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September 24, 1976     The Glenville Democrat
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September 24, 1976

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10 The Glenvflle Democrat/ Pathfinder Se FINANCIAL STATEMENT GILMER COUNTY COMMISSION, WEST VIRGINIA FOR FISCAL YEAR ENDING JUNE 30, 1976 GENERAL COUNTY FUND RECEIPTS Net Balance June 30, 1975 Net 1975 Taxes collected Sheriff's Tax Sales and Redemptions Redemptions - Real Estate May 1 to June 30 Delinquent Personal Property Taxes Collected Delinquent Personal Property Taxes Collected May I to June 30 Public Utility Taxes from State Auditor County Officer's Earnings Miscellaneous Receipts Interest Coal Severance Tax DISBURSEMENTS Orders Issued Sheriff's Excess Commissions Exonerations Net Balance, June 30, 1976 One Certificate of Deposit Savings Account EXPENDITURES County Clerk, Mary Reed Davidson Deputy Clerk and Assistants: Anna Ruth Montgomery $84,155.30 I15,689.66 2,575.49 1,718.35 3,214.96 3,789.04 84,778,48 14.345,73 13,252.31 3,756.58 799.15 $328,055,15 $258,947.09 252.60 194.91 $269,394.60 $58,660.55 $50.00.O0 $60,400.90 $8,300.00 $5,920,00 Straight Answers From Your Power Companv This Is one in a series being asked by our custo- m ers, Answering today is Ben Hayes, Comptroller of the Company .... QUESTION: Why doesn't the Company bear part of in- creased costs instead of adding it all to electric rates? ANSWER: The Company has no money with which to pay its increasing costs except that which comes from its customers. As the costs in- crease for everything we must buy in order to furnish electric service, we must increase electric rates enough to be able to pay our bigger bills. The only. other money in the business is that invested by the stockholders and that which is borrowed. And all of this is invested in the Company's "plant"--the power sta- tions, substations, pole lines, transformers, meters, etc. The money invested in our system by the 66,000 stockholders, the owners of the busi- ness, comes from pension funds and insurance company monies and the savings of thousands of ordinary working people, retired people, and widows. Only by paying a reasonable return (dividend) can a company attract this necessary capital. The return to stockholders (the profit) is really just another business COSt, The borrowed money,: mostly from sale of bonds', represents one of wr increased ex- penses in this time of high interest rates. The Company's earnings must be sufficient to cover all interest costs or investors wouldn't buy our bonds and there would be no money available to build new and replacement plants. are free, of course, to invest their , choose-- in bank ac- real estate, or other business --or, matter, the government. It has no money to pay its bills with except that which comes from the people it serves. For. more information on how inflation is our business and your electric bills, write to our Customer Services Depart- Louella Catherine Stalnaker Peggy Jean Reed Clavel Hines Smith Sherry lean Jones Materials 8, Supplies: Mary R. Davidson. County Clerk Reimbursement. Postage Caste & Harris. Inc. Itek Graphic Products Dial Educational Supply Co., Inc. The Michie Company Printers Products, Inc. Less than $50,00 {aggregate} NEW EQUIPMENT: Spencer Business Forms Company, Inc. EXPENSES - TRAINING &'EDUCATION: Less than $50.00 [aggregate} Total County Clerk Circuit Clerk. David Lane Smith Deputy Clerk and Assistants: Karen Lee Shinn Shena Rae Williamson Materials & Supplies: Lane Smith, Circuit Clerk {Reimbursement, Postage} Casto& Harris, Inc. 3M Business Products Lane Smith. Circuit Clerk {Reimbursement-Supplies) American Data Products Less than $50.00 {aggregate} TRAINING & EDUCATION: Lane Smith, Circuit Clerk {Reimbursement Total Circuit Clerk Sheriff. Clark Reed ]ames Deputy Sheriff and Assistants: Nancy Barton Iris Ann Bourne Dale Hacker, Jr. Rhonda Carol Flesher Vicki Ann Frymier Cathy Annette Furr Rebecca Lue Heater Brenda Kay McCartney Sandra Kay Reed Karen Lee Shinn Less than $50.O0 {aggregate) Materials & Supplies: Clark R. ]ames. Sheriff {Reimbursement. Postage} Caste & Harris. Inc. Walter F. Stephens, Jr.. Inc. Fred B. Burk. Agent 3M Business Products Sales. Inc. Less than $50.O0 (aggregate} Expenses & Mileage: Clark R. James, Sheriff Dale Hacker, lr. NEW EQUIPMENT: Burroughs Corporation Caste & Harris, Inc. Training & Education: Clark R. James, Sheriff (Reimbursement} Sheriff's Commission: Clark R. lames, Sheriff Total Sheriff's Office County Jail: Vonda E. Montgomery. Jailer Feeding Prisoners: Clark R, James, lw, riff Total County ja:l Total Sheriff's Off,,  & Jail Prosecuting Attorn,, lames William Perrill Assistant: Alda Lea Davis Materials & Suppling. 3M Business Products Sales Inc. The Michie Company The James & Law Company Less than $50,00 {aggregate} Expenses-Rent: Margaret Ann Perrill New Equipment: H.L. Heaster. Inv. Total Prosecuting Attorney Assessor, Lloyd Richard Stalnaker SupplementalSalary {House Bill 833}: Lloyd Richard Stalnaker Agricultural Report: Lloyd Richard Stalnaker Deputy Assessor and Assistants: Sharon Marie FAnn Mary Catherine EUyson Bobby Gone Roberts Materials & Supplies: Richard Stalnaker. Assessor (Reimbursement, Postage) Caste & Harris( Inc. Gilmer Graphics. Inc, 3M Business Products Sales Inc. Dayton Legal Blank Company Less than $50,00 {aggregate) New Equipment: Burroughs Corporation Training & Education: RichardStalnaker, Assessor [Reimbursement) Mileage: LLoyd Richard Stainaker, Assessor Bobby Gone Roberts. Field Deputy Total Assessor County Commissioner:* Billie lean Summers Boyd C. Collins Odbert V. Ellyson Expenses: Billie Jean Summers. Commissioner {Reimbursement} Less than $50.00 {aggregate} 5,680.00 620.00 414.00 401.65 13,O35.65 324.80 1,403.48 1,846.40 318.25 50.00 1,980.00 51.82 5,974.75 550.00 20.15 $27.880.55 8,300.00 1.900.00 2.900.00 4.800 .O0 87.97 472.76 119.03 75.20 75.09 9.65 839.70 77.12 14,O16.82 6,900.00 5.820.00 5.580.00 6.600.00 231.00 279.40 170.10 570.90 381.70 255.20 306,70 5.O0 20,202.O0 104.92 921.87 217.64 1,594,14 60.51 113.64 3,O12.74 1,343.55 1,322.O4 2,665.59 382.11 152.OO 534.11 92.42 732.05 $34.138.91 1.500.O0 1,682.00 $3,182.O0 $37.320.91 $6,9OO.OO 5,520.00 $118.99 245.89 263.68 40.O4 668.60 475.00 560.50 $14.144.10 8.900.00 315,00 690.00 5.700.00 5.520.O0 1.800.00 13.ego.e0" 91.50 270.99 90.16 60,51 512.41 15.00 1,040,57 386.30 380.92 231.90 394.20 628.10 $23.418.89 2,546.00 2,140,00 2,546,00 .7,232,00 159.67 Total County Commissioners County Agricultural Agent & Assistants: Mildred G, Furr Materials & Supplies: West Virginia University {Extension Office} C & P Telephone Company Work Student Expense: West Virginia University Foundation, Inc. Expenses & Mileage: Everett Mason {County Agent} Barbara K. Williams Anna L. Jones Less than $50.00 {aggregate} Total Agricultural Agents Courthouse & Other Buildings: Custodial: Farrell Luzader Material & Supplies: The Michie Company Hutchison Sanitary Supply The Selig Chemicallndustries Industrial Lighting Products Co. Less than $50.00 {aggregate} Repairs: Hardman True Value Hardware Commercial Office Equipment Co. Calhoun Super-Service. Inc. Butler Business Systems 3M Business Products Sales Inc. Coberly's Electric & Plumbing Thomas Electric Burroughs Corporation Hibbs Radio Communications, Inc. Itek Graphic Products Lawson Sales and Service Singer Business Machines Less than $50.00 {aggregate} New Equipment: Hibbs Radio Communications, Inc. Motorola Inc. Caste & Harris. Inc. Sears Roebuck & Company Less than $50.00 {aggregate} Advertising: Gilmer County Publishing. Inc. Utilities & Telephone: Iiope Natural Gas Company Monongahela Power Company Glenville Utility Langford Sanitation Service C & P Telephone Company Insurance: {County Properties} Collins Insurance Agency Total Courthouse and Other Buildinge Primary Election Expense: Registrars: M, Jean DeHar t Pearl Williams Logretha Keesecker Clavel Hines Smith Theta C, McGreevy tIarold Sands Barbara Gone Hickman Margie Lee Westfall Eustace Frymier Roberta Sue McCartney Freda Fay Abrams Lethe Yerkey Lenita Rose Garrett Mary Elizabeth Shaver Pauline Harris Pearl Vivian King Gold]no Barton Wesley Junior Dobbins Dorothy L. Radcliff Muriel Wolfe Mavis G. Cole Peggy Ann Frymier Noma Collins Irene Margaret Ware Materials, Supplies. etc: Caste & Harris. Inc. Mary R. Davidson. County Clerk {Reimbursement. Postage} Peggy Jean Reed Sandra KayReed Arthur Jackson Moore (Ballot Commissioner} Candace Leona Turner {Ballot Commissioner) Gi[mer County Publishing, Inc. Election Officials, etc.. Less than $50.00 [aggregate} Tntal Elections Circuit Court: Hinzman L. Rohrbough {Probation Officer} Expenses: John M. Gates. State Auditor Jury Fees, etc: Less than $50.00 {aggregate} New Equipment: Dayton Legal Blank Company Total Circuit Court Magistrates Court: Willie W. Woodyard Willie W. Woodyard {Reimbursement} William ]. Moss William J. Moss {Reimbursement) TOTAL GENERAL GOVERNMENT County Health Unit: Gilmer County Health Department Vital Statistics: Less than $50.00 (aggregate} Mental Health: Transportation & Support of Inmates {Institutions} John M. Gates, State Auditor Local Mental Health Program: Central District Guidance Centare. Inc, Lunacy & Inquests: Vernon H. Hoofer. D,O. Monongahela Power ,5.30 Less than $.50.00 (aggregate} i!' m . 204.97 • _.._ Part of the Alleghefly Power System Training & Education' Gilmer County Volunteer Fire Department: 575 Odbert V, Ellyson, _mmissioner Rasfle AutoParts, Inc. F .. ' {Reimbursement} 269.18 American LaFrance Less than $50.00.00 {nRgrsa regate} 42.37 Collins Insurance Agency mm Ill BBIBII II II [_ I iIBllllBBi I Log Cabin Sarvice Station [] Applications for, absentee ballots c & P Telephone Company I, Ed Griffin /AJ,II[I ! | for the Nov. 2 election must be LsthanSO.OO[aggregata} made between Sept. 3 - Oct. 29. TOTAL HEALTH EDUCATION & W],FARE I will" offer for sale at public auction the estate of the late 1 Applications are available at the FredaParkS Fay & Recreation:Abrams Evere ttt Br m0m n o: l  amrday, October 2, 1976 starU.t g-at I euitm clerk's_,_ Office, I H 7 DobbinsNaw Equilunoat:Tractor Sales Materials & Supplies: 12:30 on Co ve ] ic.k i i ]. wis County, 17 Miles  Glen, file. | --'- i Regional Cuncti: Follow auction mgns on Laurel Road from Rt. 119-33. i | " On the way to I Glenville Supply Company Gilmer County Medical Center. Ins.: | Parkersburg " I Region VII Planning & Development Council HOUSrI'IffLD - | TOTALGIlmer CO00ty C00tar. InC.s, mAL SZ00CRS I Refrigerator [almost new]; Dinnin s table, buffet, and | | " | Employees'Benefits: West Virginia Public Emplm/ Retirement System: clinG= Old stands; Wash stand; Dr,sers; Couch & chair; | ! -McCoys- I Employer'sSoctalSecurity{Matchin$}contribution Lamps; 2 sewing machines; Old victrola; Old radio; Gas • | , I Expense Fund | is a place to rest awhile and | Insurance Plan: tCounty Employs} | • heaters; Rockers; Half bed; 4 full beds; 2 cabinets; Some B_ _- _ West Virginia P:ublic Employ. [] dishes and Misc. items.  | have a fine meal | Insurance Board (Employer's Contribution} Administrative Expense Fund • FA--RM TOOLS -  m| Rt. 47 , Smithville, W.Va. []l w.WeStva.Virginiaworkmen'sWorkmen'ScompensationC°mpensationCommtionerFUnd: Total Employees' Benefits • " Contingencies: Aluminum ext. ladder; Snatch blocks, Pl.anes; Tree I mmmmmmmmmd/ bers; Cha "binders; Jacks; Wedges; Shovels, • ' '" SummersL°uis ]. Manley,pharmacyV.O. Foster Feed Compa.ny Singletrees; Doubletrees! Collars; Harness; Gas cans; Pitch • m Gilmer County Mlical Center, Inc. forks; Grease guns; Vise; Anvil; Chains; Meat hooks; 1 West Virginta{Reimbursement}UniversityExtenaion Office Region VI/VII E Program ' Garden plow, Lawn, mower; Barrels; Wooden feed ]mx, 1 Clark R. James, Sheriff (Transfer of Funds} Less than $,50.00 [aggregate} Come-along; Set beam scales; Corn sheller; Ox yokes; 15 gal. 1 stone lar; Old trunk; Old harrow; Buck rake; Truck load of I Premium on Official Bonds: ' l; 12 ft. lumber; 20 ga. shotgun;-' 22 single shot rifle; Lot small ".m II FUttO "c°"in't°InsuranceAss°ciatt°ne:Agency hand tools. I I PA BT IIIII r- w, Va. Assoc. of County Officials County Commissioners Assoc. of WV qUIPM. TOTAL UNCLASSIFIED FARME -- YOU dont have to quit your TOTALEXPIT 430 Case tractor with side mower; 220 Case bailer; Case 1 present.jObtractor.@aller.0t.0 trainonlytO 7drlVeto aa RE FEDERAL FUNDS weekands PART TIME training side rake; Hay conveyer [with motor]; Hay tedder; Turn i NetBaance'Jtme30'1975 pt ul App. ba (Saturdays & Sundays) aquaI- FederalvoliceMatching:CommnicalionsFederal £qutState Relstions plow; 5 . c tzvator; 1100 les of hay. i i driver can be earning Total I 12OO O DISBURSEMEN'I • LIVESTOCK ' I, , Orders Issued Net Balance, June 30, 1976 hull; 18 [mostly Angus] cows, 14 calves; 9 [2 yr.,] I pa va,d up. (3wasiaa ORDERS ISStV Federal Signal Colratian program}. Loss than $50,00 (aggregate} ral head chickens. "" 1 FULU TIME resident trainin 9 Motorola, Inc. C/SHA gl' REVCO Trltor Trailer Train- Total - E: in¢ Inc. wilt train you on rood- ' . JAil'. IMFROVM]BNT S OF SAL era, professional equipment, (SavinlAeoount} AUCTIONEER: CLARK MINNEY g • and p)a=ment essist= is RECEIPTS available upon .a,uti. .... Interest 'OR ACCIDENTS . CALLNOW' CJ.;iMtL1 TotalNet=hnce'|une30'197' M_AJ00TZ I 622 13100 00ov0000,rr i -- mmllll lll m IJ II/ , (Checid Acoouat) $311.55 $7,7443.52 5,520.00 706.77 741.42 1,4441.19 200.34 901.52 550.58 82.05 40.20 1,574.35 $8,742,88 5,580.00 80.00 342.40 79.09 148.90 174.13 822.52 235.90 237.00 110.43 258.75 157.00 101.55 448.4B 218.76 72.38 250,12 121.44 78.50 92.21 2,382.52 126.51 315,21 190.05 196.25 7.61 $835.63 795.9t 2,560.05 10,018,66 698.11 190.80 2,285.42 15,753.04 4,294.00 $30,463.62 89,32 89.32 80.70 80.70 56.35 56,35 61.05 61.05 57.43 57.43 90.90 90.90 92.77 92.77 53.53 53.53 98.28 98.28 94.54 94.54 64.38 64.36 63.20 83.20 1.804.86 $1.721.03 76.00 830.00 66.00 96.80 96.80 1.560.68 4,788.61 9,213.71 $11,018.57 67.92 98.00 83.98 740.00 $966.68 3.600.00 2.4341.52 2.820.00 1,159.23 10,013.75 $185,735.49 12,000.00 32.00 136.94 8.782.00 100.{]0 25.00 125.00 433.56 2,354.82 1.453.50 73.52 64.82 52.00 85.57 $4,517.59 $25.593.53 2.800.00 4,800.00 399.69 544,74 $26,544.43 7.845.55 12,257.98 140.00 12,397.96 4,545.98 105.00 4,650.96 1.063.99 $25,978.46 128.00 410,33 180.00 226.00 182.46 389.10 2.058.41- 129.88 3.702.16 817.00 476.00 75,00 25.00 57600 ,005.18 68.947.09 $ None 1.108.37 $1.108.37 $1.1.37 None 144.64 939,79 23.94 1,108.37 $1.106.37 RECEIPTS Net Balance, June 30, 1975 Transfer of Funds: )ustices' Fines Fund Total DISBURSEMENTS Orders Issued Net Balance, June 3o, 1976 ORDERS ISSUED Woods Roofing & Sliding Company Donald ]ones W.O. King Company Hardman TrueValue Hardware Ray Herren, Jr. REVENUE SHARING FUND RECEIPTS Net Balance, June 30. 1975 U.S. Treasury Department Interest Total DISBURSEMENTS Orders Issued Net Balance, June 30, 1978 ORDERS ISSUED Operating Maintenance Expenditures: Health: Gilmer County Health Department Financial Administration: Less than $50.00 [aggregate) Social Services for Aged & Poor: Senior Citizens Center Clone]lie Supply Company Public Transportation: Gilmer County Medical Center, Inc. Gilmer County Ambulance Authority Collins Insurance Agency Less than $50.00 {aggregate) Recreations: Hardman True Value Hardware GlenviUe Supply Company Appalachian Concrete & Supply KRIGGER & Company, Inc. Total Operating Maintenance Expenditure Capitol Expenditure: Repairs, Etc. Thomas Electric Facemire Bros. & Company Palace Furniture Company Hardman True Value Hardware Sydney T. Lewis Multipurpose & General Government: C. Edwin Hultman Company McJonkin Corporation Health: Gilmer County Ambulance Authority Gilmer County Health Department Litton Dental Products Gilmer County Medical Center, Inc. Sears Roebuck & Company Recreation: Umbaugh.Pele Building Co., Inc. KRIGGER & Company, Inc. Forinah & Son Lumber, Inc. Hardman True Value Hardware Glenville Supply Company Danser Hardware & Supply Co. Roberts Riding Stables Appalachian Concrete & Supply Less than $50.00 {aggregate) Public Safety: McKnight Trucks Inc. Total Capitol Expenditure TOTAL ORDERS ISSUED DOG FUND RECEIPTS Net Balance. June 30.1975 Taxes from Assessor & Dog Warden Transfer of Funds: From General County Fund Total DISBURSEMENTS Orders Issued Net Balance. June 30. 1976 ORDERS ISSUED Asa Bush {Dog Warden) Asa Bush {Traveling Expense Account] Caste & Harris. Inc. Pauline Harrm ]ackie Lee Bear Manley FAun Nelson Garrett Ralph J. Shaver Ruth Elswick Clayton Beall Paul Cole Delbert Cole Less than $.50.00 [aggregate) . , Total COMPREHENSIVE CLINIC FROrECT NO, WVA-127 RECEIPTS Net Balance, June 30, 1075 Kanawha Union Bank (Interim Financing} Gilmer County Medical Center. Inc, Total DISBURSEMENTS Orders Issued Net Balance, June 30, 1076 ORDERS ISSUED C.H. |imison & Sons. Inc. Medical Supply Company • Hardman True Value naruware Everett B. Eilison Nee Office Equipment 3M BusinessProducts Sales Inc. Park (::hem Kanawha Union Bank Total IUSTICES' FINES RIND RECEIPTS Balance shown by Settlement, June 30, 1975 Monies from Justices' of the Peace (County Magistrates} Total DISBURSEMENTS Orders Issued Net Balance, June 30, 1978 ORDERS ISSUED Clark R. James. Sheriff Vonda E. Montgomery Orkin Exterminating Company, Inc. Cotton Elevator Company State Tax Commissioner Oxford Chemicals Everett B. Ell]son Woods Roofing & Siding Company West Virginia State Industries Clark R. lames. Sheriff {Transfer of FUnds - Jell Improvement Fund} Marshall's Welding Sm'Tlce Hutchison Sanitary Supply Less than $50.00 [aggregate) Total We. the undersigned members of the County, West Virginia, do hi m Statement Is true and correct to Prepared by: Mary R. Davidson, County Clerk The State of Division will acceIt Sei3t. 30, 197e on No bid will en forms Administration, Room Charleston. West NOTICE TO the Creditors estate of : WI WOODYARD. All persons ha' estate of : WOODYARD not. are voucher thereof dersigned, at ClanG]lie 22, 1977. at they may, benefits ot sbad All beneficigrieS appear on or said claims interests. Given under Septl 1976. Paul H. Accounts. One inch of rain €ontains the a 10-inch .mowlrtorm. :ii