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September 25, 2003     The Glenville Democrat
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September 25, 2003

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Column continued... ~ed from page 3 is) of the ing Youth Services Person(s) of the Conclusion ;Business(orBusi- Year. and Outstanding Community "Chow" until next week! of the Year, Outstand- Volunteer of the Year. mSlll Cmaimled h'om page 3 ILocal Thursday, SepL 25, 2003 -- The Glenville Democrat/lPathrmder -- Page 5 'Folks VVho Sh citizens, not welfare recipients, need help I would get up from my seat and go to to be getting a welfare check at all Editor, I've got an- help those people and I also would because they use that money for things give up my seat to an older person and that they do not need to buy with the stand by them so if they needed help, state tax payers money. goes out to the senior I could be ready to lend a helping That money should go to build hous- inia when I have hand, and be of assistance with the ing projects, the upkeep of the roads, waiting room at older ones. the building of new medical buildings in West Virginia. I The senior citizens of West Vir- and the employers for the state, seen the senior ginia should get more aid from the Again the state should find more through the doors to be government and state, like to make employment forthe welfare people and they need to get more housing projects for their living make them feel more responsible than I know each needs, more help with the medical use the state tax payers for things that beloved supplies and more aid in their homes they; should not be spending money from pain some- For aged citizens, I have a deep for, such as I named in the letter that I feeling for them, lovethem, andeach wrote to the editor for Sept. 11 issueof d and had to day pray for them. the paper. the doors to the I have a feeling that the senior citi- Please wake up, people, before it's zens should get more help from guy- too late to do so. been seated ernment offcials - more than anyone and people would else because they really do need it. Johnna S. Heater a loved one It's like I said in another recent Tanner ,be in a wheel- letter to the editor, there are people on ~, ora walker, the State welfare rolls that do not need Milk ' or Whole gal. Yogurt Ine Ripe TOmatoes bo [oes lO Lb. OSE TO )ME Folger's Classic Roast Coffee w/Aromaseal Canister $ each Pineapples Ground Beef Chicken SEPT. 27 Shopper's Value [lathroom Tissue 24 $ COMPANY B, 1092 ENGINEERING UNIT -- Ordinarily based in Central West Virginia, the men and women of the National Guard's Company B, 1092 Engineering unit are normally used to fighting floods and other natural disasters throughout the Mountain State. Now on duty in Iraq, they are teaming a lot about rebuilding as much of the war-torn country as possible. Specialist First Class Steve Ostaff (front row, kneeling, at far nght), a Tanner resident, comments, "We have the worst of the summer over with the heat and dust storms." That makes working in the desert's sand a lot easier, we editors suspect. Here are some of the Gilmer County soldiers who want to say, "Hello," to their families and friends back home: (front row, I-r, kneeling) Sgt. Tom Egbert, SPC Sharon Youngs, SSG Pete McCune, and SFC Steve Ostaff; (second row, I-r, standing) SSG Gerry Shackleford, Sgt. Terry Lamb, SPC John Dennison, SSG Larry Gregory, SPC Scott Hacker, SPC Billy Boone, and SPC Josh Cottrell. Other local soldiers not pictured (but also wanting to send along their greetings to Gilmer County) are as follows: Gregory Shackleford, Tim King, Zack King, Brandon Gerwig, Charles Smell, Aaron Gerwig, Bnan Norman, Kevin Leady, and Tom Tanner. Because of their efforts to rebuild schools, public buildings, and infrastructure in Iraq -- a dangerous place to be under any circumstances, these soldiers of Company B, 1092 Engineering Unit richly deserve our newspapees "Folks Who Shine" Award for bravery, industry, intelligence, hard work and humanitarianism in the face of adversity. May God speed their safe return home1 DHC, Sr., Publisher-Editor (Photo courtesy of SFC Stove OotBf0 Freshetta Pizza Bake to Rise Only Asst. Varities IIIIIIIII I I I I Kristal Sheets I I years, and nutbucket fight-wing Anyb dy E1 hatemachinestillactsasthoughClin- S e ton pardoned Patty Hearst only yes- ~~. terday. Kahn's Club Last week was like inside-out day let himself be shoved out into the It's like a nasty divorce: conserva- at kindergarten, limelight before eclipsing all other tiveshavemanagedtodistancethem- Family Packs Tenders Bologna Wehadthreemembersofthe Bush Democratic candidates within days. selves from the Clinton administra- administration, including the Presi- On the surface, Clark seems like tion physically and fiscally, but the $...1 18/lb_ $299/I 9 denthimself, suddenly telling report- Democraticparty'sdreamcometrue: emotional break has not yet hap- $1 9/li ers, after spending a year and a half the former supreme allied com- pened. b. b. using Hussein S name in the same mander of NATO, this four-star gen- Should Clark win the presidency, sentence with 9/11 about ten times a eral graduated first in his class at I fear that none of the problems day, they had no evidence that West Point before becoming awe re facing on the domestic front White Rain Saddam Hussein and 9/11 wereRhodes Scholar. will be resolved because of the linked in any way. ,, He s got two things our current GOP-Ied House and Senate's Hair Products Of course, the "liberal media commander in chief lacks: crr.Aibil- . never-ending ~s to~:~ " " For daily meal specials, swept this under the rug, perhaps ity as a military man, mid brainsl A things Clinton. ..... ) call Food/and f)eli at because Dick Cheney had said the self-described liberal, Clark seems I I1 withhold complete judgment 462-4064 previous Sunday on "Meet the Press' on the correct side of most Demo- of Clark until we all get to know him that he could certainly understand crats on the issues, a little better, for now, I would pre- why people linked Saddam Hussein Unfortunately, he's also admitted fer a proverbial clean slate. and 9/11 (The President and his his weaknesson the side on domestic However, I'!1 commit myself to advisers need to visit Dick's bat issues.Thelastthreeyearshaveguar- stating that no matter who wins the cave a little more often and get him anteed that, if we gain nothing else next presidential election, anyone up to speed on what's cranking out from a regime change in Washing- will be better than Bush. of the bubble machine above ton, we desperately need aleaderon When I was managing an inde- ground.) this front, pendent bookstore in the Deep Then the Dalai Lama, a recipient Another unfortunate fact regarding South, there was one local author, of the Nobel Peace Prize, actually Wesley Clark's candidacy has been Dr. Wolff, who did not like me. said that the use of violence cannot mentioned already: his ties to the Mainly, this was because he was be discounted when dealing with Clintons. While this could-and most always pestering me to reorder terrorists, likely will-propel him to the Demo- signededitionsofhisself-published lagree, but l neverexpected him to cratic 0ommation for next autobiography even though we al- say that. It was kind of like hearing November's election, I think any ready had quite a few copies in the your grandmother swear like a sailor presidential hopeful so cl~ly linked overstock bins. I always refused his Tnlk Fro Glenville State College aftersheburnsherhandonthestove: to "Billary" will not l>e good for this offer. understandable, but still a shock to nation. One day I answered the phone at -.- ~ ...... ~ the system Do 1 say this because I think Bill the store and, after identifying my- .. : Through Professional Development Schools (PDS), Iram Cv,,bnues students may observe, tutor and participate in In'the midst of all these strange Clinton was abad president? Not at seif, the cailer said, in the unmista~- ; instructional activities that relate to their area(s) of utterances, a new Democratic presi- all. Like most Democrats, I would able GermanaccentofDr. Wolff, "I expertise. This interaction enhances .the educa.f~nal dential candidate has announced his vote for Clinton in a heartbeat if he vood like to speak to sumvun eltse." e has a long and proud tradition in experiences and preparation oT our teacher canaidates bid. could run again. .... And that's my point: Trying not to'laugh,, _, as I knew who ::hers'rheCllegebeg-a:fPr~PaS~an~ The GSC POS cencept began in the spring f 2OO2 with Ofcourse, l'mtalkingaboutGen-he can't run agaln,,but ,n the eyes of itwas, Iasked, Well, to whom would eral Wesle Clark Clark had been the GOP Clark s running withyou like tospeak~'' ,n the Glenwlle Bren~ ..... m= ..... ' *o link GSC teacher education resources whispered Ys a possible candidate Clinton's endorsement will he a lot - Dr Woiffexclaimed as if it should West ' " was establiSneu uy u,.- a ~n..u,,=-. , ..... Vir.gmea ..... -.., emnhasis at with the resources of area schools..'l'hls hnkage is ..,,t, me late ]~ouLrs, um . ,.r:.a. a ...... ;" ,-,.aer to imorove public ~ls programs for months Finall , with AI Gore like Clinton s running again, have'~n obvious, "Anybody eltsel" oe teacher re ration, at wn,u ..... ~,y ..... .... and both Clintons behind him, Clark He has been out of office for thr Indeed" anybody else ~ded ~ ,-~,Prc~elP~a and services. Even while at the same brae substant,ally ,mprowng teacher " Y ee - " " ..... -~"=-~"'' -..-.~ ~, heritage by ,,re,,=ration and development. The purpose of the ............ : ................ " ,,.sslon, ~L; preserv .~-u '~-'-~----~"n v "~Z_'_~.;.. concent is to develop a unique cooperation At the Gilrner County School Board- ot e in teacher eau~,a~-.~ - ~arm~.~,,,,w ," . . . . T ' xcellence ..,hi,-h wnuld lead to new directions in education; one n .......... " es ciall school children are on Program continues to be a stro g where all parties, pe y , Board ms sfiB making many personnel aeClslons )tlmje with enrollment increasing over beneficiaries of our efforts. A lengthy executive session filled were discussed during the two hour Frymier to Maintenance Supervisor, ~:Yie~ufart~Y~tt~e~~e~rb~ah~Y~hoau~ ::eot~:o~f~ f!!e~s~.~i~3! nearly three hoursofathreeanda and fifty-fiveminuteexecutiveses- and the reclassification of Kline ~)~eelGopSCmeP?sSc~ffo~Olrts i~n~:3 ad o half hour meeting of the Gilmer sion; the following personnel a~rov- Frymier, who was upgraded one pay 'increase over the next few years. West Virginia. Each public institut" ig County Board of Education on Mon- als were reported by Gilmer County grade as a bus mechanic ..... its in our state is in the pro_ce._ss of .erther expanding their day nit, ht Schools Superintendent Sue Wag- Employment of Colin Hartshorn as rrogram is strongly comm~eO .to _ PDS partners or creating I:'o~ partners Before ihe Board went into execu- goner: the Academic/Work-base bus driver ~r~:r~Xs~d~te~oe~!~u.~~ b~v~eDnSGcP-'-~c~pan~t ~nPuia~iS~d~oe;~nn ............. rive ~e~:~icm n, 7..15om,however~. . , . Employment of Phyllis Cole as Di- .... - An increa."~ in hours per month for =pu~t~ .~rt~ financial matters on the agenda were rector of Food Service _. , !he Med,ca,d Coordinator (to ten discassed, ~-ith $47,779.79 in in- .Anincrea~einMarthaClutter scon- . hours) ~Cent education and specia~_l edu~u,~= upon mutual trust and. respect ........ voices approved for payment, tract, to220days .ExtensionofLesaHines'sdutycon. diff~r,s.-.# ..-.^.-d~li-~ti~ns I ~ ~'~'n~T" a,,a,~r#a:w~ondence amor~ the pamopents./he rt.~ arroms -- .:.~.kt.....~" .... ,annel matters , The reclassification of George tract to include the uric Director of US ~,~'-"ra=~s '~'l~'aFprepare teacher ~o--~nity for the l:mrtners to learn from each other ~ nu,,,u=, u, F~ .......... " " v u ~ " ia and me ~ .... ~ ~, ~ ~m~ ~ Special Education e=rchosen careers in West Virgm~ . _ =nd creates a true learn|rig community where college r~]l~ ~U nnw vR , Increase Glenville Elementary Y, there are successful GSC graoume~ ~ and public school faculty WOrK togemer for the, vvxv~to ~x. L,,v ..... I Sch -! .................. " COuntv in the state betterment of the profession. Through active .collaboration ............. i u~ L;UUK iJoDle MarKs ~OlUlI-UI'n~ " " . .._ one ~U,lds new understanding of the ~aming and CHIROPRACTIC PHY IUIA V i to accommodate the increased num- )2, GSC instituted new proce~ureSa~r ~h~ r~ ~f~eachers and schools in prepanng citizens for 34 Island Avenue ~ Buckhannon, II of students served at the school e and exit of the Education Pro~_ .,.~ .-.,r society PHONE" (304) 472-64)70 I Employment of Janet Combs as a ~~A ~ ~rgf s~tii ~dPG~:b~'X '!! ~itC~ ~ I~ha ~C~o~S ~ k~E IGePSmDS~tt~er ~a~n! for 34 Full ! permanent subst,tute GRADUATE OF PA'LM' ER CHmOP ACrIC COLLete l . - . " nGMSiCddeen ..... t mpmymenter f Stephanie:teache at "The Fountainhead of Chwopracnc Travelstead as third rade tion candidate is req.. the artnership with . ry Giving quality and affordable care over years. pine Normantown Elementary Schoolx "V~ew process for admi~on into . Pe...,,rnersville Junior High School, th~s partnership will De .1 . ., t~motovment OlWenoell 1 omolln as their-interview each student vi'de a clinical settir for GSC teacher education iV Cam scmaca,ad'ustmentmchedTreatmentnervesf headacheS,and m ulo-skeleta neck pain,promemlO bac 1 r .............. P ' P " " " w Freshman Boys basketball coach at folios which con~in their philosoP~~ ~,'~t~ while oroviding professional development for My treatment plan ~s to get results as qmckly as possible. Ne I GCHS n ancI re arch the have compm~eu ......... achers[ school leaders and GSC faculty pat=ents are always welcome , se Y current, I New postings for employment., at Hours by a mtment I ~ education. ,.....s our Public school teachers are also teaching GSC students ,, ' the board include the posit!on of :W uaIRY u~ I This - also ensures the q ....... n site at public schoos setup allows GSC --- AlternatweTeacheratGlenvflleEl- ~~~~~i ~i!~~at i~oS~i~lo~ ~~' a _tal!i ~ ementary School, and a search for participants in the Principal Mentor Wash Shop, Inc. -- --- Ne business included the great AUTO LIETAIIING news that ...... " Tn Is .... mtcnaet motors rnplete this intervie P --,-.ast a . . Deta,, gA ffered Gassaway has agreed to lease a new th intaining ..... Professional Services O : _ . . fir internship, ma GSC currently has 30 interns completing their educatmn I-,~es '~ x car tor the Gflmer County H~gh I the PRAXIS II exam. at GSC They are all scheduled to graduate m - " Wash Only, Inside Cleaned. 'a , School driver's education program December. Interns are currently in classrooms in the Steam Seats, Steam Carpet, curriculum there are a va.riebj of following West Virginia counties: Braxton, Calhoun, Clay, for $1 per year, and that a School ghout the' program for eoucauu~ Engine Cleaned. Students in educational Se~rnn~%na~y. Gilrner, Greenbrier, Harrison, Lewis, N~cno{as, upsnur, BuildingAuthorityprojecttoreplace Webster and Wood. * Call fi~r an appointment! the roof at GCHS has been approved. local schools and the corn . Mon. - Fri. 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. The meeting adjourned at 10:30 P.0. Box 159. Glenville, WV 26351. (3N} 462.4881 p.m. ! 1