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September 9, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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September 9, 2004

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Thursday, Sept. 9, 2004 -- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder -- Page 13 ;socia- ng on at the :enter. apers, ~ld by Icome ight of NG ~=thod- DIVORCES ' On Aug. 30, 2004, Jessica Husk, 25, of Tanner divorced Steven L. Husk, 32, of Granstville• WORTHLESS CHECKS Larry Chapman v. James Ramsey, for a check in the amount of $400. W. VA. STATE POLICE CITATIONS On Aug. 24, 2004, Joyce L. Rollyson was cited by W. Va. State Police for tobacco sale or presenting On Aug. 29, 2004, Jeremiah Witherspoon was cited by the Gilmer County Sheriff's Dept. for driving un- der the influence and for carrying no operator's license. GILMER COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPT. CRASH REPORT On Aug. 29, 2004, Jeremiah Witherspoon, 27, of Linn, driving a 1996 Ford Explorer, was traveling north on SR 33/119 when he lost control of 10:00, the gift of tobacco to a minor,his car, skidding sideways across the =1 Ser- On Aug. 25 2004, Kimberly Dawn center lane, running off the roadway fro m Mace was cited by W. Va. State Police and striking a ditch. He was charged ~t 1 :O0 for tobacco sale or presenting the gift with DUI, though road conditions were of tobacco to a minor, wet and speed may have been an On Aug. 27 2004, Florence M. issue, as well. ;H Shiflet was ciied by W. Va. State On Aug. 30, 2004, Randa Marshall at the Policeforfailuretodrivewithduecare, Hitt, 47, of Burnsville, driving a 2004 , there and for having no proof of insurance, bus, was parked at Glenville Elemen- ; Rob- On Aug. 28, 2004, George Michael tan/School parking lot when her ve- Simmons was cited by W. Va. State hicle was struck by Teresa Jenkins, Police for underage possession of an 29, of Normantown, who was driving a alcoholic beverage. 1998 Mercury Mustang. Jenkins was ch, in ept. 6 GILMER COUNTY ruled at fault, having caused "signifi- ferent SHERIFF'S DEPT. cant damage" to the driver side of Hitt's vehicle, according to the report nging CITATIONS filed. come On Aug. 24, 2004, Tyler Jennings On Aug. 30, 2004, Jennifer Lynn • Pas- Hall was cited by the Gilmer County Thomas, 27, of Summersville, driving Sheriff's Dept. for speeding and for a1992GeoPdzm, was traveling south seatbelt violations, on SR 33/199 when she came around On Aug. 28, 2004, Percy Allen a curve and lost control of her vehicle, .Lanham was cited by the Gilmerhitting a stump and then an electric ~ounty Sheriff's Dept. for speeding, pole. Road conditions were wet at the time, according to the report filed. t .= held viii be "n. As inner. g any Nould FACTS OF LAW By F. John Oshoway Certified C~minal Trial Lawyer by M.B.T.A. The Mississpippi Supreme Court has rejected a claim by a defendant asbestos manufacturer Ihat tobacco companies were also responsi ble for asbestos-related injuries and deaths and should share in asbestos-related costs incurred by asbes- los companies. The IRS requires empoyers to withold payrolltaxcs fromtheiremployees'wages and then deposit the total amount in an account at a depository bank. The federal Immigration Reform and Co nt rol Act requires that employers veri fy new worker's identities and the right to work in the United States. A debt collector can contact you by phone, fax, mail. in person orby telegram• They cannot, however, send a postcard that mentions your debt or an envelope thai reveals that it came from a collector. "As a rule, t~-*ople are afraid of the truth. Each truth we discover in nature or social lite destroys the crutches on which we used to lean." -Ernst Totler, German dramatist and poet, 1930 Brought to you as a public service by F. John Oshoway P.O. Box 156 Grantsville, WV 26147 354-9204 NOTICE TO INTERIM RATES The Public Service Commission of West Virginia has been asked to establish cost--based transportation rates for facilities previously owned by Equitrans, LP, an interstate pipeline com- pany, which are now owned by Equitable Field Services, and are operated as an intrastate natural gas pipeline systems. Efforts between the shippers and the pipeline to negotiate rates were unsuccessful. On July 29,2004, the Commission approved the use of the following interim rates, subject to refund, for all service provided on or after that day: Interruptible transportation service $O.33/decatherm Reta*nage 5% Equitable Field Services Legal Class I It 9-9c FIDUCIARY NOTICE Please take notice that Phillip Scott Dennis, Executor, for the Clyde Jackson Luzader Estate, is now before me for Final Settlement• Dated this the 7th day of September 2004. C. Joel Shanesy, Fiduciary Commissioner Gilmer County, West Virginia Legal Class II 2t 9-16c FIDUCIARY NOTICE Please take notice that Anna Belle Wimer, Guardian for Terne Lynn Wimer, is now before me for Final Accounting. Dated this the 7th day of September 2004. C. Joel Shanesy, Fiduciary Commissioner Gilmer County, West Virginia Legal Class II 2t 9-16c FIDUCIARY NOTICE Please take notice that Jo Ellen Dennis, Executrix, for the Betty H. Luzader Estate, is now before me for Final Settlement. Dated this the 7th day of September 2004. C. Joel Shanesy, Fiduciary Commissioner Gilmer County, West Virginia Legal Class II 21[ 9-16c i inafMoBii H0me Park Underway NOTICE BIDS FOR LIMITED VIDEO LOTTERY TERMINAL PERMITS Under provisions of Section 29-22B-1107 of the West Virginia Code; the West Virginia State Lottery Commission will ac.cept bids from persons who are, or intend to become, licensed operator~ and retailers for permits to purchase or lease limited video lottery terminals from licensed manufacturer':;. The minimum bid per-terminal must be at least three thousand five- hundred dollars ($3,500 00) To be licensed as a limited video lottery operator or retailer, a person must met! the four-year West Virginia residency requirement. Bids for permits to own or lease video lottery terminals shall be submitted to the Pdrchasing Division, West Virginia Department of Administration. Bids delivered or mailed to the Purchasing Division shall be in the possession and control of the Purchasing Division on or before 10:00 a.m. eastern standard time on November 19, 2004. A duplicate bid shall be delivered or mailed to the State Auditor's bid observer's office using the same time restrictions Mailed and courier-delivered bids shall be addressed and submitted as follows: Submit one ( I ) ORIGINAL Bid to: Submit one ( I ~ COPY of the Bid to: State of West Virg, nia State Auditor's Office Department of Administration Bid Observer Purchasing Division /and) State of ~,~st Virginia 2019 Washington Street, -East 1900 Kanawha Bird, East PO Box 50130 Bldg. I, Room W114 • Charleston, WV 25305-0130 Charleston, WV 25305-0230 All submitted bids must be ~ ~¢.,~ enclosed in a ~ Buyer Lottery Buyer that is clearly marked with the ,~ ,,. ..... .... t,.eq: vloeo L.OllCry i-ermn I~lUS followmg ~rdmg: Date: November 19, 2004 Time: (opening) 2:00 p.m Bids received that are not in a sealed envelope marked with the required information, stated above, will be rejected. Bids submitted to either office by fax shall be rejected. Failure of the United States Postal Service or a courier service to make timely delivery of any bid shall not validate any bid not in the hands of the Purchasing Division or the State Auditor's Bid Observers' Office by the required date and time Each bid should be typed or printed on an 8½ "' x 1 I" sheet of white paper using the following format: The bidder's name: The bidder's address: The bidder's telephone number: The number of video lottery terminals for which the permit is sought: The per-terminal bid for which the permit is sought: $ The total bid (per-te,'minal hid times number of terminals): $ The amount of the bid b~nd submitted with the bid (must equal "total hid"f: DoNut include bidders FEIN or social security number No bid shall be considered unless the amount of the bid equals or exceeds tbe three-tbousand five- hundred dollar ($3,50000) minimum bid amount for a video lottery terminal specified by the State Lottery Commission. No bid shall be withdrawn after the appointed hour for the opening of the bids. If you The Town of Daisy, in Logan ing it blic Service County, wi[lbethesiteofthefifthand Each person suhmming a hid must fumish a hid bond guaranteeing payment of l0O percent ofthc ~e we final temporary mobile home park, amount bid for thepermit sought by the bidder The bid bond must be furnished in one of the three following forms: have according to federal and state disaster I wV Treasurfr'~ Office Denosit Receiot - proving that the cash, certified or cashiers ,f the nou ~cemeni officials. The site waslocated through check or o|her negotiable securities was deposited without restriction at the WV f you o do- Eachyear, thcWestVirginiaDivi- the efforts of local citizons who re- Treasurer's Office and credited to the W¢st Virginia State Lottery Commission. Deposits dong. sion of Labor is required by statute to sponded to a request from the Federal are ~ accepted if hand-delwered to the WV Treasurer's Office. located in the Main Emergency Management Agency Capital Building, Room E145 Bid envelopes containing cash, certified or cashiers checks, or other negotiable ~cuHties shall be cause for rejection. ear if "investigate and determine the pro- (FEMA) for suitable park locations. 2. " It " " -issued by a national or state bank or other financial or. Licensed Environmental vailinghourly.rateofwagesthatmust Construction began September 4, institution acceptable to the commission. (Irrevocable Letter of Credit format may be be paid to the various classifications with completion tentatively sched- found at on the Internet.) of workmen and mechanics that are till be Remediation Specialist Exam Set utilized by contractors that perform uled for September 30. The park is 3.~- issued by a company autborized by the West Virginia lnsurance inney construction or maintenance work on located on Route 10 north of Daisy, CommissionertodosuretybusinessintbeStateofWestVirginia(BidBondformatroay 1 Co. The next examination for licensed be substituted for the degree require- public improvements as defined by and will be known as Winchester Es- be found at htrp://wwwwvlotterycom on the Intcrnet.) e will remediation specialist certification is mont. In either case, applicants must West Virginia Code §21-5A-1(4). tates. It will house 40 families ini- No bid shall be considered unless the required bid bond is included in the bid submitted to the and scheduled for Sept. 16. Thecertifica- have at least one year of supervisory Anyone who is interested in par- tially, butisbeingdesignedtoaccom- Purchasing Division lawn tionisrequiredforanyonesubmitting or project management experience, ticipating in this important process modate an additional 15 mobile homes, if necessary. Permits shall be awarded to the persons submitting the highest l~r-terminal bids. No person shall efore vol un tary remediat ion and Only approved candidates with pic- should contact the West Virginia Di- According to Suzi Cowie, FEMA be authorized to directly or indireclly own or lease more than 675 video lottery terminals whether y, old brownfields cleanup designs to the turf identification cards will be ad- vision of Labor at (304) 558-7890 the permit is obtained by successful bid, by certificate of reservation or by a combination of both infor- Department of Environmental Pro- mitted to the testing site. Photo iden- and request survey forms. Upon that Human Services Officer,' The park is reservation and bidding No retailer shall be authorized to operate more than five (5) video lottery 304- tection for review, tification and the $250 testing fee request, you will be sent survey forms ashort-termhousingsolutionforthose terminals at one licensed location, except that fraternal clubs and veterans' organizations may s are in critical need, including people that operate up to ten (10) video lottery terminals at one licensed location ~ere. The test will be held from 1:30 to must be presented before the exam and instructions to complete those are now living in homes that are not 3:30p.m. in the Geary Student Union starts, forms. artgalleryattheUniversityofCharles- For more information about the Although participation in this pro- sati~,orwithfamilymembers." FEMA R~n ton. e xamorregistration, call David R. c essisnotmandatory, this office re- officials consider travel trailers and ~ -~ Re,- Toqua|ify fortheexam.abachelor's Dodrill, DirectorofCommunications, quests that you complete the survey mobile homes tobe interim or tempo- L~dO[ degree in an approved scientific field National Institute for Chemical Stud- forms and return them no later than rary housing, and make them avail- Currently at less than a oneday's only five percent give each year. To and at least six years of relevant pro- ies, at (304) 346-6264 or by email at October 16, 2004. Please complete able for, up to, 18 months or until supply in our 100-countyregion: O give blood, individuals must: be at fessional experience are required. A• NICSadmin- the survey forms according to the permanent housing plans are corn- Negative. Currently at two day's least 17 years of age (no upper age line[ high school diploma and 10 years of isters the licensing exam fGr DEP. accompanying instructions. Any in- pleted within that time. supply: Most other hlood types, limit); weigh at least 105 pounds; be ~J rele.4ant professional experience can formation submitted after that date On March 1,2003, FEMA became The Red Cross needs more donors in generally health. -- will not be considered for the 2005 partoftheU.S. DepartmentofHome- ofall blood types to ensure adequate This weeksg°odblood fact (8-23-04): USDA Provides Funds All men by nature desire to Prevailing Wage. land Security. EEMA's continuing suppliesforemergencyandroutine Last year the average American Red on know. mission within the new department is Agriculture Secretary Ann M. ~ to lead the effort to prepare the nation needs. Cross blood donor gave 1.6 times, Veneman today announced the avail- I WATSON for all hazards and effectively man- Every two seconds, someone needs although most individuals can safely ~io ability of nearl~ $6 million in Farm I "~' O,-,~, .----v .-.~....---., i age federal response and recovery a blood transfusion in the U.S. Blood give every 56 days. Source: Beth and Ranch Lands Protection Program ~ FIBERGLASS HOUSE I efforts following any national inci- needs never take a vacation. Each of MacMahon, Red Cross DonorStrat- (FRpp) funds. Thirty-twostates will II BOAT WITH TRAILER, [ dent. FEMA also initiates proactive us is a potential recipient. Theregion egy. receive this funding to purchase per- II slant 6, 6 cyc. Gh sty ler Engine, I mitigation activities, trains first re- needs tocollect at least 1,000 unitsof Foreligibilityquestions, pleasecall blood each weekday, the nursing collections department at manent conservation easements on II 185 horse power. $8,500.00 orI sponders, and manages the National Although approximately half the 800-54BLOOD (800-542-5663). America's farms and ranches. ~or a Harloy Davidson I Food Insurance Program and theU.S, population is eligible to give blood, -, "These fundswill allow more farm- linGUal m~ or something of equal I Fire Administration. ors and ranchers (to) keep their land in II value. I agriculture." said Veneman during a -7 111Located Approximately 2 miles I .-lff Se.-vi.g G,mer (i~) Surrounding Rt. 33 Between visit here to the Farm Focus farm south of W 'ton on Rt. 19. [ Counttes Since1953 show. "This program helps to ensure II that productive land is protected, and It ~~J Phone 269-3516 I Weston & Buckhanno.n encourages farmers and ranchers to -- Top of Buckhannon Mountain i use conservation systems that improve environmental health." This USDA Natural Resources Con- servation Service (NRCS) program protects productive agricultural land by purchasing conservation easements to limit conversion of farm and ranch lands to non-agricultural uses. These FRPP funds have been real- located to states that requested addi- tional funding• In distributing the funds, NRCS considered the conver- sion of farmland, the conversion of prime farmland and states' requests for additional monies to complete spe- Now Doing Gold Plating -- September Special-- 3 Emblem= • f Increase the Value of Your Vehicle. cific projects. West Virginia received $127,152 in II funding• ! Additional information about FRPP can be found at http:// I www. nrcs. rams/frpp. I 555(; Ford Backhoe, 4WD ............................... q7,500 Fo~le Seff-Load~g Bale Wrapper w/Bale Hugger Pkg. Deal ......................... s11,900 1999 Transuaft 48' Drop Deck Trailer ............. H 1,500 1920 Fo~d, 33 HP, Diesel, 4x4. 500 Hrs .............. ~J,900 5600 Ford, 60 HP, Diesel, w/Loader ................. s9,~O 3910 Ford, 2WD, 45 HP .................................... s$,900 4100 Ford,52 HP ,Dlesel,wl t 200 hours ............... qI,S00 685 Case IH,60 HP D~eset ................................... =7,200 - i 743 Bobcat, 40 HP, Diesel ................................ 7,000 530 Heuton Round Baler ................................. ~,950 885 Case, 4., HP, Diesel w/Loader ................... ql,800 5000 Ford, 60 HP, D~es.el ................................... =6,500 480 John Deere Off Road Fork Lift ...................... s$,000 New 8 1/2 x 25' Gooseneck Trailer w/Dove Tad =4,600 445 New ~ Sk~ Steer Loader. 30 HP, Gas..$4,500 2000 Ford, 38 HP Gas ........................................ q,200 YM 1300 Yanmar, 16 liP, 4,~1, w/Loader .......... ~,950 8-Wheel V.Rake .................................................. s32.50 860 Ford, 42 HP, Gas 5 SixI & 2-Stage Clutc~ 73,000 ; s 850 New Holland Round Bailer .......................... 1,500 Line of New & Used Implement= I For your home, auto, life, health and long-term care motorcycle, flood, business insurance, & bonds. Jim Collins, Agent Travis Woodford, Agent 216 E. Main St. Glenville, WV Phone 462-7951 Fax 462-4600 ptf01102@ CLOSED SATURDAYS (304) 4724 "No Money" Down Programs Land / Home Programs Government Loan Financing "Bad Credit" Financing Many Specilil Financing Programs AVAILABLE Clayton, Dutch, Norris, Champion Homes Cedar / Log Siding Drywall Singles, Sectional; & Modular Homes. mnmlmmmmll|mm| 42" $1%04 Ilmllll~ I I I I I I I ! I I I I ! II Everyone is invited to attend a reception Honoring Gilmer County's newest residents: FCI Gilmer, Warden K. J. Wendt Gilmer County School Superintendent Ed Toman And all new faculty and staff of both Glenville State College And Gilmer County Schools. Best Westem Glenville Inn Tuesday, September 14 6 p.m. Light refreshments will be served. Mark your calendar for an evening of Gilmer county hospitality! Hosted by the Gilmer County Democratic Executive Committee I IIIII 4t