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September 12, 1975     The Glenville Democrat
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September 12, 1975

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!ii i! i i 8 The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder September 11. 1975 ~ooo4oo.ooeooeooo~,ooo.ooeoooooooo.oo oeooo*oooo.oo~ you won't be getting a Ac,;,,s, to the area would be via ............. 8.270:,4 ,:,rp. '~!i : - - : Route 19. H section of which will be Nt)llt:t.:t)Yi't',F, I-:n~vclop~;di;, ensuon.., read this... A,,,.i,.-: If- p relocated t(i join a connecting road to ~:v,,c;,~,; ~t,,u.~, _Jlteh .... the campground. A one-lane I., h.hl ;it tl.~ I'arkim: I..I *,f K;m,lwh;, thrum T.tal Slu*h.'nt-l~alv Activities722.63 I-'eder.I Mutual [nsu~~ II;#.k. till E;l~;I ~|;til# .HIriN~l. Ch;nvilh.,. Wa.,sl I"i h; IV'~ ...[I.g~ ~!i Many people are not cove~ en oy a pens~ol~ boat-launching ramp and 26 car-trailer Viral,m, 1 III;INt .'vl,.:k .... , .... ,, S.lm;m|,,r lit.Community S.rvices: Film MMuh;s Distril~c i~d" ; * * l!l;'5, h= s~dl tim *:.It.local. 4-11 Cluh 4.025.00 Fisher Scientific: ,~m~~ ~:~ * program with their employer parking spaces also are planned for t~N=, F.*rd Nan*hall Hurt l-'lc, mingl.~lUipm='~'~:~ ~ * the camping area. (~pit.I OutMy: " " Rhonda C. Flasher ~ ~ T~tal (:~)mmunity Serviette 4 025 00 i~, ~' f youre one of them there =s t30w ,3 tax- .',;,,rt;#l mlk:t.~:i~H47 i~,i _" defc.rred way for yell to bLliid tc.,,,,md you, ; All campsites will have electrical Thi .... II,h,r,#t is hehl h, ,,,,,#r,, ,,n Sites L;,(,,.(,, Dav,,iH.F,mtty ~t,,~~ .hll~.ali.#n ~=rism~ u###ler a ~..:urilv a~ra~;mc.l Eluildings 128.86 I"vr-Fvter.~.Jes &,t~tt'~1~.- ~t !.~' : . and water hookups. The area will be , ah.I I.m.#rt 15. It.175. mad. hv thffdtv I). R-.*h Equipment 4.876.24 ~;~ ; OWn retlren~ent fund PamelaGrovn~,lsG~ieer~]~ i~i',~}! . operated by the Corps. ,,.,I Is,hi by tl,e un,h,r.ign,.ql a.q s(~ur~.l lmrtv. TotalCapitalOutlay 8.505.10 GcneralLearningC"rF ~4] t ~ ~ , ~ "I'ERM,% ()F SAI,E: (3tsh in hand =m day nf sale. Anne Gerstner II ;~.~i WdhaMetropohtan Ind~ndual Rcti~cm~r;t A Bulltown day-use area. with 40 ~, l).led thi~ 5th day uf ,~zptcmlmr. 1975. Clearing Accounts: Cover InstructionaIK~l.~.q~ i!;~ Program you can dole, taes each yea, : picnic units, parking, and a four-lane KANAWIIA UNItlN BANK F,,od Services lSt.:m, ~,Cilmer County B~,,,~II~ ': ~ o IO1 EAST MAIN STREET Gilmer(.~nnt~ ~i~:i on up to 15 o of yore ~ncome ot $1.500. . boat ramp will be built on the west side Student Body Activities 2.035.34 ~ ~ (;i.ENVII.LE WEST VIRGINIA Total Clearing Accounts 153.397.03 Gilmer Co tv ' zh~S ~L ~:~t;~ :. whichever isless byputtmgth,smcomc of the lake opposite the Bulltown ~-ll.ttc. Spec.ialPro~ramsTotal 155.183.64 ~ilm:;~:nttYL~'~ ]~ ~ ." to work to help assure your future - camping area. Scott noted. A marina Total(OrdersCurrentpaid} Year Expenditures 1,465.757.60 Gilmer' CountyY R~c.~'~t~" !~'! financialsecu~ity . with berths for 150 boats also is NO'rlCE OF BIDS Gross B~lence June 30. 1975 252.530.77 Gilmer Graphics. lx~. ~, planned for this site. The Gilmor C~)unty Commission will receive LessCurrentYnarOrd~r~tOul.landins 66.300.01 Ginn and Company ~1~{)~ :. A ,pensin is nice to look forward to. But . :. A third project, to be located .~.ali.I hid~ f.r Re-r~ofinl{ the Gilmer County Less Unpaid Bills and Encumbrances 137,723.10, ,...Co. ~-Q tf *t S not m the cards for you. give me a . adjacent to the campground, will bar 1:,,art Ihmse, until 10,00 A.M.. Monday. (includes Salaries) GlenvilleAutoPert~{.~ ~'-v ~' * ~qzt(tmlmr 22, 1975. in the County Clerk's Office. 204.023.11Glenville Ford sales _~W: 1 ~ : call and Fit show you what Metropolitan : known as the Bulltown Historical (;ilme,,r (3runty (~urt H~. at which time they Balance june 30. 1975 48.507.66 Glenville Midland C01N~'~,eml[~t, ;(~ : can do to take its place. Overlook Area and will include will Im publicly opened and read. Plus Due from State Federel 14.989.59 GlenvilleStateCollell~ll~L"~ I)rnwinl,=s and .'.;pecificet'..ons may be obtained at Net =lance June 30. 1975 63,437.2,5Glenn:ill l: ~upe;e~)l~ps~=~lt~ ....~ tftTNTERB. BEALLIR. ~ "'historical memorabilia and interpre- the Gilmer t~mnty Clark's Office. All bids must be Ge " pPY 3~..~i~n~ ~ 8i3 Grand Central Avemle ~ tire devices," Scott said. submitttsI with the plans and specifications end List/ns all persons and/or vendors doing GlenvilleTexeco&Mm-i~ : Vie#m1. W.Va 26105 : Fishermen will have their choice of name-f the bidder marked on the evenlolm. Bids businees with the Board of Education: Glenville Utility =tholi~l~ ,i . - " Janet Lee Deal 625.00 Good Shepherd Cattt~v~=q=ll Office: {304) 295-4561 . two other access areas: the TaUwate~when submitted shell be irrevocable for thirty The C.untv Commission reserves the right 1o Gideon J. Ellyson 650.00 Guidance Assiciates d~'~ ~i', ~ Re~,dettce (3041 295-5353 i Fishing Area below the dam and the I:to| ' days. Gorby's Music Co. lt~IIl~ ;= Falls Mill Fishermen s Access Arearei~:t anv one or mare or all bids. C~rlHarrtsonGrearo 325.00 Harcourt Brace |OvS~~ ] GILMER COUNTY COMMISSIUN Robert O. Hardmen 325.00 Rex Hardman /~ ( 'i" Metropolita Life" i ..,,,,. ,2,= n Twenty picnic units and parking for Robert Miller 325.00' HardmanTrueVeluer~%i~][ll~ 100 cars will be provided at the [NVITATION TO BID MyrtleC. Roberts 650.00 AndrewL. Henry t~G~l~ ~/~ Robert Hal Herdman 15.291.80Hen t horne, s Lawn & GamT=lll~. re me future is now i Tailwaters area. Fishing harms in this INSTANT LIBRARY Batty Jean Kennedy 4.98876 The Hiih Smith =C,o. 1~ !~(~ . area have been planned, but difficulty BURNSVILLE WEST VIRGINIA Rmmld Jmml~ Wedty 16,0o0,0oHinkle'Brothers. Inc. ~ Betty Joan White 7.740.00 ).E. Hilt Garage ~_..~,411 " ~ MetroOohtanLde NewYotk 1'4",' with the rock and soil on one side of the The Burnsville Public Library Board in MabelWolfe 5.771,50 Homelmprovementt~_rd~ ~,*****.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,o,,,...,.,..,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,o,: spillway may require a change in theseBurnsvilla. West Virginia. invites bids for Billy Bennett 10.123.60HopaNaturalGsCoatPP'~; plans, it was found during a tour of the cunatruction of u Library. to be located in Herman Badeliff 6.772.56 Huntington Laborateria~'~"=atl~ll Burnsville. West Virl=inia. All prepo,als must be Andrew John Abahar.i 5.809.45 Hutchi.~on Sanitary SulZ~!~)] site. made on a lump sum bast. on forms provided. Leon Carroll Starkey 5.805.00 IBM L. tt~_~'~ The State Divisionof Wildlife Pr-w~als will be r~aived until 2.-00 P.M.. Darrell Dean Wood 7.449.72 Innovative Sciences. u,-.%,ll~ -1 JAMES OEPT STORI! Barbara Ketherine Williams 4.025.00InterstatePrinters&Pe~o Resources plans to stock the Burnsville Wednesday. September t7. 1975. el the City Gathed Bins ~ishop 3.304.12I, It A Handycrafts. lt~ ~ Huildinlt in Burnsville. West Virginia. *Iota K, Fling 2.667.93Kathryn B. Jeco~ ,._~"~ Lake with bass. channel catfish, Pr.l~mais received after that time will not be W|nf~' C01~ walleye and muskies, reports Col. #,:copied. Bidders are invited to attend. PeeriruruerGeston 2.6@6,44The|ames=, Law t,O=w"~.~ Helen Lois Jones 3.026.|4 Jostens lt~ Co. _ D Pr,,iu~als will be opened end read aloud. Ads Ann Kin~ 1.592.17 Kanawh8 TV CabLe~~~ Smith. Plans are alse currently being Drawings end Specificatians mav be examined 8t Kathlean Lvdick 2.491.65 ieaaRPno~eb~ ~t m~~ SN~ ~tL~ F0J ~ S~L~T~N considered for the development of a the CitvBuildini in Burnsville. West Virginia: BeulahK. Persons 2.671.32 ,ffice of Wihmn and King. A~hitacts. 81 Main sub-impoundment in the Falls Mills Streut. St. Albans. WestVirgtnia. and at the P.W. WandaL. Poat 3.121.06 I, lat4 Naveric Jackets (;irk Jackets & Coals area for fish rearing purposes. I),al e omce in Charl ton. Weet Virginia. PaultneRadabaugh 2.90g.02 KimboEducationa]"- ~]~ Wildlife Resources will manage the Orawim~t and Speeiflcatinns may be obtained Boles Lee Reed 3.046.48 King Features nv ~1 at the offices of Wilson and King. A~hitec~. 81 Charlotte Marie Rollers 2.50~.34 W.O. King Company~t PVC Ilotor cle Ja ets for Men & D I~Vl, sub-impoundmentifit is developed,he Main Street. St. Albans. W.Va.. in accordance Glands Melbadine Sims 3.350.45 John*. Kirar ,_, ~ ['1 L uilled Nylon Work Jackets - Mery...ISp. , 2. o0 o a .tarpr...In Q said. with the Instructions to Bidders. Violet G. Stout 1.197.80Kyle and Company~ "~ The Owner reserves the right to waive "~ Public hunting will be allowed on the irregularities and to reiect propoeaht. Winona love Sumpter 3.008.46Laidlaw Brothersnn ser~&t,." . Lad|us ~J length Coats project. Scott said, except in OWNER: Sendra Cunningham 207.@2 Langford Sanitation ~_~[Iv~, u . ~ ~ designated recreational use areas. TilE BURNSVlLLE PUBLIC LIBRARY BOARD Me#de ]ames 203.40 Lapine Scientific C-,o~Ppm BURNSVILLE WEST VIRGINIA Norms lean Jordon 1 3.56 ).S. Latta. Inc. t cmrtna'~ The public is encouraged to visit the MISS AUTUMN AMOS. PRESIDENT 2tc Audit G. Keith 188.71 Lawson Sales and Se~ ii,~11~_ Burnsville Lake project site. Engineer Ve|de Wade 18@.84 Laaruin8 Arts ~tl~t Enda Marie Huff 4.783.B3 Learnins Skills. Inc. ~_~ e =14 404~0 Odale stated. Visitors can reach the" FIDUCIARY NOTICE " David Lee Crouch 540.80 Debra F. Laeson ~l'q~t GRAND OPENING David Towmmnd Jones 331.. Thomas Scott Ligy area from Burnsville via Route 5, The Notice is hereby given that the following Mark AnthonyPerry 68.00 List##in8Library'~c" :i~ road is rough and drivers are urgedto ,,c,:ount is before me for settle#mat. Donald Lee Rexrod 404.~0 Lovett & Company ~..L exercise caution. A small parking John D. Kingery. Executor of the estate of Deni~lD(rkRhines 48.00 Lyons _ ~==q~ Susie KinRery. deceased. area. near the project office adjacent Given under my hand this the 291h day of RichatdLoeTuruer 540.50 McGraw.Hill~.~m~~ Earl Franklin Wa86y 540.80 MacMillan Publishi~u" I Sept. 11, 12, 13 to the dam. can be used and vi6itorsAugust. t975. PaulH. Weedfordll. Commia~ioner Anita Louise Adams Z978.11 IoyceD. Marshall ~ uf Accounts. for Gilmer County. West Virginia. Pesky Ro~alle Edwards 2.9318.00 Gerald O. Mathe can then walk up a graveled path to 11:9.4-2,* RmmliaV. Furr 2.913.14 Means Service ..~~ the Dam Overlook (see photo)to view F|OUClARYNOTICE Bi,laJonnSum=en 2.7m. Charles,.Merri p%o=,v._. FOSTER S CARPET 1 .IEJK Ruby June Carr 3.613.74 Monongahela PowerS] the progress to date. Notice is hereby given that the following EllonS. Lewis . 2,50L52 Moore.Cottred]SubscHIP~~ Hay City Coundl nm accounts arebeforemeforHttlantent: MargaretEllanBannett 2.911.. MountainStete s City . it.L Rh,.des. Administrator Of tha estate of Marcia Rme Drake " 1.0Z4.91 G.C Murphy Company ~r~ql[i I;.t:. Rhoades. deceased |final| Mary Catherine Ellymm 1.874.29 Nale-Ward, Inc, ~l Glenville, W.Va. ,,,.,,,.,Slanlav(a..ualjD'razi' Committ. for Audrey R. Brenda Bailey Somervtll~2,.3.65National Archieves ~: , Accordirts :to minutes of the Given under my hand this the 381h day of Mar6arut Blanche Stahmker 2.938.00 Nationa|Sa|ety~lll~,qllq Kaymona i~ Adams Nationwide ln~urat~t~ l "'CometarY(0 o~r store and look at our different September 2 City Council meeting, a Autm t. 1975. ,|.W. PI~PJI~ILL Barfls Lee Byrd . 3.~3t.81 ~e~li~Normali~ .~ commissioner of Accounts, for lames F. Byrd 3.710.91 Normantown ~e~u~v ~:i 4~ selections of carpet. We have plush, shag, kitchen fourth person has been hired and will GilmerC, ounW. West Virginia OdbertReyCampbell 3.806.39 NorthC_,entralS n. classic, indoor-outdoor to suit your needs for every room be paid through the Governor's 11:9-4-21* Adrian Franklin Conrad , 3.618.25 The O.E.C. Co Charley E;regory 3.842.79Olivetti corp. ofAn~'l~ ii~ in the house. Our carpet and installation is guaranteed to Manpower Program. LEGAL No'rICE OF STATE PURCHASING Raymond C. Hart 3.565.50Oxford Chemciala ~ | please you in every way. We give free estimates In other Councfl news, theCityhas The State of West VirJinia Purchasing WaitmanDoylaHeekert 3.849,37ParkChem hired their fourth person to be paid I)ivisi.n will accept sealed bids until 1:30 P.M.. RondelFerrell Curtis P"lenki=Mlller e,586.~o3.858.03 pT~e~nPt,~]ker~l:mrg N~. United.#inc. /i~_~r~l~ ,%npt. 18. 1975 on File 109 for Gieoviila State Richard Clark Minuny 4.430.86JamesO. Pha weekdays 9-5 and evenings by appointment. We invite through the Governor's Manpower (~dlege.onReqn. No. 76 for: To furntsh Crackers Merlin Glenn Moore 3,782.05WiLLiam J. Piercy~ "~ everyone to come and see our new place of business. Program. The positions are paid for by and ~mkies. on Contract for One Year. . No bid will be cortaidered unless submitted on Herman Fred#rick Nutter 3.~8.74 Ann A. Piper , :i FREE COFFEE AND BALLOONS & SUCKERS FOR the state to help small towns and cities forms prescribed by end available from the O~idLeaPeruell 2.768.77 Psychotechnics, lncL,a,l#I Claude Pritt 3,835.29 Pyramid Paper ~" ~, KIDS. EVERYONE WELCOME. fulfill, their public serivce needs. Purchasing Division. Department of Finonce & Edgar Love Simmons 1.38~.6~ Quali~ Chmnica[It~ Administration. Room -130. Copltol Building, Teddy James Slaeth 3.870.28 Quill Corporation . . ~ I~ Marvin He#son was hired under Charlesmon. West Virginia. BEN E. RUB~ECHT. EustaceMonroeTomblin 3.923.39 RastleAutoPerts.B~ i the program to work at the city sewer OtRF.,Cq'OR ti: 9-fi-2tc. elmer Ray "rurrmr 3,82&30 Ray's Grocery Our Aim Is To Please "YOU" plant. Previously hired under the LeonardWiimoth 3.592.30Reeder'sDigest program were Police Officer Robert F[NANCAALSTA'rEMENT ]amesErmanWri~ht S.O13A5 Refund~andAdiuaues~" ~4~'i~ Giimer C, mmty Board of EducationHa rry D. Butcher 387.~0 Donald Rerm .._~ [:~q'A I Home 269-4166 Office 462-8737 Goodrich. Housing Inspector Robert July !. t974 Thruullh June 30. 1975 Gene Monroe Eaton 306.00 Rexroad Lumher~.,A I "~ Minnigh, and Rick Lawson. a sewer KentonR. Frymier 1.299.07RochesterGe~rm~L#t~.f~ [ f~ OWNERS: Darrell & Sharon Fe ter plant operator. GoldonBurl]enkins 45.00 Sand Fork Elemontary='~ Donald Rexruad 1.281.84Elaine J. Sarvey .,~rvi# ~| I; ~ ~ ~ Program positions have also been Amount Dun from Sheriff 181.127.62 Bernard Lee Adams 5.524.56Scholastic Book S~_~ jq filled by Gi[mer County Commission, Taxation and Appropriatimut Received 9.775.62 Delmar Butkhammer 4.624.54School Health SuP~~..] oth.. Than T.. ,..,ha,=w.rd,ra., = ='=~'='~~'--"""~ Board of Education. Cedar Creek State PubllcUtflityTaxes 150.@01.72Charles Lynn GraenUef t.004#1 S~tt'Fr~td-.Ge'.= I 1!i75 CLEARANCE SALI: Park and other agencies in the county. Stats and Federal Aid for SchoohtMiscellaneous Recipts 1.156.~62.gOag.62&3g AlI--Kesedie Benton MinneYMoore 5.4~L74216.m Sheffey-FelmanSears" Rebuck ~"~t~Assac~- ~i ,' The Council announced that city Net Tax Co~ections 171.192.12)emes R. Osborne ~7.40 James F. Shock ._t.~ i~ i~::'~ police will soon monitor traffic within Totsl Revenue Available t.71&38&37 James Calvin Squibb 1.433.89Simpaon Truck Sai~.~ I.': Lace C.ail Wilt 4.56t.62Sin~r Zducae~-Oivi~" l~ ,, ........ ,, ,, city limits by a radar system. Speed DISBURSlEMF.N3~ Hubert KllneFryminr 682.16 Patricia A Sjo~tro~ _e~. FlEE FREE FREE FREE FREE limits withinthecityrangefrom15-45 BarberaJaneGower 2,879.24 ." re,,'~, W,H. Sm,th Ha r~.~b~ti#PT~ miles per hour and the redsr system Administration: Betty Elatne Perrin 2,931.22 Social Security O:~t_.~,"- ~" will be used to help maintain proper Salaries 44.(517.215 CarulynSunSheat= 2,933.48 Spartan SchonlSuPl~ ~t'qL,.. Other Current Exlmmmt 11,456.53Lor8 Faye Tomblin 2,923.31 Alvah M Squibb Co.. ~-- ~,lE'~._ traffic control, Davidson said. Total Administration 59.073.79Clare Bernica Wolfe 2.u3u.00 willard C. Sta~-her~t~*' With the purchase of say NEW 1975 Ford or ~n addition, the mayor said xnetruction: vl~niexelanNoman ..tin.50 st~phanBus.sto~rr~- ~'" Salaries: R.H. Stone Product~ ~ Glenville Utility cleared $6,344.53 for principahl 70,$72.01Virginia Lucats Taylor 7.407.1@Summers Pha ~f~ Bradford Batten 06.00 Mercwy betwem lOtik & Odelmr Isl. the month of August, the largest profit TeschersC-'nsultants and Sup#fetters $7S,045.11"800"501 Charles F.Devt= 144.0 Tane PressTandy Leather ~e,.l~~ the company has made in many Other Profeuional ~.~.67 Adirondack Chair Company. Inc. 316.59 Tanner ElementarY ~ !~ months. Material purchases were Instructimml Staff Aiker Tire & Supply lnc. 3.245.45Tarmac ~~ raported lower than usual last month Secretarial and 17.631.@6AUyn & Bacon, lnc. 94.08 Virginia Teylor .,,mt~ AssistantS American Guidance Service. Inc. 243.39 as the primary reason for the soaring Other Salaries Non-Profmminnal 11.678.74AmericanPereonnel&Guidan~e Atom. 38~t0~ TeachinaResu~-~l=~'~ToncharsRetireme~="~~ profit. Substitute Teachers 16.~1.65 American Writinl SuPply Cm.p. Tmtchinl ResourCe" "- "~ , Totsl Salaries 717.706.40Appalachian Cram.rote & Supl~/ 120.20 Texas Ref'mery i iiii it We hove ia slock severol Fords & Mermrvs from Compact to Laxary that we mast move to make room for the 1976 models. I GL Moia & Lewis Streets GloavilJe, WV Pbeae 462.7336 or 462-7337 HEAilING TEST SET FOR GLI~VlLLE W. VIRGINI A Electronic hearing test will be liven al the Coarad Hotel ia GlenvllJe each third WedHsdoy of tim moath [rom 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. by Mr, Kemper Hyre. Certified 141oerial Aid Audllolollist. BELTONE HEARING AID SF~VIC~ 442-B. W. Pike St. Clarksb r8, W.Va. 26301 i Other Exparmes for Operation and Maintenance 36,184.59 Total Transportation 130,838.45 Operation of Plant: Salaries 27.856.02 C~mt ratted Sarvieam 440,50 Heat for Buihling t 3,368.81 Ultllties |Excepl Heat for Buildings} !@.216.52 Supplies 6.804.35 67.576.30 Maintemsncn ,J Plant .~laries (~mt ratted Services Replac.emanl Of Equipment Other Expanae~ Total M.inl.m,m~ ,d Ph, n! F,xl .t~rvict~: ( 5mlrllclml ,~l"viq ~1~ R.2713.34 Wilsnn Motet Sharon R. Cia= Th# 7-1dv's Sport ! Loss the !. Re#ski 1 and Secretary Education. fareg(dng and corr~t bidie.f. My