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September 18, 2003     The Glenville Democrat
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September 18, 2003

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O Single Copy Price-50 (47' plus tax) (ISSN 0746-5890) Published by and for Gilmer Count), People America is at war to bring peace to the world. May our armed forces in Iraq and elsewhere be kept safe and may they achieve a final victory! Me Started' -- A doll' gets in the news! Page 6A C etlor :of on. but group By David H. Corcoran, Publisher-Editor The wireless broadband Internet access pilot project being developed in Glenville should be expanded to the entire Appalachian Region and internationally as well, states S+ John Whitehill, the local project's originator. In expressing his forward-thinking observa- tions to a CANA study group at Carnegie Mel- lon University in Pittsburgh last Friday, Mr. Whitehill envisions a "large (state-of-the-art) network for communications" linking together II organizes lenvil success of technology industries for their communi- ties. In that way, local community and eco- nomic development leaders, using a com- mon voice, will pos~ss more political clout to secure the necessary funding to spark the numerous envisioned start-up companies. "Politicians are looking to us to explain these high tech projects to them, so that these legislators can make good decisions," he s~esses. ,as a result, Appalachia's local leaders will be able to create the right infrastructure and .......... :- ,, , ,,,.,, , ,, all major sectors of the Glenville community raise the necessary capital to fit the prospec- tive technology companies' profiles. In addi- ~t~d_'V~'-r=~" NS' FLAG UNIT and allowing each to progress like in an eco- ~a~S' Flag Unit will appear in nomic boom period. lion, existing area businesses should also CANA, which stands for the Center for Appa- benefit from the spin-off, Snyder adds.' We ~~.~..~Uounty High School Home. lachian Network Access headquartered at Car- must try to focus on a lot of leadership, PLAYING FROM THE HEART-- Nationallv renowned recording artist, MacWisem~n "- F. I~"~_=de on Fn., Oct. 3 at 1:30 ~non West points out that all negie Mellon (CMU), and Glenville State Col- capital and other infrastructural essentials (seated, center), gets a kick out of playing" few tunes with Glenvitle State College s _~~ plan to participate lege are partners in a $250,000 Appalachian and to pull these resources together to be Bluegrass Band and their fnends at the 2rid Annual GSC Bluegrass Festival and ~] ,,~,._~'~. ble by 1:00 p.m. The Regional Commission and Benedum Founda- successful in this competitive (technology IntemationalFiddleChampionship.Wiseman, Buddy Griffin (the event s coordinator. p~~ke place in the Pizza Hut don grant which is designed to bring wireless and economic) environment," he says. not pictured), the GSC Fine Arts Division, and all of the volunteers who made this li! Main Street. All Veter- broadband access technology to Glenville. This Relative to non-business issues. Jorge mega-Btuegrass Festival happen richly deserve our newspaper's Folks Who Shine ~+/ "", me. Bdng a Veteran. development, the first of its type for a small, Schement, a co-director ot tb Venn ~tat Award. I t]rougtl trleJr weeKenO's outpounng ot mumc, mey cheered up many RFEST MEETING rural town in West Virginia, promises to im- University's Institute fbrlnformation Policy, Mountain State music fans and their out-of-state relatives and friends. (stsCfphotoby "prove local education, stimulate the area's estimates that lnternet ac~ss is leveling off KrtstalSheetJ) building lower Iovel. economy, and bolster the efficiency of govern- at 75 percent of(Pennsylvania's)households. ~/UI~ES~+ ~4~e;~2~re~teedainSem~g" mentalunits. Conversely. he inquires. 'What do the other GSC Bluegr n"ass' . Festi.-,al ] + o+s +s+ do?+ vice-president for technology, states, "Right He, then, suggests that the CANA experts 1 SUPPORT GROUP now central West Virginia has no entrance ramp should emphasize access in public and col- ~--~On September 25, 2003 at to thelnternet, so this (CANA-GSC wireless lege rural libraries. "This will belp to soh, e makes fo B g H ! Fl~4~%l~irst Baptist Church. broadbandproject)wiHchangethefaceofGlen- ,,~,o~'omo~o~,o, oo, ~,o, +,o ,o +o 1 It till~.. Glenville. Diabetic pa- ville State College and rural West Virginia." online," he contends, pointing out that the .L ~- t~t'or ~mily and fnends are Continuing, he adds, "With another $Z5 rail- disposable income of most households used ~Jlllmi.,.~. to attend. The Topic of lion grant to renovate the Heflin Student Union for information-gathering has been minimal ~'~a~t~_be Eye Care for the (in part to make it Internet accessible), we have since the Great Depression -- now being at By Kristal Sheets, blueg ass legends Jesse McReynolds and l"l,l~a~fft presented by Dr. the money, the technology, the brains, and the only 4.5 percent level. Staff Reporter the Virginia Boys. v ta On both Friday and Saturday mghts the ~L_m.Diabetes Support Group ~=tl~t~ilmerPfimaryCara. drive to do this (CANA) project~" Ed Ward, cc~rdinator of the WV Net The 2nd Annual Glen itle S te College shows went on untd midnight" ' ' ~i~a~~.l~ase call 462-7322. Other endorsements of CANA's .Glenvitle project based in Morgantown, relates that Blucgr~s Festival and International Fiddle When the ates'reo" ~ed on Saturda initiative were voiced at last Friday afternoon's electronically speaking, his state agency Championship brought a huge crowd to Glen- . g pe . y morning at 9 00, an open m~c sesmon was Iw- ~fALDMA~u AT GSC work, review and planning session, "We must "bridges the gap betweeneducation and gov- ville under rainless skies last weekend (Sept : " " " followed by the festival's openingceremony ]t~lli~,en, AlaskasF-iddlingPoet, use the Glenville project as a mdel," states Dan ernment" in the Mountain State. With a 48- 12-14,+ . f . . e ol f v ~ Ix ore acts began taking the stage again for ~'~,nri~r~n~g at Glenville State Stancil, director of CMU.'s Center ,or Wireless emp/oyee support staff, hJs bureau offers Sore d a ortes returned, such as Jesse "+ ' . an all day and all mght feast o! one great ][t:~_mn Center on Wed., SePt- and Broadband Access m the l)epartment at networking Services, including video McReynolds and the Virginia Boys, the - "" I ~ bluegrass act after another #t~'~oV~The event is FREE Engineering. Echoing the enthusiastic senti- conferencing, to the public and private Samp es Br,thers and Mac Wiseman, while . :" . . btic. ments of many oft he other speakers that after- schools, K-12; in the state, new faces with old and great talent were on Kathy Chiavola, aclasstcally-trameoop- ~~ 55 ALIVEer,s class , j.., noon, Siancit cal!ed for the formation of an Ad Of the CANA-GSC project, he iavorably hand, as well. + erasingerand well,known ~y+~_m ~to ~.m.mith on O~. 9in the Pmst~a-wi~ project.Hc Committee ' to develop a road map for the. Virginia."says' "GlenvilleHe addsisthatin Philippithe centerwasOftheWestfirst co-d~rectedGSC .... MusiCthePrOfe~festwal BuddYwzth the~ffin'Fine ArtsWh ~aturaay~~~i~. atUn'noon+ .,,arm again .... on ~aturaay D~vlslon s Chair John McKmne , sa s, Fn- . , . . ~-'~ hq~.. "l:h-e~nere is a fee for the Likewise, Todd Snyder, the CEO of a Harris- small community to get the TI line, linking ...... y y ,, . evening,, w" wowing me crown ann me mum- ,.-- ~-~t~ reservations for theburg, Penn.-based technology company (Wire- that community'sgovernmental,educational, day was a blow-out crowd; with a lot more cmns tth whom she pmyea.ana sang+. "~K .~ao~ by calling Dan less Infotech), argued for CANA's establishing and library units ~-~nex'ple,, this year who stayed the entire wr.,ek- centralAntherw vaCrOWdthisfaVrite'year, wasWhMelvmreturnedGoms,t "-t,dl[~ll~-m~tate Farm Insurance Following up on value of rural Internet eau. . " ," . . rural communities. Under this concept, leaders access, Larry O'Shea, the executive director _ ....,: ...... ~_:.+~...v+_:.... t..., ,~... who w~th his band Windy Mountain, got ~"~'z000. -o-+- a "Greenhouse Model" in Glenville and other me crown wnlppeo upunaer overcast SKIES |~ ~t~ ~~u~ ~0"DI~MOCRAT WOMENwould seek grant funding for only similar types Continued on page 6A pleasure of watching Jimmy Costa, the SampleSBrothers, J.D. Cro we and the Ne w South, plus Continued" on page 6A " J~', Sept. 23 at 6 p.m. at __ ~__ ~'u~Place n Main St'l~~rr~ngementsw ~,~/~ ~elgration oft Demo-attendWe Glenville's Great'Stile Show' :~t, ""' at Snowshoe on 06"I. ~'-~ i ......... on Page 7A) Economic will meet Sept.. 18 in the Room at the ,thence( for the EDA's 'unity Recognition is invited. eta Kight or at 304-462-8098. Commission on this Thurs., Sept. for its second of the month. To be anycitizen must Beverly Marks in advance, if nvited to just drop in. Uounty Board of meet for its regular on next Mon., Sept. Office on N. Court Public is invited to .......... 3A ........ ,4A ......... 7A ..... 6-7B ......... 8A ......... SA ...8-9A .1 &TA ...... 1A, 5A, &5B I-4B THE CASE FOR GSC -- At Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh last Friday, Larry Baker, associate vice-.president for t,.echno!ogy, addresses a high level study, work and planning group or experts aea mg with the CANA-GSC wireless broadband Interact pilot project. Pointing out tha! the.College already has a solid track record in secudng governmental tecnnotogy.tunmng, in being open to innovations and in providing communi , computer e,!.n. .Baker stresses that the Center for Appalachian Network s .tL, m A) mmatwe at GSC is nght for this time, this College, this region and mrs state. (Staffpnoto by Dave Corcoran, SL) Moment Education -- l[JY e~ my mind that :g~.~ever be safe but .~ e,, _ of the people I'l~it"h ~ that, too, of the | i% certain, degree of L K" ,,el/on. , Jererson l l O 4'3PI 8 ;r & philosopher 26) BLOODMOBILE 'WINNERS' -- The 60 kind-hearted individuals who signed up to give a pint of blood at the Wed., Sept. 10 Bloodmobile got a special surprise bonus -- a spiffy and colorful new t-shirt. Enjoying their unexpected free prize at the Wesley- Arbuckle Center next to Glenville State College are from left to right: Ginny Yeager, a GSC libranan; Charlotte Craig, a GSC senior majoring in cnminal just from Weston; and Danielle Dempsey, a freshman elementary education major from Braxton Count,/. II II II I II I II I IIIIII III I I 000000000000 000000~0~ SEVEN RIBBON FARM SHOW WINNER --- When it comes to growing sweet and hot peppers, Nancy Shactdeford (I-r) and daughter, Dawn, of Linn, are hard to beat. In fact, they won seven ribbons, including some blue ones, at the September 2-6 Gilmer county Farm Show. "We have about a 1/2 acre garden, but we like to grow peppers the best and make up plenty of tasty and spicy sauces with them," Nancy relates, noting that without the annual Farm Show at the Gilmer County Recreational Center, she couldn't show off her gardening pride and joys. (Stafphoto by D=ve Corcoran, St.) Blue-Grey Highway meeting 29 here The one-time-per-year meeting of the Blue-Grey lntermodal Highway Commission in Gilmer County will take place on Moo., Sept. 29, Gilmer Commissioner Larry Chapman announces. Starting at 6 p.m. in the Gilmer County Courthouse, the meeting is open to the general public. In fact, the public is encouraged to attend. "If you don't attend this meeting, all of the others will be held at greater distances from ,here in the other affected counties," he says. "Come arm ask questions," he adds. The envisioned Blue-Grey Interm~l Highway would extend from 1-79 through Glenville and Spencer, primarily by Rtes. 33/119, and then on to 1-77 at Ripley, ending with an Ohio River termination point further down Rte. 33. Another local initiative to link L79 and 1-77 is the Little Kanawha Parkway Commission which is headed up by another Gilmer County Commissioner, Reta Kight. Glenville's Vision Plan gets boost The city's Vision Plan, which has been completed, got a ~st in a special newspaper story appearing in the Sun., Sept. 14 issue of The Parkersburg News. The story, written by reporter Curtis Johnson for page I of the Business Section, traced the historical development of the Vision Plan for revitalizing Glenville. He mentions that the plan calls for new streetscapes lined with trees and flower arrangements, new signage, and renovated storefronts and buildings. In an interview with Gilmer County's Economic Development chief, Jim Fealy, Johnson quotes our local developer as saying, "It's time to get the money, develop the project and improve this place." County Commissioners Larry Chapman and Reta Kight also express enthusiasm for the new vision for Glenville. In conjunction with the city of Glenville, the County Commission, and local business and civic organizations, the Gilmer EDA hopes to attract several government and private Confirmed on page 6A