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September 10, 2009     The Glenville Democrat
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September 10, 2009

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IThe Glenville Democrat The Glenville Pathfinder Thurs., Sept. 10, 2009 Page The pains and questions about the Afghan War & downtown revitalization Defense Secretary Robert Gates says that now ts not the time to withdraw our U.S. Troops from Alghanistan. In fact. the Obama Administration is planning a "surge" in thai south Asian country in order to negate the Taliban's strength and to bring stability to its tottering democracy. At the same time. it's not the ume to with- draw from Iraq, either. And. the validity of the democracy we established there is still in question, as well. The price that the United States has paid to bring democracy to those two distant coun- tries has brought us Americans considerable pain. notably over 4,300 American lives in Iraq and 800 in Afghanistan. Agreed, Iraq with its vast oil reserves -- is a vital place of interest to our government and oil companies, while Afghanistan with its harboring of terrorists is likewise a place of great American concern. Then. there's the pains on the homefront. with the recession still going on: our about 10 percent unemployment rate, or one of 10 Americans being out of work: the automobile k The Corcoran Column By David H. Corcoran Publisher-Editor (,- industry lagging; the large banks remaining in trouble; real estate, nationally, as soft as pow- der puffs: the large insurance providers con- tinuing to be weak; and most state govern- ments faltering under the loss of tax revenues. Barack Obama and his administration is not in an enviable position, as he hasn't been able to deliver on his campaign promises-- essen- tially to end the wars and to put America's economy back on the road to prosperity. Like President Lyndon Johnson during the Vietnam War, it really gets down to what's his choice: guns or butter. Now. at this time, we American taxpayers are getting to the point where we can't afford both. Throwing gigantic stimulus packages of money to our domestic businesses with eco- nomic problems and fully funding the war effort were, at one time. necessary short-term goals, but. on a continumg basis, are terrible long-term goals. We just can't bankrupt our country, or place it in a receivership to China. which is about the only country seeming to be bullish on our future prospects for recovery. President Franklin Roosevelt. in his New Deal, wisely, placed the "stimulus packages" in the hands of the unemployed, by giving them employment, via the WPA. PWA, CCC, National Youth Administration. etc. With money in the hands of consumers, they were able to make purchases of cars. insurance. homes, etc. This method of grass-roots "stimu- lus" kept the country afloat during the Depres- sion Era Likewise, whether we Americans like it or Continued on page 5 _, : By Brent Boggs, State Delegate (Gilmer-Braxton ) September has arrived, and I hope everyone enjoyed the Labor Day weekend. While it's still summer, the holiday is still the unofficial end of summer, as folks are busy with school. football season, and the final garden harvests of the year. GSC's Criminal Justice Cr. A week ago Monday (Aug. 31) was a mile- stone day for Glenville State College and i central West Virginia. Af- ter years of work and plan- ning, the official opening of the new Morris Crimin al Justice Training Center in Glenville became a reality on August 31, with the rib- bon-cutting by Governor Joe Manchin. The Center represents a partnership brokered between GSC and the WV Depart- ment of Military Affairs and Public Safety. It will provide the initial training and periodic retraining of officers in the Division of Cor- recttons, Regional Jail and Correctional Fa- cility Authority. and the Division of Juvenile Services. Prev iously, each branch of corrections train- ing had separate facilities that moved from time to time. based on a number of factors. However. when the Governor made the deci- sion a few years ago to have one. unified training academy, it was an opportunity to move the facility to central West Virginia a more centralized location for all of the corrections officers throughout this big state. Moreover, by GSC integrating the existing Criminal Justice Program and expanding the program substantially, it provided two unique opportunities. First, officers in training will be working toward a degree and receive col- lege credit for their training. Second, GSC Criminal Justice students will have the unique opportunity to take course work at the acad- emy and benefit from the expertise of profes- sional corrections trainers and instructors. This will be invaluable, whether they opt for ca- ton Counties and for all of West Virginia. reers as officers, administrative personnel, or Saluting laborers any facet of criminal justice and law enforce- Finally, as we pass Labor Day and move on ment This partnership is one that will surely into the final months of 2009. we need to become a model for other states and will result thank the workers of America, who keep our in a substantial upswing in the number of nation moving forward. Labor Day was ere- people traveling to Glenville and all of central ated 115 years ago by President Grover Cleve- West Virginia. land to honor the memory of 13 union mere- Even with all thelegislative, higher educa- bers. who were shot and killed by Federal tion and administrative discussions in work- troops. Over the years, it has evolved to honor ing toward this goal, the generosity of I.L. and America's workforce. Sue Morris. of Glenville. in donating the As you reminisce about your Labor Day building and property was paramount in mak- weekend activities now and in years past, ingthisstateinitiativebecomeareality.Iwant keep m mind the hard-working men and to thank Ike and Sue for their philanthropic women of our nation who work 24/7 to fuel generosity to GSC. Gilmer County, and cen- our nation's economy. They are the essenceof tral West Virginia. the American spirit. WV's Nat'l Guard Armory How to contact me! On a related note. I spoke with Major Gen- Please address your mail to my home office eral Allen Tackett, Adjutant General of the at PO Box 254. Gassaway, WV 26624. My WV National Guard and Air National Guard. phone number is 364-8411 and fax 364.8711. General Tackett was instrumental in saving If you need immediate assistance, call the not only the Armory, but also expanding the Capitol office at 340-3220 or Assistant to the mission that will eventually be the MP battal- Majority Leader, Mr. Tom Bennett. at 340- ion command headquarters. He had just re- 3262 or fax to 340-3213. If you have an turned from Washington, DC, where he signed interest in any particular bill or a list of all bills the necessary paperwork to allow the project that passed both the House and Senate, please to proceed. These renovattons will not only let me know. update the facility, but also will expand and For those with Internet access, my e-mail modernize it throughout, address is General Tackett also shared that West Vir- You also may obtain additional legislative ginia is the only state that will have two Guard information, including the copies of bills. projects, funded from Federal stimulus mon- conference reports, daily summaries, interim ies - the Braxton County NG Armory and highlights, and other information from the Martinsburg ANG base. Renovations and Legislature's website at http:// improvements will total approximately $3 million at the Armory. message, please remember to include your Warren Hacker recently provided Jean and phone number with your inquiry and any me a walking tour of the Armory, with plans details you can provide. Additional informa- in hand for the many changes. I appreciate his tion, including agency links and state govern- input and assistance in helping me understand merit phone directory may be found at the project and work toward several addi- tional upgrades that General Tackett and I Remember to thank a veteran for their set- discussed, vice to our nation and continue to remember Both these projects represent another move our troops-- at home and abroad and keep forward for the citizens of Gilmer and Brax- them and their families in your thoughts and prayers. Until next week, take care! t t Dear Editor, www. uschamber, com/media/pdfs/ Think about this! This is one tiny example of Thank you for your cogent argumenton the waxmanmarkey.pdf, (Jaba the Hut, movewhat this bill contains. Healthcare Reform package in the August 20 over!). You can read the bill by going to the Tho- issueofThe GlenvilleDemocrat. Iam in total So, the bill is to reduce global greenhouse mas, Library of Congress website: agreement with you that rebuilding our gas emissions. Will it?, and entering the House economy should be the first priority for this Well, no. Bill number, H.R. 2454 in the search box. new federal government administration. According to the U.S. Environmental Pro- The effects of the bill on our economic I would welcome your attention alsoonthe tection Agency (EPA) administrator, Lisa future are more than can be described in a "cap-and-trade" Waxman-Markey bill (H.R. Jackson, "U.S. action alone will not impact simple letter. Here are a few short assess- 2454 "American Clean Energy and Security world CO-2 levels." ments of its effects on jobs: Act").This 1,300pagebillwillbegoingupfor However, while this bill will not have an The Farm Bureau estimates that the bill Senate review soon. impact on climate change, it will effect ahuge will eliminate more than 60,000 jobs just in The "cap-and-trade" bill is intended to ad- change in our economic environment, the mining sector. dress climate change by reducing greenhouse To get a sense of the extent to which this bill The National Black Chamber of Corn- gas emissions, most notably CO-2. will affect our daily lives, our businesses, merce estimates the bill will result in 2.3-to-3 The breadth and reach of the "cap-and- large and small, will be harmed. Read even a million net lost jobs. trade" bill is staggering: see the chart corn- small part of the bill (e.g., Section 785) that The General Accounting Office has said posed by the U.S. Chamber of Commercedeals with regulations on the amount of home that the bill would result in sending jobs to showing the massive federal bureaucracy the heating oil used, because states are going to China and India. bill would create, involving 397 new regula- get allowances for their consumers' use and if tions and 1,060 new mandates on American the state does not obey the federal regulations, Elaine Wolfe, businesses and consumers: the state (and its unhappy consumers) will be Tanner penalized by having their allowance reduced. Attention Readers: Our 'Letters to the Editor' Policy We are in need of more letters to the editor. Feel free to send them in to us. Just remember our policy on the letters. Local newspapers have long been the sounding boards for political, personal, and patriotic views and this paper is no exception! Relative to writing responses, please keep in mind our Editorial Policy: we will accept letters on a .wace available basis only and they will be subject to the Editor's scrutiny as to content relative to libel, good taste and timeliness. A good length is generally one to one-and-a-half standard typing pages, double-spaced. The decision of the Senior Editor will be final. Letters must be signed in order to be published - e- mailed letters must include a phone number where your identity can be verified, but you may still be required to sign the letter via snail mail. Deadlines for letters are Mondays at 10 a.m. for that week's paper. After 10 a.m., they can be accepted for that week as paid advertisements. However, it would appear for free in a future edition. Also, for writers who consistently send in Letters week after week, these messages are constantly evaluated as to content and to purpose, so they may be considered as an advertisement, especially if they are weekly, lengthy, and repeats of previous letters. Nevertheless, you will be contacted if the latter is the case and will be charged only our regular advertising rate. For more information, contact either Dave Corcoran, Sr., Charlene, or Cassandra at 304-462-7309. f - Last Issue Before Election: News, Letters, & Ads ~ The long-standing policy of this newspaper has always been that i L in the issue before an election, one candidate or citizen makes allegations about another candidate or issue, that the other party be given the right of rebuttal. Readers of this newspaper know that we editors have had this policy in effect for the past 10 years in order to make certain that the journalistic and ethical principles of fairness and equality be assured on these pages relative to both the nc ws and advertising side. Also, all political letters or news stories submitted in the last month prior to an election are to be paid political adverstisement, except lor biographical sketches in gn Election Guide or section. J i I GoT. Manchin opens the Morris Criminal Justice Center at Glenville State College Why wouldn't Governor Joe Manchin exude both happiness and pleasure at the colorful Dedication Ceremony for Glenville State College's newest building, the Morris Criminal Justice Training Center? After all, the well-attended ceremony, which took place on Mon., Aug. 31, was the culmination of a long road for the Governor in reaching one of his "governmental efficiency" destination goals that he'd promised during his election campaigns. Before I.L. "Ike" and Sue Morris generously gave Glenvilte State College the old Kinney Shoe/Spenco factory at the western city limits of Glenville, the state of West Virginia had no centralized educational and training center for its correctional officers. In fact, state government was paying for three separate training centers, located in three different locations in the state, for the orientation and instruction of its correctional officers for the prison, regional jails and juvenile detention institutions. That was a very inefficient and costly duplication of taxpayer dollars. Most significantly, the new Morris training center at GSC, which was brought'to fruition through the concentrated efforts of community members, legislators, and college administrators on the local level and the Dept. of Military Affairs and Public Safety on the state level, will handle all of the state's correctional officers, regardless of where they are assigned, in this one. modern educational and training complex in Glenville. As the Governor emphasized, "politics had nothing to do this decision." At the dedication, he went on to point out that Glenville State College was the only higher educational institution in the state that stepped forward with a workable plan for a statewide training center, and GSC made that initiative happen, with the major boost coming from the property's donation by Ike and Sue Morris. Hence, politics wasn't a factor in the state's decision, because ever since Governor Manchin came into office, he'd been looking for ways to make state government more efficient, streamlined, and less expenswe to taxpayers. The state's correctional officers' faculty, which is highly qualified but heretofore widespread throughout the state, will now be based here in Glenville at the new center. Thus, their years of experience and abundant knowledge will all be centralized here, being of use to all three training divisions (prisons, regional jails, and juvenile detention centers) for a stronger package in the training of those correctional officers. In addition, this wealth of knowledge, experience, and the well-equipped facility will be made available to Glenville State College's Criminal Justice Dept.'s classes. As a result, this initiative provides GSC with such a broad range of criminal justice academic assets that it now has the capability of becoming the premier Criminal Justice college degree program in the Mountain State. Now, that's a major achievement of President Peter Barr's Admimstra- tion ! At the same time, President Barr credits Secretary James Spears, of the state's Dept. of Military Affairs and Public Safety, for the idea of consolidating all law enforcement training in the state. So. when the college approached Secretary Spears in hopes of securing this opportunity for both Gilmer County and GSC, that got the ball rolling. "I never doubted Dr. Barr for a minute," West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin, III told the crowd at the dedication, explaining the tmportance of trust and follow-through in an endeavor of this magnitude. As for Dr. Barr's part, he stressed that the new facility was a manifestation of his and Governor Manchin's mutual agreement that higher education should be linked to economic development. And. when political issues arose and started to block the consolidation's forward movement, Mr. Morris in his brief remarks gave special thanks to State Delegate Brent Boggs (Dem.-34 Dist ) for his part in calming the stormy political waters. As to the future, and with the first phase of constructing the staff offices, student classrooms, and some labs being finished, the next phase will be the building of a 4,600 square-foot State Police Crime Lab in another section of the large former factory. Then, the final phase will be the installation of a fitness center and other needed educational sections. Approximately 150 correctional officers will be housed at the Conrad Hotel during their training periods. This Morris Criminal Justice Training Center will prove to be an asset to both the state and this locality. As a result, we Gilmer Countians should thank Governor Joe Manchin, Secretary James Spears, Dr. Peter Barr, Ike and Sue Morris, the State's legislators, State Delegate Brent Boggs, and all others who played a role in making this modern educational and training facility become a reality! DttC, Publisher-Editor / Little Kanawha River Parkway Authority project is still afive and moving forward With correctional officers traveling to Glenville from all over the state, along with the regular traffic coming to the college, prison, and various tourism sites in Gilmer County, the Little Kanawha River Parkway project takes on an added importance. In addressing the "Gilmer County Business After 5 PM Social Hour's" attendees at the Best Western on August 20, the Parkway Authority's spokespersons stressed that the project was far from being dead, but needed some more local and national governmental assistance to move forward. The plan is to four-lane SR 5 from Burnsvilte to Glenville at the outset, as a first step in connecting major highways 1-79 and 1-77. This proposed new thoroughfare is still in the planning stages, according to the project's advocates. "Our mission is to promote the constnaction of a modern highway between the two interstates," asserted Mrs. Reta Kight, the Little Kanawha River Parkway Authority,s chair. The proponents contend that it would spark a quantum boost to this area's commerce, Glenville State College, the federal prison, and tourism in Gilmer County. Phil Reale, Esq., a Glenville native who is the LKRP's lobbyist in Charleston, concurred, "We are in a sparsely populated area, but Glenville State is here and is the economic engine that has driven this community for years." He quickly added, "It's (the four-lane road) a safety, convenience, and educational concern that makes this project valuable." The next step, Mr. Reale outlines, is brokering a meeting on the topic with State Delegate Brent Boggs (Dem.-34th Dist.) and U.S. Congressman Alan Mollohan (Dem.-lst Dist.). "We need to invoke the local community in support of this project with these representatives," he added. We editors wholeheartedly agree with this highway project. It's simple: new highways, especially J'our-laners, bring progress. Moreover, now that Glenville and Gilmer County are growing, why not add another feather, or boost, to that forward progress by the upgrading of the Old SR 5 into the modern Little Kanawha River Parkway? DHC, Sr. AO STRALIAI# Edge of an by George Harper - ("I,WOULD SAY, PRETTY ( "SAY BETSY, 1 / 'L,BOR ZNTENSZVE" /HOW WAS YOUR / / AROUNb HERE WITH,, l LABOR DAY l L ALL THE NEW BORN! LWIT. \ & I)IIFFIIRIIHT l I!t@I1= (if a Spring holiday?)