt~. LEGAL NOTICE OF STATE I~CHASI~ The State of We=t Virginia Ptucka~l~ Division wig accel~t .sealed bids e, ntil tt~ &Mk Sept. 9. 1975 on Fi~ t0~ for Glenvil~ Coileae on Reqn. No. Y4 for: 1 [}edge Spm'~ or equal. No bid will be coasiderttd unlqes submttta~qnt forms presc~ b~ and avat~labte from tim Purchasing Derision. Depm'tmen4 of Flnasc~ ill Administration. Room W.I leO. Capitol Builfi, t~, Charleston, West virlmia. hEN E. R~trr. ~ 6-22-~tc. SALE OF VALUABLE REAL i~TATE AND OIL AND GAS LEGAL NO'rlOE Of STATE PURCHASING tyi~.0Pursant to an order M the ~t@t C, oart ~ ~ S.gto of West Virlmlia Pm'cbesiag rCounW, West Virginia, ~ on the 11~ Division will ac, copt sealed bids tmtil I I .'~ A.MI. f|?~, ~TLCiV~e:n ~hN~ lalfl~O tt~l~t~"Alt g~t 29. 1975 em File t~ for GlamdRe Stldle Spprtstrma Maxiwagon or equal. ~us Frank King. Jr., et ai. dofeadant~. ~ No bidwillheconsidered unless submitte~ lindorsianed Special Commissiener will m~ forms pra=c~ by and available kern Saturday. the 30th day of Auaust. 1~. ~ tim, ~stng I~.~ian. Depamaent of Fimmo~lt front door of the Gllmer County C0m, tlmtme. ~' ~ A~tratkm. Ruam W-t30. Capitol Ihii~l~." the City of Glenvflle. at 11:30 n'clock A aM.. eta ~e Chaltleetota. West Virginia. mornin8 of said day, offer for sale to the highest l~dder on terms of Cash in Ha=d the eurface oe~ of 56 acres of land situate an waters of Bull Fm~k. Dekalb District. Gilmer County, West Virgima. described as follows: I~INNING at a W.O. oa the hiU S 79 ~ 30-'~t poles to stone, corner to a 27 acre tract S 77 E 45 poles to Oak tree. corner to lot said to Fleet Fling, thence with same E 20 poles to stone N 36 E 44 poles to edge of PubRc Road. thaat~ with same N 60 W 8 poles to stake at edae of road P~2-~ W 83 poles to stone in edge of road 8@ W 65 poles to stone S 25 E 66 poles to stone S Z6-V, W Z3-V, pole= to the beetm~ins. BEING the same surface land ecqmred by W.D. Jones by deed of Troy Ellysea dated March BEN E. R~. ~ If: 8-1 ~.2tc. LEGAL NOTICE OF STATE PU~ The State of West Virginia ~ail~ lYm~ion will a~.ept sealeg/ bids until 3~O0 P.M. A~g, 27. 19;'5. on File 202 for C, letwilie St~lb College on Reqn. No. 63 for: O~ C.aWim, Standard Condensing Unit. No hid will be considered unlees submitted an forms prescribed by and available from purchamns Division, Department of Ftmmee k Admlmstrati~m. R~ W-t30. Cartel Be~l. Chal4eston. West Vkrmma. in~ E. mmR~tt~. Dt~C'TOS lEa,t~ltc. 29. 1952. of record in Gilmer Cmmw Deed No. 176 at page 81. ALso, the oil and 8as undarb/in8 44.75 acres located on Middle Rtm~ m said Dekalb Dt~rict. . ~ -. Giimer County. West Virginia. d~cribed u follows: NOYICE'TO CONTR ACTORS BEGINNING at a B.O. N 74 E 10 poles to Sour Gum aml B.O. em Pmlm tins N 4-~ E 51 poles to Hickory on ridge S 72 W 70 poles to Sugar N 78 W 20 poses to Do~ood S 54 W 20 poles crossmg Middle Rum to Beech Sealed proposals wall be We~t vJrsia~ Devertmmt of o~.e in Charlestot~. West Virginia. 1901) Washingtot~ SasseS. Fast. until 10 A,IML. Tuesday. August 26, 1975 and said ~ be publicly opened end read tl~t~ thereafter for the construction Of Bonds in the amtmm Bonds m eke amount Bands m the annum Beads in the amount Bonds m the amount Bm~s in the amount Bos~ in the amoum Bonds m the emmet Beads m the ammmt Bends in the ammmt Bands in tim amman Beads in the amom~t Bonds m the 8mouea Bonds in the amount Bo~ds m the ammunt of ~ due and payall~ one year after date: of S0~.OGO dee and payable two years after date: of ~toa.~o dm tud ~t~ thee ~ts oft~ dall~ of Ig tO,~li~ due and payedde four ye~m a4ter of $115,~10~ due and payable five years after of $125.11~ d~e and payable six ye~srs after dsrt~ of $130.O@O due end payable seve~ ~m4-s aftw dat~ of st~,0m due s~l I~-/abi~e/t~ yqs~ ~-dat~ of ~5o.o00 rime sad Rtwabte rome m ~t~ tt~t~ of mm.o0~ dee and papdde tea ymn e4te= dm~t of ~t7ti~ dm and payable e~evea yeem~lte~ ~httat of $1,~JU~ dr4e and !mysble twelve m aries datm of ~0o.wo ~ and pa~kte t~rtes~ yeer~ aft~ of $2to.oee due and pay&bus fourteen ]kmrs after of ~t~t~ due lind 9ayab~ rLMen ymrm ~or ~ i 6t TO acquiro~ cOm~truct arm erect ~kMtions for a mew lunchroom for tim existing Gthe.r Coumy ttt~ S~haet amdte mnw~mte, remode4 and ia~mve the mmtt~ w~ ~ other faciltttes. Grand Total Existing Gilmer ~ County High The ebo~ emm~ttts steed fee costs of t~ ~hool ine~io~zms~, leant fees and axamme~ the costs of and ri~lhts ofwwy tkem4or end tim Fmparetion and cottsand ~ costs.a' i-suam~ and sa~ of the ~xpemt~s not othe~um povidt~ for abewe, as may be m carr~n8 m,'1 the ~ purposes or The above ~nmmatl ere tam estimated sums needed Of ~he pmpoasd Bend issue and the share of S~te [~tter f~ho~d BuildUp Amendmem Funds to be in iS the vmere af Oitmer Cc~u~ School District ~m~t. thoBeard of i~Nltmvi~a of theCetmty M Gilmer shell all the tax~ble IN~mrt~ witbi~ Giimer COunW School Distri~ a It is further heral~ ordered by The Board Of Education of the C, oun~y of Grimm" ~ pa0x~nt of Om mmmml i~tm~mt uPun said Bonds as {A~ The qtm~ttion of incurrmg the debt and immin8 se~i Bo~ds a_,sd all etim~ qtaes~tena ~ Eka~la a4 derma: tar which purpese a law upm= ermnectod therewith shell he submitted to the refers of Gitlmer County Sch~fl'Dis4rict at a "~ ht~ ~t of suc~ p~q~orty for state ~ county scikmd bond election which ahaU be held tharem on the ~.nd d~y of A~ lffY~t, a.~ thV Upoe Cius I property. Ca.mismoaers and Clerks for each of tim ~gally esta~ voting pr~cine~ of ~ ~ Upon C.laes I[ property, al Di~r~.t {which embraces the same tertitor~ ns Gflmer Count| for hrtidiT~8 stW.h ~e~fiea ~ Up~m (lass llJ lee and are hereb~ appointed as follo~s, neme~: Upan ~ IV In tim tsym8 Of mch laW, the ~t twy ELECTION OFFICt~L5 the ~ efGilmer for~ Ceanty S~eal District by the C~NTF.RDIST&ICT ~lltutes enacted lmraunm flmrell simll not he exceeded: '" herainabove set forth may, whenever necessary, be exceeded in Precinct #1 1Y/ormanto~n)-Nm.mantown School end ptimip~ of suck ~ w/thin am/ sea.tory and Clerks: Commi~imu~'s~ ooLiectinm and disbm, mme~ of tmm~ within oenstitutienal and Imamst nd pemipat upon such proposed Bonds shell have Erin VogSart Jean DteHort IW mid Bo~d for az~ ~ wherever. ~'xcelp~ Ruth Hardman ~eraldiu Marks on ethm" ~ intones whiah heretofore have been authorised Pearl WilUew~ [i~ If the debt and Bond ismm shale be appt~md by the voters, tl~ bmmofm'e t~mmd and ~ tree taxes levied ~utside the Precinct #5 (C_,edarvtlle} - ~ ~ - - ~ld C.~m~krlien will ~ ~ in tim ~to five Clerks: ~: preperty in GilmerOmm~T, clmol D~t~ict ascertained m Nora Bea~ N~J~ C,a~ IIttrbid alid c~ eslch year, e~ a~r t~meble Erm Himmam tm~ likm ~ ~m~ the~ and tatemm um~ and heoomm~ due l~asetl~ ~ ~ ~ be laid mperate mid apart from. and in addition to. the ! kvlm fo~ *oheddi,triais an tim myra-el claesm m proc~ t~ (Shack) -Mrs. Delia Mace flq~me: 3~1-55~'z} lmttn ths anne pro~rtie~ a= tmch maximum .~ - - m~l tim will-be tm~mt ~tmde eae lim~ emed by Seettea W) if the d~ and ltm~l mum s~ to the voters s&all V~ Semi* .V ,~!~_ X e( the ~t~tmim.,immm ~ dm "Snhe~ Bond Ammuim~t." l trtcia Mmm mdetv= mmwu " ksmm ,is the "' etter aoob Am,mdeamr'. and ~o,t,r~mm t4qml, mm of W~m Vir~inie. aes~r SmsieL zgm. amend~ Are~et8 1, Chapte~t~ of the Cnde of West Vir~mm. zg&t. and ti~, ~ ~ture it West v~tsu~ a~ular Swstem t~9, ante=dt~ Precinct #12 ~ Ibm}. Mrs, Bmmie WaglW Sectian 34, ~ 1, Chal~er 15 of the Coda of West Virgima. ~&0~OTd ~ not vialate any con,~l or ststetory ~ of 4mid June hmem Immdadehall he~ aml allecemd w~r C, lorks: ~ ~m; ": ~]" . . ~ ~ ~ of the B~mdsto be PUn Retliff MUSIC WedlaM .... abaft tim= ~1mt" Mmm mmde f~ all otkor Mar,/Ann ~ Bmmm W~ of ~ ~ the ~ ,if Gilmmr dam further find that Fuinlt blmKioWs . lov~ms for Imyamm of the ~ipal and interest requirements ~ a.ttbarimd by lm and a'imortinmd for c~rram exponms. Precin~ ~,~ ffamm~)- ~mu~Sck~ ;. ~eb, ~ addnd m ether incem~ will bemdacinm mcar~ "~ ". *~ "- tG) Tha form of ~ te be med fe~ such bond ete~on LoueLia wiltisms -Kethleen gOdi~"" Mary lane R~ lqcum ~ OFFICIAL BOND BALLOT ~" "" Amgtmt 2?. 1975 mp r .t .m , Shall Cou=W Sc oo Di=t t ===r debt and and nmetin~ the cvrrent eximlams thereof required by law, are itmufficie~t to rmam~ ommtructian and to maim mteh mmroveemntt, nddiUona, sut~lementatinn a-wl renovation ~ ~ .itatlami~ .~erofor. Bond, ~ be Immed to provide ~ ~.. ....... ~_ ..... it win~- ~t, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ud to Z.Ftmd8 stto~d boo4i~tLmad Jor that Imrpedmo me~tiem~=lmv.~(mc--mm ~.oLm~ for t~ a~llMro. O~ttt~Ot..tq~'t ~ ~~ql~hu~l~lllt'~Jm~ I~~f7.00 CmmlTolmiof nocenar to incur debt and imue Bonds for the acOeisitlea of a s/re tt u~ new w'aem" ~ the ~ ~ aulargament, extension, ~tation, ~s,tructimt, improvement and ~tion of the ezois41z~ of'(~loowM~l, m ~tS~F~ Th~~te,stated ~n- costs of the echool school facilities hereinafter descrY, investlgatton end studiesbythis Board show that at hmjt ~ Vltl~ ~ ~ m[[~@1 ~ 4MM~;. ~ fM~S and eMIp~llSd~, the oo~ts tumofTw0MillionTwoHandred~nd~rs(S2,20OJD00j nmst bespent for su~hPurPoalm-~ abe~t ~ m, to ~ ~ t,5. b~i~ Tetak" andtqahtgof~mythm~k)raadlhei..q~e~.aUonned ,ttddition to Um sxmra of Um Boar0 m tim State B~tter Scboots Build.---laP Amudment Fends in tam s~md ~"'~ teuMMli~}, i~.Wt.O~ co~aadf~m, mets of ismtatme mid sale tti6m~ of Imdm kiadmllm'tm .. ~immmsnat.~mmmeprtwid~ferabm,e. ..---.la2~f~no- all to the end ef~ bettar, safer school facilities in said School. Dietrict as part. o~tlm, thre~th eqlJd in t~ C.Aqm~llo m~m. effort-r~lulred to meet the=ede~attenel needs and to improve the oppartumties of the students m laid m ~ mat th, lem~oin8 purlqoms or proiect~ School District. ' ~' ,~ - ~ ~ ~ ~ the est~mmtmd ~altm 3. The valuation of the taxable property in Gflmer County School District. as show~ by th* LS~t 2. To Imquh~ oeastl,uct and ~ ~ IIt~ldPtql~dM~ " 1Me, semiS of~,iat ~Sl~osd Bond issue and tim ameessment thereof for stsh~ m~d county taxation purposes, is $44,000,6~0, and the valuation of uch ~ ~r ~ m~l e~tm. Normm~m~ li~lW@ .... ~ ikttt~.~obO~l ~ Ammtdamai Pmids to be ~ss of property within said Scheol District is as follows: m all ace~smodatlme [to meet I~lem~M~lk~tnoi atm~Jund~ "; " I~ of ehs Stat~ ~,d of ~eudk,~tta,w.~ to ~ th. intmwt on and ~,l ~.844.9oo ii6~m)fertheimmatNem~ Tot~k, - ,, .,.:- , mmm ,nd : . " " i o "~ChtSS IV 4L237.4~O ~ g~IMle~ ~i~ wilhmn~4 |ate: $44~00.G~0 of ~ ~ ~mdmtt~ " . '~ " .. - NOT~, ~:.To~otomfotqnf ~the i op~ ,, 4. Thereisnot an iadebtmdmm~ |or schoei purposes in the former maatstariml scbeeldi~in x ~ '." in Mm sqmue the word YF.S. ~G~ County. nor is the~ iumy honied tndebtadaa~ of Gilmm" Cmmty School Dittrict. Tim unbolidl~. ~L ~ ~ c~mt~ruof ~ m ~ ~tdF~k m~~." ~ ~ " ", 1"0 vote aglt~ it. ~ a mimilar mark in the ~pmfe .:4adebtedmmoftheachaetDistrictisaeaiiaibleaad-canhelmid fromcttrmt levy funds. Aocem~i~V. eddtttmm kw ctmmreem ~ ~ KtmlmttelTScheel " o~j ~ .:; ~ , . - . 5. Bonds Non. I to 440. inchmive, in the p~ amount of $5.0~0 eeck aggrelpttinl $2,~0,~ I~ a ti~ State Bmuld of ~gmll be issued and mkt, the proceed, of whl~ sale ~li be umd f,r the ~ ~e~,tot ~ va~ tho mUO~ "and T~ " " ,: ~ ~ to ~ utLtm.mi~ ta the ~ ,~ g~rth~T~the~xtntt~mta~td--itimm~mds~ra~a'miiablet~theB~ardfor~/~ec~netructitmof~ Igal4t ~ Scho~ a~/ to '" $!I~,!!~ "~ ,; ~,t~tmiipts,~,talgysheaoamo4herselRP Imlldinl~t or the ~aunt .theraof, or tl'm I~trc~um of equilmmut thendere, by stone ft~m Qf ~ t, ma~m~ mtd t,~mi~ " "~:,f ~" :" ~ 81ectt,~tas ~ b~ the Cads of West Werllinia. Clm4Me ,matching bY the Federal C'e~lmment, the mmmntt he*era mead may ba used, i=sofar as lmrmitted )~f m~ ocheeL wltteh will m a t~tad ~ 't f. "d~flig iaM~,~d :by 'Mt~ ~qtmt A'~lm4m of the Gla'cvfl Gm,tr~ i~.~ ~w. onamtchiaa~tottt~em,ebandssei~doevaikabl~..and~tlmttheBs~rd, inM~ = at~Pemdia:ts~ 3~R i~Mdmtlm. - " . .* p~'O~ _!~L.i~r ~ ~/th S~ctkm t& A~lcle 1 ~_1 dhmration, nmY allora4e teeltd~10tPm~d for aa~ nits or mare of the purpose or prances hareitm|kt ~}t~ ' i1~ Cm~ .of Nk~.. 8h~t c~t m tim electimt mtm.l~ ~ described any mires r~ umlmmd or, scce4~t of llmbility to eomdru~, carry out or c.omptsts ~ ~ ~ ~ @pad ~ the fifth day. Smndey excepted, after of o, or wbaO oo, ...... m f.,. unumduponsuch bsem ofa rmm nthemtimatodcemdsuchp rpemm. , GAtm *tmnmucseAom* ~t, or by reamm of 8t,~mt4a,4dd ul~n ilia out stated ~ of seeh imrpose or p~ moetvml - tnldt~ allot ~ of tim new ~ . ~: . ~(;i~,nit Ca|t~..oI sl~id....~hy would set, re in the cneo of a by the Board from the Pedm~kT, ovmrume~torotherwi~.The~ooet~ofthe~dmm~NMI ~ l~mlu~tory S~hooi ~ ~ ~~. ,~" ~d41k~4~d~vtql~itCode. C~ 13. Article I. do net in~htdo a.-~lmms f~ new eqaipmeat tad ftwn~ end tbeBnerd wilt m any ~, att'~ qqtmeliati~ ~ ~. Tetai: " Me. inded msw rvtnd from im t issue, remtei c t tien lXdow.d~,crihed projects, to ~ such new e~imimumt and fumLshinp as may be needed a~ obtainable with the mmm~ avallablL Upon co~tlon of all such I~ or projec.ts and In!meat therefor in ftdl, 8~ry ~ sum remainLmg from the ~de of the Beads Mudl be depesited with ~ $. "re ma~qtt~ ~mo4ad mtd ~ I;~amat Tommr ~emd~ -: Sines Sinkin8 F~,md Commimton to be mud f~e I~m-Jmse of any Beads of this tseua, ot~.'ptL, idnig~a4 thii ~ Taiumf ~ iileam~i~Sdmot ~i~ ; at tlmprice ofnot more time the parvalue them~pitm~ccrusd inter--rest to thedate el mw.u ~ ~ te ~ a~p~ 1AO ~tmFmtd~: : for the pa~ of sm:h Bead= ned the iatol~tt thereelt at the maturities theroof. ~. .~, Tim Bmtds ~ll bear iateN~ at a rate m. ratse r~t exmmdtt~! the rote ef tmven.per cenhtm {7%) Total: ~1~.~I~ : .~ Per enema, payable mmianauaUy, end the Bonds ahaH be lmyab]e f~pom oN to fifteen years from ~ date, and the met.~tl~ of the Bonds sh~ he as f~: ~tMl.~ "