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September 29, 1988     The Glenville Democrat
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September 29, 1988

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2 The Glenville Democrat.Pathfinder i IIIlllllllllll -stipulated that individualaides; school funds were not subject to -approved Rosalee Sprouse, . .. Gilmer Countythe spending restrictions estab- Linda McHenry, Rosabelle With the ejection coming up, it might o.a _..,- ..... ._ .nt Ens ,,,,,, u,-pa, lished at the Sept. 12 meeting; Greathouse, al l.Goldie Holies, citizens of the v_ld , p arty.nfiear future. The Glenville -approved the formation of a as substitute cookS;. didate nights pi Lo candidate night scheduled for rotating committee of Board -extended the employment !i Chapter ofAAUW .l Center: begi .nning at 7:30 p.m. members to review purchase or- term of Jeanie Fisher to 240 w.o, tea m o or 0a. ,o of to insure compliance with the a vacated position in the Central t!i:[: ,i views may be on W" Republican Executive Committee has spending restrictions; Office; ' On October _, ,.aer at the Recreation Center at6 p.m. Tickets -heard a request from Avon -approved David Bishop and planned its annu: event from any committee member. Collins and parents of Glenville John Brannon as co-head are available fpLqection should be of interest to everyone, not just Elementary Kindergarten stu- coaches of the girls' basketball The upeO ng on the local and state level, but nationally as dents for the employment of an team at Gilmer County High for who to vote is a privilese, and should be exercised as aide for the Kindergarten class School; well. "l' ormed, know the candidates and make your decision at GES. The Board took no ac- -approved the transfer of such tion on the request, noting that Marie Schimmel to teach special matters, I promised to correct an error made in last there were no funds in the education at the high school; gk' colurnrl. I stated that the Legislature or State Department of budget for the additional aide -assigned Mary Lou Smith as ucation may decide to cut state funding to those counties holding and the directives from the State pre-school handicapped aide; excess levies. In fact, this is part of the Senate Bill 14 and will go Department of Education pro- into effect in 1994, one year after the end of the current proposed hibiting spending outside the -approved plans for the provi- approved budget; sion of planning periods submit- This picture of the Osborne one-room school ICY:still maintain that the levy is a stopgap measure and will not -heard from Sand Fork Ele-ted for Sand Fork, and stipulated by Russell Bush of Troy. The picture was taken solve the county schools problems. However, it will be up to you, mentary principal Tom Minney that any plan from the other 1932, and pictures: (back l-r) Helen Matheny, lsal the voter, to make that decision.---ksa, concerning his schools efforts to schools that were agreeable to Oma Heckert, Madeline Adams, Marjorie Scott, __S handle the lack of aides in the the administration and staff of Bertha Adams, and Mary Matheny; (front l-r) R Kindergarten class there. Min- the school be approved in the fu- teacher, Walter White, Herbert White, Carlton hey noted that he had met with ture; parents of Kindergarten students -approved two trip requests; mie Matheny, Glen Flesher, Carl Young, and Boneva at Sand Fork and had worked -approved a right-of-way for out a system whereby parents a Troy cable company to run would act as volunteer aides to cable on existing poles across Intercepted Letter help the teacher. The Board de- Board property: cider to move that these parents -approved a contract with Dear Neighbor: be named as volunteer aides, David Wamsley to act as psy- Strange, isn t it, how one can alter their objectives As you are no doubt aware, our public library has been awarded a with bus privileges if necessary; chologist for the school system; a moment. As l sat down to write this on Sunday federal gran_ t of $25,000+ for the purpose of expanding the library -approved a request that pic- -delayed action for clarifica- paign spectacular of this year, the Presidential Debate ' facilities. Current plans are to double the size of the existing strut- turns of the graduating classes of tion on a contract for physical ginning. Of course, this column was pushed aside, i !3 ture, which will house an expanded reading room, the adult non- Tanner be given to the commu- therapy; intently to what each of these aspirants to the most fie[i.'on and Reference section, the Gilmer Historical Society office, nity to display in the community -returned to a four-day Kin- influential job in the world had to and a meeting room. building following the closing of dergarten program from the im- I could perhaps write a book concerning the vario While we, are assured that the federal money is available, there is the school; plemented five-day program;ered, expand upon them, and give the opinion of the eo one slight 'hitch." Federal money must be _matched by either state -at 7:30 p.m., voted to enter -discussed payment of a feeagess (a b i: somewhat uninformed) citizen on the diff or local funds and since there are no state funds available, the full Executive Session to discuss for the commercial computerpre d uring the debates. However, since this is not burden falls upon the local area. personnel, program for scheduling, students thought to seize upon one issue, and to express my own ' Through constant frugal operation, the library has been able to The Board returned to regular reports and report cards used by the issue addressed--- abortion. save $7,000 over the years which has been earmarked for the expan- session at 9:35 p.m. and: the high school. It was noted It so happens that in my Youth Class in Sunda: sion project. Another $5,000 has been collected through special -approved the resignations of that the annual fees amount to morning, the topic led tothe recognition of the worth grants earned by the library staff and from contributions made by Carol Ross as Behavior Disorder approximately $3000 and that ual and how important the human species is in the real] individuals. The Friends of the Library group has raised another Teacher at Gilmer County High the funds had not been budgeted To point out that idea, I stressed the story in Genesis $2,500 through various efforts, bringing the total cash available to School and Bill Turner as assis- for this year. It was decided to that has God "breathing" into Adam the "breath tant football coach at Gilmer table the payment until further man (mankind) becoming "a living soul.'" $14,500. Obviously, $9,500 is still needed if we are to get the much County High School; investigation is undertaken. ,, ,, needed expansion. What is soul, I asked? Is "soul" not a term used to Since the library has become, in its ten years of operation, the -approved Mary Smith and With no further business, the eternity of mankind? Doesn't "breath of life" mean the cultural center of the county, it behooves all citizens to give it their Jeanne Simmons as substitute Board adjourned at 10:10 p.m. God? By this act (which probably goes a long way m year adds up to a per-capita averages that is tops among state librar- extension of Himself. This sorts out mankind from all tu s and sets homo-sapiens above every other creatiO eS:ro guarantee receipt of the federal grant funds, we are asking that that breath of life, mankind s ticket for eternal life, ! the business sector donate to the fund for the first time in the "ever living soul." library s ten year history. Although we realize that these are trying Now comes the question, "what is a soul?" Since times for businesses, we are sincere in our belief that continued boo e ?an idl; i tnrk-e emt egCa tYdH ySrYa ihtha?:ea hfe proven that there is a quality known as "energy" in the operation in an expanded facility is in the best interest of all con- $2,000 range and are growing constantly. Family history submis- in some form is the cause of all movement, all growth, ce business sector included. i If[yOu feel inelined to supper our fforK we ask you phonesions are also keeping us busy, bu[0nly barely. In fact, as I write or contraction,, and even all thought processes, this this, posting of histories received th'ds far is upto-date, and believe comes very significant, we all recognize the fact that of all God js creations has the mental capacity labeled tnc (462-5 0) or 462 8766 and. gi e us your pledge. A it nor not, we would much prefer haVing a posting backlog. Signifi- reasoning !a quality necessary in a creature endowed bY inember of the Friends group will be glad to come to your place of canfly, histories have been more plentiful from individuals outside business and collect. If you would prefer, you may mail your contri- the county who are proud of their Gilmer County heritage than from that we call free moral choice"). It is not logical to bution to the library at 214 Walnut Street, Glenville, 26351. Re- current residents, a fact that causes us some concern."energy" that gives us the power to choose our path member, the library is a non-profit entity and your contribution is If we are to make this endeavor the success we had hoped, it is that all important soul which is in fact eternal, since still tax-deductible. What does this all have to do with abortion? A going to be necessary for families to support us. We welcome par- to the rescue, for that discipline tells us about the Thank you in advance for your generosity, ticipation, and feel that a good history needs to be filled with grass- roots representation. Remember, we are not writing a history only tion --- the combination of a sperm and egg within the Clark Jamison, President for our own benefit, but for the use of generations yet to come, so begins the growth of a human being. As that growth Gilmer County Friends of the Library what YOU and doing TODAY is very important in the overall his- qualities which will form the individual, torical context, search, is already there. Th s, that being growing i) i Letter i Dear Sir, i l Below you will see experts of an article from The Charleston Gazette dated September 13, 1988, that I think people of Gilmer County should be made aware of: "Gov. Arch Moore Monday un- i',i! veiled a $50 million college building program that inciUdeS a neW football stadium for Marshall University and renovations at seven !i other schools. Moore said the construction projects will be paid for by refi- nancing $148 million of outstanding Board of Regents revenue bonds and extending the repayment period." Governor Moore is a smart politician. He just unveiled a 148 million dollar program for the college system of'West Virginia, a state that is already on the verge of bankruptcy. Henamed eight of the largest schools in the state to be renovated. Mr. 'Moore always figures out something ttiat be fits him. He thinks this will create a large student-parent vote for him. It is high time voters wake up. All these "republican democrats" need to get their eyes open. Drexel Frame Dear Editor, Gilmer Countians, your local school hoard has struck again! Not satisfied with the fact that Gilmer County taxpayers already pay more per pupil for eduction that any other county in West Virginia, they have decided to ask for an additional $2395,460. (read that - two million, seven hundred ninety five thousand, four hundred sixty dollars ) over a five-year levy plan. Last fiscal year they had over six million dollars to work with. Yet they ended the fiscal year with a deficit of $36,931.37." The hoard seems to be ignoring the fact that the population of Gilmer County is declining. The school . stem has lost over sixty students since the fall of 1987. Employl[ent opportumtles in this county haye all but been eliminated. The prospects for an increased tax base in the county seem very dim. Yet, in their collective wis- dom, they seem to think we should be ready to commit ourselves to a near three million dollar obligation! I am in total support of adequately funding our school system. But I strongly feel that the money provided must be well managed and used exclusively toward the goal of educating our students. This apparently has not been done or the system would not be in its present state. When we taxpayers provide more to spend than any county in WV, then our students should be better served education- allcouldr. the proposal of this levy be a "through the back door" approach of ~g tO reverse an already litigated school system decision? And, by throwing in a few million dollars more as sweet- criers to the rest of the county schools, perhaps it can be made more palatable to the voters? Is this not reminiscent of the "throw more money at the problem" attitude instead of working toward under- standing and eliminating the Source of the problem? I am disturbed by the maneuverings and manipulations of a group that seems not to have as its top priority the sound educational needs of our students! Thank you. Sincerely, Mona HinHe James ) We are especially interested in histories of those families that hve womb has a soul, and as soon as" it leaves the chosen to make their home in Gilmer County and have come to us will begin exercising it's individuality. from other areas. Why not record for posterity who you are, where To questions when life begins-- which trimester of you lived before coming to Gilmer County, and your reason for nancy constitutes a human life---is a lot of hooey! choosing to become our neighbors? wherever there is life, there is life present anytime * place. What's more, an expert on pregnancy tells me The old saying concerning the "small world" which refers to exhibits a difference while in the womb--cord this chance meetings with someone who has family ties with our home it),? (By the way, that expert is my wife, Jean, who was really brought to my awareness a couple of weeks ago as I was pleasure of giving birth to six children - all different evO visiting with friends in North Carolina. Seems my old buddy of the womb she assures me.) some 33 years, formerly from Preston County, also has ties with a So now readers must be saving what does this have to McCarty family that resided in Gilmer County several years ago. Presidential campaign? In the debate, the Since I had vague remembrances of a McCarty family that lived on on the question of abortion was brought up - the Buck Hem of Hem Creek 50 plus years ago, my interest was imme- cratic candidate again stating his support for aboaion diate. In the past week I have found information from long-time the Republican conservative taking the course residents of the area concerning this family which I plan to supply in all but certain eases of rape, incest, or danger to to this friend. See what I mean by the "small world" reference? mother. The question was brought up about whether I realize that this is an abbreviated column, but with all the work should be branded a criminal because she chose to have of the past couple of weeks and my much needed 3-day pass this First, a criminal act occurs only when a law of the month, I haven't had time to get on the trail the way I would like. luted, so this "branding as a criminal" is de Hopefully, we can resume publication of cemetery listings soon, The question here is morality, not legality. There .arc since that seems to be a very interesting topic for many of our acts which are completely within the guidelines of readers, because it is impossible to legislate on the conscience See you on the trail! individual. The question here seems to be the moral one -- is ally right? If one believes in biological fact and scientific the belief that life of an individual is present once place cannot be disputed. Since we have a concept (killing an animal is not murder except in the eyes of animal rights freaks) that considers the taking of a immoral and criminal, then the only question left whether a fetus in the womb is any less a human life adult who is breathing from the environmental air. God failed to include a distinction or to stretch out ment on murder to include unborn life. Yet, I feel (God) cannot condone the destruction of human life conceived is an extension of the Almighty. Since morals are dictated by God -- the pure essence spiritually we who believe are bound by our God to oppose anything that we view as standards. Further, we cannot turn out heads and we believe. To condone an act we recognize as ceptable! So, as we consider one of the more must admit that the abortion question goes trail. In fact, it must become a personal crusade, Officers of the Glenville Lions Club: l/r: Paige Hinzman, believe in the sanctity of human life. Can we condone First Vice-president; J. J. Spurgeon, Second Vice-president; a human life and denying a human creature its right William J. Osborne, President; Lane Smith, Secretary; and the expansion of the Kingdom? 1 think not, but (missing) Oral Cunningham, treasurer. "soul" gives us the right to choose the moral course .... those of us who oppose abortion and wish to see The Glenville Democrat & Pathfinder making me pracuce megal infringing on that righa a answer negatively, for if this be true, then to legislate Po ta Paid at 26351 murder or any other recog ed crime would have the N,t tation. P.O. Ba4 4~ WV S S1 In a nutshell, abortion is morally wrong, regardless Subecfll Pggat: $12.72 (tax include In West Virginia; growth of the life being taken. As such, it is the M $16.00. society and the government that regulates that society, fact by making aboaion illegal, except .... cir. ?i