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September 18, 2003     The Glenville Democrat
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September 18, 2003

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i + i:!?}:i< 2003-2004 CONVOCATION --- Leaving the Fine Arts Building after the Thurs. afternoon, Aug. 28 . ollege Convocation are from left to right: Academic Vice President Kathy Butler, Economics t Arbogast, GSC Board President Marge Burke, and Board Member Fred Radabaugh, with members following. A community picnic, then, took place in the Kidd Library's parking lot. By Senator Sarah Min~at, Court to hear recent economic .ou d reso veai issuesar singinthe Republican Candidate for Gavcrnor consolidated petitions with all delib- Recent news releases andeditorials grant committee challenges crate speed' in a statewide newspaper regarding All motions to inte~ene or partici- "southern West Virginia" are trou- Virginia SupremewednesdayCOUrtto ANDity' a publiCstate ofC°rp°rati°n'west Respondentex rei. pate as 'amicus curiae, also known as bling because they focus on "region- olidate and hear oral Rev. Jim Lewis and Johnn Cooney, 'friend of the court,' must be filed by alism" within our state. I have no on October 10at 9 a m in Petitioners v.WestVirginiaEconomic September 22. The Court also re- desire to correct, or challenge, Re- eoYnagreed Virgi ia quired any other person having any publican Chairman Kris Warner's ly filed challen;es io DevelopmentGrant C°m,rmt_te _;ntWAeust interest or seeking to challenge any comments. He is fully capable of .... iaEconomicueve trpm "-" " issue relating to the lawsuit or the communicating his thoughts. l)¢velopment Grant Corn- V rgm ......... v..,awha - • rit "cit otLnartestuu; r~=,, bonds to file with the Court by Sep- t lans to ssue the y, y ....... However, I do not wish for his to be County Commission; caty el rlun- tember 22. The Court will consider the only Republican voice beard on cases are: State tington; and Ohio County Commis- these filings on September 23. All this issu, e. :inia ex rel Cities of sion, Respondents. and Huntington and its The first case was filed on filedAugUSton Housingbriefsare duel,)l rl" October 1. hardl haVeworkingthe greateStand honorablereSpect fOrpeoplethe ganaw west:5 the _,_portu.___i__ of our state, regardless of where they vs. West Vir- September9. The Court s order .gran!- live in the 55 counties of West Vir- Author- ing review of the cases staten Umt jt ginia. ',ss Sales & Service Located on Rt. 33W, Old We~ton Road "Buckhannon, WV Specializing in: HUSQVAI~gA, SHINDAP, VA & SNAPPER Products Plus All your Logging Supplies! We Service and stand behind the Products we sell! (304) 472-1474 The Truth About Sacrifices (cont'd) nan, Pastor that their sins were not taken away in that Old Testament (Heb. 10:1,3). Thebloodofanima!s em was a foreshadow-could only cover sin but not taxe ~t and final sacfifice that away (Heb. 10:4). However, when Christ came, that all changed. God which was Jesus Christ didn't want to simply continue the }. 10:1 says "For the law • l)w of good things to sacrificesbutinsteadofferedtheb°dy not the very image of the andbloodofHisown son(Heb. 10:5, ver with those sacn-10); compare Psalm 40:6-8 for the y offered year by year .prediction of this event- Heb. 10:I!, make the comers 12 then explains the great change ~et." This is a refer- that took place with this once for all ffsacrifices(seeHeb,sacrifice. Here is why there is no :ofHebrewsexplains New Testament sacrifice (bloodless ence between the oldor otherwise) and consequently, no ~ts (testaments) and New Testament priesthood. In the ~llment of the shad- OId Testament tabemacle' the priests sacrifical system. A had toThereStand andwas ministerno furnitureC°ntinU'for represents and points to ally. SOmething real). Iflam sittingdownandthisindicatedacon" mdthecornerofabuild- tinual offering- Heb. 10:11 says"ev- ery priests STANDETH DAILY" ~low ofa man begins to (emphasis mine, LK). Now nouce the other side of the "~ It sa~s "But this man, after ~atch the shadow as it verse ~. : .,- - " he had offered one sacnnce tor sins but when the man ap- for ever, (emphasis mien is then focused on stance) and I no longer mine, LK). This indicated the end of ..... crifices What is the im- ow. When Christ came orrenng • . .... olication of this? Simply m}s~,~ you limselfon Calvary, the are in a church with a SlAr~_u.~ e Old Testament passed _a.ffering was once and PRIEST, you are not in a New Testa- ment church. This is the most sig- q:28). : (or ~mporary nature) nificant difference between the old tern ~,,s in its inability andnewcovenants.Tod°n°winthe COmers thereunto per- New Testament that which was corn- corn- manded in the Old Testament be- , the reason being that comes a sin. l to on inu- More next issue. dt] people _. KANAWHA DRIVE CHUgCtl Best Place to Buy Deals now being PONTIC AZTEC ) i~tONT WHEEL DRIVE ° AIR YEn ~IILES CHEVY CAVALIER 3 AUTO • AIR • &DOOR 7,000 MILES new program is helping to improve the availabtlP-qf of affor~- able housing. p IIIBI~II l I Inn I BIIBllBTIIIBIIIIBIBIIImlamm While Thursday, Sept. 18, 2003 -- The Glenvtlle DemocrattPsthtlmter .._ Page 911 By Senator Jay Rockefeller tion rating than any other government lican bill, it provides the funding nec- As students in West Virginia begin agency, essary to make sure that these higher another school year, Head Start -- a In late July the Republican-led standards can be achieved. Unlike that has successfully pre- House of Representatives passed a the measure passed by the House, our low income pre-school chil- billthatheginsoverhaulingHeadStart Senate bill would strengthen Head dren to succe, ed once they enter the through a trial program in eight states Start's ability to achieve its goals, public school system--is in danger of - a trial program that will ultimately rather than weaken it. being dismantled, reduce federal funding while shifting The Bush Head Startwoposal aban- Coundess studies have shown that the burden to already cash-swapped dons a 38-year-old commitment by children learn better when they are in states, the federal government to America's good physical and mental health. The The weak economy oftbe past three poorest children. It strips basic health Head Start program improves early years has resulted in record budget protections and educational opportu- childhood development for over shortfallsinall50states, forcing them nities from millions of children who 900,000 low-income children every to make cuts in critical services. Now would not have access to them other- day by looking after their medical, more than ever, state governments wise. In the end, it will deny them a dental, and mental health. Head Start cannot afford to take on the full finan- Head Start, and leave them behind. also introduces children to literacy cial burden of early childhood educa- A child's early years are the time to skills, teaches them about good nutri- tion and development programs, nurture good growth and develop- tion and healthy lifestyles, and en- Rather than join the GOPeffortto ment, andpreventminorbealthprob- courages parents to be actively in- put Head Start at risk of withering on lems from becoming the kind of ma- volved in their child's overall devel- the vine, I am supporting a bill called jor health concerns that can hinder a opment, the Head Start Readiness and Coordi- child's ability to learn. America has Unfortunately, the Bush Adminis- nation Act. This Senate bill is de- great expectations for our youngest tration is pushing a plan tocompletely signed instead to improve Head Start sevens. overhaul Head Start by shifting the by providing additional resources to Every parent in We st Virginia, re- full responsibility for the program to cover more children, improving co- gardless of income, wants our ted- the states, even though the current ordination at the state level, and in- dlerstohaveafairchancetogrowinto structure has proven to be so success- creasing the quality and wages of healthy, well-adjusted and successful ful in preparing poor children for suc- Start teachers, students. cess in school. The Democratic plan seeks to in- I believe we should build on the Infact, aDecember 1999Presiden- crease professional standards for Head succe$ s of Head Start, not take it tial Management Council report gave Start teachers, and, unlike the Repub- apart. Head Start a higher customer satis fac- To me, there is no difference in the hot s and dreams of a family in McDowell County, versus those in my home of Tucker County. We are ALLWest Virginians and, together, we share each other's failures or suc- cef~S. My vision for West Virginia is based on a desire to see our state finally free of the anchor that is holding us to the bottom of nearly every measurement of success. In order to achieve the kind of progress that will propel us I n ~ n n mamle $8,000 I I ! U 238 Depot Street PO Box 110 n l Weston, WV 26452 l ! Pl one (304):;hi9-2:)J4___J U--------------------------------- The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows him- self to be a fooL • --William Shakespeare, As You Like It & Savel $7,950 3 ,b. for Sl Yoplait Yogurt Asst. Varieties United Dairy Ice Cream Sand.-6 pk. OR United Dairy Twin Pop-12 Pk 1995 RED CHEVY SILVERADO 4X4 • 454 ENGINE • STAND&~D S-S~ TRANSMISSION AIR * ~/.J~IrRJC WINDOWS AND DOOR CASSETTE PLAYER" LONG BED WITH lIED L~ER 2000 GRAY TOYOTA S COROLLA ~AR SPOLlgR • 6-C3t L,. gNGI~ * AUTO • AIR POWEI~ WINDOWS AND DOOR LOCKS. C.D. PLAYIgit REAL NICE! We are all West Virginians upward, it will take the combined efforts of every industry in our state, whether it is coal, timber, manufac- turing, tourism, health care or small business. It will require the best ideas and hard work on the part o fevery worker, senior citizen or young person. We must all pull together to lift our state. The Bible teaches us that we are all one body. "The eye cannot say to the hand, I have no need of you." That is the same with our state, For West Virginia to prosper, we cannot ignore the troubled areas. Today, we are experiencing growth and progress in only a few sections of the State. They are the fortunate ones. In the past, the coalfields of the state provided us with a great revenue stream. We must find a way to revi- talize the less productive parts of West Virginia while protecting the hJgh producing areas we have today. This is not a hope; it is a necessity. I want to see a West Virginia that prepares our children to compete for the jobs that are de veloping in the 21 st Century. Knowing that our state has an aging population, I want to see us find ways to reward and assist those in the declining years of their lives and help them to retain the pride and dig- nity to which all West Virginians are entitled. Jobs and economic prosperity, coupled with a straightforward busi- ness approach to governing our State provides a part of the answer to the questions that bedevil us. I want to be Governor of West Virginia. Furthermore, [ want to be a Governor that is responsive and re- sponsible to ALL West Virginians. I want the votes and support of all West Virginians, regardless of the region of the state in which they re- side. More than that, I need the votes and support of all West Virginians to be successful. I think I will win. I may not, but I think I will. When I do, I can assure the people of West Virginia that I will have equal concern for any problem that crosses my desk and that I will show equal respect to any citi- zen of this great state, regardless of where they live. Let us have done with this issue once and for all. This is one Republi- can who believes in West Virginia and its people. Join me and let us use our minds and bodies to build a West Virginia of hope and promise. 106 W. Main St. Sutton 26601 * 765-0444 Toll Free * 877.889-0444 located at the "Y" intersection in Sutton erving Braxton, Gilmer, Nicholas, "Webster & Clay -Bringing Quality & Service since 1976- NO POWER? NO WOIPdRmS! Stop by and check out our home generator systems. 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