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August 27, 2009     The Glenville Democrat
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August 27, 2009

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Page 4 -- The Glenville Democrat -- Thursday, August 27, 2009 County Commission handles excess responsibilities cont'd ... Continued from page 1 proccdnre, she was told to return the Mr. Chapman opened the meeting by mother dog and checl< for its rabies vac- leading all present in the Pledge of Alle- CinationS Certificates. The owner, how- glance and, then, asked for Public Corn- ever. refused to provide such informa- ments. While there were several members tion, so She also impounded that animal. of the public present, no one spoke out, so In this episode's aftermath, Ms. Hess Chapman jumped straightintothe agenda, was informed that she should have had a Board Appointments town officer with her, when visiting.the While there were no appointments to home. She explained that she was un- be made, the board was presented a letter aware of this, and she simply wanted to of resignation submitted on Aug. 18 by provide them the information before any- Robert W. Archer, concerning his posi- thing else was said concerning the situa- tion on the Gilmer County Recreation tion.' Board. Mr. Archer wrote that he had "en-Sheriff's Settlement joyed working with the Recreation Board for the Fiscal Year on many projects over the past years." Next on the agenda, the Commission- However, because he had moved to Mor- ers examined Sheriff Mickey E. Metz's gantown, he had chosen to resign, settlement for the Fiscal Year ending Commissioner Kennedy moved to ac- June 30, 2009. After briefly checking the cept Archer's resignation, with Mr. Hess document, Mr. Hess moved forapproval, seconding the motion. It passed unani- with Kennedy seconding the motion. It mously, passed unanimously. President Chapman explained that this Freedom of Information would now be a position to be filled at the Act Request Sept. l meeting. Archer had represented Present were several people who work the Glenville District on the Recreation with, or are associated with, the Gilmer Board. County Ambulance Authority. Chapman Dog Warden-Debra Hess explained that the Freedom of Informa- Next, the new Dog Warden, Debra Hess, tion Act Request had been presented by was present to express some concerns. Bland and Bland Attorneys at Law, LC, Ms. Hess explained that she had eight out of Charleston, for documents con- dogs in her possession, and one of those cerning the Gilmer County Ambulance had been there since Aug. 6, or 15 days. Authority. Explaining that the Humane Society was Sandy Pettit stood to explain some of unable to take any more of them, she the changesthatwereoccurringconcern- requested that she be allowed to keep ing the Gilmer County Ambulance Au- them for only five days. tbority. For instance, Mike Moody has Kennedy explained that five days is been placed in chargeofoperations man- more than long enough; at one point, he agement, and Ed Messenger is currently even recommended only keeping them only working as a financial manager. three days. The issue is that to keep three Pettit also stated that the Authority had of them, it costs the town $12 a day. recently received a $50,000.00 grant to Therefore, the Commission finally de- go toward the purchase of a new ambu- cided to have Ms. Hess take the dogs to lance. Ritchie County, after capturing three dogs. President Chapman went on to explain Next, she had questions concerning that the Freedom of Information Act re- stray dogs in the county. First, a family, quested such items as: the shift schedules who had adopted a stray from former Dog for the unit; 911 calls that were received; Warden Charlie Campbell more than three a list of employees, full and part-time; weeks ago, had decided they wanted to and the years of experience for these return the animal. She was uncertain of employees. Chapman presented the re- how to approach the situation. The Corn- quest to i:'ettit, asking that the Board of mission simply agreed that if she did not Directors evaluateit at their next meeting pick the animal up, the family would set it on Sept. 2. loose; then she would have another stray Pettit alsoexplained that Stac~ Harlow, on her hands, who along with Moody was also present, Kennedy then mentioned the two strays was taking ver wrk with HIPA Hadw that have been seen recently around the will be responsible for figuring out Glenville State College Campus. outside whether the Authority can release certain of Pickens Hall and the Courthouse. He patient information. Pettit stated the re- told Hess that he could help her capture quest would be looked into. them, since he had the traquilizer gun at GPS Unit his house. The Commission explained that this With so many more dogs coming in, the was mentioned at an earlier meeting as an Commission discussed the possibility of accessory that was necessary tbr the Lit- building more kennels. Currently, Ms. ter Control and Clean-Up Supervisor, Hess has only four at her disposal. With Seth 'Butler. Mr. Butler could use this if the eight dogs currently being held, she he found an open dump to record the has been forced to double up some of the coordinates of its location and provide kennels and to use her personal kennel, as them to higher authorities in Charleston well. The Commission granted her per- to look into the matter. However, Butler mission to build the extra kennels, but was not Present, and the Commission they requested she use the same materials, was uncertain of what steps to take. The Finally, Debra Hess discussed the is- issue was tabled until the next meeting. sues q(:tbe ~revious night, Thurs., Aug. Road Name 20. ~S"~'~ad ~n:diSpatched to pick up a Next on the agenda was road naming group of .matnouri~ puppies.. Upon for 911 addressing purposes and postal leaving the property with the puppies, the agencies. mother followed. Therefore, she picked Before discussing the matter at hand, up the mother, too. In calling to check on Kennedy brought up issues concerning 000 Continued from page 1 Robbie Cottrill's hospital fund growing A Sand Fork youth, whose family is trying to raise some money to send him to a Pittsburgh hospital for perhaps life-saving tests and treatments, remains optimistic about his future. Hobble Cottrill, 26, who, as a youngster, was a local recipient of a "Make- A-Wish Foundation's" dream-of-a-lifetime grant, is remaining in good spirits about his future. The fund, however, has been increasing at a slow pace, due to the recession. Contributions can be sent to Robbie's grandfather, "Haymon Cottrill," 1072 Sliding Run Road, Burnsville, WV 26335. Or, call either Mr. Cottrill or his wife, Linda, for further information at (304) 462-7494. Or, you can speak with Hobble or Mrs. Rita Brown, his mother, directly at 462-4765. Middle Run. He explained that there had Kennedy recommended accepting therequests, and we'll discuss them at the was just brought |orward. ('hapman felt been a situation last fall concerning a resignationimmediately. Heexplainedthat Sept. 1 meeting," stated Chapman. that, beginning with the Sept. 1 meeting, shooting, inwhichithadtakentheSheriffs he, personally, could not look the people WVCorp Insurance Member the Commissioners should start bringing Office an hour and 10 minutes to get to ol'Gilmer County in their faces, ifa disas- Election Process Change brief meeting reports and financial re- the site. Hess explained that this was a ter was to strike and their Emergency This issue simply dealt with the elec- ports for each committee they serve on. mix-up in directions; however, the issue Management Director was in Pennsytva- lion of members to this board. Chapman Review of Development Permits was one worthy of discussion, nia. Messenger had decided to step down recommended voting on the two incum- The Commissioners quietly reviewed Chapman got the meetingback on track from the position, because he had taken a bent members, Commissioner Roy Col- several development permits that had been by discussing the need for a road name new position in Connelsville, PA.lins, of Berkeley County, and County submitted. Kennedy made the only tom- for a new private road located 1/4 mile, Chapman agreed and recommended Administrator, Willie Parker, of Upshur ment on the issue when he stated, "It is left, off Ellis Road. The Lewis/Gilmer placing Dee McCullough in the position of County. With little discussion, the matter goodtoseethereisalittlebitofconstruc- County AddressingOfficerecommended Interim Director. Mrs. Marks questioned was voted on, with Collins and Parker tion going on." a variety of names, including: Harley doing this;since Messengerhad stated that being elected by a unanimous vote. Grant Awards Drive, Nowhere Way, and Sticks Run his resignation was effective Oct. 1. How- Deadline for Courthouse Facilities The Volunteer Fire Department has Road. With little discussion, Hess moved ever, Chapman then read the letter aloud. Improvement Authority received a $1,500.00 grant. However, the to name the road Harley Drive, Kennedy "Please accept this letteras my intention Chapman brought up that the deadline Commission was very upset with this seconded, and the motion passed unani- to step down as Director of Gilmer County for applying for the Courthouse Facilities number. mously. Emergency Management effective Octo- Improvement Authority's Grant is quickly When the grant request was submitted, Tower Site Rental bet 1st, 2009, or until my successor is approaching. The deadline is Oct. 2. He the Commission had asked for The Commission was then presented a appointed," read Chapman. explained that in the past, the grant had $166,000.00, the biggest request they lease tbr their approval. The lease is an Whilethetetteralsostatedseveralthings, put a new roofon the courthouse, and had made, and had only been granted agreement, writtenupbytheCountyPros- Messenger hoped to finish before theOct, provided new windows and a new side- $1,500.00. While wanting the lends to ecutor Gerry Hough. It is between T&T 1 date; Chapman felt the inclusion of "or" walk outside, finish the inside of the VFD Building and Communications, of Fairmont, and the made the option of immediate resignation Over the next 10 days, he hoped his blacktop the parking lot, they were unsure Gilmer County Commission. T&T re- clear, fellow commissioners would brainstorm what they could do with such a small quested space on the Commission's tower Chapman, then, called McCullough to some ideas. One suggestion he mentioned $1,500.00 gift. for placing two radio antennas and space establish whether or not she would be eouldbe thecourtroomrenovations. Chap- The only other grant request the Corn- to maintain a small building for housing willing to take the Interim position. She man finished by explaining that this is an mission made was for $7,000-$8,000 to equipment, accepted, understanding that in order to be 80/20 match grant, and the maximum the go toward the old Tanner Community With rent set at $190.00 per month for considered as a full-time possibility, she Authority will pay is $80,000.00 Building. They have yet to receive any one year, Kennedy moved to approve the would need to apply. Tires for the work on that request. lease. Hessseeondedthemotion;itpassed Kennedy then moved to accept Recreation Center Tractor The Recreation Center also received a unanimously. Messenger's resignation, effective imme- Chapman pointed out that the bill for $27,000.00 grant from the USDA. Noth- While the issue was handled, Chap- diately, and place McCullough in the In- the tire replacement came in at $989.00. ing was mentioned on the proposed use man mentioned that the most recent 911 terim position. Hess seconded, and the To his recollection, the tires were only for this value. minutes mentioned tower interference motion passed unanimously, budgeted at $300.00. Other Issues with firehouse radios. He suggested that The Commission next discussed theHe suspectedthatithadbeenpaidwith- While not on the agenda, Chapman maybe changing wiring in the system importance of a prompt advertisement for outcomingbeforetheCommission;there- brought up the fact that the ceiling in the would clear up interference, the position. Chapman asked Marks to fore, he wanted to make sure the bill had women'sbathroomisleaking. Whenasked The topic then shifted to the need for a make sure she included the responsibili- come out of the Rec Center's budget. He for more information, Mrs. Marks ex- generator at the tower. Currently, if the ties and the contracted rate of pay at $11,000 then noted that the Golf Course was also plalned that it may fall at any moment, and power goes off, there will be no form of a year in the advertisement, responsible for paying some of the cost. it is very bad! She stated that it had been communication available. Family Courtroom He wanted to insure that the Golf Course given a quick fix three or four months dES Director and Family Court Offices money came to the Commission. back, but now it is worse. The Commission seemed confused, Each member of the Commission wasWhile everyone was uncertain as to by Hess said he would take care of the because Ed Messenger, the dES Direc- presented letter of notification from Larry whom, they were sure the bill had been issue. tor, was not present. Mrs. Pettit, who was S. Whited, the local Family Court Judge, paid. Kennedy and Hess both agreed with Adjournment still present in the crowd, stated that Mes- and Richard Facemire, Circuit Judge. Chapman that the bill was never brought After checking for any other issues or senger should have sent a fax the previ- The letters explained that the WV Su- before the Commission. concerns from the Commission or the ous night, premeCourt requiresthatofficeandcourt- Hess, who is the Commission's repre- public, Kennedymovedtoclosethe meet- County Clerk Bevedy Marks, then, room space be provided for the Family sentative working with the Recreation ing, Hess seconded, and at 10:09 a.m., found the message in the fax machine. It Court Judge; however, currently Mr. Board, stated that in July, the Recreation President Chapman adJourned the meet- was a notice of Messenger's resignation Whited is without such accommodations. Center had lost $7,000.00 more than it ing. asDirectorofGilmerCounty Emergency With no space currently available, Chap- brought in. Everyone seemed concernedNext meeting scheduled Management, as of Oct. I. or until a mantabledtheissuetbrtheirnextmeeting, by this loss. The Commission's next meeting is set successor could be found. "You've got 10 days to digest these Due to the fact that this information for Tues., Sept. I at the Courthouse. EDA members discuss signage, Farmers' Market cont'd ... Continued from page 1 market. The EDA approved the Lignetics There was further discussion about sign, and its Executive Committee has the importance of training and monitor- been charged with approving its Idea- ing, in regard to the senior vouchers, as tion. The organization will also contact there are frequent spot checks. The man- the Department of Highways in refer- ager warns that should a vendor not ence to better signage on both ap- handlethemappropriately,boththeven- proaches to the Gilmer County Indus- dor and the market would lose points. trial Park. There was a question as to the practice Treasure Report of allowing out-of-area produce (not Anna James, of H&R Block, gave grown within 50 miles) to be soldin the the Treasurer's report. She made note market.MillardanswersthattheFarmer's that some bills were to be paid, and Market rules -- which come from the pointed out specifically $450.15 which USDA and the West Virginia Depart- is to be paid to both the State and mentofAgriculture--statethatifsome- Federal INS. She explains there had thing is not available in an area, then it been a previous issue with state unem- can be sold by an outside source until it ploymentbeingpaid.Thoughthisorigi- becomes available. He goes on to ex- nal situation was thought to have been plain that should a local grower show up remedied, the INS, whose cut is deter- with the item, the original out-of-area mined based upon the percentage paid seller must pack up. to the state, has found the state payment There was another question as to why insufficient. According to James, a some of Gilmer County's other local payment of $450.15 will satisfy both agencies, which are traditionally com- state and federal tax bureaus and will patiblewithanendeavorliketheFarmer's not be relevant again until the associa- Market, are not co-participants. There lion hires another employee,was some speculation as to possible Farmer's Market reasons, but for how, these organiza- Farmer's Market Manager Davetions are reportedly neither interested, Millard reported that he had purchased nor capable of participating. the tables, which had been ,ipproved to Manufacturing Assistance be bought last month. However, the It was brought to the members' atten- Family Resource Network (FRN) pro- lion that Roland Phillips, of the West vided chairs for the market, so that " Virginia Development Office, has been purchase wasn't necessary. Addition- offering his retention and expansion as- ally, he says that a pair of state-regu- sistance to area manufacturers. Mr. lated scales have been placed at the Phillips met with Flying W Plastics, in have issues; and with the economy the what EDA Vice President Larry Chap- way it is, they all have issues," says man called a great exchange of ideas. Chapman. Phillips is to meet with Lignetics later The next meeting of the Gilmer this month. County Economic Development Asso- "It's good to have someone now avail- elation will be at noon on Thurs., Sept. able to assist manufacturers when they ' 10 at the, Best Western. City Council backs down cont'd ... Continued from page 1 Armour's motion, it died for the lack of ing toward fixed costs." another like-minded advocate's second. Continuing, he noted, "We can get a Uport its dismigsal(3rd Ward Coun, lot of legal advice for free from our cilperson Dennis Fitzpatrick spoke up, prosecuting attorney, the state's attor- saying, "Everything you've said is true, ney general, the county's magistrates, and the death of your motion is no and the Secretary of State." indication of a lack of interest by this He went on to contend that the city in Council." the past, hadn't given "all law firms an "Let's table the appointment ofa City opportunity to bid on this (the city Attorney," he added. government's) job." In addition, Mr. Fitzpatrick, who is Currently, the Butcher & ButcherLaw the Council's new representative on the Offices, of Glenville, represent the city. Glenville Utility Board, reported that a Ironically, the Butcher brothers are re- waterline break had occurred in the lated to Dr. Armour. Foodland area during July. He also Nevertheless, CouncilpersonArmour mentioned that the Board is working moved the following: "I make a motion with Region VII to get a loan in order to to give all local law firms a chance to finance the line replacement. bid on the city's legal services." Finally, Mr. Fitzpatrick voiced great Silence covered the city's chambers, praise of the new mayor, Tashua All- It, then, became dead silence, man, perhaps the youngest mayor in the The period of dead silence seemed to nation. "The Mayor needs to be ap- continue tor minutes, as the Mayor kept plauded; this city is now being noticed," looking at the darting eyes of the other he pointed out. "Congratulations, Ms. members of the Council. Allman," he said in conclusion. With no second being voiced to Dr. (Editor's Note: Next week: Part 2.) Hea-d[ care Planning: Pra-'--"-' tical Considerations for a 'Graying'America, With maturing Americans living Part Ill-Long-term Care ,, hmger, more vital lives, how will they altord the growingcostofhealthcare- This year, about 9 million Amert- services and supports, both medical daily living" (IADLs) includes pre- After entering nursing homes in especially for situations involving cans over the age 65 will need some and personal, tohelpindividualsover paring meals, shopping, bttl paying old age, women tend to stay longer hmg-term care? While various forms form oflong-termcare, andthat nun> an extended time with a chronic ill- , and managing money, cleaning and than men do. The average stay in a of insurance typically cover routine ber will reach 12 million by 202(/ ness or disability (including cogni- otherhouseholdchores.usingthetele- nursinghomeis26monthsforwomen, doctor \ isits and emergency medical Typically, the majority of people who tire impairments such as memory phone or computer, and taking medi- 19 months for men. situamms sufficiently, coverage for require long-term care are over the Ioss, confusion,ordisorientation).The cation. Older women's long-term health ongoing long-term healthcare needs age of 65. But a substantial 40A of bulk of long-term care involves non- The chances of needing long-term care needs may be greater; yet, their is often hmited and restricted. And. those requiring long-term care are skilled personal assistance with per- care are higher for women: ability to accumulate assets is less, paying for long-term care needs can between the ages of 18 and 64. Con- forming "activities of daily living" Female nursing home residents and they typically need those assets to quickly deplete even substantial sav- sequently, everyone shouldhave rea- (ADLs), such as bathing, dressing, are generally older, with more than last longer. in~.-,, sonable provisions for healthcare fi- toileting, getting around the house, half aged 85 and over. This may be Thechances also increase withage. Long Term Care: Not Just for the nancing in place, and eating. Another category of as- due to longer life expectancies and For those 65 years or older, 60% will Elderly Long-term care covers a range of sistance. "instrumental activiues of longer disability-free lifettmes, require at least some type of long- term care services during their life- time, and 40% wilt need care in a nursing home for some period of time. On average, older people today will need some long-term, care services for three years (3.7 years for women, 2.2 years for men). However, one in five will need this care for more than five years. Long-term care needs of- ten develop gradually and may in- clude: home care from nurses, aides, therapists;community-based services; and care in a variety of long-term facilities. FAMILY DOCTOR MINNIE HAMILTON HEALTH SYSTEM 809 Mineral Road, Glenville, WV 26351 NEW HOURS: M.F 7:30-6 p.m.. Sat 7:30-5 p.m. 304-462-7322 FAMILY DOCTOR Little Kanawha Family Medicine Dr. Hilary Miller, D.O., M.P.H. For appointments, please call 462-7460 604 West Main Street, Glenville, WV 26351 (;.as awav .,u::rwdle Phvsicat Therapy Speciali,ts+ inc. Kevin Boring, MPT GSC Physical EducatinBldg" Glenville 46228933 HOSPITALS Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital 230 Hospital Plaza Weston 269-8000 Minni'G Hamilton HGaltlh System 809 Mineral Road Suite One Glenville, WV 26351 Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Saturday 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. A New Era of Caring OPTOMETRY (EYE) Dr. Mark Cinalli College and Howard Streets Glenville 462-5366 Hospice Care Corporation 2 _J eo , ox 323, ,Burnsville + + 304-853-2279 or 1-866-656-9790 Call us 24 hours a day/'/days a week. Providing end-of-life care for patients in Gilmer, Braxton and Calhoun Counties. l i,,, 1