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September 19, 1975     The Glenville Democrat
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September 19, 1975

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Sc'ptemher 19, 1975 lha, (,lenviila: Detain:rut/Pathfinder 111 M I I'ICE T() CONIltAI .'roRs putJl, ~,de ~11 k/llhl',& h,I t'IliOli (;h!lwiHl:, ~%'t,sl n Septemt~r 25th Seri~d #PI.52154:3090 Hi!IP WAN !D LIVE ;TOCK LEGAL NOTICES obligalmn aRreemelll itn h.d Miller a~ ~t!( urt~(l piirll in h,tnd nn d.,, .f September. 1975 BANK ST MAIN STREET WEST VIRGINIA glgllc. Glenville Democrat Super Market Grill, Conrad's Ioneer Grocery and Seah,d pr.l.,t.~ds ~,ill t.' reveiv,~i b', I1.' \~.~,~1 \'irgmt,t I),,parlmenl o[ Ili~hwav. a! its ,din e m I:tMrh,sh.i. ~,%'e.l Virl~illhl. I~ollm /~l-1:t2. lg(Wl Vt,lshmghm Sin!el. I':.lSl. unlil II1 A..M.. Septemt er 30. t.17.5 aml stud pr-I~als will t.; puhli, l~ .i.,nl.d and read inmmdiiHelv lhe.r,,afler for tht! I OllNIrlll lillll ill lhe f, dlowinl~ iIr.ierl tin Sl,lh' Iligll~x a~.. Slah' I~r~ll,t I :31 t-.5-17.9ti Gilmer l:4m111%. 5.12 nHh,s ,,I (;h.n~ilh, t. Bur.svilh, R,md .n WV 5 Ho, uh'rl h~ ~.%'idam to 22' - Improw, llrillIlil}tl' - tLl~t' .%11 t'r.q.lsnl Gullrnalie~ ;in~ S2.(}Ot').()O or 5". .f hmd hid. ~h. hever =s grualer. 1t.. VG,..I Vir~iniil I}l~piltlmelll Ot" Ili~hv*'~lv,. M.reb~ mdifU,s all Imhh,r~ lhal il will Jttirrlllill%t'h ill.iirl! Ihltl ill ;lll't rtllllral-I I,qlll!rtNI illhl purNil,tlll hi ltlis illlVl.rlL~l;nllllll, minliril hu~ines~ ,,nlerprml~ will Iw, afforded full ,~l)lulrluulii~ IH suhmil liids in rl~.~il)llll~l~ ill thi~ in~Hillmn. Mad ~dl llllt I)1~ di~criminah.~t ill~aill.~l Nn the :~rllUlld~ ill rallL itlhlr, ilr ililtNlllilt iltigill ill con~ider,ilioll for an award. %%'E.~'F VIRGINIA DEPAR'I3t4ENT OF HIGIIWAYS E.II. POST EXECUTIVE SECRETARY 114): 9-I l-2h. Pumps Sales I Service 0 lllI 00T -ir 4124992 MISC FOR SALE SIIUATIONS WAr,tTED BACK TO SCHOOL SALE press jeans only S4.96 pr. Sizes 8-18 shirts: flmmel, red bandanna and blue bandanna, S4.98 each sizes 8-14 - 16.98 IV Polyester Double Knit Slacks - 15.88 pr. Deuble Knit Jackets - $6.00 Styled Shirts - 18.50 press cotton/polyester and flannel shirts. ALL FABRIC REDUCED Polyester Double Knit Fabrice s2.59 Y~u'& t~" polyester double knlt fabric S1.49 yd. iS" Wide cotton/polyester fabric SI.Z9 yd. Sl~eets. Selected seconds - Prepackaged Fitted & Flat to match 13.25 each. SANDy AND ROSES'S FABRIC SHOPPE adles below Glenville on Grantsville Road HOUSEHOLD GOODS ? !ICL inauaanaalaalaaNillalalaaa C,\RD OF THANKS WE'VE GOT TIE CAIS 1964 to 1973 Wagon Skylark 73 Fiat 71 Ford Galaxie 68 Volkswagen 72 Ford 71 Renault Station Wagon ? MANY MANY MANY MORE AUTOMOTIVE ARE NEW PARTS TOO HIGH? 500 THOUSAND USED PARTS FOR SALE REAL ES ATE 2 Stumptown, WV Closed oa Saday lialiliaaallillllllaalall It's ecision time the and i You %If-employed! i tellsl klet h You w y t / trpol~tar Lde has a booklet-- h You --that tells you all you about the prowsions of eogh Act that allow yOb tO currently r ta~es on 15% of you~ earned income Year up to a maximum of $7500 You Out th,s income 1o work tO build ~Wn rehrement pla:~ ;rs eligibility contributions, payment benehts, dividends and to held you make the right ;Sion ,~ YOUr free copy. w,lhOut obligation. Or Write me. HUNTER B. BEALL, JR. 813 Grand Central Avenue Vienna. W.Va. 26105 Office: (304) 295-4561 Residence [304) 295-5,353 Where : future)snow ~lropohlan Life New York, N Y i:0 .......... ~ ..... r[ i / ; I i J ....... I'II }l :( ;I ARY N( ill~ ;I Nldill' is hereh~ I.~l'Irltll lh:H Ill,' hdhw~ltl,.: lilt Ill)ill IN t.d.n' me I.r llll;l~ ~t'll~t'liH'lH (;eHrRe VV SI hmm.'l. Exl', lih,r l,t th,, ~di ,d Ilnrle~. G SI hlnlnlltl. IIltl l%l~iltli l;ivml ueder m~ hand lhi~ Ill,, ~rd d.,., ,l ~oph,mber, 1975 I %% I'I':RRII.I { :lnlr$11~sitllllq i1| .~i i t*tllil~ IHI (;llnll!i ( ,qtlllil*~ > ~*~t ~1 '~'tr)2ilHi, %t )-21" N()TIi :k t*() ( :( )NI RAt :1 ( )RS seah.l pr.p.,.als will lle r,,m,.,*d h~ lb. ~%'1'~! Vir:~iili;i l)lq)nrlmtqll Ill Itl~ihw,i~- ,ii it- office ill (;hlirlltshlrl, ~Pl'l!~l VIFt~ilIiH i~Htdl! A-I t2 1~ ~41'ashin)~l(lli Nlreltl. I:;i'~l tlllliI 1() A %1 3(). 1975 and Slill! pr-F'H",.d~- will t),' puhlir I% III)ttlll+ll itliit rlliiil lillrllelil~itek !lil!rt,illtPr {lit lhl! (lln~Irul lillli ill lht! litlht~ilig llFHli'{ I lili ~iaht Ili~thv~ a',.. ,%lilh! Prlqe( t 311-119 B-OIW) (;iln/lit ( lill/il~. 1.10 mile~ ~l" Mineral Rlliid Illi (:t4j111% t~uuh' | } II tl IL(w al Servicel Ill improve ttoriTimlal iilid %/t!lli- cat Alignment, VViden Pavement, part!. Pr,~l)os,d Guarant~,: $2,OOO.OO or 5a,, I,l h*!,ll tJi,i whirhcver is l~rt;iih~r The ~l~i'etd Vir}Jinin t)l~pllrlI1ilqll ,i( ttthw;~ hereby, rultifil~(l MI t)idder~ thiil ii l~. lil nffirmlitivel~ iri~ure lhal iii iill'~ ( Hlllrill I l'liI!'fi!d husiness, will I. alh=r!9.t lull iipp(irlulllD; hi subnlll tnil~ Ill rR~ltHli~i~ I,, l!il- invitation, and bill nol tN! diNI rirltllliilt!tl ,llJ,illi~l on the grounds of race. color, or .aivmai orilm ill (,(in~ideralii)n for ~ill ;iwaril. WI-ZS [ VIRGINIA I}FPAR I \lEa I ()I-lllGll~. AY% Ell P(J% I EXECU'FIVk ~,1":( :REI ARY ti-O:.q- 1121( NOTICE OF BIDS ] IIIlIII CLASSIFmD RATES "HOMEWORKERS WANTED tN THIS HORSES FOR SALE: 2 yr. olds; (1) AREA: Men, women, students. No wonderfuily spirited patamino gelding experience necessary; stuffing ~ addressing quar'~er horse (pure color); $250; (2) white envelopes (Commission Mailers). Earn beige filly quarter horse-gorgeous horse sparetime money at home. $100.00 weekly with great temperament $235; (3) possible. SEND $1.00 (refundable) El" a long, Pony-horse gelding-beautiful dark buckskin stamped envelope for details; PPS-386, 216 with black stockings-the most genii andJackson #612. Chciaclo60606" 9-18-3t* friendly pony you've ever seen. $225.00. VALLEY INN CLUB- Help wanted. Apply in YEARLING: Palamino filly with charcoal person. 9-11-2tc. mane Ettail very nice. $175: 8.YR. OLD PALAMINO was sire of the above horses WILL DO SEWING at home for little girls, (now a c=eldir~, born on Arthur Godfrey's Leesburg, VA. Farm. Gaited and well-trained Call 462 5223 and ask for Joe or Tom. Make offer 9-18-2t C-9-18-2t LIVESTOCK AUCTION Every Saturday. 1:oo p.m.; New Barn, 6 acres Parking, 3 seats of scales, New Modern Restaurant, Check Same Day of Sale. Plenty of Order Buyers, Agri. Farm Supply Store, 450 Seats - 2 Auctioneers, Cattle insured From Farm to Sale. United Lwestock Sales Co. P.O. Box 282, Parkersburg, W Va. Phone 304-485-3479, (~ Mgr_. 9-4-6tc. LADY TO LIVE in my home as a compan;on, one that might need a home and ha~ little or no income. Write Box 93, Glenville, WV 26351 9-11-3t" DEPENDABLE PERSON available for house cleaning also evening or nights for offices. 462-8347 Teenage girls Et women. Deloris Furr, Letter Gap. 4623341. 9-11-21* DO YOU HAVE PARTY PLAN EX- PERIENCE? Friendly toy parties has opening for managers in your area. Managers ring it easy to recruit because friendly demos have no cash investment No collecting or delivery. Call collectCarol Day, 518 489-4571. 9-11-31* WILL DO BABYSITTING weekdays after 4 p.m. in my apartment. Call Nedra AIItop. 4~2 -_~2~5Z. 9-11-4t" FOR SALE 1 Ova)lion electric ~luitar, and 1 super reverb amplifier, gooo condition. $60000 Cash for both. Also 1 ,u~r~_d automatic washer ano upright Lester ~" anu, Call 462-8689. 9-18-2t* FOR SALE: Butter aDDles, picked now, winter apples Oct. 1, Light crop, get them early, Harry Knight of Rt. 5 below Uurnsville. 9-18-1tc. Reduce excess fluids with Fluidex - Lost weight with Dex-a-Diet capsuels, Summers Pharmacy. 9-11-21" Classified ads are 4 cents pet word per issue, with a mbd=uI charse of $1.00 per week. if your ad is 25 words or lmaJ, the cost is St.00 per week. If It 25 words, multiply the numbmr Of words by 4 cents to determine tim weekly coat. GIVE AWAY PETS ONE WEEK Poetry Is 5 cents per word. Bordered Classified are S2.00 per inch. ALL ADS CASH IN ADVANCE Deadline Is 5:00 P.M. Monday el each week Call 462-730~ SHOOTING MATCH: Hams, hen= rand turkeys. October 4th, Bull Run, 12, 18,~ 20 guage guns. 32" barrel limit. No Sleeve GurUs. S-hells furni~l'~KI. Free Coffee. Cedl~ Creek Game Club, Inc. Not respor~bte for accidents. 9-1B-3t* NO HUNTING OR TRESPASSING without permission .f.r~n the owner. Mr.snd Mrs. Argene Stalnaker. 9-4-3t* 9-11-41* FOR SALE: Antique 50 lb. ice box. Good PUBLIC NOTICE: I will not be re~or~lbis condition. Phone462-7847. 9-18-21* for any debts contracted other than L~ FOR SALE: Solar 5 x 7 enlarger with F14.5 myself. ClerenceW. Cottrell. 9-18-3t 162 Wollensak lens; Soligor 35 mm F/2.8 W.A. automatic lens on bayonet mount for Minolta or similar. Call 462-8634. 9-18-1t* The Gilmer (:ountv Commission will rl~,l eive sealed bids for Re-r(mling the Giimer C,mntv (~mrt House, until IO:OO A.M Nl,md~,,. RENTALS September 22. 1975. in the Cimnt', Clerk ~ (Jfi'i~ e. Gilmer Courtly Court ttouse, at 1ArhiI h ?llTIIt lhif% will be publi(tv opened and read C'9"18"1t~ Drawings and Spe.cil'ica|ions ma', t~'! llhhlllit!d H! TVVO ROOM FURNISHED APARTMENT. RUMMAGE SALE: September 20, at the CARPENTER, Mesonery, the CilmerCountv('lerk's Off. e A!I Mds rnu~t F,~ First floor -Private entrance. Good O.N. Cutright home on Little Bull Run of (interior or exterior) House submitted with the plans and ~pe ihl aiil~rls rind neighborhood.$5500 plus utilities, 462-Cedar Creek. Lots of nice clothes, dishes, raising. General repairs, work by name of the bidder marked im the evenlllpe Bid~ ~'3~='hen submitted, shaw i~; irrevi~able f,,r t(l~:[? 705=/" 9.18.1to etc. Mrs. O.N. Cutright. 9-18-1t* hourly. Cal1462-5119 or 462-8089. 8-21-ff' ( ) i ,. FOR RENT: Large 8-room garage FOR SALE Airstream trailer 1962, 26 ft. ROBERTS RIDINGSTABLES The County Cummission reserves the right ti, apartment, between Linn and Alum Bridge fu ly equ pped, complete with Reeae Hitch. reiect any one or more or all bids. on U.S. 33/1t9. Fenced yard, parking, One miniature Poodle, white male with Open 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 6 p,m, GILMER COUNIW COMMISSION mostly furnished. 269-5140. 9-18-2tc. pa ers. 16 months old. House broke, FOR SALE: Hors~, Cement, Mortar, It:9-11.2,, I-OR RENT Office Space. Mum St., ~5240. 9-18-2t* Concrete blocks, Sand and Gravel, Ta~k Glenvliie Smgle rooms of Suites, all utilities YARD SALE: 3 Big Days, Setp. 19, 20, 21, Shop. Ca11462-8779. 8-7-1ndef, Cait462 8910 ' pa*d" 5-22 tndt:f,Adults and children's clothing, Toys, GLENVlLLE PIZZA SHOP Furniture, Dishes, Glassware, Books, CLEAN rugs, like new, so easy to do with Blue Lustre. Rent electric shampooer $1. Glenville Supply Co. 9-18-1tc. FOR SALE: Poodle apricot, seven months old. House trained $30.00. For more information call 462-8579. 9-18-1 t* FOR SALE: Zenith portable 19" BB'W T,V. with stand, call 462-7777 after 4:00 P.M. CARD OF THANKS: t would like to take this~-18-3t" " op[?_gLtul~ty tO thank th~g~lny friends and ~ ~ ~ "~ I'~g~bOl~'for the car~ers, telephone;]FOR SALE: Couch, 2 chairs, and recliners. calls and the prayers while I was a patient in 462 7967. 9-18-1t* the Downtown Division United HospitalFOR SALE: Tappan Range only slightly used, $100.00 462-7t25, 9-18-2t* Antiques, and other items too numerous to mention. New merchandise each day. Forrest Southall residence. Rt. 16, mile toward Grantsville from Mt. Zion Drive-in Theater. Sale runs daily from 8:00 a.m. till 8:00 p.m. C-9-11-2t* G.9.18,1t FOR SALE: 30-gal. gas hot water tank with connections used very little, $65.00. Gas heating stove, clay back, $18.00. Ladies new polyester dresses- Size 20 - $4.00; School girl, co,=. pan, =,it,. cheap. 462.-5229. ~-l].- Featuring the famous Giovanni Pizza, It 14 North Lewis St., Glenville. Open 6 p.m. to midnight. Phone and your hot PIZZA when you arrive. GODFREY'S SERVICE STATION BURNSVILLE, W.VA. Groceries Handyman Jacks -' Oda~kbr*st~