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September 18, 2003     The Glenville Democrat
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September 18, 2003

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torial i:¸ ~:iill :: : ~::!"~:~:i~ J 111 • • il E : Vd r, P', rd , lh goV ˘ Watc • hing Dr. Michael Mullen as head of the Charleston-based Secondly, hiscomments utourstate'spoorpeople wereinsensitive• state higher educational system in spite of West Virginias recessionary plague of a ,,", i ucation Policy Commission (HEPC) for several years, it is His claim was that GSC Wash t doing its fair share to obliterate poverty late. In addition to a university and state college oversight structure, he's advocated i he'sastatistical fisla out of academic waters. As aresult, this in the state. Thisshowshowoutoftouchwithrealityhereallyis!lndeed, a separate Community & Technical College system -- an administrative recommends that he resign as HEPC's chancellor and move on education and, best of all, higher education are the only way our educational expense that the taxpayers of the state can ill afford. Detestably, he s aters. In fact, in his years here, he has neither adapted to West economically-challenged people have to bolt out of the cycle of poverty, done this at a time when state government is broke. In fact, he should have been the starb . ulent higher educational cross-currents nor found a smooth- Moreover, our state colleges have a responsibility to "the general popu- prime educational official advising the State Legislature against this pork-barrel for our state's colleges. .. ,. . .... lation," including older students as well as to the recent high school project. In but one example, GSC's branch campuses were wrestled away and h ._ ficantly, as the top higher education cmex m me >tare, Dr. graduates, and not just to one segment of the population. In reality, the divided among Fairmont State, Bluefieid State, and West Virginia University- Lv- qlE=,. "*s.a.emonstrated an awful lack of knowledge, sympathy, plan- history of Glenville's college is a model for helping all West Virginians Parkersburg. So, these colleges must gototheadministrativeexpense ofconsuming for our entire state college system. In any chancellor, --the poor, middle and upper classes--to find gainful employment and these units ... until a new, two-year college, the so-called New River for a strong, articulate person who can lead our higher toimprove their standardsofliving. Community & Technical College, can be built in Becldey. Then, GSCs old system, encourage the various constituencies to succeed, and Thirdly, the Chancellor shows no understanding or sympathy for a true Summersville branch, which is now administered by Bluefield State College, will Veresultsinspiteofobstacles. In fact, the futureofourstate's college and university system's commitment to providing its students be transferred over to New River Technical College at an additional, illogical cost is in the hands of the chancellor. If he's a good chancellor, with a fhst rate liberal education. (The traditional liberal arts expose to the taxpaying public. Dr. Mullen's role as the Father of this New System shows Wavering advocate for creating the best academic climate for young people to a comprehensive look at the whole world through the his inability to make sound financial decisions in spite of his overuse of statistical to learn, grow and mature into good citizens. Of course, if study of the humanities, and social and natural sciences. Most impor- data. progress of our state will be placed in jeopardy at the present randy, for some younger West Virginians who have had very limited Finally, as a matter of policy and principle, the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission must be headed by an educator who has a zest for leading a diverse academic clientele, has a creative knack for developing methods of strengthening our colleges and universities, and, most im rtantly, has a vision for travel experience, they may be the best broadening of their life outlooks in their lives.) Contrary to the time-tested and liberal arts education, the Chancellor keeps hammering away at the same theme --- establish colleges to give students expertise in computers, engineering, medical sciences and the trades. Although some of America's high tech industries produce robots, that isn't the job of our educational system. Colleges are charged with producing people who can think, learn, develop, and contribute "their individual talents" to better our society, economy, and culture. Technicians are important today, but they seek training in ; ~and it u - population trends, Dr• Mullen painted such a gloomy USC that one Region VII member retorted, "You ve just technical schools, not in standard colleges and universities• Hence, Dr. -Sterr" Another member saw the talk as just another coffin Mullen is out of step with traditional higher--on in a very traditional ' iracy', to bury the College. Seeing through Dr. Mullens state. _.arguments, the Region's Board of Directors. votca unanz- Fourthly, our state's top educator doesn't believe that GSCIs teacher i _ t nue their support of Glenville State in its pohucm struggle education ,program is of much account, saying th_ t it was okay' 30-to-40 ,,.. afour-yearinstitution ofhighereducation within this central years ago. We editors highly doubt this assertion, in that several of il$ L • Service area. Bob Wnse GSC's alumni have merited outstanding teacher recognitions within the past four years, not to mention that Dr. Thomas H. Poweil, a former GSC should he resign or why should Governor president and nationally renowned teaching authority, helped "Tl V irginia, lied to the Region VII Board. lrl ,,clarifyin.g" to the group to inject new life into the program. doesn't have "too many colleges," he did not menuon Fifthly, after lambasting our revered 121-year-old state the road. against Dr. Mullen's continuation in state employment and insensitive remarks about Glenville State College at the Region VII Planning and Development Coun- Unty public body which has long appreciated the. educa- ral, and business and economic development contnbuuons the Znade to the region• L,° ing many statistics relative to the state and nation's higher SYStemati,.,|| ...... naed the oooosite before both the college for over an hour-and-a-half, he had the gall to close his Inlcl the st ome He has said over andpresentation with, "I didn't come here to bash Glenville." How that .... ..... - -oile"es " later offhandedly stupiddoeshethinkwecentralWestVirginiansare?Hisentire • state nas too many s;u , . " w " he {'tat{ recommended that Glenvflle and.Fai,j'm, ont State pre.senta on WveaS affront mnot on,y the people of tl i.'s in, ...... the latest ieg slatwe sessmn, regmn, wnona e epenaeoont.J t.overmeyears, out aasotne W~, .,~v u.~ :~,,,.u-o, ~ ..... tit rate " s "stic c estVirei,,; ..a....,,h,.v,=toomanvcolleges, whylshisHEPC en e s --- his tat= s an be used against any of our udies toreform, realign, reduce, or regional institutions of higher education. ....... --A .... o .... and Glenville State9 Sixthly, Dr. Mullens has espoused the creation of a three tier as Potomac :>tare, u{uene u CO ~ . . . . , • ture Trail on College Hill As to the latter on ast Week's article about youm t " ' ' ad ar .... ,-" " ....... ral "] Sa., Sept. 6, a group of youths (about five of ' VU~lU ulenVlllC, bert, m w' 91es t. ........... b" Th,', ] II,l]| the , an eye tness has told us) walked onto l~ve oeen OlscOV[lr..,u 2r I I I fv,,* | lllll/.L _ ~il _ J .t .... research. ,.,, - .... { Mi me ann men .re:re w a voltmteers to the" ,l--ville Police uorcoran 1~{~I ,i~_ c,~.s°vera.hill'pul~°p~.v~al~ '"" " ...." .... :l ~ - ~ ..... I IHIIKnOCKeCl aown me entry sxgn, and tore out ti~ • ?t . eport to u.ty t..ounc , (./OIUH1VI I !1111 flower box at the trail's north entrance. me|dents relaung to van • - BvDavidHCerco'a~ I Illl|According to HunterArmentrout, president related crimes were de- vyuawon. ~_~l~ul~l, [ Ililll ....... • - "Pub id -Edtor | I$1 me i mer ounty Historical Society and Am aaese o , orig. Restoration Project, vandalism has been a a vehicle on sporadic problem there over the years. In fact, into an ice machine joy-riding on Walnut on Elm Street, at McDonald's, and ' and burglarizing on Pine of these cases, City to track down the cul- Warrants on them. Simulta- vandalistic acts have taken of darkness, so these being investigated. In ad- Good was broken into and a home on North Lewis Street was like- wise vandalized -- both incidents being at- tributed to youths. In one of last week's editorials, we editors urged our area's parents to be more observant of their teenagers' activities. Indeed, two of our county's heritage, recreational, and edu- cational landmarks have been recently van- dalized too, namely the historic Hays Family Cemetery on Glass Factory Hill with a linkage to Confederate General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson and the Glenville State College Na- he and several other volunteers are trying to save these hallowed family plots from the overgrowth and erosion. Our young people need to appreciate these cultural assets and other people's property now, or their future years may be troubled and be without a Gilmer County heritage to study, preserve and enjoy. Historical Society activities The Society sponsored two successful Continued on Page 5 ! • ~i .... • ~ ~ ~ ~i : :~i/~ • or an oldtimer -- ' Schmetzer, - flags - messengers gs or bells - letters - tele- wireless phones already ! ? : explosion of technol- the striking clock at are reminders of a - yes, I remember communication sig- and quarter hour was Technology struck - hurry to class ! heara live voice on the phone. Now, however, When this country was young, pioneers our sister Mary has set up e-mail for Olive, traveled west and the folks left behind were and Mary or a niece check it regularly for likely to never hear from them again. When I messages Olive was missing regarding her was young, a long distance caJI was not volunteer activities. casually. Such a call might be answered with Thanks to my two daughters, five in our "Oh, dear! What's happenedT' family have a daily sharing of communica- Let's fast forward to e-mail. I was using it tion. Without e-mail it would never have for a couple of years before I owned a corn- happened. Computer classes have become .FoJk to puter. It had become use .fial for me as available anyone in Gilmer County who Festival secretary, and I enjoyexl access at me asks at the public library or ttm college. Hur- college library. Some people, such as my tab for e-mail - I don't know how it could get sister Olive, still disapprove. She wants to any better. Appreciation expressed being crushed and formed int_o s..o:idb e.s.,and carry a plastic bag when walking in any area. areas Ol ij~m~ ~...uumy we envisionea many We seniors can still do something, some- where, to improve our environment. being much cleaner as a result. This morning I walked again to the site. I believe that the many, many people who Unbelievable|Notascrapofanydebriscould planned, organized and worked on this huge n lot was so clean be seen and parki g " project deservealotofthanks from therestof appeared to have been vacuumed, us. As one who worked hard in 1976 to help get Sincerely, th ...... oql".-assed in Michigan I believe Z˘lla B. Rock e 1JO[[IC D! .1~ every "litter bit helps. That is why I usually G/env///e So we are very glad that you straightened us Club asked me to You" in this letter of the recent three day netal material. 'trUckloads of old refrig- , pass by the ilding, I, and to the collection amount of metal LOSOPHY, when we believe that we cannot possibly be misunderstood, that is when we out. are most likely to be misunderstood. Thank You, , letting The thought this philosophy is projecting is Mary Ann Radaba gh you that MORE likely that something will be Communications Specialist PHI- misunderstood than not misunderstood. Letters continued on Page 5 Yo- ,.an eain eublicity for your civic, social, church, or youth group or cause by ..... ° • o the Week!' , GuestEdito .... and a 4-5 sentence biom'avhical sketch of yourself We'reat'PO. Box458" 108N . ˘orial or colu..ran, your cm gti d 7o-r elective office thai'flair messages for county civicimffovernents should 1 W " woulO cauuoD . - • e editors ....... -.~.,o,*isements" in oracr to be in compliance with the election laws. placed in "Pain yollnca~ ~u .... making our scholarly and solid institutions unique among the nation's colleges. Unfortunately, Dr. Mullens fails to meet any one of those standards. In the main, Dr. Michael Mullen is not a good higher education leader, is not a convincing speaker, is not a good representative of the Policy Commission (or our state), is not a friend of our state college community, and is not in sync with West Virginia's regional values -- of which one of the most important is the worth of our regional colleges. Hence, for his pessimistic outlook about our state colleges, including Glenville State College, he would be well advised to step down from his current post as S te Chancellor and to seek employment elsewhere. His lifeless style of leadership is uncomfortable, unwanted, and unneeded in a Mountain State whose people seeking a higher education are craving positive feedback. David Corcoran, Sr., Ph.D., Publisher-Editor Every 'litter bit' hurts ... A GREAT ANTI-LIfTER CAMPAIGN -- Since approximately 400, most privately-owned vehicles pulled into the Gilmer County Metal Clean-Up Campaign s Drop Center from Sept. 4-through-6 -- all unloading tons of unwanted household and business metal objects and scapes, the local organizers, community volunteers and participating age need a big pat on the back. Primarily spearheading this rare county anti-litter effort which took place at the old Shoe Factory where the dump and crusher station were set up was the Gilmer County Family Resource Network (FRN), along with other participating organizations and individuals, notably the Gilmer County Commission, state Department of Natural Resources, state Department of Environmental Protection, the county Department of Highways, I.L. "lke" Morris, numerous volunteers and the Lewis-Gilmer Solid Waste Authority. Pdl of these people and agencies, who richly deserve our newspaper's "Folks Who Shine Award," are to be commended for taking the first step this year in cleaning up Gilmer County. Indeed, the anti-litter campaign was a great success because an estimated 65 tons of unsightly and dangerous old refrigerators, gasoline tanks, battenes, aluminum pieces, fencing, and many other items were discarded. At the same time, though, our Editorial Page's award-winning cartoonist, George Harper, sees the clean-ups here in Gilmer County and throughout the state from a different perspective. If 65 tons-plus of heavy metal litter was up from the places easy to see, what's it like in those not-so-easy to get to places, like our state's beautiful rivers, streams, creeks and lakes? From the fishes' perspective, that underwater sc.ene may be a frightful one, not to mention what our farm cows see in their pastures off of the main highways and back in some heavily littered hollows. Although FRN's initial county-wide Metal Clean-up is to be highly complimented and praised as a first good step ahead, we Gilmer Countians still have a long walk ahead before we can make our countrysides litter-free. DHC, Sr.