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September 26, 1975     The Glenville Democrat
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September 26, 1975

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8 Tim Glenvflle Democrat/Pathfinder September 25. Ig75 If the clothes ytns make don't fit as The meetin~ is sponsored by Gilmer County Extension Office and Extension Homemakers, Council. Extension pr- grams are open to all persons without regard to race, color, sex, religion or there's talk of expanding this law, no proposal would-or could-effectively regulate the number of animals born or the number of animals a dealer can bF William they should, perhaps some minor national origin. "'Basically the solution lies with pet Pro/oss~r Emer/fos, UmiwrsitF of lkiN pattern alterations are all that are For more information, contact Ruby owners." Dr. Hail says "'They should necessary. You can learn about some Holland. Home Demonstration Agent. take full responsibility for their pets common alterations at a leader at Glenville 462-7061. training meeting on "Fit or Misfit" to and keep them inside the house, in the In the long series of group customs so outt be held October 2 at 1 p.m. in the yard or on a leash. To avoid accidental migrations to North America. from the suppression-for Extension Conference Room. Court- breeding, owners also should have founders of Jamestown to the sure of the help .o..^o_. Problem= -f w,,, ,ore : Kate Clark. Extension Specialist in attention to spaying the females, few if any have arrived without fixed died. attitudes toward aging and special At the other Textiles and Clothing. will offer Spaying is a surgical procedure traditions for treating their elders, never, as a nation, informetion on proper measurements, umanted pets requrin~ the skill of a veterinarian that The variationsaremany;buttheyhaveaged asth~/a~I. selecting correct figure types and eliminates the ability of the female to not had much influence on the special term. otos] understanding "basic pettern alters- reproduce. Unfortunaterly. the time development of any form of "egeism" koaorable elders tions that can make your wardrobe and money involved often is greater recognizable as distinctively Ameri- holiday, "Respect l more professional looking. Last year, animal shelters in the than the average pet owner is willing can. They even recogni A Cooperative Extension state United States destroyed over 13 million to spend. Some promising alternatives For the first three centuries of our as the onset q staff member since 1973, Clark hasdogs and cats. such as a birth control pill for female history we had a rather colorless or ceremonies rese~ neutral behavior toward our elders, christening, or co That's terrible, you say? Why pets may soon help simplify the job and This came about largely by default. Such marked also worked as a Home Demonstration werent they placed as pets in homes? cut the costs. The first shiploads of settlers, mostly elderly in Japan~ Agent in Ritchie and Wood Counties ~ The blunt truth is, nobody wanted Dr. Hail says that some people don't from Great Britain, had almost no cultures renras' :~ and as an instructor in West Virginia them. They were on the losing end of want to spay their pet. "These people older people {by whatever definition of Nation of NationS, ~ University s Division of Family the statistics concerning strays and say they want to show their kids the "'older"). Hewing livable space out of have had, early or Kate Clark Resources. She is a member of the unwanted dogs and cats. miracle of life." he expalins. "But a wilderness called for the best in comparison a rid West Virginia Home Economics About 20 million of them roamed the there is another side of life that is brawn and good health. Only when acloser to an econoV Division and Home Economics hone- streets and fields last year. An much less pleasant to see. Life snuffed few of these "founding fathers" {and cherished custom. mothers} survived their fifties and At the time of ~:~i rary Phi Upsilon Omicron. estimated 5 million were never caught out in a tanlged mess under the wheels settled into less strenuous labors, was War ~s Benjamin i ~ ~ ~~,~ mu "I by the poundman and presumably metof a car/ Dazed, abandoned pets there even the appearance of an older the 'colonies had / L~. i~ ~~j their death by starvation, disease, or searching frantically along .he under the wheels of a car. roadside for something to eat. And the group in the community, marriages as Great . . as many children Only about 2 million caught by thelimp bodies of the 13 million deadWe recall with speczal przde the ,~nm,~n,,, wiRhad to ~V~/'~ = ,~ ',i ~ poundman could be returned to their animals hauled out of animal shelters many-sided Ben Franklin; 70 when ~-:n~-,-"'~',~t~t"ive--A~ I 1 " owners or be placed in new homes annually, appointed to help draft a Declaration "rr" ..... the ~"" 'I ' wfl years. ~_ ( b,~ n q! through vigorous give-away promo- "This may sound crass," Hejl says,of Independence, 82 when he finally ......... man 1~ I k l, i STORE HOURS tions. The remaining 13 million were "but it needs to be said. NO ONE usretired from public read the diary of SamualAnd it amuseSsewall, ~-,~:~,~'~h~,~"~dder'~"hilJ"~ h"~h~'h~'nd' surplus, leaving pounds and shelters LOVES ANIMALS MORE THAN I. As a former judge in the Salem witch trials, ~o'~"~.'~'~er Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - 9 to 5 p.m. no choice but to destory them in the veterinarian, I want to see animals live as he records his courting of Widow ~----o ....... most humane way possible, and to see pets in a good home. I don't Winthrop in his late eng. (She turned Soldiers were Wednesday, Saturday - 9 to 1 p.m. Concerned citizens frequently turn want to see them killed or spreeding him down.} But-and this is a very despite the ..... to the U. S. Department of Agriculture disease or. biting little children or important but-the stress on age in this were scarcer yet. BEFORE BUYING, COME IN AND COMPARE (USDA} for solutions, because USDAs annoying the neighbors -which is what colonial sampling is a recent addition: 15 made up about hglf! Animal and Plant Health Inspectionloose-running dogs and cats do. what individuals did, in early times. It was a v~ry OUR PRICES ON MAJOR APPLIANCES. Service enforces the Animal Welfare "So, responsible pet owners must was what really .counted, not how Act. Dr. John M. Hejl. Deputy do all they can to keep their pets from young or old they happened to be when stayed young for more. As late Administrator for Veterinary Services, breeding. Humane societies and petthey did it. American in 25 was Phone 462-7939 - 462-8463 explains that under this law, clubs need to teach and foster this H this sounds like the Puritan Work Then things Ethic, it was. There was an urgency, commodious .4 ulhorized wholesale pet dealers are licensed and responsibility. Pet retailers and hard to imagine today, about the whole must meet federal standards for shelters selling or giving away dogs colonial venture. Time was of the "always one more CATAI,OG SAI,ES MERCHANT buying, selling, trading, handling and and cats must stress to the new owners essence, and idleness was unfor- rare as the family ] OWNED AND OPERATED BY JANET DEAL transporting dogs and cats. While that the solution to unwanted births givable. Children began contributing The family reformed in lies with them. Then. pet owning will to the household economy as soon as Pensions gave mean a warm puppy or kitty, not a cold they could and the oldest members ,=~nsw,n=w=w-uwmwau=,a,o,,NN,==~= statistic, continued to as long as they could, new dignity and - dent action, but incidentally retaining their self respect at a fixed age by doing so. 10-9 Daily 12-6 Sunday CAMOUFLAGE COATS-,,-,- 14.95 CAMOUFLAGE PANTS-" 11.95 Rt. 33 West Second Street Weston. WV HUNTER BROWN COATS--- 14.95 ! wrrH eLotmEsOmT TRe , BELOW HUNTER BROWN PANTS-- 10.95 OUTSTANDING COAT FEATURES 2 ly 11.89 oz. Army duck Mertexin 2-bath water repellent finish Double layer shoulders Banded game pocket full width of coat Concealed license hanger under collar OUTSTANDING PANT FEATURES 2-ply medium Army duck 2 bath Martexin Large belt loops JOCKEY CAPS Brown poplin with hunting emblem ' 2.49 Camouflage Brown W/Blaze Orange ~red-greenl .,oo oo .oo, 2 49 Yoke 2 Pocket Flaps repellent finish SWEAT SHIRTS iINSULATED UNDERWEAR- Fleece lined sweat Ught weight undershirts shirts M-L-XL & drawers S.M-L-XL The underlying principle, seldom if always welcome. | SAVE GAS and average life | ever put in words, was close to | Marxism: "From each according to his Out of this abilities, to each according to his cultural revolution' | needs." Hardly conducive to emerged as a | memorable celebrations, on birthdays slight if any basis in need of or name days, but highly practical and satisfactory as a way to maintain the older ethnic JIM WEGMANN. elders and their sense of belonging, decline today. INC. Smaller and later srmq~ of the hardening Your Authorized immigrants might maintain their'ethnic and for this Volkswagen Dealer traditions, privately, while Outwardly for a recent study adopting the cultural mode of the Harris & 1710 14m St. British-based majority, That majority, Council on the Parkersburg, W. Vs. ~Lluite obviously, was not likely to yield arresting title, 485-5451 to neweT ~U~~, ~ut none of the of Aging in " z~ewer g~u-p~s "~-ro~t over particular What this great many ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: negative views Two out of ILE consider their | getting things view them as very | only one in five open-minded and | Rt. 33-119 - 4 miles west of Weston opinions seem i A Complete Selection of ( ality Built Homes of old are. a over 65 are :" 12-wtdes 14-wides double wides But the poll " and modular mz display most older Each home fully displayed and lishted for your as better and zopplnll convenience it is. Most of them Free Washer and Dryer with Purchase of New Mobile Home, money enough Until Aulpmt 31, lgT~. more insist meaningful Open Weekdays8:00.7:30 spend far less Phone 9-110 passivity, like Member of W,Va. Mobile Home Association :-: than younger As a matter C.~:.~.~.~.~%:~7~