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September 9, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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September 9, 2004

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[.eO.env,.,eOemocra..a., ''ursda.'eP'''O04 Page'I i .I I . • • " I G.o.P Convention Mr. Bush I ] With the G.O.P. running, behind in most polls earlier this summer, the Republican Party's | I main platform speakers at its convention last week hammered away at the Democratic | Part 4: Ed, tor retraces twists along West Virginia's National Coal Road lParty and its John Kerry-John Edwards presidentia, cha.engers. The negative strategy I . [ worked, because the post-Convention pollsters have calculated President George Bush is ] After travellin., through and recallin.. Key- ~ 7- ~ ~ ~ ~ ere. I now ahead of the Democratic ticket by double digits, 52-to-41 percent. I stone and its history-making big_ bank f~ilure, t1111\,.¢-- ~ | l[l[[i Upon leaving Welch, however, very few I Immediately after every convention, though, whether it be Democratic or Republican, I this editor continued his drive along the last ~ltll~ Th" I lllll! markers have been erected along the Coal i the party in the media spotlight gets a natural public relations boost. Hence, it's doubtful ] leg of the National Coal Road -- a historic lllll[ : ~!~i:] t, r~ [ ~lll]: Road. It's a short trip to Coalwood and the ] that the New York City convention's euphoria for Mr. Bush will hold for the last two [ hiohwa, being administered and romoted bv ' i: ' ~. ,~--"~ i i home of the "Rocket Boys" made famous in o > = p . ltHl[i Corcoran ] ]111]i " [ months of the 2004 Presidential Campaign. | 1 afederal-statecommissionbasedinBeckley. ]llll~?i~;2-~| t~,-,t .... 1~1111' Homer Hickam's book and the movie, Octo-] Simultaneously, the Kerry-Edwards team has'a lot of political ground tbat needs to be | I Kimball is thc next town ofanv size along t./Undtltlt I ]t111, berSky. Also, the nearby town of War (West ] made up and fences to mend. In addition, it's always difficult to beat an incumbent | U S Route 52 ooin,, in a northwesterl,~ dire~ ll~l~#~'~ e.. ! ......... I |[llll V rginia's southernmost city) offers visitors a " " = = = - ]illt 5 ~ I ~yLJavlo~ t.,c~co~an ) |11111 " . " . ] president, especially during wartime. The Republicans couldnt do it against either ] tion. Its entire downtown was severelv flood- I Pubhsher-Edit~" t llllll vlcwofaonce-boommgcoalcommumty. IPresidentsFranklinRooseveltin1944(WWll)orLyndonJohnsonin1964(Viemam).So,/ f dama,,ed in "~001 and ")002 so manv vacant tl{ll~ ~ - [ ~1][1:, But, I went from Welch to Pineville where | Mr. Kerryz.nd Mr. Edwards have to prove that they can be more effective wartime leaders | - storefronts exist. Nevertheless, the town's ~"~ ~~ a trailhead for the new Hatfleld. ~tndbMc~C~y ] than Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney. | ) crawnjewel i~ the rough is the World War I ATV Trail has been designa e . " • ] More importantly, the next president and vice-president need to assert themselves in ] , Colored Memorial Building.The black World constructed in the middle of the blighted area. road to U- s. Steel's Pinnacle Creek Mine at ] designing coherent policies for winning the war on the domestic front. Right now the I War servicemen from that area had built it in The idea is that this commercial enterprise Pineville, but the signage (at least at that time) [ United States economy is ailing, with high unemployment, lower industrial production, | the early 1920s. And, like most southern West will draw people back to the downtown, and wasn't good, because I couldn't find the I mega-corporate graft and greed, thousands of outsourced American jobs overseas, and a | t Virginia landmarks, it was well-maintained the stores and shops will soon follow and trailhead. Nevertheless, this dirt trail is draw- [ scary unbalanced national budget. Here in West Virginia where joblessness and welfare ] s during thecoal boom days, but afier the mid- reopen. Secondly. amexternamphitheaterhas ing in thousands of tourists to test the hun- | linesaregrowing, thepartythatcanprovidethemostjobswouldbeourdarlingonthismost | 20th century and the coal industrv's dec ine, it been constructed at Tom's Mountain nearby, dreds of miles of coal company and logging | important issue. While all can't go perfectly in the United States during a war, the president | a began to deteriorate, as its older veterans died making possible outdoor drama productions, paths that cries-cross the southern counties. ] can, at least, be truthful with the American people and tell us the cost of the war. ] Lt and the younger ones had to move away to like the recent "Terror on the Tug" play. Jean I'm glad that they are taking advantage of this | Additionally, he can provide the Congress with enough information to pass a balanced | find jobs. Battlo aMcDowell nativeand former teacher newest recreational sport-- it's an economic | budget. | r Older Kimball people, however, remember of my son. Dave, Jr., has written many award- boost for this depressed area. [ Although U. S. SenatorZell Miller's mean-spirited keynote speech at G.O.P. Convention I :1 the music that once flowed through its stately winning plays like the one noted above. Enroute to Mullens, I stopped at the new | aimed against the Democratic team may have roused that partisan crowd in New York, it | r Greek Revival columns onto the~Main Street Thirdly, the next federal prison for West Vir- Wyoming East High School which is eight | didn't answer the basic question: Which is the better team to lead the country for the next ] : during the Saturday evening dances. U S. ginia something like the one here in Gihner, yearsoldandamergeroftheoldMullensand| fouryears? . | ' Senator Robert Byrd is provi'-dmg millions of is being studied for placing in Welch's indus- Pineville highs. As one drives into it, you're | To that question, the Democrats have as good a chance to merit our votes as the | = " restoration dollars to restore this shrine so trial park. Finally, WaI-Mart has even an- impressed with the large number of signs [ Republicans. DHC, Publisher-Edltor | • thatthemusicwillfilltheairagain--thistime nounccd plans to build a supercenter on the noting the state championships which the new I Prison to boost local farming economy I for all veterans and the tourists who want to ground ,*'here the bankrupted K-Mart now school has earned. In addition to sports, their ,| I recreate there, stands, theater group has even achieved the highest I The Gilmer County Economic Development Association made a surprise and well- I Significantly, it was the first World War Right now Welch still has many archltec- statewlde recognmons. | received announcement at its Thurs., Aug. 19 regular monthly meeting: the federal prison ] [ . . Memorial Building constructed by black war turally unique buildings, such as the first Thenextstopwasltmann, where my daugh- | is buying the excess garden produce of our local farmers. | • } veterans in America; hence, it's worth saving, concrete parking garage in America and the ter, Catherine, started kindergarten. Her old I At a meeting with local officials, including the EDA, new Federal Correctional / t Drivingon toWelch, the McDowellcounty courthouse where Baldwin-Felts agents as- school is now the controversml Wyoming | lnstitution-Gilmer warden, Kevin Wendt, madean announcement, requesting that all local | l seat, I noticed, like Kimball, that this once- sassinated Matewan Chief of Police Sid County Senior Center where the director, [ gardeners sel~ the faci~ity their extra pr~duce during this current gr~wing seas~n. This was ~ " vibrant downtown has been destroyed by the Hatfield and his assistant chief. Ed Chambers Donald Graham, earned over $450,000 last | good news for Gilmer County, especially our farmers who have had their share of recent / r recent floods. At the same time, hope does (Truly terroron theTug River). Walk around year. This avowedly "not-for-profit"| knocks, such as floods and droughts. , | exist. First of all, a modern theater is being the downtown in about one-half an hour to see .... | EDA President Denny Pounds puts it this way, 'We (the local officials) had an excellent | Continued on page these places which have good historic mark- | meeting with (Mr. Wendt)." [ | Because the prison by its very nature has to be secretive relative to its operations out ] i | Duck Run, it's good that they have come out of their cocoon to inform the local community | | of this financial opportunity to do business with the prison. In fact, this is the way it should ] | be the prison and community being partners for regional improvement. This is a first, | ] so we editors hope it won't be the last announcement from the prison of this nature. DHC ] ; Musings of an old-timer. -- " " " " I The challenges of GSC's Convocation | 'i Ltttle Kanawha River Exhtbttmn at GSC GlenvilleStateCollege'sfaculty, butparticularlyPresidentRobertFreeman, challengedI I the incoming college freshmen and women to a difficult task: to change as individuals, to I ~t By Frances Myers Schmetzer, I change for the better and to "change the world.' I ;- Glenville columnist ~~~ ,'. ?.. ~"~I I Although these strong directives of the 2004 annual GSC Convocation may seem too | I idealistic for young people today, they really aren't! I .t (Columnist's Note: I have invited Gary I Dr'Freemanandthefacultykn°wthatthem°rey°uexpect°fastudentinperf°rmance'I y Coberly to write about his fascination with the ~~~ I the more you get from him or her, as the College's spokespersons implied during the Tues., I i Little Kanawha River and how you can share ~l~~~, ~'°'! | Aug. 24 Convocation in a packed Fine Arts Building Auditorium. I ' t~at with him. He has an in-depth exhibit in ~~-~:| I The President stated, 'It's the time for you to step up to change (as persons), and for you | - the Fine Arts Gallery of Glenville State Col- ~~i,,,I | to change the world," continuing, "The College came out here to honor you (the Class of | lege.) ~ ~~ | 2~8)~'~nfact~therewi~bemany~pp~rtunit[esf~rthesey~ungpe~p~et~earn~t~impr~ve~ 'f' . - ~ ~!~~ | professors the disciplines and vocations that they want to pursue in life, from their fellow | | and to grow as individuals during the next four years. Specifically, they can learn from their | e, Did you know the (gas) motorboat was e, invented on the Little l~anawha River? Did l~~~ ~ | | students the interpersonal skills that they need to succeed, from the College's extra- | re, you know the largest carbon black (pigment) ~)-~~'i,,, ~j | curricular activities the value of injecting "spirit" into their lives and causes, and from the | ;s, in the world was on the LKR? Did you know ~~~:~ '~llt 1 | community the benefit of having good friends who want you to succeed to surround you. | st, that our Rt. 5's path was established by ~~~ I I In outlining the awesome challenges that he hopes the Class of 2008 will embrace here, | | ?resident Freeman suggests that the newcomers make their educational process easier by | Native American trails from Parkersburg to Brl/~~~ ~BIi~; : ;~J ] adhering to the College's four pillars of wisdom: 'Tradition, Leadership, Innovation and | nd the salt mines of Bulltown? Did you know ~/1~,~~~ ti- that students came to "Glenville Normal ~%~ | Community." | Hence, if the new and older students become respectful of local, college and national / re- School a century ago by packet from the ~~1 | traditions, develop leadership skills through GSC s learning opportunities, think of new ] ['er traip at Gilmer Station? Do you know what a | and innovative ways of accomplishing their goals and are "all about community' -- who | | knows -- GSC may just produce an Albert Einstein or two in this talented class ... thatcan | bPoaCukg~tt c:i?tuD danY aukgl crth:tt2h°:b° Sr RIVERBOATS AT THE FOOT OF GLENVILLE'S OLD BRIDGE C. 1920, WITH "change the world." DHC as Burnsville from the sophisticated life on. ROBERTS' STABLE NEAR WHERE QUEST S END IS TODAY. I l / :h- the Ohio River'~ Did you know that mail and (Photo from The Country Store.) I / :al virtually everything else was d Aivered here by boat before the early "30s when the roads unbelievable, isn't it? the riverboats made by John Shuman's son, I Pd~OBL~IV / were paved'? You can discover these and many other Beau, who used to pilot his father's mail boat, ll[ Today the river is rarely mentioned except interesting facts about our area by visiting the "Ruby." A Gainer boat's pilot wheel and during dama,,mo floods Th~s exhibit eel L~ttle Kanawha exh~bother artifacts dis la hie from a nearl for I[ " e = ~ • " " " .- Riverboa~n' on the " , " - ' " p y " Y - idl[ ebrates the Little Kanawha's days when ~t ited at Glenville State College. Sponsored by gotten era. ll[ waspartofdailyconversation. Forourgrand- the college the West Virginia Humanities If you do remember that far back, you will II[ parents it was the center of commerce, the Council and the J MackGamble Foundation want to see these reminders ofyourchildhood. /I focus of transportation and the heart of rec- the exhibit has toured the state for one year' If you are a little (or a lot) younger, these || reation. They could get a "good mess of The Gilmer Watershed Coalition has brought images will astound you with the changes in |1 catfish" for dinner down at the river, too. the show home.forit's final viewingaspartof life here along the river s banks. Student and /I In those days the river was one of the Glenville River Days senior groups are encouraged to arrange a _1 ] hleanest, and the channel was cleared regu- The exhibition of hundreds of fascinating, tour. /I arly. E~ghty foot- long paddleboats, pushed vintage photographs and more hundreds of The free exh~bmon .... ]s open to the pubhc" at /I pI00 foot-long barges from Gdmer to vivid, current scemc rwer wews wascreated .... the Free Arts Center at GSC on Monday, /I arkersburg. Children screamed with delight bvGarvCoberly,JudyMarks Margaret Moss Wednesday, & Friday from 10 AM to 2 PM /I and housewives beamed and bustled at the Alvin Engelke, Joy Stalnaker, Larry Sypolt, and on Tuesday & Thursday from 10 AM to ]||l sound of the "junk boat's" whistle. Nearly and Ed Paule¥. There are folk art models of 1:30 PM through Sunda~, September 19. -I[ Our Letters... ) ,, Corcoran Columns' on Southern W. Va. are nformattve --ll-- Dear Editor, informative about a region of which I know and background knowledge of that region. l . Just a note of gratitude for your recent so very little. Personally, I think you do an out- standing I 'Corcoran Columns" on or about the southern I must admit, I have never been in that area job as Editor of this paper. Well done, my I partofourstate.Thestory, so well written and inmylife. ThankYousomuchh)rthehistory friend. BryanJ, Moss BB l Salem, Ohio A 'unifer in the middle' is What America needs H :l| Dear Editor, was reading statements written by other veter- speaking out against stupid government policy j/[ I'd like to thank Jack Brannon for pointing ins who had witnessed those atrocities, is not considered treason. [ out amistake I made in an August 19, "Letter l'vc read ArticlellI, section 3 ofthe Consti- tn my opinion, helping to found the Viet- (! I ,o the Editor, John Kerry's arm was injured, tution and nowhere does it say that it's treason nam Veterans against the War was just asI HERD APPEAL? [ ~. [ out not shattered in that fight. I should have for muse in uniform to criticize the govern-, patriotic as volunteering for Vietnam in the | researched that better, mint in time of war. Millions of Americans first place. ,, ] I suggest that you, Mr. Brannon, also re- protested that miserable little war, and who Meanwhile, George Bush, ratherthan shoot | search your facts. Kerry never said that he had more right to do so than Kerry and his out my eardrum with a shotgun to avoid I / ,~ ] fP~elrSonaily saw atrocities committed by his fellow veterans who had volunteered to go Vietnam," joined the Texas Air National | ~IF ~(~¢~S ~OOL~) SPriteS) [" | ellow servicemen When he testified before there, v " I BACK ON THE FARM & IN NEW YORK -- In commenting on last week'sl| - ] the Armed Services Committee in 1971 he Thank God we li e in a country where ........ [ _ ' t,etters eonunuea on page ~ I Republican Convention in New York City, George Harper's thoughts wandered[ I A . -, I back to the farm. If the farm herd could talk, perhaps they'd see it as Professorl |Harper, GSC's art professor emeritus, does. DHC, Sr., Publisher-Editor| • ,: [ ttention Readers. Our Letters to the Editor Policy [ ..= We are in nee number where our iderltlt can bc verlfie but you may still be required to sign [ [, " dofmoreletterstotheeditor Feel free to send them in to us. Y Y ' " "| The Glenville Democrat~Pathfinder --/ ----I Just remember, our rn~li.... .... .. v,, .,,,.,h,~ ,,..,,~....z"'""~ ' " the letter via snail_ mail. Deadlines_ for letters_ are Mondays..- .at l0 a.m.. for that,~l LOC,. news a week s paper Alter l 0 a m mey can ne accepted toy tnat week as pata [ ] ". p pers have long been the sounding boards for political. ' .... . a] / IPersonal, and patriotic views and this ,',a,~"r is no exce,',tion' advertisements. However, it would appear for free in a future edition. / / David H. Corcoran, S¢., Publi~her-Editor iiI 1" [.Relative to writinRresoonses nleas~l~eet~ in mind ourEditorial Policy" we Also, for writers who consistently send in Letters week after week, these[ | O wtll accept letters o~ ~ "~ r ~" messa es are constantl evaluated as to content and to purpose so they may O ] ]wi ,,-,. a space available basis on/,, and they will be subject to g Y , Yl / P.O. Box 458; 108 N. Court eL, :Glenville, WV 26351 i l | [me P-m~tor's scrutiny as to content relative to libel, good taste and time'liness, be considered as an advertisement, especially if they are weekly, lengthy, and[ A good leo h ~s e re eatsof rev~ousletters Nevertheless ouwdlbecontactedffthelatter~s upto[ IA gt ' g nerallv one to one-and-a-half standard tyo ng gages P p " ., . ,y " " s| , ~ ~, l laouble-spaced. The decision of the Senior Editor will be final l.~etters must the case and will be charged only our regular advertising rate. l / PHONE 304-462-7309 / [be signed in order to be'published - e mailed letters must include aphone For more information, contact either Dave Corcoran. Sr., Charlene or[ I / ' • • Rebecca at 304-462-7309. / / ¢ I | Last Issue Before Election. News, Letters, & Ads l l Web Site: The long ",tandmg po. )c y ofth~s new spaper has a Iw aye been tha tfl . n hc r,~,uc before ~n e. , cot-" on. once-,date orc~t .zcn makesa e'g attune about another candidate" [ | • l FAX 304-462-7300 • E-MAIL -- lOt !ssue, tha~ the other party be given the right of rebuttal, Readcr~ of this newspaper know that we editor'; have had this pohcy in effect for the past eight years in] / VISA & Mastercard are now accepted / '~oer to make certain that the journalistic and ethical principles of fairness and equality be assured on these pages relative to both'the news and advertising side.J | I I III I i l I