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September 24, 2009     The Glenville Democrat
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September 24, 2009

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Page 10 -- The Glcnvillc I)emocrat, Thursday, September 24, 2009 Around The Oer ald00ne M ar ks Kitch en Table ..... :::::::: ii!:=!i!!i!!!iiiiiiiiii ..m: ...... ==:mm :'iEiiii[iiiil ;iiiii[ iiiiiiiil  , iiiiiiii i!iiiii! a=m: iliN :a::=a =::m a=lu. i iiiiiiiiii ::: : :=m== iiii!iiii= =====: i!!i!iiiiiii  i!ii!" ii!iiiiiiiiiii: ,i: Pat's Chat EARL, JUDSON, FRANK, AND IVA, HOLDING BABY MARIE MOORE Lovely Wildflowers Herald Summer's End This picture was probably taken around 1926 or 1927. Judson was a son of Andrew Jackson and Fanny Cunningham Moore and a grandson of Isaac and Bethiah Moore. Judson served his country in WWI, and his lungs were weakend by gas while he was in France. When I remember Judd, he lived at the foot of Perkins Hill and had a large store there. He taught in the Perkins One Room School as long as he was able. My 1930 census states that: Judson was 40; his wile, Iva, 29; son, Earl, 8; Frank, 6; Marie, 4; Richard, 2; and Eloise, 1. The Gilmer County Mar- riage Book states that W.J. Moore, 27, and Iva Henderson, 16, were mar- ried November 18, 1917. Judson is buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery, and his grave-marker states that he was born June 8, 1889, and died Oc- tober 9, 1935. We have been having lots of lovely fall weather, and wildflowers are deco- rating the roadsides; there are white and purple Asters, yellow Goldenrod and yellow wild Sunflowers, white Thoroughwort and Snakeroot, and I've seen several red seedpods of Jack-in- the-Pulpit that the deer have missed. We do not have many apples, but gardens have really done well this year. My bees have their hive full of honey and are waiting for Tim to get time to rob them. Don Bailey's cane patch looks like it is getting ripe; he will soon be making molasses. George Melton called and said he has a picture of Glenville's dentist, Dr. Withers. The picture was taken on a deer hunt in Virginia. My 15 calves are on their way to a feedlot. They were sold on a board sale some time ago. Son Tim and Bobby Beall hauled theln to Servia and put them on a truck this week. I will miss them. Daughter Jo Ann and husband Mike's new garage is almost finished, and their hot tub has been installed on their new cement porch. The porch and garage look nice. what's on Your ,A/t ind ? By Claudia Rock Vadis Welcome, Fall Hello Ya'll! Happy Fall ! I know it's not here yet, but it's fast approaching. Fall is my favorite season--the bright colors of the trees, the coolness, the smell of leaves burningiI just love it. On September 13, I turned 62 years old. Now, to some of you, that seems ancient; however, I don't feel ancient. My mind is young, and I'd still climb trees if I could. The spirit is willing, but the body's weak. Still, I thank God for the health I do have. Do people still sit on porch swings in the cool of a fall evening? We used to. Sitting on the porch with family and friends gave you a feeling of peace and contentment. Sometimes I think the world is moving too fast to enjoy such simple pleasures. Before I any of you have a place to rent out? A family I know needs a place DESPERATELY. They have to have shelter by Septem- ber 30. This nice couple have two children and family pets. They would consider a place to rent with the op- tion to buy. Please help them if you can; call me or email me for more information. Saturday night, I did something I' ve never done before. I went on a night four wheeler ride. Talk about fun! It was a neighborhood event put on by two dear friends of mine. There were several people who took part, and everyone enjoyed themselves. We had a bonfire and cooked hot dogs after- ward. Good times with good people. I'd like to close with a joke my friend emailed me: Wooden Leg Insurance A man and his wife moved back home to West Virginia from Ohio. The husband had a special wooden leg, and the cost to insure it back in Father Ed By: Joseph J. Mazze!la Father Ed, the priest of the church I attended as a child, passed away this Summer. He will be missed by many, including me. I can still see him so clearly in my heart and mind. Tall, thin, quiet, friendly, and smart with thinning hair and thick glasses, he always looked more like an engineer than a priest. He was a great lover of classical music. One of my most vi- brant memories of him was a long trip we took together over curvy, moun- tainous roads. Father Ed was steering the car with one hand and directing with the other, while Beethoven's 9th Symphony serenaded us from his cas- sette deck. Looking back now I can still feel his spirit swaying in his body while the music played. Father Ed's greatest love, however, was the tireless work he did for God. He preached, wrote columns and books, visited prisons, taught in schools, and ministered everywhere for the love of God, from the streets of Indianapolis to the hills of West Vir- ginia. It was these mountains and their people that touched his heart the most deeply, though, and I am happy that he was able to end his work on Earth here. He did the very best work he could every single day. Even though his body aged, worn down, and fi- natly surrendered to death, his spirit never did. FatherEd may have left us now. but his work goes on. The work we do for the love of God never ends, but thank- fully, God's love for us never ends, either. God's love not only produces the best work, but also the best people. Father Ed was one of them. Thinking of Father Ed reminds me that we are more than just these bod- ies that carry us around. We are spirits dancing in the flesh. We are more than just the work we do. We are the love of God working inside of us. We are more than just these lives we live. We are the love we give and the joy we share every moment of them. God bless you, Father Ed. We miss you. Mazzella is a freelancer from Nicho- las Co. He is a Glenville State Col- lege alumnus. What does Minnie Hamilton Health System offer in Glenville? Rockefeller Congratulates Senator Jay Rockefeller congratu- lated Robert D. "Bobby" Lewis for being selected as the USDA Rural Development State Director for West Virginia. In this role, which Lewis also held under the Clinton adminis- tratiun, he will administer programs and services provided by the USDA to West Virginia. "Bobby is one of West Virginia's finest native sons and a public servant in the truest sense. He has spent Iris enlire career working to promote com- mumly and ec()nomic development aCltlss his home state," Rockefeller work closely with him for years, and I am thrilled that he's been selected to again serve as West Virginia's lead- ing advocate at the USDA." A Ill,e-long resident of West Vir- ginia with roots in McDowell County, Lewis began his career working in a family-owned business and served two terms of Mayor of Welch and a term as Commissioner of McDowell County. In 1993, he was appointed by the Clinton administration as the USDA State Director, and in 2001 was appointed Director of Commu- nity Development for the West Vii-- Pat Ridpath, Burnsville 472-5102 or 888-294-5401 Kids Say the Darndest Things ! While listening to a TV prog ram. I the chats mat wu'ious people had had heard thisinteresting information: In with him he thought they were all responsetoaninqmryabouthowlong saying "Ring Bear!" He did NOT we have had the Holy Bible m print, growl while walking down the aisle. the speaker said that when Adam was however, but walked down without created, he lived nearly 1.000 years hesitation. i: and was alive when Noah started his Jimmie Beth writes. "But the re- preaching and building of the ark. ception was qmte another story. He ! .... {{{iii Then Noah lived after the Flood until was also qmte impressed with and , ,ii ':.ii:."..'i after Abraham. the Friend of God. fond of his tuxedo, but by the end of iii. No writtenScripturewasnecessary the evening, the shirt and tie were during all of those years, because it gone and all he had was the vest. :  was revealed orally by those who had pants, and shoes on. He looked like a very close encounters with God. Then. Chippendale in training. A good time after several decades of slavery m was had by all." When Jimmie Beth Egypt.God'schildrencameoutknow- writes she always ends with "Go. lng very little about God and needed Mountaineers!" She now lives in more guidance. Pennsylvania The first "writing" spoken of was Dale Conner and his wile. Letta God writing His ten promises on tables {Gray Gregory), are home after a life- of stone with His own finger (Prom- flight to Rub> last Friday for Dale. He ises? Yes. eachCommandment prom- is doing well. and that is an answer to ises that you will NOT kill. steal, many, many prayers! commit adultery, etc. ). I wrote this poem for my only grand- Then Moses wrote down the first daughter. Laura Elizabeth Bucklew five books of the Old Testament as Bucholtz. ,ow of Oakland, CA: God directed, along with all the ordi- nances that explained the ceremonies LITTLE MOMMY that pointed to Jesus' death for us. There is something oh, so gentle That is when the written Word began. 'Bout a woman who's with child. The rest is history! Her laughter is much brighter St. John tells us in chapter one, "In And her temper is more mild. the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word There are twinkling stars about her was God. The same was in the begin- In her eyes and in her toes, ning with God. All things were made Like a different "spirit" moves her, by him.., the Word was made flesh Letting nothing bring her woes. and dwelt among us (Verses 1, 2, 3 and 14)." Jesus is revealed through- It's a mystery much greater than out Scripture. It is the Word of God- The ones that trouble Perry. He is the Word of God. If we want to It is wonder that engulfs her KNOW God personally, we need to Making heart and home so merry. go to the Word. Condolences to the fiiends and fam- How can anyone explain the ily of Beatrice Elizabeth Wisekal Sweet and lovely "angel" aura? Fahrner, who died at age 95 in It must be a baby's coming, Stephens City, VA. She was formerly Making "Mommy" out of of Helvetia. She was a member of the Laura .......... Buckhannon Seventh-day Adventist Church. Toni Wine is very upset that Guid- During abeautiful wedding uniting ing Light will no longer be on televi- Dennis Peer, Jr. and Darcy Winkler sion. She will miss her favorite actor, on Saturday, September 12, 2009, the Josh Lewis. She says it has been on ring bearer was Joseph Jarmon III, since 1937, first on radio, then televi- grandson (4years old) of Jimmie Beth sion. Marple Peer, formerly of Burnsville. Happy Birthday to Kayla Roberts During the rehearsal on Friday night, on September 24; she will be 18. the little guy quietly asked his mother, Also, Happy Birthday to Carl Blake, Ohio was $2,000 per year! Jamie, Jimmie Beth's daughter,"Do I on September 30. Julius Singleton When they arrived in West Vir- have to growl'?" asks you to keep him in your prayers. ginia, theywenttoaninsuranceagency Jamie was really puzzled about it, Mark your calendar for the to see how much it would cost to , until she gave it a bit of thought, Burnsville United Methodist Rum- insure his wooden leg. The agent trying to see through her son's eyes. mage Sale and Bake Sale, October 2 looked it up on the computer and said, "She realized that even through all the and 3, from 9:00 to 4:00. "$39." The husband was shocked practice they had done at home, and Maranatha! / and asked why it was so cheap here in West Virginia, when it cost him $2000 in Ohio, Kuhl Clan Meet The insurance agent turned his com- puter screen to the couple and said, The 67th Annual Kuhl Reunion, "Well, it's right here on the screen. It decendents of Henry and Catherine says: Any wooden structure with a Kuhl, was held Sunday, Aug. 16, at sprinkler system above it is $39. You the Gilmer County Recreation Cen- just have to know how to describe it!" ter. Hopeyouallhaveasafeandhappy Seventy attendees enjoyed a fine week. Please email me at covered dish dinner. or call me The afternoon was spent visiting at ( 304 ) 269-5187 if you have some- and renewing old acquaintances. Gifts thing you'd like me to put in my were given to the following. Oldest column, female; Carrie Witt, Oldest male; Peace, Claudia Harper Turner, Fartherest travelled; Howard Kuhl, Most family members Miranda Craft, Speech Language Pathologist joined the staff at Minnie Hamilton Health System and will being seeing youth in the Gilmer County School System, at our Glenville Office and the Grantsville Operations. For more information please call 304-462-7322 in Glenville or 304-354-9244 in Grantsville. Family and General Medical Services Pediatric Clinic Physical Therapy Radiology Laboratory School Based Health Center Glenville State College Medical Services Minnie Hamilton HEalth Sgst00m 809 Mineral Road 186 Hospital Drive Glenville WV Grantsville WV Returns Home MIRANDA RICHARDS CRAFT Speech Therapist Minnie Hamilton Health System has employed the services of Miranda (Richards) Craft. a speech therapist who has recently returned to the area. Miranda will be seeing patients in Grantsville on: Mondays, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.; and 8 a.m. to noon on Friday. Miranda graduated from Calhoun County Middle/High School in 2001 and West Virginia University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology. She received her Masters in Speech Language Pathology from Ohio University in 2007. Since gradu- ation, she has worked with children from pre-school through high school. She has worked in hospitals, home health and long-term care facilities. Miranda will be working closely with the long-term care residents and swing bed patients at MHHS. She will also be accepting referrals from the pediatricians and other doctors for children with speech/language delays. In the community, she will be provid- ing speech therapy and receptive and expressive language therapy. Miranda will be seeing youth in Gilmer County Schools on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. For more information, please con- tact Miranda at 304-354-9244. Farmers' Market News Autumn Produce Aplenty present; B ill and Radene Kuhl; Young- est boy; Andrew Entrup, Youngest girl; Jennifer Entrup, Longest mar- ried; Dean and Deloris Furr, Most recently married; Larry and Shirley Gaston. Next year's reunion will be held Sunday, August 15, 2010, at the Rec- reation Center. Mark your calenders and come and bring a friend. (Submitted by Bob Kuhl, President.) It's beginning to look more like fall at the Market. We have corn stalks, pumpkins, mums and many different kinds of tall and winter squash ,available. There are apples available as well. It's time to make your applesauce, apple butter and wonderful pies. This week, Ken Townsend will be bringing his grist mill to provide fresh cornmeal again It is a great process to watch. Ken will have cornbread recipes to share as well. A sorority from GSC will be mak- ing lunch as a fundraiser. Please be sure to stop by to support the Market and the fundraiser. GLENVILLE GUN SHOW COMING SOON November 7 & 8, 2009 Don't Buy Your Deer Rifle Until You Have Looked ! for information: Phil Cunningham 462-8654 We've Moved! I GILBERTSON HOGAN ASSOCIATES ENGINEERS and LAND SURVEYORS is now Downtown at 128 Main AVENUE WESTON, WV 26t,52 Same Phone: 304-269-7169 SAme Fax: 304.-269-7191 Same e-maih Same Resonable, Reliable, and Efficient Service Gilmer County Recreation Center and the Gilmer County Volun- teer Fire Dept. team up once again for their second fundraiser. Mud bog and a track for a timed race for 4-wheelers and motorcycles. To pre-register, please call the Rec. Center at 304-462-7653. When: October 24, 2009 Where: Gilmer County Rec. Center Time: Races start at 11:00 a.m. Registration is 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Price for riders is $25 each or enter both races for $35. Admission for public is $3 per person or $2 per person for car, truck or van load. Trophies awarded for first place winners and ribbons lbr sccond and third place winners. Concessions will be provided throughout the day by the Gihncr County i said "1 have been proud to know and ginia I)evelopmcnt Office. 4627322 354-9244 , Please come out and support these two organizations. /BII0000IIIBI00 II00il IiIJil00ll00ii00llBI I[llI00l00 II[I00Illlil [lllI I0000IIIIlIll00 Rec. Center and the Fire Dept.