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September 18, 2003     The Glenville Democrat
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September 18, 2003

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.... ~i ~ : i i Thursday, Sept. 18, 2003 -- The Gienvf/h Demotrat/Pathf'mder _. Page 9B By Senator Jay Rockefeller As students in West Virginia begin :another school year, Head Start -- a program that has successfully pre- pared low income pre-school chil- dren to succeed once they enter the public school system-- is in danger of being dismantled. Countless studies have shown that :hildren learn better when they are in good physical and mental health. The Head Start program improves early childhood development for over 900,000 low-income children every day by looking after their medical, dental, and mental health. Head Start also introduces children to literacy skills, teaches them about good nutri- tion and healthy lifestyles, and en- courages parents to be actively in- volved in their child's overall devel- opment. Unfortunately, the Bush Adminis- tration is pushing a plan to completely overhaul Head Start by shifting the full responsibility for the program to the states, even though the current structure has proven to be so success- ful in preparing poor children for suc- cess in school. In fact, a December 1999 Presiden- tion rating than any other government agency. In late July the Republican-led House of Representatives passed a bill that begins overhauling Head Start through a trial program in eight states - a trial program that will ultimately reduce federal funding while shifting the burden to already cash-s states. The weak economy of the past three years has resulted in record budget shortfalls in all 50 states, forcing them to make cuts in critical services. Now more than ever, state governments cannot afford to take on the full finan- cial burden of early childhood educa- tion and development programs. Rather than join the GOP effort to put Head Start at risk of withering on the vine, I am supporting a bill called the Head Start Readiness and Coordi- nation Act. This Senate bill is de- signed instead to improve Head Start by providing additional resources to cover more children, improving co- ordination at the state level, and in- creasing the quality and wages of Head Start teachers. The Democratic plan seeks to in- crease professional standards for Head iican bill, it provides hh funding nec- essary to make sure that these higher standards can be achieved. Unlike the measure passed by the House, our Senate bill would strengthen Head Start's ability to achieve its goals, rater than weaken it. The Bush Head Start~posal aban- dons a 3g-year-old commitment by the federal government to America's poorest children. It strips basic health protect_ions and educational opportu- nities from millions of children who would not have access to them wise. In the end, it will deny them a Head Start, and leave them behind. A child's early years are the time to nurture good growth and develop- ment, and prevent minor health prob- lems from becoming the kind of ma- jor health concerns that can hinder a child's ability to learn. America has great expectations for our youngest generations. Every parent in West Virginia, re- gardless of income, wants our tod- dlers to have a fair chance to grow into healthy, well-adjusted and successful students. 1 believe we should build on the successes of Head Start, not take it %lrAI~EY' 1995 RED CHEVY SILVERADO 4X4 . 454 ~MG | NqE * STANDARD HgPEi~t TRA ~SMI~,~S ION All , F,E~--filIC W~N~VS AND DOOM I~M~I~ C~ Iq.~ Y~ - t.ONG BED WITH I~D LINER 2000 GRAY TOYOTA S COROLLA RF~AR SPOLIER . 4~C'Y L E2~G I NX , AC~O . AIR POWER WLN~3WS AND DOOR LO~_'gS CD. PLAYEM REAL NICE~ md |ns are I Jng aqui d daiIv! I II IIII IIII I s8,000 i lb. for i I IJl iiii i i Yoplait Yogurt Asst. 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We questions that bedevil us. must all pull together to lift our state. I want to be Governor of West The Bible teaches us that we are all Virginia. Furthermore, I want to be a one body. 'q'he eye cannot say to the Governor that is responsive and re- ,Ihavenoneedofyou.' Thatis sponsible to ALL West Virginians. the same with our state. I want the votes and support of all For West Virginia to prosper, we West Virginians, regardless of the cases, are: Sta sion Respondents" . . briefs are due on October 1. I have the greatest respect for the cannot ignore the troubled areas, region of the state in which they re- greta ex ret Lities --' ....... was filed on August ......... tad ...... its The Ilrst ~.a..~ ..... n u^...,.., r nnortunllles nara wormng ann nonorame people Today, we are experiencing growth side. .. nunungton anu .......... ond case was mere u n~m~ltt~0 vii~ - ..c--,rstate ret, ardlessofwherethev and progress in only a few sections of More than that, l r#.ed the votes and oandKanawha, Test C .r, enm er9 7i Court,sordeygrant- 've" n the 55 counties of West Vir- theState. They are the fortunate ones. support of all West Virginians to be ~uoners vs. west v~r- o~e, ---.. ~- the cases stated mat ~t~ .;.;. ]c - mg rev]e - ~. s .... In the past, the coalfields of the successful. I think I will win. I may Develop_me B" ~ "r .... ~re i~ "" di~'~on'" ;" '~" ...... , .......................... state provided us with a great revenue not, but I thank I will. When I do, I can _ ,-. t'~.-~-v~T'l ('~_~ - -~ ] ~ /~ Ill'- ~ hopes and dreams of a family in stream. We must find a way to revi- assure the people of West Virginia |tC C V | I McDowell County, versus those in talizethelessproductiver msofWest that l will have equal concern for any /"d_t'~'a'~..,."'~r"7",.nRoad.Buckhannon, WV | , my home of Tucker County. Weare Virginia while protecting the high problem that crosses my desk and that ".:atetl on Rt. 33w, um ...... _ .......... ..ll~t~ I .... ~" ALLWest Virginians and, together, producing areas we have today. This I will show equal respect to any citi- ........... -S,W~RNS,,SHI.4DAI , " , ] -- , , t t - we share each other sfailuresorsuc- is not ahope;itis anecessity, zen oft,his great state, regardless of "q~xlaazmg m: nc v , " " . - Supplies " ' " cesses Plus All Your Logging " " I want to see a West Virginia that where they live. tand behind the Prduct~ we sell/ I My vision for West Virginiais prepares our children to compete for Let us have done with this issue ~1~ We Service and s _ ._ _ ................ on a desire to see our state finally free the jobs that are developingin the 21 st once and for all. Tl'fis is one Republi- ,.-,,,, A', AqO.l,:174 ! .............. ofthe anchor that is holding us to the Century. Knowing that our state has can who believes in West Virginia {~U.~j ,-et~-~ ~'-- s' ] A new program is helping to bottom of nearly every measurement an aging population, I want to see us and its people. Join me and let us use I findwaystorewardandassistthosein ourminds and bodies to build aWest the declining years of their lives and Virginia of hope and promise. I r 7 ' " .... .... ' ' "' " " "'"' 't ' I'! Il 88 =""while .... S I..NLE_ l__- _iii_ ". i ,_ rut '~'"'~irsinswerentta~-enaway l I ,,,"~-- ' Electrw & i l says "For the law didn'~c~a~tu:j~loYf/:red the body I t I ,, / ! 106 W. Mare St. Sutton 26601 * 765-0444 I ~i i i ~,~x; . Toll Free * 877-889-0444_, located at the "Y" intersection in Sutton ] i ,erving Braxton, Gilmer, Nicholas, Webster & Clay| ~o_fsacrifices(seeHeb. sac, n Testament sacrifice(bl~d, less [ ! ~ . ! Bringing Quality & Service since 1976- ] NO WORR~S! gas n re Y " 11 There ' . I I , presents and pomts to a/Yk,,A,,wnandthis,nd,cawAacon- 111 Hll*dfllhd hl --I o trf z ll l , Stop by and check out our home ] ~methingreal). IfIam s~t,',a~o~f'~edng. Heb. 10:llsays"ev. ! '. 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