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September 16, 1976     The Glenville Democrat
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September 16, 1976

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12 The Glenville Democrat/ Pathfinder September 16, 1976 Collins; Harrisville: John Moore; Rotary doubles telethon pledges o,o: eras MeNemar and and Jig Stan Childers; Parkersburg: Eva saw fanatics a The Glenville Rotary Club and Terri Foglesong, Martin Hess, V.C. Fulton; Sand Ridge: Arthur Hang; ....:...4.:::...:.:.....:...4.y....y......f.:.;f.f..$..... concluded a successful Jerry Lewis Hathaway, Lori Davis, William Webster Sprins: Clifford McCort; The sentimental players in one to eat Muscular Distrophy drive Monday Osborne, LF. McCreary, Bruce Fleck, Bridgeport: Tom Griffith; Grantsville; Q - Due to the World War It popular American indoor sport hate living room evening Sept. 6, The Club took pledges Rebecca Villers, David McCtary, Ray. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Law, Don Harris and service- connected disability I have picking up the pieces. Wrote from as far away as Elyria, Ohio in the Jay Sister, Graydon Richards, Brian John Arbuckle; Elyria: Loretta Clifton: been receiving compensation rated at Some people grow so fond of their "The victim most successful drive in local telethon Flack, Van Ramsay, Jeanna Flack, Cox&apos;s Mills: Charles Wright; Weston: 50 per cent since 1946, can this rating favorite jigsaw puzzles that they spray picture out history. A total of $750 was collected, Shelbey Morris, Myra Chico, Delmer Angela Bodkins; South Charleston: be reduced? them with plastic and mount them for his which was nearly a 100% gain from Somerville, Fred Frymier, Bryan Earle W. Bennett and from Gassaway: A - Generally, a continuous rating permanent display, Puzzles have been him past last year's total according to Tom Moore, John Wolfe, James Jordon, Stephen Petrurreili and a group of for 20 years or more cannot be transformed into coffee tables, wall ments, Keith, Clarksburg area coordinator, Beryl Langford, Espy Miller, Carolyn young people who collected $112 in reduced, hangings, and holiday decorations, trouble." KenFoglesong, localcoordinator of the Gumbrell and Rick Black. Donors Gassaway; Donna Wilson. Gary Smith, Q Are there any additional The National Geographic Society says. The rage drive would like to thank fellow listing Sand Fork as their address Allison Workman, Betty Wright, Cindy benefits for veterans who are rated as But to the true fan, the puzzle is again during Rotarians, Bill Cutlip, Bob Archer, included: Carl |. Luzader, Harold Smith, Cathy Dobbins and Renee being 100 per cent disabled by the still the thing-and the harder the the 30's. Delmer Somerville, Jim Meads, Ernie Lowther, Judy Hardman and, Lewis Payne. Veterans Administration, and in need better. Puzzles containing 1,500 to newstands for: Smith, Jim Riffle, Beryl Langford, Espy Edwards. of assistance of another person? 2,000 pieces are common. Most are through spec Miller, Bruce Flack, John McCreary, Donations from Sutton came from: Far]ll convention A - Yes. Veterans so severely selected by the scene depicted on the circulating Jay Slater, Delbert Davidson, and D. Grover Stump, Roger Green and Mary disabled as to require the regular aid box, but the true buff makes it a point Today, Banks Wilburn and the wives of the Green; from Cowen: Jackson Jarvis; in lar|eston and attendance of another person may of honor never to look at the cover popular Rotarians who gave time and delicious from Stouts Mills: James Bowen, be entitled to additional payment of picture once the project is underway, introduction food to help through the long hours of Connie Bowen; Millstone: O.D. Smith: The Third Biennial West Virginia $133 per month if receiving VA pension Purists often order puzzles sophisticated the Telethon. Baldwin: Sandra Schoolcraft: Rose- Food and Agriculture Exhibition has and $159 per month if receiving without picture guides and hope for turned the Local donors included: Roe Welty, dale: Sherry Barton, Jody Barton and officially been set for September 16, compensation. Veterans receiving the best. multimillion Clarissa Williams, Susan Martin, Ken Butch Barton; wberne: Terry 17, and 18, 1976, at the Charleston compensation for 100 percent rating Show Freeways and Art United States. Civic Center in Charleston, WV. due to unemployability are not eligible The hundreds of odd-shaped i:: :: L- :: -- :: - :: :j -- tlll,,ct11,ttq,l This three-day event offers for aid and attendance benefits, pieces scattered on the card table in WAI[R WILL S[RVIC [ milking parlor demonstrations, sheep Q - I am a veteran going to school the recreation room can turn into ' shearing, world championship wood under the GI Bill. My son is also a almost anything these days. Financial chopping, oxen working, and country veteran receiving benefits under the GI wizards can put together the original To the Myers P=mps Sales & Service music. There is something for Bill and living at home. Can I claim him front page of the Wall Street Journal, estate of Everett everyone! as a dependant and receive an artlovers can tackle a modern work by Allperson DRILLING CLEANING OUT  All events and admissions are increased amount since he is under Jackson Pollock, and young engineers of Everett or not, are free! (Excluding the Youth Luncheon 23? can re-create the cockpit of a big voucher j H NipFryier  undersigned, at mY o m and Agriculture Banquet). A - Yes. The dependent's own Jetliner complete with dials and West Virginia on The Youth Luncheon and Agri- service does not constitute a bar to controls, tt:OOo'clockA.M., | Tm',W.Va 2..11992 | excluded from all . PON cultural Banquet will be held on payment to veterans of increased A shaken man who finally pieced A|lbeneficiat Wptt,DgllMtq<t, lnw<t, dut41nt4mH,tt,oip<t,aq Friday, September 17, Tickets will be educational assistance payments, together the Los Angeles Freeway on or before otherwise sold at the door or by contacting Mrs. system called it one of the most Given Norma Payne, W.Va. Department of Q - Are blinded or otherwise fiendish puzzles ever devised. September. 1976. Agriculture, Room E-IO0, State Capitol severely disabled veterans of World Pieces can be extravagant as Building, Charleston, WV 25305 or War II eligible for vocational designs. A specially-created 2,500- rehabilitation training if they are bPii OF phone:348-2210, puzzle hand carved from mahogany- [FE A free program and agricultural unemployed and unskilled? information booklet will be available at A - The vocational rehabilitation backed plywood can cost $2,000. The first modern-day type puzzles LEGAL NOTtC The State of the infoPmation desk free of charge, training period for World War II appeared on wood in England during Division witl acce veterans terminated June 30, 1975. the 18th century. Maps were SeDt. 30. 1976 Fd00bl-iOII helped "facilitate the teaching of No bid will be ::   on forms geography." In a short time just about (])L/,?Q/_A(. anything deemed suitable for the Administration. t,, - -:..::::::.,.::  ::::::::::::..::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.:.c::::::::::::::::......:..:::::::::::::::: instruction or amusement of children Charleston, West 212 Main Street, Glenville, West Virginia 26351 UII Cbthlq was grist for the jigsaw. _  u  ,, ,, , Deeds Recorded tracts of land on Grass Run, Center Lesson for Youth Circuit Court o Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Kirkpatrick district containing 47 1/2 acres, 29 3/4 One popular puzzle of the times and others, grant to Hazel Kirkpatrick acres and nine acres, was inscribed "MAP of the Various Jack D. Karickhoff, Glenville Resid nts Vs. CicilAction e 7.4 acres on Stewart's Creek, Glenville Mr. and Mrs, Oval Dobbins grant PATHS of LIFE, 1974." A pamphlet Paul Dale district, to William Radabaugh 54 acres situate accompanying it was subtitled "A Notice c Pursuant to " Hazel Kirkpatrick grants to Mr. on Upper Two Run of the Left Fork of lesson for Youth." The dissected map Braxton Count, and Mrs. Noble Kirkpatrick a lot in Steer Creek, Center district, showed the various routes by which a entered in the pending, I will. on Announcing the retirement of Glen Springston from the GlenviUe district, traveler starting from Parental Care t976, at the front business world of AMWAY. Walter and Donna Lake from Mr. and Mrs. Frank Puskas grant Mr. and Mrs. Carrell Burns and Hall could eventually arrive either at 1:30 o'clockinp.M.the West Union, have now taken over his business and the to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D. Jones a lot others grant to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Happy Old Age Hall or fall into the offer for sale in the Line Addition to the City of Cole 50 acres of Upper Two Run of Bottomless Pit. certain parcels of situated on ordering procedures wiU stay the same. We will be GlenviUe. Crooked Fork of Steer Creek, Center Slow in arriving, jigsawmania Creek, Otter servicing the customers in this area and will appreciate Mr. and Mrs. William Royster district, finally swept the United States in the Virginia. your continuing business and cooperation. If any questions grant to Betty J. McCord a lot on Big early 1900's. All over the Country County lines. acres-46 poles. call: Cove Creek, Troy district. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Mason grant to dining room tables were usurped by poles, more or less, Betty ]. McCord grants to Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Kline Frymier one acre the ubiquitous pieces, forcing families land as those the time of his ,,,-, .., ...... -$73-1149 - ...... ... Mrs. Thomas McPhearson .69 acres on Tanners Fork, Troy district, tractsfr a more situate on Sycamore Run. Glenvillo Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bennett grant 8omethhlg to sett? Try our Raymond After 4:00 p.m. district, to Mr. and Mrs. Eddie I. Bennett one Want-Ads, Proven sellers for your 966, cordd Waiter and Donna Spurgeon Lake Madge Cox and others grant to acre near the Village of Troy on the miscellaneous Items. Call 4627309 acres329:for27 a ,,i ,, i , ,  I . Mr. and Mrs. Russell Duelley three north side of Leading Creek. nOW! May 4, 1957, page 24. These year rollnd FOB eSpeed Q. Gibson Zenith one littlehouse minerals are ig The terms of Washers Refr erators Televisions ,, day, and approval and See the Zenith Color Sets on display. to Co,m, for the We install and service all sales. RHOADES PLUMBING 8- FURNITURE NOTICE OF AN TO CHANGE 15 Powell St. Glenville Phone 462-7355 Fo :.. WE SERVICE ONLY WHAT WE SELL City of Glenville, Common P.M.. Tuesda Office in City 512 Elk St. Gassaway, W. Va. Office 364-8365 364-5547 consider for rates, tolls, and for all Interested Evenings Mr. Hoy 765-5164 Mr. Stewort 364-8808 I SILE ServiCeSp]a(::e Sat. Sept. 18, 10 A.M, th,oto On The River, 2 Story Good Buy. Call Dan Law )17,500 AttheEuell HoskinsSr. Residence ' private, and Right on US 119 at Stumptowh app|ies on|y to, to remain the Town Convience 2 Bedroom, Full Basement, Check The Low Aladdin Lamp, 2 Rocking Chairs, Old Coffee Grinder, 2 Oil Lamps, Cast Iron ordinance Pots and kettles, Fishfryers, Sad Irons, Cow and Sheep Bells, Set Horse set effective date Following is Price of *15,500 CaB Dan Law Shoetngtoohiwithbox, 3gal Doneeghlo Churn. other Doneagh, o and otl-r Sewer) ,,., First 3,000 ga.u stone jars and jugs. Double bit axe=, pole axes, scythe, cros cut saws and ,o0o allons. other farm tools, Broad ax, Kerosene Laterns, Shovel, Plow, Blacksmith tools, Next 3 In The Hart of Glenville, Near Collece, Big 4 BR home at LogChain, Ouiltingframw. SawMendrei. 2froe.OlddekModeltelephone 1.000 eallons. ,,.,, Next 4.000 gam,- with call box, 14' John Boat {good condition) Cowboy saddle and other tack. I,o00 gallons. Sacrafice P/ice *14,995.00 Financing available. Call Mr. Hey Dasher er Crenk type Churn. eutterMolds. PowderHofns. MoltDips, Chain Next 10.00o binders, Copper Canner, Turn Plow, Horse Collers, Heroes, Some Old dishes, per 1,000 Breakfast Table and 6 chairs, Vases, Linens, Old Wash stand, Maytag Wringer 1,000 gallons. Washer. Plus many other items too numerou to mention. Not rwporible for Fish Off Your Back Porch ,,,t,. co,= ,e=. Reason for selling: Mr. Hoskins is retires and no longer needs the above itlns, per InThi Beautiful 3 Bedroom Many of them have been in the Hokir family for sever= decades. These per month. itm have all been well cared for, and most ere in outstanding condition. House trailer Home Just Plain Nice - e., Ho...o. C.R. Jarvis Auctioneer not Flat, Flat, Flat! *39,500 Spencer, W. Va. service, Motels Phone 927-1717 the size of meter nu Close In . To Schools, Sacrifice Sale Burnsville College e, 2 BR, neat 3 Bedroom Home With All City more room and less money Conveniences. 12,500 than a mobile home. '1; with owner financing