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September 20, 1979     The Glenville Democrat
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September 20, 1979

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2 The Glenville Democrat-Pathfinder h i[ Educa W ere uJe S A is funded psc ...,.no 4- On Bus Schedules High school students in By scheduling an additionalhearingIn Calhoun and Gilmer counties Cla'rksburg concerning Greyhound bus schedule will benefit this year from changes, the Public Service Commissionhas once monies received from the fun- again concurred with public opinion. However, ques- ding of a grant proposal in ac- tions may still be raised as to the site selection of the cordance with the Career second headng. YOU Can Be A Leader Education Incentive Act, " Notably, Clarksburg is a largely populated city in con. Public Law 95-107. Entitled trai West Virginia, where some of the schedule changes Pat Nestor Project R.A.C.E. (Resources have been requested, but in considering the total el- Extension Agent,4-H for Area Career Education), the out fected area, and its rural nature, the PSC could have Us- project was written to pur- ,I ed better judgment, by scheduling a heedng In either If you've dreamed of becoming a "leader", make that chase career education sup- the Calhoun, Gilmer, Lewis or Roane counties, so that a dream come true. plies and materials for use by larger attendance could be viable for local residents. By"Anyone who is willing to tackle a job that requires local high schools. The regulations, the PSC can schedule meetings in any cooperation with others can learn to be a leader," says resources will be located at county seat in the state. Since two particular rum= in the Patrick Nestor, Gilmer County 4-H Extension Agent. Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center Glenvllle--Grantsville area could be eliminated entirely,Leadership includes delegating responsibility or ask- and will be shared by Calhoun it seems this should warrant a meeting even closer to tng for help. Leaders must realize they can't do the County High School, Gilmer " HOME. whole job or know everything. Leaders remember thatCounty High School and the for the The PSC should be commended for scheduling the their role is to see the need and then ask for help he Career Center. case. additional Clarksburg meeting, however, consideration says. The project was written and should be given to rural areas where transportation to "4-H provides many kinds of leadership roles that one submitted by Earl J. Gainer, hasdng may Involve several miles of travelling time. can become involved with. But whether a person gives Director, and Barbara Perhaps, the PSC feels cities of greater populations leadership fora4-H event, forayout group, or fora4-H Davisson, Counselor, at sat would grant a wider public voice, yet the situation still community activity, the same rules apply: leadership Is Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center. " remains that Interested area Individuals may still havea learned skill and anyone can practice it," the agent ex- The project will be coordinated (inc difficulties in attending a week-day, 9 s.m. meeting q)- plains, by Mrs. Davtsson. Career tio proximately 50 miles away. Why could them not be a Pat says the five secrets of leadership are believing in education inservices and ac- I sedes of meetings schaduled throughout a two or three people, becoming a talent scout, giving people an- tivitles at the local high day period to help give a wider response to a tramsportaP couragement, giving people responsibility and trying to schools will be coordinated tion problem that may affect several communities? It develop a positive attitude, and implemented by the hardly seems advantageous to conduct two meetings Believing in people is very fundamental, he says. "The Counselors--Jean Miller at stu( for a problem that concerns a 150.200 mile radius, leader needs to look beyond the day-to-day conflicts Calhoun County High School G and irritations and realize that most people are better and Rosemary Williams at We Made An Error, than anyone thinks. Everyone has a least one special GIImer County High School. t,i But Just Think... talent and strong point--most people have more." Many people are generally available for jobs in any Cabot Corporation files last week's edition, an error was made in a project; so the good leader has to become a talent display advertisement by the Glenville State College scout. The successful leader's greatest single asset is Alumni concerning the date of a dance being held dur. the people who actually do the jobs. By discovering for rate increase ing homecoming week.end. The ad read, "September each Individual's talents, the leader can match each per- 24, 2979," as the date for this year's homecoming son's strong points to each task. Cabot Corporation has filed dance. The date should have read, "September 29, To give people encouragement, Pat suggeststhatyou a request with the Public Ser- 1979." It is hoped that anyone who caught this error did compliment them, assure them, and stimulate them to vice Commission for a rate in- rate not suffer from any sort of time lapse or amnesisc symlP make the best possible use of their abilities. In some crease of $4.7 million, effec- oftr toms, and Indeed the paper is regretful for the cases, individuals will do their best for the first tire October 15. typographical error, time--because for the first time someone took the trou- The Cabot Corporation pro- When one stops to reflect on the error, however, the ble to compliment them. rides natural gas service to ap- mind may fantasy somewhat and conjure Images of But don't stop there, Nestor says. Look for other op- proximately 23,961 customers what a homecoming would be like in 2979. Amedcans portunities to bring out lights from under bushel in Kanawha, Fayette, Raleigh, already feel they live ih a computer age, which is true, baskets. Wirt, Wyoming, Calhoun, Clay, but think what a more advanced Amedca could do with People really want to learn leadership skills. So the Gilmer, Jackson, Nicholas, Rib that traditional football game: successful leader gives them responsibility. No one chle, Roane, Putnam and Sum- "Here we are folks, with the opening soar-off in the finds out how much other human beings can do until mere Counties, and was last maY annual Glenviile State University Homecoming football they give them the opportunity to show it. If the leaders granted a general rate adjust- PSC game in our newly-constructed stadium, high above insist on doing everything, they are cheating others. smog.filled earth. Pioneer fans are still flying up to Join Develop a positive attitude and the job will get done. in the week's activities. The Pioneers have floated onto Don't "fret" because people aren't doing things exactly the playing space and have their gravity belts on. The your way. Although sometimes you will be disap- platinum football is in place and we are awaiting the pointed, you will also be surprised at how well this opening soar-off. Each team must travel to Alph Can- system works, Pat says. * taud and back in order to score a touchdown. Getting to Mars will count as a first down and, so on, through the planets, if an asteroid gets IA the way, an interference Special Interest Horse Club call will be made, and the ball will be placed on Jupiter.. As the week ends, Glenville comes out on top with interested in horses? Don't worry about your age, 7-0 score. Sophomore Mike "Milk Way" McGill caught whether you're young or just young at heart, 4-H has a a last-senton pass from Terry Stars Spangler, from spot for you. Starting in October will be a Special In- Venus to Centaud and back. The reception set terest Horse Club. Call theGilmerCounty Extension Of- universe record. Now, folks, that takes some wing- rice at 462-7061, or contact Pat Nestor, 4-H Agent for tipped feet! more information. Tonight s dance will take place on the moon in the Crypto-Crater Lounge with full view of the Big end Uttle Dippers. The Homecoming Court will be given "Moondust" cosmetics to enhance their Venus V-line attire. Queen Nella Neptune, her court and all guests will dance to the live entertainment of the "Pluto Plumbers." It is hoped that all will enjoy Homecoming 2979...This is your fdendly galaxy reporter, Setum Steve, News from your Gilmer Public Library signing off until next year. Stay tuned for the "Spacay Tracey" show."--sb f* " " I'll have it fixed in no time. The Library will be showing a film every Saturday at 1 p.m. from now on. We had planned to show these films on Friday nights but we can't interfere FrO i/p h with supporting our Gilmer County High SChool foot. bell team on those evenings! We're for you, Gilmer m our ma ouc County High, - IDEAS " " " " " Some of the films we are going to show will have FOR, to be referred to as "Mystery Films." The reason for this is that the films were made available to the West & Virginia Library Commission in Charleston with the --not stipulation that the titles not be placed in the to cut Headline Error newspaper. Evidently, the companies from which the But Thanks Given films come do not want the public libraries who 9. show the films to compete with paying theaters! You Wood for Heat Dear Editor:. l can gather from this that the films are excellent an'd that you will probably want to see them. I will give With the price of" wood fuel headed the tree In reading the September6, 1979edition of the Glenville hints each week as to the stow and stars, but you toward$10Oacord, it's time to think of fuel. Democrat, I waif very pleased to see the article regar- will have to check our posters for the titles as such. ways to get it free ormuch more inex- 10. I~ ding Mr. Earl W. Wolfe and his appointment as the Direc- On september 22, we will be showing a classic film pensively. tor of the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation for the that appeals to adults and children alike. Do you Mary Twitchell suggests these ways and State of West Virginia. This is a high honor for a local remember the song "Talk to the Animals?" That in her book, "Wood Energy": . man, and I feel that the news coverage was worthwhile, song comes from this film. The movie stars Rex Har- 1. Some states permit cutting IfyOu I would like to point out that, in the headline for this risen and we hope there's a good turn-out for it. weed or unwanted trees in their state such ass'. article, "GSC grad appointed to Welfare Department Residents in our Outreach Program areas in the forests, at token charges. Call your saw, haVe post", there is one error. The Division of Vocational county take note; the film will be shown in Cox's nearest m tate forester. 2. The National Forests (there are fuel Rehabilitation is not connected with the Department of Mills on Thursday, september 20 at 7 p.m. at the150 ofthem) have a "Dead and Down" Welfare in any way. It is a separate division under the Recreation Center where the Library is housed, in program. There's a ten-cord limit, and For State Board of Vocational Education, with the respon- Tanner on Monday, September 24 at 7 p.m. at the either free permits or a $1charge. sibility of providing services to handicapped people, school cafeteria, and in Normantown, Tuesday, 3..q4 pke orchardists prune their coverS. leading to hopeful employment. I only wanted to point September 25 at 7 p.m. at the gym. tre in winter, and some will give the operatl out the minor error in the headline for this article and to Library Awards this week go to Ann Estanich, whowood to the person who will haul it ing thank The GlenviHe Democrat for this very worthwhile donated her time to help with Story Hour on Wednes- away. energy news coverage. Thank you very much. day and to Mabel Wolfe, who furnished home-made 4. Utilities clear trees and big ly Sincerely yours, cookies for the Stow Hour snack. Thank you both!away from their lines, and 65 William H. Cutlip, Counselor in Charge Stow Hour time is 11 a.m. every Wednesday. may give away the cuttings to save Glenville Branch Office The list is still up for those who want to attend a carrying them to the dump. Division of Vocational Rehabilitation macrame class at the Library. Call us and we'll put5. Rural dumps are rich sources of e you down as interested. Class time will be determin- downed tre~ and other wood supplies. ~ GLENV ed at a later date when we know what time suits the 6. In areas where elm trees grow, | most people. Call 462-5620. the Dutch elm beetle has killed many ! We have a new regular volunteer, Mrs. Barbara of them. These trees should be cut to . ,. _-2 -- '" _ " Radcliffe, who will be helping us on Tuesday morn-avoid further spread of this dread : kngs by contributing her time to the Library. If there beetle. (Elm isn't the best wood to split ! The Glenville Democrat others who would like to help out, Just call and orb...-.). we can discuss a time and day of the week. It works 7. Crews at highway projects and i Published Every Thursday !~! out better for us if there is a set time each week. come-,orion sites are often prohibited : ByGILMER COUNTYPuBLLSHING, INC. II For those, archaeology fans in the area, we have a from burning refuse. Their was~ wood : At 109 E. Main St~i~ G~enville, We~; Vir