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September 9, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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September 9, 2004

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Page 2 -- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder -- Thursday, Sept. 9, 2004 Joe Manchin has Fairmont man's vote.t rovernment is comin West Virginia Dear Editor, mention is that Joe wasn't our Secre- feel he is the only candidate who can As one who never writes letters to tary of State at the time these vote bring good paying.lobs wlthbenefits ByDelegate Brent Boggs a qucstnon or express an opinion, by West Virginia will continue to bu in tactics were happening; Ken to our beloved state., " Rec ntl Fewer than half of users did so in expand. By doing so, the goal is to theeditor, I feel compelled to express Y g " "e y while answering inquir- my opinion against the character as- Hechler was serving as our Secretary The 56 percent fee! with Joe,s b ie~ and dcfina c-cm~thn,~nt u,,~rl,. ,-~r, th, 2000. And more than 70 percent of provide additional government of fi- ef State Since Joe has become Secre- ness acumen, he is tne one WhO can -\ ......... ....................... lnternct users said they contacted the ciency and productivity. sassination attempts our out nextGov- " .... ' '-nd "computer I ran across a list of newly tar of State, his office has been better negotiate wltn our nauonal a co" " w' rd , . . government in some way in the past As a member of the Committee on A: ernor Joe Manchin by his desperate Y - ' - ouse an men o s ann pnrases that are year, comparcd to 23 percent of those Technology, I am excited about theston. rival Monty (Python) Warner. rectly involved with our U.S. district globa! CEO get them ton "re recent additions to reference books who aren't Web users, future of E-Government and the role this Attorne (Mont's brother Kaseyorganlzauonnere. Joe nasoeen any ..... Since the primary has ended and Y Y ....... " .... t" ann otct onaries It was pretty inter= In a recent letter I received from it will have for West Virginiacitizens leg Warner and has promptly and effi long native el tins state, wmle tvion y e lino reaclino At le.rhncdc .... h Joe secured 53 percent of the vote of ) - - , - ..... ,-- , .............. ...... ............. -"-State Treasurer John Perdue, he out- in coming years I believe the Legis- high ientl iven the attorney the neces- has only resloe(l nero tnc ~a~t t.,,~,. eight candidates running, Monty has c Y g er vances the sa documentation tohel the inves- years (Just what we need; anoth ' lined the role E-Government has as- lature will continue to explore and a fec resorted to mistrust, innuendos and ry P ....... " r .......... words and terms sumed in the Treasurer's office. Be- support additional changes that will ti alien alone its way And it seems outs oer temng us now to rive ou lllr . u.Ks outright lies to defame Manchin. g "" " " t " to c]elme newginning in 2000, his office handled translate into better services and sav- oddthat, outoftheblue, KaseyWarner hve and better our soc e !:/ ~ . For example, Montysays Pro-Life ...... mnR proaucts ser-one Int, ernet application and fee pay- ings for taxpayers lion. bnn s this investi alien to light at I am voting toy Joe Mancmn o - looked, Joe Manchin had a 100 per- " u - I if: : lilli,'Im vices and inven " s - ableb) creditcard. By contrast, inthe Please contact me if I may be ofdam this time before the general election cause he is pro-hfe pro-gun, he na 1 o 1 cent Pro-Life voting record in the " " "-" - "" O I lions must be These actions absolutely reek of an understandine el state uKe n 1 most recently completed fiscal year, assistance. As the session is now con- stor House of Delegates and The State " l mmll updated and ex- his office processed 40,381 transac- eluded, please address your mail to cr v olitics at its worst, one I've ever seen. he is able to bring . . Senate and that is why he received the P Are you starting to see the pattern groups together for the betterment of Pa .e 'overn_ tions, amounting to nearly $22 mil- my home office: PO Box 254,. Col, endorsement of West Virginia for Li fe (ThelargestPro-Lifeorganizationin here? our state and he is sick and tired of ment wasnoton lion dollars using thelnternet. These GassavYay, WV26624. By telephone,War transactions include an ever-growing you may contact me at 340-3137 orthee the state.) Instead of telling us what Monty West Virginia being placed first.m this list. How- numberofstateagencies, higheredu- 364-8411. For those with lnternetVir Joe Manchin is running for Gover- Warner is going to do for West Vir- everybadcategory(obesity;heartdls- ever, the expan- mta, Monty would rather try to tear ease) and 50tla in every gooa category sinner- ' ,cfinotc nh,, cation institutions, and licensing access, my e-mail address is duri " " E Government i ..... norofWest Virginia, not President of g , You can obtain 20th the United States, so what does John down ..... his opponent. And Monty s ac- (education, livable wages .... scales.) an lmnortant,_ann in" ........ .... j u,r boards DNRalso has a very success- tmns are fading miserably w th the Go to www manchm2oo4 corn toyx"a ..... = ,-. ......... ful hunting and fishing license on- additional legislative information begz Kerry have to do with Joe's candi- . ...... . , .. - ta v -,.Juvc nmentlsatool[or line purchase program. Youcaneven from the Legislature's web site at and find general puonc lne latest accurate more mtormauon. ' the times dacy? p ,t t: ct:uonlc government, It As always, please remember our O Monty, then tries to allude that Joe oll circulating, has Joe ahead by 32 James C. Moon She" "-' ...... ' .... make a voluntary donation to the Manchin was responsible for thevote percent points, 56 %-24%. This ex- Fairmont, WV is a catch-all name for the ever-in- Hunters Helping the Hungry program buying scandal going on in Southern tremely large lead comes from the creasing services offered by all levels while on-line purchasing your hunt- troops -- at home and abroad --- and Gretthe e hke and trust Joe and West Virginia but whatMonty fails to fact that peopl " of government by electronic means, ing and fishing license, keep them and their families in your including the Internet. The term now The State of West Virginia is also thoughts and prayers. Until next week, duri ',," plant" --'- --"-'--"..... "' ation goes well beyond e-mail and surfing receiving and distributing funds by ta,ke care Sere aangers spark satety mvesugauo theweb. As states continue to grapple other electronic means. Asoftoday, Fourth annual farm rest, with decreases in federal funding, E- 73 percentofstateemployeesarepaid that By U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd In West Virginia, we im-_ That is why I have asked the GAO GovernmAntc is a ; uwmg L ............. memoa oy by direct deposit and over 67 percent field day to be held at recr,fr Sincethe terrorist attacks of Sop- mune from this responsibfltty We to go back and determine what steps which states can find real savin ,. in of retirees receive their funds through Mountain Diamond to ..... --- Si tember 11, 2001, the United States have many sites that need to be fort - are being taken by the private sec r their ot)erations direct deposit. The State Tax Depart- has worked to prevent a tragedy from fled. Wehavemany places that need to protect the American people, and Electronic government has been ment is now receiving large tax pay- Longhorns Farm , Met to be protected One of our largest what more needs to be done Know ...... ............... ment by automated clearing house . veto occurring again. We have made tuut~u ,~ a tu mar, e govern- A farm field day will be held at D progress in areas like airplane secu- vulnerabilities is also one of our key ing and understanding what private ment moreconvenient accessibleand (ACH) credit, in total amounts of Mountain Diamond Longhorns Farm seat rityandemergencyresponseprepared- industries.Itdoesnottakegreatimagi- sector industries are doing to protect efficient And with about two-thirds nearly $1 billion dollars during the in Tunnelton, Preston county. Thevibr ness, but there are many gaps that nation to determine that the chemical critical infrastructure assets is essen- of the states facin budget shortfalls 2004 fiscal year. Over $5 billion was event is being hosted by farm owner " o "" rece remain--gaps that we must address plants that dot the Kanawha and Ohm tml in assessing, the need for federal in the coming .... receivedbyWestVirginiainFY2004. Dave Miller, and will take place Sat- exis rivers are also potential targets for investments to protect the American olic makers now are ta "i a hard As the volume of electronic pay- urday, September 25, 2004, from 9 before it is too late. p y k ments and fee collections continue to a.m.-2 p.m. One gap is the lack of protection at attack, people, look at E-Government services as a -'--- But fortifying security at these fa- Protecting the American people tool to cut " . ....... increase, sowillthemonetarysavings 'critical infrastructure' sites. _ . spendm . Presentations will include the ......... g in postage, materials, handling fees, ["'-- Critical infrastructure includes the ctlxtnes, according to the Bush Whxte. trom terrorist attack a primary gOV-a agencies_ are continually_ scrutinlz'm state's new premise/farm identifica- systems that, if disrupted, would House, is solely an industry respons|- ernment responsibihty. As we p- their service delivery and administr filing space, and other factors. Addi- tion system by State Veterinarian Joe threaten our national security, public bility. Despite the government's Con- preach the third anniversary of the. tiveooerationsi_ n order- tosavemon%.v tional important savings will accrue Starcher and information on farm- health and safety, economy, and way stitutional responsibilities to provide September 11 attacks, it is aresponst- Informauon" tech---- ....... .... by freeing up valuable employee time. land preservation issues by Lavonne of life. Earlier this year. the Govern- for the safety and protection of the bility that demands no further delay infrastructure that s pports rede- E-Government isn't likely to re- Paden The event is free and open to ment Accountability Office (GAO), nation s citizens, the Bush Adminis- The Bush Administration has, for too signed, streamhned" operauons" place the old-fashioned telephone, the public. tration has consistently shifted the long ignored the many holes in our helos deliverservices more " tlv face-to-face visits, and the mail; fac- The event is free but pre-reglstra- the chief investigative arm of Con- .. . , . _ efficlen__, toys that are so important for many lion is requested. Call Cindy Martel gress examined one specific segment responsibility for'crltxcal |nfrastruc- homeland security protectmns. But and effectively of critical infrastructure -- reported lure protection to the private sector, just hoping that there will not be an- More and more Americans are co- people seeking information from or at the Marketing and DevelopmentBy O' (r '~ that, despite voluntary efforts by indi- The White House'refuses to take the other attack is not enou=h; Congress. re inz.. online for state, local or federal doing business with government. Division of the West Virginia De- extra step to guard against attack -- a must make the investments that p - information than ever befor However, as each year brings more partment of Agriculture at 304-469- vidual companies to improve protec- v n t v ff the Pr sldent ..... refusal that could cost li es if o tect the people, e en " e " 80 rcent of Internet us citizens on-line, and with improved 9738, or Bill Shockey at the West ( lions, the extent of security prepared- . pe ers last year Internet connections and wireless Virginia University Preston County Col hess at chemical facilities across the fixed, will not. " went to state, local or federal govern- technology, the role ofF-Government Extension Office at 304-329-1391, Lilt] country remains unknown, ment Web sites to get information ask or Steve Miller at 304-568-2322 - ' ' the l By U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd & The Heritage of Hard Work: Labor Day 2004 The first Monday in September in Wood Cotmty was a flint glass is set aside each year to recognize worker who served as president of Sixty day tax amnesty By Governor Bob Wise While fami- lies and busi- nesses try to pay their taxes on time, sometime things happen and many have to struggle just to First Class Graduates from New River School of Practical Nursing leg Commencement exercises were School of PracticalNursing Advisory held recently for the first graduating Board, was the commencement class of the New River Community speaker. and Technical College School ofPrac- Members of the graduating class tical Nursing. include Terri Lynn Bishop, Graduation ceremonies were held Summe .ville; John G. :Bragg Jr., Saturday July 31 at Nicholas County Summmersvitle; MelissaAnn Brown, High School. A pinning ceremony Cottle; Angel Dawn Collins, Webster alsowas held as part ofthe ceremony. Springs; Heather Dawn Davis, Nineteen students completed the Arnoldsburg; Brandy Lynn Evans, one-year program and are eligible to Canvas; Debbie Kay Giles Cowen. pursue licensurc through the West Megan Renee Hanshaw, Virginia State Board of Examiners Quinwood; Laura Lee Hardway, Glenville; Nikki Rae Neff, Quinwood; Crystal Gall Pierce, D Cowen; Vonda Lynn Seymore, inv Summersville: Tersa ann Summers, you Summersville; Kathryn M. Truss, in tt Grantsville; and Crystal Lynn Tucker, that Summersville. Nat The New River .Community and the Technical College School of Practi- that cal Nursing is the only practical nurs- Sch ing program in West Virginia to offer tr i/ college credit to students For more "'pa, information about admission to the bro make ends meet. for licensedPracticai Nurses. Cowen; Michael Ross King, practical nursing program, contact as t the dignity of work and to thank the West Virginia State Federation However, West CherylClutter, DirectorofNursing Gassaway; Paul Lloyd McMillion, theNewRiverCommunityandTech- the American workers for their con- of Labor during the 1920"s andVirginia fami- at Richwood Area Community Hos- Quinton; Jennifer Lynn Miller, nical Gollege School of Practical virt tributions: to making a better and as an official in the Congress of lies and businesses will have a sec- pitalandchairoftheNewRiverCTCRosedale; Kathleen Jo Mollohan, Nursing at (304)872-1237. by t stronger country. It is a special Industrial Organizations (CIO) in ondchancetocleartheirconseienCeSandwipetheirslatesclean duringthe " wet1. when meta and women from all the 1930"s. 2004 Tax Amnesty Program I intro- Charleston Artist Henry dur vocations join in celebration and Miles Stanley of Dunbar was duced this past legislative session ebr; recreation, president of his local steelworkers This one-time, 60-day tax amnesty Keeling to be Featured in wa,. Labor Day is an old and hen-union and helped to negotiate the period is the perfect time to resolve par, orable American tradition. In merger that formed the West Vir- any unpaid, under-reported or over- Cultural Center Exhibit foc due taxes that accrued after Jan. !, real 1893. legislation was introduced in ginia AFL-CIO. of which he served 1986 and before Jan. 1, 2004.The West Virginia Division of Cul- call Congress to establish Labor Day as as presidenl from 1957 to 1974. Individuals and businesses owing lure and History will unveil a new I al l i1 a federal holiday The next year. Ned Guthrie of Moreantown state taxes can bring their bill up-to- exhibition, MostRecentWodcs:Henry cle; President Grover Cleveland signed and later Charlestonwasthenation- date byfllinganamnestyapplication Keeling, todayintheBalconyGallery I SUl r-X, [igh m larl the ieoislation into law, and today, al legislative director of the Ameri- between September I and November of the Cultural Center, State Capitol or 10( l l0yearslater, westill tnie this day can Federation of Musicians Union l;completingandfilingtheirreturns; I Brass She Gun shells Sale I Par to honor those who earn tl ir bread in the 1980"s and was instrumental and making their payment before Complex, Charleston. A reception to meet the artist will be held at 5:30 t anti by the sweat of their brow ,,in bringing collective bargaining Nov. 30, 2004. It s that easy. West p.m. this evening. The free exhibition ii s .u Virginians who participate in this l, llremain on display through Nov. I l ri e S8 I This Labor Day. it is .most rights to that profession. . 147 appropriate to recoonize some ofAnd there was the great Wal-program will only have to pay 50 ' ' t Xhot" .... I 1 percent of the interest previously Henry Keeling of Charleston i sa I SingleSk tuns, West Virginia's outstauding labor ter Reuther from Wheeling, who owed, All oth. r penalties and addi- well-known figure in the West Vir- O leaders and their contributions to was president of the United Auto lions to the taxes will be waived, ginia arts community. He was the American labor history and to our Workers in1946, president of the "However, it s important for delin- chairman of the art department at the I sate u.9 , [ beloved state. CIO in 1952. and vice president of quent taxpayers to remember --- if University of Charleston from 1972- Frank Keeney, Fred Mooney, the AFL-CIO in 1955. He was an they have a debt that qualifies for 1996. He has been featured in many advisor to a number of amnesty and do not participate in this one-man shows including shows at: IWI[ Cl dit alld I D, and Bill Blizzard were rank-and-file important program, there will be a 10 percent Gallery 4, Charleston; Huntington I I leaders of Southern West Virginia Democratic presidents, especially penalty added to their current tax Museum ofArt; Studio 7, Parkersburg; I Debit Cards! coal miners in the early 20th con- John F. Kennedy. liability. . . West Virginia State University, Insti- tury who helped to lay the founda- This Labor Day, I thank all The State Tax Division will be lute; Ashland Art Center, Ashland, lion for the United Mine Workers West Virginia workers. The work sending notices to some taxpayers, Ky.; and School of Creative Dance [ of America (UMWA) in our state,they do each day, whether mining but it is the responsibility of the tax- and Art, Norwalk, Conn., among oth- [ Arnold Miller of Cabin Creek was coal, pumping gas, cutting meat in a payers to find out if they owe any ers. a leader in the black lung movement grocery store, or serving the public, taxes. To find out if you owe, call 1- Keeling received a bachelor's de- 304-558-8753 or toll-free I-8(X)- gree in interior design from the Pratt D; in the 1960"s who was elected presi- is important. West Virginia's his- 982-8297. Institute in Brooklyn, NY, a master's dent of that great nuion. Current tory boasts many well-known labor Taxpayers also can visit the tax degree in fine art from Marshall Uni- to UMWA president Cecil Roberts leaders, but it is all of us. working amnesty website at versity and did international study at also hails from Cabin Creek together, that combine to make to assist Hans Hofmann School of Fine Art, { At srootsinitiative-- ] yes John Fasten of Williamstown America a great nation, them with questions. This user- the Art Students League and NewI --- --- --" tattler.y" [ & I l , I friendly site is a very resourceful tool York University in NY, Brooklyn [ teL( on Coj[ J1J sea : The: ville:Democrat /, !!i/ , :l individuals can use to learn more Museum of Art School and the Col-I I pc' about the program, read about fro- lege of Graduate Studies at Institute. [ Economic Development Summit [ fel ,,,, ....... ...... i quently asked questions and figure His work is featured in many public the , Published by Cor eor :/ ,i iithe taxes they owe by using the on- collections including: Huntington I Th ppen... ', featuring-- [ , .... : : line amnesty calculator. Museum of Art; Edward Albee Col- I ~f l'M_iss!ssipPi; [ ( : = i Remember, pay the tax orpay the lection; Charleston Art Gallery; Con- [ ~~dates.~(Rep.)and~(Dem.); ] li !1 max. solidated Gas Corporation in | ana ..m ngofaGn.,rC...o taml, ] Pa~teut~r=~~'fedm ~ Yt~:~:,.~ ~.ZT;!i::: ~:. ~ ] ng Community Developer. :. =- .... : Attend the 3rd AnnualClarksburg; Roanoke Industrial Sav- I Travls run..- S~o~-~W~ !ii~-: ings and Loan Corporation, Roanoke, I P~er'ssurpriseawardee: [ .Jet~myenn,.d-,:ryl~-~wS ~ rf .... :~::~: : ::iGSC Bluegrass Festival Va.; West Virginia State University; I 6 p.lD. Sept. [. :l West Virginia State Museum; and in i Fri.-Sat., Sept. 17-18. The world. ' II College needs YOUR The show will consistof12to 15 I ~year'stsignuptl __7 I The Glenville ocrat II support to continue this abstract paintings, assemblages and l help represent our community this year, call Donna at-- . [ 100NorthCoullStrNt POOox45 :Genvllie, WV26351 1 colorful event next year! collages using acrylics and a variety ] The Fa Re k & I Phone (304) 462-r30g Fax (304) 462-7300 v/env///enewsadOrto/.net II of other media. All the works have websfte: ww~.~lon*qltart~~6"~rn " | __ been created in the last year. , mily _surce Networ / I " ' Av,,tlable by SubscrtOtion an, Oveome-Counu Salu at *elect 1 Kindness in words creates con. For more information about the [ C Sh [ Price: '21.2o (tax inciuaed) in ttlmor County. l fidenee. Kindness in thinking exhibition, Most Recent Work: Henry 0mmunit o case - Price: $2S.50 (tax included) in West Virginia. II l~tce: u28.00 (no tax required) for Out-of-State ,$ubt~'tber~ 1 creates profoundness. Kindness Keefing, contact Stephanie Lilly, ex- | 115 Ea~~ce).Glenville I . W canno aee t 0tion for thinmo mL .- : II in giving creates love. hibits coordinator for the Division at [ Donna Waddell, Executive Director 304-462-7545 ............. ........ SA,,l ntereardac . / i: I --La Tzu (304) 558-0220, ext. 128.